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the corporation that produces knifes for. being used to kill somebody but with every passing rally the protest grew more political the crowds put prime minister to six government under fire for signing the agreement on thursday most governmental websites were hijacked by the anonymous hacker group i think they are trying to mask. the promise is that there would be a sudden closer touch to the documents. that we have. the right for our own interpretation of the second but that's not possible knows a lot from our government technically active should be a good thing protecting intellectual property ranging from music to design your bags but the global online community fears corporations will use it to police the web and take regular users offline for harmless internet behavior it certainly has a striking resemblance to the much debated sopa bill in the united states which sent even online giants like google and wikipedia to take direct action but the law
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was only meant to work locally across the atlantic while act would be applied more globally they are. not. groups and in some countries it needs to be ratified by parliament but not in every country so we have another. actor is still an option for many many countries it was too much for one french e.u. deputy he quit calling act charade then came the twitter twist the micro-blogging site saying it can now censor tweets country by country pride is active protests in war so we're expected to gather up to forty thousand people but a sudden big freeze kept many away never the less they intends to rally for several more weeks hoping to urge warsaw's ruling circles to take a step back twenty one other member states along with poland signed actor but it's only here. this isn't how school so much control over sea and public dissent the
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document is yet to be ratified by the country spar limits which leaves the possibility of more protests everywhere across the european continent so let's. see reporting from poland. well as the next day was mentioning there the micro blogging from twitter is in a flap over censorship scandal of its own we've got more analysis on that on our website our team dot com including one suggestion that the move might ultimately backfire on governments. twitter has said that make it very clear that their users your government is censoring you and i think that'll be a huge step in pressuring people to share the stuff that was censored but also pressuring governments to change their policies what's the full version with a conversation i said they with internet liberty campaigner aaron schwartz on our t.v. dot com also online the internet's most famous with no blowers getting ready to reveal even more on t.v. julie in a bomb just launching their very own talk show here on our t.v.
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all the details on our website. deadly clashes between fighters belonging to libya's interim government and soldiers loyal to find colonel gadhafi in bani walid this week sparked fears of a new civil war but the national transitional council reportedly began to math and forces including truck mounted anti aircraft cannons near the former stronghold of the gadhafi regime the buildup came after government troops were forced out of the rest of town the unrest mirrors the growing frustration in libya many people accuse the m.t.c. of incompetence amid violent power struggles between former rebels then a spokesman for british civilians for peace in libya explains why the council is failing to unite the country. with the gadhafi regime could control the whole of
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libya could find peace among all the tribes the new regime cannot even control something in one town or one area i mean they turn libya into a war and of the hunting of black skins they have they're selling off the oil and natural resources and so over to nato and now the thieves that is the rebels they are all falling out with each other so really this is freedom and democracy by nato it's all become very clear people of syria and the people of lebanon and the people of the global south have to see what's happening in libya is coming to them if they're not able to defend themselves and stop this ruling western aggression against other countries of the global south. well libya's interim leadership also came under fire from the u.n. this week over failure to stop the torture of thousands of prisoners to international organizations doctors without borders and amnesty international say detainees have been tortured and killed in recent months they also point to widespread abuse of former gadhafi supporters as largely as riven osuna reports hopes are fading that the nato by government can actually offer
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a new beginning. doctors without borders known for going do their job in the most dangerous and notorious places around the globe but an end to see run leave the group has encountered a formidable obstacle they couldn't overcome burns from electric shocks and cigarettes heavy bruising and renal failure all this evidence of the continued torture of prisoners say the doctors and now after two inmates died from beatings the international group has stopped its mission in protest patients were brought to us in the middle of interrogation for medical care in order to make them fit for further interrogation this is an acceptable our rule is to provide medical care to work on tuesdays and sick detainees not to repeatedly treat the same patients between torture sessions the news comes amidst rising anger with libya's interim government demonstrations in benghazi last week ended with the resignation of
