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jaring this time is very salty for oppressive and they would have supported the government to bring in the army to sort the problem out when britain boiled over our countdown to twenty twelve continues with more eyewitness testimony from our reporters as we remember the summer the british people said enough is enough. midnight here in moscow now i'm kevin owen you're watching our top story israeli warplanes have launched to air strikes on what the army called terrorists sites in central and northern gaza it's killed at least one and injured ten others the israeli military only confirmed it's preparing for a new large scale offensive against the palestinian territory which hasn't yet recovered from the assault three years ago artie's paula slayer has the latest from jerusalem. the situation along the israel gaza border has been tense for several
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days now since monday full palestinians were killed and many more way injured in a number of targeted a strikes carried don't by these radio force at the same time several rockets were fired by palestinian militants onto southern israel now wednesday evening the israeli army admitted that it was considering a possible launch scale military operation into gaza it say that this operation would be very neat and different to the last operation that was carried out the three years ago and would aim at increasing israel's determines in the area khaled mashal from us his political bureau chief has called on palestinians of the north to target israeli civilians because of the fear of a massive israeli retaliation now back in two thousand and eight nearly one and a half thousand palestinians were killed in a three week operation that these rabies referred to as operational cost made out of five people killed were civilians what we're hearing from the israelis now is that should they go ahead with another operation this operation will be short and
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it will see the use of more firepower but it's not clear that the timing is right for tel aviv to go ahead with another invasion of gaza certainly the natanya who government is isolated on the international front more than a was three years ago and it will not want to risk losing more friends the convoy of today is also very different to the cairo of two thousand and eight when the former egyptian president hosni mubarak was in power the leadership in egypt today is much more likely to go to the aid of hamas if indeed it is to attacked by israel at the same time palestinian militants have more weapons at their disposal including antitank missiles that are capable of inflicting a lot of damage on israeli tanks so it's not a done deal that israel is going to go ahead with an operation but certainly the fact that these radio army has admitted that it is considering such an operation has people here or on standby. middle east correspondent i spoke to professor read from girls university told me it's unclear whether israel said to dare to
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launch a new offensive given the latest changes to the arab world three years ago the palestinians of gaza lost more than one thousand four hundred forty people ninety percent of whom were civilians including more than four hundred thirty four children and that was a time when we were threatened with in the words of the israeli deputy defense minister then. we were threatened with a greater show or a greater hollow call of course if the if the the organizations the military organizations based in the gaza slim did not stop you know launching rockets against against israel and israel lived up lived up to its word launched its genocide that were against the palestinians of girls are killed so many people and i think now what is happening right now is that israel has a different government a government that is considered by so many analysts to be the most fascist government in the state in the history of the state of israel we are talking about
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of ecuador liberman and binyamin netanyahu who are intending actually the complete eradication and destruction of the gaza strip and so yes we are bracing ourselves for the worst times to comes but we also on the other hand need to remember that there is a new world right now we are witnessing a new era in the arab world and i think that israel is confused as in a dilemma with or to launch and you would you know side the war against the palestinians of gaza and the godless of the reaction then you are a world or just to stay and wait and test the water of the arab world without launching a massive war against gaza. we got more opinion more reports on the timeline of the guards were offensive three years ago on our website if you want acquaint yourself with it again refresh on it also we've got the latest on what's happening right now between the israelis and the palestinians and the conflict and how it's developing on our web site r.t. don't calm. the threats of being run over a vital oil shipping routes which are rand is threatening to block to ryan's
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holding large scale war games in neutral waters near the strait of hormuz the u.s. has also got its own continued in the region mainly to ensure passage remains free spoke to r.t. is going to teach you can scott the latest for you. responding to iran's warning the u.s. said no such disruption would be tolerated and that the u.s. fifth fleet that's based in the gulf would ensure that doesn't happen the strait of hormuz links the golf and the oil producing states of bahrain kuwait qatar saudi arabia the united arab emirates to the indian ocean about forty percent of the world's tanker shipped oil passes through that strait it's a major oil artery a potential cut off might cost turmoil in the global oil market although a saudi official says that gulf nations were ready to offset any loss of. crude from the statements here you get a sense that washington things iran is bluffing because there have been there had been such threats before but right now you are in finds itself in
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a situation where it's livelihood its main source of livelihood is in the u.s. congress passed a bill that would dramatically complicate transactions iran's central bank european and asian nations import iranian oil and use its central bank food for their transactions president obama has yet to sign that bill that's going to be a severe blow to rein in economies around eighty percent of its revenues depend on who to e.u. ministers say if they do make a decision on whether or not to boycott the iranian oil in coming weeks those threats that are coming from iran indicate that it's ready to take action to protect its interests pensions rice the west says all the rana has to do is to give up their nuclear program iran says they're not doing anything wrong by pursuing a peaceful nuclear program for civilian purposes the rhetoric here in washington against iran is getting very harsh the u.s. spy drone shot down by the uranium before that a washington accusing iran of plotting to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s.
