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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EST

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is islam ists join al bradley thanks very much for talking to us today now we'll start with the situation in iran because it's very much in the news that the maidment the e.u. has banned all new oil contracts with the country and it plans to extend sanctions on the iranian central bank how much do you think that's going to cost iran the e.u. and the global economy in general it's certainly going to cost the runs we've seen today the local currency. level against the u.s. dollar in history and the fact is that iran exposed a sizable amount of its oil to the you and coupled with american sanctions unilateral sanctions are already in place against iran it's going to hurt but what we're seeing essentially is the first phase of economic warfare against iran and the problem is that the west has iran all wrong just as it has the middle east all wrong he believes that sanctions will increase the divide between the regime and the people and historically this doesn't happen there's no proof that this happened
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whatsoever it's people feel pressured and they look where that pressure is coming from and that's the west and so it makes them more anti west and that's the only logical outcome and he also hopes that if there is serious instability as a result then because iran is very ethnically and geographically divided that certain groups will rise up against the regime or there will be a popular uprising but again it's wishful thinking it's not going to happen at all and we saw years of sanctions in iraq didn't we is it is that a comparison that you draw you know and then we saw a war and all of this is leading to war the whole in washington there are lies in saudi arabia and israel are absolutely absolutely determined to bring iran to its knees and it seems like it's now or never and they're going for broke so what will happen next you think well what does that usually involve what they're hoping for is that iran is backed into. corner and some incident occurs whether by
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accident or design that makes it seem that the rain ians the first hour and then because there is very little support in the west for unilateral strike against iran the fact is especially if it's done at the behest of israel and they need iran to do something whether it's the us carrier mine in the strait of hormuz or whether it's just rhetoric on the part of the iranian regime. it's everyone's up. to the extent that something has to happen and the americans wouldn't militarized to the extent that they have if they weren't expecting the final out to be war do you see that that could be the a rainy and looking the straits of hormuz the gulf oil export reaches that now promising that they well you know though it's not saying that it will do that just
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as a result of sanctions it's threatening to do that in the event that it attacked and that's just one of many things that iran is threatening to do and has the capability to do if you are very worried about ethnic divisions all through the middle east comes the fore in both iran and also in syria if sunni islamists gain control of most of the middle east what do you think the outcome could be for the majority shiites iran obviously all of this is news for iran i think if you look back at the arab spring the turning point came in late february when saudi arabia was given the go ahead by washington. and what happened then is related very much to everything that's happening now because it's the only country that is a majority ruled by a sunny minority and iran has his story claims to the island and the u.s. navy's fifth fleet is. crucial to contain. iran and so essentially what we've seen
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is a sunny divide reimagine the middle east with washington clearly backing sonny powerhouse saudi arabia close american ally and saudi arabia and turkey along has taken control of the revolutions out swearin so for example its funding and the main islamic party in tunisia the muslim brotherhood and more extremist groups in egypt are on the record as saying they go substantial funds from saudi arabia the yemeni government has openly criticized for interfering in its internal affairs and funding radical islamists and of course in syria the main opposition is made dominated by the muslim brotherhood and the so-called free syrian army is dominated by not only radical jihadi is from within syria but also you have these from throughout the region where we're told constantly that there's no real threat because these are moderate islamist parties but of course the definition of
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moderate makes absolutely no sense in any rational because saudi arabia is often described in the western media as a moderate arab state and i lived in saudi arabia for three years and i can assure you there is absolutely nothing moderate about our country at all you say that that is that is the base groups who have stepped into the breach in many of these countries are you saying these weren't genuine people's uprisings at the time. the idea. behind it is that they hijacked the revolutions and precisely because they were in fact islamists inspired the beginning in tunisia could never have been because it's rather in prison already and the muslim brotherhood in egypt openly came out against the revolution initially the problem is that the motivation for these revolutions was economic internees here for example you started in the deep south even hotter rationing. so in syria it started in
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a city near jordan which hadn't been experiencing a drought for three years i mean egypt an extensive opinion poll carried out even among those who went to her just after mubarak fell showed that only nineteen percent of the free and fair elections and free expression and so on of the top of their agenda their main priority sixty five percent is the economy now the people who are evolutionists foolishly declared their revolutions leaderless and they didn't have an agenda anyone who knows anything about revolutionary uprisings in the past and specifically year round the most ready for the seventy nine revolution in iran knows that what happens in the post-revolutionary chaos is that the groups that are most disciplined. and most ruthless politically then fill the vacuum and when you couple that with the fact that they then with the funding that we've been talking about from saudi arabia qatar able to manipulate the electoral process.