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a high ranking member of the n.t. c. it started with the very beginning of the rebellion very beginning of the insurrection the second day of the rebellion. the february the african migrants were rounded up locked in a detention center and burnt to death and then peace expressed support for this time and this is part of the strategy of the west you know divide and rule and that was given the green light of the torture and execution that we're seeing now so this is a recipe for civil war meanwhile the nato operation that brought the empty seat of power is by itself raising questions. a high profile international team of human rights activists has been to leave here to investigate some of nato that it present at eve's where with their evolution in the frauds. and there were guiding the air
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raids and directing them and court have been raping them. if you are mandated to protect the videos that you are aware that it is very very accurate in a way that i myself saw the killing of so many people in front of more my eyes i saw the killing of fifty one people in front of my eyes being dissed was fifteen years old and while all sides in the libyan conflict are to blame for violence and violations the human rights activists claim not all of them have been held responsible for their wrongdoings investigating what happened during labor is seven months civil war and the nato campaign to protect civilians this fact the mission discovered again crimes against humanity but the goal was not to judge but to shed light on what happened and not to repeat the mistake in recent united nations report has reviewed that up to eight thousand pro khadafi supporters have been held
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by militia groups in libya right now and with numerous occasions of torture and revenge killings throughout the country hopes of a new beginning for libya are fading quickly here if an ocean or r.t. . now libya isn't the only nation coping with post revolutionary unrest it's back to egypt talk weird where hundreds of thousands rally against the absolute power of the ruling military and its reluctance to step down we have more on that for you next hour. but now president obama vowed to reform tax and find poverty while helping america's military during his annual state of the union speech much of the focus in this year's address was dedicated to the country's struggling economy and the press and problems in the quality embodied by the occupy movement obama also praised army advances abroad and the assassination of osama bin laden the speech is regarded as a pre-election chance for obama to sell his campaign to the public fester paul
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sheldon foote from california state university believes the address clearly demonstrates the policy priorities chosen by obama's administration because you know use that you little code for that we're going to have an enduring relationship . which means we're going to have bases in the country and stood there for ever whether they want to serve. likewise he said we kill gadhafi syria's next day and if iran doesn't behave there there after that so. it is totally contradictory to say that he's going to be able to pay down the american debt and expand government spending programs domestically with savings from bringing soldiers home for moore's when in fact he has plans to expand what he didn't mention try to find any also said that we have a pacific strategy and the world will know that we are number one.
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and that was a thinly veiled threat against china even i mean how insane can you be china's holding more than a trillion dollars of our debt we've got tens of thousands of factories there we're highly coordinated doing depended upon them though and he's threatening them to. short break now here on our team and i'll be back with a recap of the week's top stories we're covering this sunday. thank you.
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if. thank.
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you. response doris' on our favor we've misspent beleaguered. arab nations hope their observers work in syria over reports of the upsurge in violence the mascot's could make things worse. talks between iran and un nuclear inspectors to limit international tension tehran is considering flopping fuel supplies for the e.u. within days as a response to the sanction. of the us and e.u. corporate protests feel the full force of the law in oakland with officers resorting to tear downs and watch for me first demonstrators and the rest hundreds . and multinational proposal i received sparked protest in poland activists say their government is supporting internet censorship not copyright protection
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next we bring you the story of an american farmer who is waging a war against a multinational corporation over environmental pollution and sea destruction. in japan i met with a lot of scientists consumers and processors and in part of us and this document here is a convenience version of the all the scientific studies the japanese have done using monsanto's data is over fifty pages long it has been all translated into english for me and that is on the food issues the food part of g.m.o. was months out always used a term substantially quadrant that the food is very similar to the japanese scientists say that it is not substantial equipment that food is different and that you have changed it chewed genetic engineering or genetic modification you have
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changed the structure of the food and it's not the same and it can have very harmful allergens or bacteria that because they're viruses and the bacteria that they use for the transferring of genes are also in that food so it is not the same and it could have varied a possible long range health effects of by eating it in other words what monsanto present it to our governments in north america is false and that it is not safe ever it's not substantial equipment which means his not the same as other regular food and that has been a major major announcement by the japanese scientists. in north america the chain of transport is completely unprotected and open no one has ever thought of the idea of transporting and storing genetically modified grain separately no it is too late. it's very difficult to segregate the grain