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and blow up the israeli and saudi embassy in washington those were just some of the most recent episodes it all adds up and creates a lot of tension now if something happens over the straight up. this could a route into an all out war a grim picture that's a correspondent in washington d.c. with all prices of course sensitive at the best of times let's get some energy industry inside now and look at where this could hold maybe had legs stephen schork behind the energy trading newsletter this show comports is with us now. if an armed conflict does break out how will that reverberate for the energy industry and the global economy well indeed if we do see armed conflict because of the situation now you have to think that oil prices are going to jump substantially higher at least in the interim so then we have to start to look at the risk in the real war what is the rand trying to get what is their reward well apparently they want to build
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a nuclear weapon that's their reward now the risk they're taking to me simply does not justify your reward so obviously right now i think washed in this correct i think iran's in a situation boxed boxed themselves in and i think they are simply they cannot afford not to sell their oil to the world market it's a dangerous game of bluff so is no way which side do you think will suffer the most from a confrontation if it did take off is it possible that some companies some countries could even benefit from it well i think the other producing countries would certainly benefit with the loss of any sort of production out of iran keep in mind iran like many natural resource producing countries only derives its revenue from one source and that's the sell sell oil so of iran cannot get its oil to the world market it cannot get petro dollars in and keep in mind or rather lacks the refining capacity to maximize its own oil production it cannot refine oil to see its
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domestic demand so if iran continues on this path they will isolate themselves they will not have access to foreign capital they will not have access to enough refined product it. it's a template civil arrest in the country again the reward of nuclear program does not justify the meds and risk that the leaders of iran are playing out right now. if there's no conflict and the us sanctions on iran and go on as planned surely crippling one of the world's major oil exporter is going to affect the market somehow that way indeed but we have to keep in mind that there is storage excuse me there is supply in the form of floating storage here in the united states the state of north dakota is producing almost as much oil as ecuador but how can i guess said it was only about one hundred days what she would take on how much is stored up oh really the reserves are are not the reserves are just
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a temporary fix this point so that's not the answer the other gulf states the other non opec producing countries are likely more than willing to step up and benefit from any loss of iranian barrels ok well saudi arabia or saudi official at least recently has said that other gulf produces as you're saying cut offset any loss of all from a blockade of the whole new strait using alternative routes what alternative routes are there if it's not out by the sea now well let's be candid like to be careful here they can produce in this is the threat the right is not the production of iranian oil or even the loss of operating oil the director of the right is the transportation and distribution of oil out of the region outside. i mean out of the pipeline space is quite frankly i've been studying it i do not know how you get this oil out of the middle east this is why it is such a risky proposition
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a high stakes game of chicken at this point i simply don't know how they could get it out if the strait is blocked has been really good to have in the program so clearly put all those scenarios to esteem. from the energy trading news that a short report thanks for being on r.t. thank you. arab league observers have been attacked by armed men in the syrian city of homs which was their first stop on a fact finding mission report suggests there were no casualties among the team monitors are fanning out across the country to visit protests hubs and flashpoints for investigate how president assad is coping with the unrest in the country right now this is opposition activists in syria suggesting that over thirty people were killed by security forces on thursday journalists are should returns are used to work in the region told me the arab league has said the mission does of course its own interests in the country he thinks. i think the arab league delegation has its own politics it's a very complex range of countries
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a lot of dictators of those countries definitely the arab league's intervention as it were into the syrian crisis shows how arab powers are some of them being used as proxies by washington but others are trying to flex their own might we know that intimately was involved with the libyan deposing of good after the libyan conflict but it's certainly the western media viewpoint that we must believe the we must believe opposition groups it seems that any mobile footage is no excepted as a source certainly what the arab league said about homes very different a great deal from the reports we've been getting on t.v. channels of massacres continually going on what is in no doubt is that thousands of syrian soldiers are dying and they don't they haven't died because a peaceful protest. a father go to nuclear submarine of the dockyard in northwest russia has been put out going off scott the latest on this story this evening. that