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they were perfectly poised to to step into the into the cap and fill the vacuum and that's what they've done what about the free syrian army that's fighting for a genuine democracy and you'll see whether or not they're fighting for democracy is an open question what kind of democracy we then have to us just a holding up sprang to the coverage that this jihadi outfit is being given you can't get a word in edgeways and trying to criticize it will trying to illustrate just what a horrible bunch of extremists these people are very string of credible polls that are showing that. especially another girl states have been funding jihad is not only from within the country but from libya for example and i'll swear i find it very difficult to believe that. it's all to go western style democracy employer is unwilling. is what we're seeing in syria basically said islamic revolution
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absolutely if we've been hearing constant greatly exaggerated predictions of the syrian regime's two mines for eleven months now if a popular revolution was going to happen it would have happened already the fact is though they may have no great love for cucumber face president. the. general feeling of better the devil we know and you talk about the arab league do you think that the mission in syria has essentially played into the hands of day to existing pressure on the syrian authorities and it is a overstepping its mark when it makes demolishes while the mediating the arab league essentially has no credibility on the arab street and everyone knows that it's the top of the g.c.c. and so it's a means not to create momentum that the arab league itself can then implement all the recounting and has imposed sanctions and suspended syria and could possibly
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impose a no fly zone what they're going to do is what they did with libya before you remember before the un resolution on libya the arab league convened and conveniently almost all of those who voted were from the gulf cooperation council in support of the no fly zone in libya what the arab league mission is trying to accomplish is get enough evidence concrete evidence of human rights abuses on the part of the outside very team to then take that to the u.n. and the evidence will be so strong that even russia and china feel compelled to work but as of now one month after this mission started they seem to know the monitors seem to know more about what's going on the ground than they did at the beginning and so it all looks like you know we're going back to square one and in contrast to libya so far western nations are we not see adamant that they're not going to go into syria why do you think that it doesn't have a seaport. in the way that it's not on the coast in the way that for example.
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benghazi was on the coast in libya and so it's far more difficult militarily to get in supplies it's also not resold resource rich. you know obviously they went into labor go because it has a great deal of oil and they continue to support saudi arabia and because they have a great deal of oil and gas there's no great payoff immediate payoff when it comes to syria but there is a great deal to be gained politically but they come by that time and they're hoping for an internal collapse or barring that that the arab league somehow money she's to weaken the regime enough that we've had for example the. mayor of cut saying that our troops should be sent in and so the west is quite happy for the time being for the arabs to do that he would join albright they thank you very much thank you .
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were we have seen the damage it has done to our environment mark can we call it what the power props we do not want any more of. our core system it's just that was a dismal experience and i'm just just appalled but that's allowed to go on. eating this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it there's no labeling there for it being used like borat to experiment be used as getting. more questions than we. are it's. like.
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please. please. please. just seem. to.
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let me shoot three couldn't take three crews for churches free from a jewish three. three stooges three. old free born killers video for your media projects a free media. a call for action the un. resolution on syria bush president. russia has made it. any security council. to venture. to enforce an anti piracy the one. thousand people on the streets on the wave of cyber attacks on government websites. saying the agreement designed to protect intellectual property rights lead to censorship. on the vine for votes online
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a new dynamic in russian politics as millions of people take to the internet presidential election. campaigning. time now for sports news with to mature. good to have your company again big show coming up in the program. sharapova vs desiring a russian and by the russian it was a battle for the open title and the winner will become the world number one. still on beats and says come all school defeat on a goal at home colton possibles euro league to claim that twelve straight win in the tournament. in england's calling card liverpool are
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through to the finals to face second to cardiff city. so let's start with tennis where murray sharapova has advanced into the women's singles final of the australian open after beating world number two better in the last four the twenty four year old russian needed more than time to knock out opponent. top eight six two three six six four victory in the decisive match russia could. play as our. first ever grand slam final. that's after defeating the defending champ comply social culture thanks thanks thanks thanks again it's going to funnel will become world number one example i think. the men's side of the action will see the top four in the world
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playing in the same is the one match is the shadow for. the delegates roger federer has just started a counter world number one and defending champ another job which played and tomorrow on friday. want to football now and in england liverpool have joined cardiff city in the carling cup final that's after drawing their second semi final leg with much to city to all and advancing on aggregate city hall lost the first like clash at the it's hard by single girl needed to get the better of the return fixture and a spectacular long range shot for much of the young levelled matters just after thirty minutes of play reports struck back right away with steven gerrard converting a penalty kick in the second hard wasn't put city in front once again however the houses were determined not to miss out on their first public appearance in sixteen
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days greg bellamy method the equaliser to the delight of the crowds to all the final straw on the night on aggregate in favor of liverpool. staying with football where brazilian striker wagner laugh has returned to his homeland to sign for flamengo after eight years at moscow the twenty seven year old has signed a three year deal while his former club will receive a fee of thirteen million dollars played to a hundred and fifty one games for the muscovites scoring their one hundred and twenty times they won the russian premier league twice as well as the us cup in two thousand and five score in the final in two thousand and eight the brazilian was the league's top scorer with twenty go. to the hardwood now webb says skull mosco continued their winning streak the second