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regular grain and today they called her grain because you have contamination from the pit from the elevation from the trucks that are hauling it so it would be impossible to keep it separate so there is always be a small percentage of each or percent each that would mix together and so it would not be g.m.o. free. thus the borders are open for the export of genetically contaminated grain and also seed into the whole world. if you introduce g m o's there is no such thing as coexistence and then after several years it all becomes. i have also heard in europe the company saying that all the farmer has to do is leave a buffer strip fifty meters one hundred meters there is no safe
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distance it doesn't matter if it's fifty kilometers it will spread. so if you introduce g m o's it all becomes mo's after several years and to give you an example how bad it is in canada we no longer have any pure rub see we no longer have any pure soya it has now all g.m.o. is in canada i have often heard in europe and we were also told that in one thousand nine hundred sixty farmers can have a choice they can grow g m o's they can grow organic or they can grow conventionally there is no more choice left it all becomes g.m.o. was and you no longer can have an organic farmer.
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they want control ok and they basically have control is what they have first they go in and they bought our seeds stay seed stock producer holden's corporation i believe out of iowa and after that they have holdings has like a whole family or group of seed growers and the rule was that in ninety five they said in five years and after they told them you will be selling ninety percent monsanto product or you will not be in business selling seed so if they did not push monsanto's product on the farmers they would be out of business and so that's what all the seed growers did they push the product on the farmers so they can stay in business. because if they were did not have holdings to grow their spread their
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seed stock they would not having to sell it it all changed it all changed overnight in one thousand nine hundred ninety six it all changed and it's interesting that the way monsanto seems to enforce this saying is they go into the countryside and they try to determine who is clean in their own seed saving and cleaning your own seed for replanting the next years is a perfectly legal activity. but over the course the last ten years it's went from a perfectly legal and respected activity to one that is illegal. all because corporations have the money to own seed they own life. and what's even worse about it is this is life that that the human kind of spent. eons developing. you know we took the soybean ten thousand years ago from nothing to what it is
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today and then monsanto comes along and search one little gene and then then they turn around and patent all the germplasm not just the g.m.o. but the the conventional portions of the seed and say yeah we own this too that's nonsense that belongs to humankind and in my mind. you know monsoonal likes to call pirates or farmers of say their own seed pirates pirates they call us but i think we ought to revisit who's the real pirate here these people stole our genetic heritage. you. give farmers lose their rights to use your own seed become service of the land and we're back to a pupil system and that could quite easily quite quickly happen in a third world country but it will also happen in north america and i think to some degree farmers already are in like a service of the land already because he have to buy the say they have to from
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a certain company they have to buy the fertilizers they have to buy the chemicals especially for all from the same company you have to pay a fee to grow a crop on their land on their own land so i think already to our large degree we are already served on our own land by a multinational corporation like months adul. mark was is an organic farmer a neighbor of percy schmeiser together with a thousand organic farmers he sued monsanto for demigods arising from the contamination of their canola and mustard crop.
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the thing is what should always happen is the precautionary principle we should not allow anything out of the lab oratory into the environment especially to do with our food because it is so essential we all need food we need water we need air we should not allow this to happen. only six years later the supreme court of canada decided that they could not bring the case as a class action no every farmer has to claim his damages individually and assume the high risk and high legal cost. when we were in switzerland last year one interesting thing is we had a journalist who was very surprised to find out that when we do surveys in canada
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about labeling g.m. foods that over ninety percent of canadians say we want mandatory labeling on foods and this journalist was so surprised he said we just assume we take for granted that in north america you're comfortable with g.m. foods look you've been eating it for ten years there seems to be no health effects . you see people when you survey them when you ask them they don't want this we are eating this unfortunately because we don't know it's in our food there's no labeling therefore we've been used like laboratory experiments where you've been used as guinea pigs and who knows we may be affected with our health as we speak with products that you purchase in the store anything that has soya or canola in it or corn you have to be aware because the most likely contain transgenic or g.m. products.