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morning two reports coming from the locals they saw huge clouds of smoke rising from the ground and all the way to the skies was already said that they had the fire under control although. the whole of these nuclear submarine was on fire in the dark around it they didn't fall on there any of your mobiles from nearby those also tells to you back you eat and they mediately said that there's no threat to their health and that the levels of radioactivity are within the norm fortunately it seems to be a submarine was being repaired there were no weapons on board no miss else but there was and still is the nuclear reactor that's obviously why this fire caused so much attention but the latest news from the authorities is that this reactor was shut down as soon as the fire started we're talking about a really big vessel this is its name that you can see in the book it's a strategic nuclear submarine it's around one hundred seventy meters long which is
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over five hundred feet long and it was being repaired in the dark but just in the spring and summer it took for success three to four in the navy drills actually an intercontinental ballistic missile a successful launch from its part of the six such submarines in russia's northern fleet and usually they're on the way of the sixteen intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on them. we're revisiting the key moments which show how the world is ending twenty eleven very differently to how it began as seen through the eyes of artes global correspondents august was a hot month to great britain not least of all because it was shaken by the worst unrest in decades as thousands of rioters rampaged through key cities parties laura smith witnessed firsthand the chaos that left an indelible mark on the country.
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we first realized what a big story this was going to be on the night of the seventh of august there had been localized disturbances on saturday the six but we were tracking the news and we literally couldn't believe what we were hearing we decided that this was a story that we had to go and. we went initially to the retail park in a field where we couldn't see anything it was already dark it was quite late. and then all of a sudden else of the darkness came a group of around two hundred youths running across the retail dressed mainly in black colors with hooded top so and so you couldn't see their faces and gradually we realised they were smashing everything they could find.
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for me as a journalist it was an incredible story we were out on the streets every night wearing what i've come to call my riot gear a black white jackets with everything i need in the pocket so that i can get away quickly if necessary it's an uneasy relationship. these. between the people who was the police and the state's people say a modern day should know. we really felt on two of the nights the whole of london was on fire. you would. arrive versus us an area and you'd be able to see the flames on the smoke rising from two streets away and know that the writers had set fire to a car or broken into a shop and set fire to it or even on one occasion they set fire to an enormous coffin. house.
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arrest breads to different parts of love and. around london following it as it happens. almost anywhere that you went in the mall. of london there was some form of new say we went round and also those areas to have a look at what was going on there was streets that were just completely no go areas no certainly for ordinary people but it seemed for the police as well we were talking to the police and it was clear from what they were saying that they had no idea what to do about the situation they just didn't know what to do there were looks if. they eventually settled on me for the tonight's show. just to show that presence and then running away again really purely running away and it wasn't until the third or fourth night that they really got into game and
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elements of control. on the second off to new york we went to hackney west some of the worst unrest was taking place and it was literally shut down like . the police were not really less than anyone through they had surrounded the town center and when he goes into the towns and we still people and just smashing into shops and grabbing whatever they could. but not just young people adults as well. as. just just. the other frightening thing was the effects that it had to own society if you had talked to people two weeks before the riots about whether bringing in the mill millet treat to take control of the streets was a good idea everybody would have said no it's quite a liberal society when you get down to it but the people i spoke to during the riots. and immediately after genuinely felt that bringing in the army would have
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been a good idea and that using water cannon on the streets of london and other cities which would have sorted the problem of out immediately so people became very draconian jaring this time is very sort of oppressive and they would have supported the government to bring in the army to sort the problem out. the studies are being done now into why the riots happened and a variety of reasons have been put forward maybe it's bad relationship with the police in these impoverished areas particularly amongst the black say that they are stopped by the police sometimes multiple times a day for having done nothing some people say that's because young people in england particularly feel that they have no prospects there's no jobs for them unemployment amongst young people is running at twenty five percent now they've got no hope for the future. those two things remain true and so therefore i see no
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reason why this kind of thing wouldn't happen again. with laura smith there's more testimony to come on the world's big events of the year from our reporters who cover the stories to you online or to dot com we want to catch more of that series arguably the best place to turn for insight about the events headlines this year is the un's most powerful group the security council and just yesterday a managed to talk to russia's envoy to the body batali churkin who shared with us. his thoughts about tackling the world's divisive troubles pilot interview coming your way next. the big.