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round of the euro league's top sixteen saw on us because losses meant thrush on a dollar a face ninety six to six to eight in the russian capital and claimed their twelve straight victory in the tournament this season robert father now now reports. what does it take to edges out today says. wednesday's game show much more than the first led by the two time n.b.a. champ then. the other man starts ahead of their first home game in the early ixtapa sixteen or just slowest eleven wins out of eleven games in the tournament this season and the muscovites produced their victorious dozen in style in front of a cheering home crowd in fact it was only the first quarter which saw some tough competition on the court. but as soon as the host center not kristi each star a dominating in the paint both scoring and rebounding the ominous lead began to
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grow. the turkish side was far from giving out that easy they were struggling and grabbing points well to scalp plate sure in their class over and over again for eight three six but intermission. the game kept the same course in the second half here is discuss storm and undertaking olenka with a slam dunk and even when they are man missed. they still school in the end. making cisco look like a team which hardly has a weak side start saving. us with thirty points that. we can difference to get going and. sometimes rushing to our shots. is just. the start of saying no it's really. a wall
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we play great defensively and that is very important often facing your problems are not french but that's what gave us a huge advantage. for the first half to get things or game pretty close. to break away all critical bullshitters. so the are confident on the way to the year least one for the dream and the last one in two thousand and eight robert for the neuron or t. new school. for the meantime so scar's countryman only reigning your league champions both night course in athens that result means the russian team top group g. after two games the hosts took care of the first quarter twenty two seventeen or next they improved in this second finishing the first half just a point behind after the big break the visitors started to dominate and you don't account top score in full because on slide twenty three points the game eventually finished eighty nine to eighty three in favor of the russians. in women's
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basketball the moscow region side sparta and k. have gone top of the euro leagues group c. after thrashing crosspost to toronto on home court the hosts came out with a relatively disappointing start and the opening stages won by the visitors eighteen sixteen zero p. chapman's charges could be called back into the game and a left a talent with no chance in the second quarter of the house added twenty four points while toronto eight forty two twenty six before the big intermission spot in case one not going to stop and kept increasing their advantage seventy seven to fifty three the final score their comfortable when by the fourth time you were moved back into hope position in a battle with this look back rocco for the first place in group c. . in cricket thirty seven year old ricky ponting has been turning back the clock after haye and captain michael clarke had
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a big day for surly in the fourth test against india to play scoring a double century in a six hundred and four four seven effort for more as a captain pointing certainly demonstrating he's got plenty left to offer. haryono come here and answer questions there are too many in. celebration a celebration at this minute as much hundred so pretty excited that i haven't scored a lot of those in the us companies which are a lot about lately as well. now as it was just noise it's always north america honored and especially today when you know we didn't get off to the audio stuff. and finally the national football league the new england patriots will meet the new york giants in the super bowl for the second time since two thousand and seven it was underdogs new york who ended the patriots' perfect season by winning the title four years ago it was a gorski now reports on how they both got to the big event. the two thousand and
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seven edition of the new patriots played like an unstoppable juggernaut in the playoffs before reaching the big dance this year's team however has been able to advance to the postseason despite glaring weaknesses that the patriots ranks second from bottom and pass defense this year and it looks like the ravens would exploit that acutely steal in the a.f.c. decider baltimore's joe flacco time the game at ten with that second strike to denis spitta new england secondary was torched again in the third with a rookie tory smith giving baltimore a seventeen to sixteen lead. and when the chips were down for the home team quarterback tom brady yet again showed plenty of physical and mental toughness despite having a poor day passing the ball the thirty four year old taking a huge hit on a quarterback sneak but still made the score twenty three to twenty new england that would prove the final score as the pats defense fared better than expected late on the ravens lee evans stopped just short of calling in a touchdown pass by backup quarterback sterling moore. the game would have gone
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into overtime if there wasn't for billy cundiff misfiring on a relatively easy close range kick sending the patriots a fifth super bowl berth since two thousand and one the new york also involved in a close championship game over in the n.f.c. decider the san francisco forty nine ers constantly looking to vernon davis who burned the giants for two touchdowns in the forest and third quarter potsdam on the line giants quarterback eli manning a seen his star rise to brother peyton's level after a great season for the thirty one year old finding mariel manningham late in the fourth for seventeen to fourteen the both kickers on their game in this contest with david acre stein proceedings and seventeen of these. special teams mistakes all the forty nine er scow williams moves the ball in upon return in the ensuing over time allowing the giants to set up shop in enemy territory was. lawrence tynes short field goal the extra session sending the giants to the big games so
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a rematch of epic proportions is brewing as both the patriots and the giants have eight players on the roster who still remember that two thousand and seven super bowl battle bonza gorski. well that's all the sports news for the moment i'll be back into time with more what is next stay with us. ok. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard luck and was a big picture. thousands
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take to the streets of poland which faces an onslaught of cyber attacks on government websites. the country's plans to sign an international anti piracy pact but they say it will limit internet freedom. a call for action u.n. faces are a pressure to adopt a resolution on syria to push from power. vying for votes online dynamic in politics videos created campaign could prove pivotal
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in the forthcoming presidential election. and in the business bulletin at the world economic forum in davos the head of a new state agency tells business. although exports might become three times less expensive details in twenty minutes. while news and comment plus the latest developments this is r.t. well i mean there is swelling in poland that the government's decision to join a global anti piracy pact and protest to say threatens the freedom of internet users let's find out more now from alexey oshinsky who's in warsaw so let's see how big are the protests and what exactly is making them so angry. well since tuesday more than ten thousand people all in all have hit the streets along.


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