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in canada it was approved by the canadian food inspection agency they're the ones that give monsanto regulatory approval for the introduction but they only used the data supplied to them by months until. they never did no testing whatsoever and so one month santos said to the canadian prudent specs an agency it's substantially government it's almost like the real food then the government said well then we don't have to test it if it's substantially quoted we don't have to have our own scientists check it did no testing whatsoever and that has really created a lot of peer in the canadian consumers because what are they really eating when monsanto said it was say ten months and who has a very bad track record when he was say p.c. bees were say a you know orange was safe now are we to believe them when they say a g m o's or
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g.e. or genetic engineering it's a i would never trust them one bit because they don't have a good track record because everything they said before was false and a lie. also in the case of months santo's herbicide roundup there were studies demonstrating that roundup could be used without risk resulting in worldwide approval of the product many other studies so the negative health effects of the active ingredient to round on life was eight months until itself warns the material safety data sheets of tissue damage bloody vomiting cardiac arrhythmia and a demon as a result of direct contact or ingestion of the toxin. and now the a prone that round up the studies done in oregon shows that it is the third biggest carse from related illnesses in the state of california and eventually it
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originally we were told by a month central roundup is so sate you could drink it. with the advent of gene technology the chemical industry entered into the business of plant breeding dupont and monsanto but seed producers for about twelve point five billion dollars in ten years today the two chemical giants are also the biggest plant breeders in the world producing about three quarters of the world's g.m.o. crops. the height of gene technology cynicism is the so-called terminator technology it makes the farmers biologically dependent on the corporations the plants are genetically modified in such a way that they are able to germinate only once sowing the harvest seeds is pointless the harvest is dead.
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monsanto flower has said. that they own anything they put that cd in or they develop what about if you put a gene into a human being does that say they own me has that say they own you. had was from one end of south africa whether it was john as were girl durban or
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here are cape town cape town where the parliament is at i was invited to speak there and then an incident happened in it or at the parliament that i'll never forget into a moment when a monsanto's representatives also had given a small presentation and i had given a presentation regards how their seats implants is how it could be contaminated and coming out of the assembly the parliament assembly where i went face to face in two months had his representative from johannesburg and he he was very very out of that i would say rude and a he said to me and shaking his fist to my face said nobody stands up to monsanto we're going to get you and we're going to destroy you and no way and he also went on to say that when i get back to canada i was going to be in big trouble and sure enough three weeks later when i got back to canada monsanto launched another
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lawsuit against me for a million dollars and for all their car cars because they said i was stubborn i was arrogant i didn't do what months and. one it and after another year of trial the judge the same judge as to first went out ahead in the federal court or what it must sound one hundred fifty three thousand dollars of court costs they didn't get the million and so i am now faced with an additional costs if i wouldn't lose my case in this when court. in may two thousand and four the supreme court of canada announced its decision one percy schmeiser did infringe upon the pavement owned by months on to a corporation by illegally ceding his canola which was contaminated with months antos g.m.o. seed and two because he did not actively use the page and is not required to pay any damages two months out. at the same time as the judgment is being announced an auto a birth the smiter and his lawyer terri's a christie give
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a press conference in saskatoon there was. approximately two hundred thousand dollars judgment that was set aside by the supreme court of canada today and that to percy is a fairly major victory. i really feel that the fact that i can save money farm same a home without pain it costs to monsanto you know i was looking at a two hundred thousand dollar bill so that is a major victory to me to. the court rules further the page and on the gene allows the owner to control the entire plant that is the paint on the gene has priority over the ownership of the plant. where it says fries or loses a court battle to monsanto and as i said just was talking to another lawyer that it could be the biggest win for us or for the people concerned.


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