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un security council rejected russia's proposal to investigate civilian deaths from nato strikes in libya but a members avoiding it or there's simply a case of ongoing conflicts and i wore important. well you know first of all it was not rejected the fact of the matter is that a number of security council delegations intuiting the russian delegation raise the need to have some clarity about civilian casualties as a result of nato bombings because for months we heard from made from nato that they are adopting all those measures in order to make sure that there can not possibly be any civilian casualties and then we had that on december eighteenth of this
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a disturbing investigation published by the new york times which showed that there were dozens at least civilian casualties so it makes sense to us and seems to be a pretty obvious thing that they have this matter investigated in an impartial. and it's a political but also humanitarian case if there are people who became victims of those strikes maybe injured people or their relatives were killed then they should be given some assistance without waiting for a prolonged period of other ongoing investigations like the investigation by the human rights council or i.c.c. international criminal court which should deal with a whole range of possible. crimes transgressions which took place in libya in the course of the military campaign but i don't see anything. in this after all nato is
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a partner of the united nations after all nato has been acting on the basis of a security council mandate so the security council we believe should play an active role also in having this matter clarified but also i think if you put too much emphasis on this issue you will forget that the security council is working quite harmoniously on a range of issues pertaining to the post conflict situation in libya the u.n. mission is there supported by the security council the security council is working on the the resolution which was adopted by at the. russia's initiative on looking into the dangers which are there in terms of spreading weapons out of libya which were left of them that in the course of of the conflict. helping the libyans to rebuild their political and economic structures so a lot of harmonious work is going on in the in the security council of the united nations on libya even though we continue to have some ideological and political
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difficult is as to whether it is a loosen one hundred seventy three was properly implemented bus you touched on it just i wanted to pick up the. aussie rules of post conflict libya how they being made secure how is the u.n. stopping any of those weapons maybe ending up in syria. there may be ending up in various places the best thing i can report of this point is that we are told of the most dangerous of those weapons in terms of terrorist use the so-called manpads man carried anti-aircraft weapons have so far not been that there to the outside of libya so we hope that this concerted effort of the international community together with the libyan authorities can be successful in the containing the danger of spread of weapons from out of that country something else i'd like to ask you said libyan militants to operate in syria what does that
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say about the nature of the syrian unrest that we've seen so far why indeed does it appear that he un members seem to be holding back from denouncing that what's happening there two weeks ago the russian delegation and reduce the draft the security council resolution to the council trying to encourage the political process encourage the league of arab states money during mission which is being deployed in syria but. we are basing our proposal our new draft resolution on the presidential statement which was adopted by consensus in by the security council in august three which called on everybody to stop violence in syria and which stated that the only solution to the syrian crisis could be found through a syrian led all inclusive political process had all the members of the security council had all the influential members of the international community been guided by the principles of that presidential statement i believe the conflict would have been over in the months ago how much more leeway would you like to see the syrian
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government given to sort out this from within. well we we don't give any leeway to anybody we believe that the syrian government should be extremely prudent and should refrain from excessive use of force we believe that there has been there are been some extremely troubling reports coming out of syria about excessive use of force by those or it is we urge the syrian government to cooperate to face fully with the monitoring mission of the arab league but also telling that the everybody must put pressure on. the destructive elements of the of the opposition or various destructive elements which may have found their way into syria that they are of violent acts are not going to be condoned by the international community and this is a this is a key to finding
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a peaceful way out of the situation there and this is one of the discussions we're having when we talk with all colleagues in the security council about all draft resolution seasonal greetings to wish you all the best twenty twelve and thank you for being on our all the best all the best to you thank you. whether you dive from high or to the depths. catch the power of the wind or drift in the beauty of the currents. being well prepared is a must and if you're lucky enough you'll never forget your experience only nice them a screen that's going to be heaven. in the white sea
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a cold and below the ice on our t.v. . movie. just sleep. on. the phone. more news today violence is once again flared up
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the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after the fish tank operations are over the day. thirty here in moscow now these are the top stories for about palestinians face a new year nightmare israel of another deadly only school against the guards a particularly agent with renewed it strikes. iran says it's ready to attack ships sailing close to its maneuvers near a vital oil route after its threats to block passage if the west insists on tough sanctions. and firefighters put out.


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