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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EST

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the united nations about what he thinks the international community needs to do to resolve the crisis in syria you watching. marty sitting down with mr hardeep thing poori the indian ambassador to the united nations ambassador pouri thank you very much for sitting down with r.t. i'd like to begin with syria because that seems to be a great point of contention within the u.n. security council not the last and the only time the council reached any type of
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consensus on the conflict in syria was nearly six months ago it was under your presidency of the security council a presidential statement was issued in august why has it been so hard since that for fifteen members to agree on does some kind of solution i wouldn't use the word solution but i would use the word approach but you know you're absolutely right the only occasion on which the security council was entirely on the same page insofar as developments in syria are concerned was on third august two thousand and eleven under the indian presidency when the council accepted adopted it be honesty that statement is a fairly strong statement it cause on the government in damascus to walk back from the use of force against its own civilians equally sends a message to the opposition to stop the armed insurrection and to enter into
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dialogue with the government and extends both sides to you know negotiate and go down the path of reform after the unanimous passage of this b.r.s. deal on third august another attempt was made this time exactly two months later the council is faced with the situation but to permanent members of the security guards of course one side the resolution two others vetoed it russia and china russia and china and the fifteen member in the light of some aggressive public speaking in the open jim but the. it states walked out now the reason the council has not been on the same page is because i think as long as the council is in a position to address and recommendation to both sides in a conflict i think you would get agreement but if the council wants to address its recommendation to one side that is the government and is not willing to encourage the opposition to come to the negotiating table then you've got
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a council recommendation which clearly is not acceptable to some members what we need to do on syria clearly is to realize that the situation there is spiraling out of control that syria is a sweetener this case that unraveling of the situation in syria will have very serious consequences for the other countries in the region. that unlike libya. the consequences would be far higher i'm not suggesting that what happened in libya is not serious enough but talking of libya i must tell you one of the difficulties that we are having insofar as the situation in syria is concerned is that the security council's expedience in respect of resolutions nine hundred seventy and seventy three on libya. vitiated the atmosphere in terms of the approach to words how to deal with the situation in syria it is reported
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that in the coming days the security council will be possibly voting on a resolution drafted by western countries on syria calling in part for the for the assad government to surrender its powers given the dynamic of the security council right now the positions being taken by the numbers do you think this resolution will be adopted let me answer your question without reference to a particular. resolution if the proposition were to be advanced that somebody should have a power. in other words a regime change proposition i think some members of the council including my own delegation would have a lot of difficulty with that they thought i'd like to see how that is scotched if for instance the call is for political dialogue between the government and the opposition that's something we could support if the demand is for. you know
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a joining violence reform negotiation that we can support that if as a result of those negotiations there's a political formula which is that which results in power sharing or this thing that's an entirely different matter but this is something for the people of syria to determine i mean as a matter of principle i have a lot of difficulty with people advocating that reordering of this. it is as my prime minister put it in his statement to the general assembly in september the reordering of societies from outside using military force now that's something i have serious objection to russia has proposed a draft resolution on syria when i was quite we were quite comfortable with the russian draft resolution we thought it was a good basis for seeking consensus in the council but i think some of our friends from the western countries had some difficulties with it because it did not contain because of our punitive measures that they were seeking so that's why you think the
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west bank i think that's a bit aside as i normally you know i think the russian resolution is still around it's not been put on that it's not been put in blue but it's still very much on the table i want to ask you about libya because that was the first time the u.n. security council used the responsibility to protect doctrine it was invoked how come the security council does not feel that the united nations has a responsibility to protect those in syria is it because of what transpired in libya first let's discuss responsibility to protect you know the r two p. has three pillars below which says that it is the responsibility of every state to prevent its citizens from being subjected to mass crimes or to states that in the case of countries where the institutions of the state either nonexistent or whether they're under strain and the state does not have the capacity to carry out below one functions then the international community has the responsibility to help with
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technical assistance the problem comes in pillar three which when it was adopted was clearly in the minds of some new to blanche or a doctrine for humanitarian intervention in other words if you find in a country x. things are not working you can put together a military force and going on. pyatt now that i think is absurd insofar as the implementation of nine hundred seventy three is concerned it uses words all means necessary now all means necessary is a cord for military action so we sat there in that room as consenting adults and we realized that what we and we consciously authorized. military actions would have to take place on that there is no doubt but what kind of military action yes you need to use to get involved they would have to take measures in order to enforce the no
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fly zone that resolution one hundred seventy three also speaks of cease fire and when we try to invoke the cease fire provisions some of the countries which were annoyed in the military operation said that they did not want to consider the possibility of a cease fire to liturgy and had been. dislodged so then it became a mission for regime change well that's an interpretation you could put on that and that's what some people are saying now i'm not saying that it was done for it but i'm saying but that's what it amounts to in the end but there's a more even more serious issue. resolution one hundred seventy three specifically refer to an arms embargo but that resolution was interpreted as some people say well it means you can carry out military operations against gadhafi but arms embargo does not prevent you from arming the rebels now i find that situation unacceptable so let's be very careful before we can walk concepts and doctrine like
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to be yes the libyan experience will continue to guide people now whether that should or should not be that is depends on what kind of resolution the council is faced with we'll see an afghanistan or iraq like scenario possibly unfold in libya with the benefit of hindsight that one can begin to have those concerns you're absolutely right i mean the situation in iraq now is extremely. i would say it's untenable the number of deaths which are occurring which are information which is in the public domain and one begins to wonder as to what we what the international community has got in of course in fairness there was no security council authorization for that action but in the case of libya where there was ostensibly a security council action i don't think with the passage of time when historians get to write on and there's going to be agreement on whether resolutions nine hundred seventy and seventy three interpreted implemented in the manner that they
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had been intended to i think the jury's out on that and i personally have a lot of difficulty i'm speaking on my in my personal behalf i have very great difficulty. being confronted with a situation where the security council cannot act on its own a resolution which calls for a cease fire i have very often taken the lead in the council to say that words have meanings and therefore when we agreed to a form of words or a set of words we should be cleared amongst ourselves as to what it is that we are agreeing to. and you know the imposition of the will of those who have. you know military clout etc. you know it appears that in the context of the moment on the context of the immediate crisis that is a approach that could be adopted in the long run these things don't work i mean let's look at the issue of radicalization. i mean we all know what happens when military
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operations stick you end up producing more radicalized response to it i think i'm gonna stand is a case in point is a case in point and i'm not a but i'm a student of history and international relations and i would be surprised if the libyan experience does not result in a more radicalized response from within libya as it is used to. recruit from libya and that all kinds of studies in which the intelligence community which the you know strategic community and the think tanks are now putting together. you know what's happening the militias when they come across a cache of arms they don't surrender to a central part of it strengthens that now we realize that there isn't into them set up there we realize that they need time so we will support that but you need to
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keep those all crossed to ensure that you know the final situation. does not look. worse than what what what we had investor pretty thank you very very much thank you you thank
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. we. are sure. you know that the bullet comes out here and this makes it go bang and if what you hear is going to. that's all the training you really really need raise your hand know somebody. to live with one of. the streets. it's a little bit hopefully we will never have to use the weapons for self defense but we should be prepared. for the. seventeen students.
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feel. un resolution on syria stops short of calling for outside intervention that reflects the wishes of the u.s. some states who will want to see president assad step down in the meantime so that foreign interference. high court considers the fate of wiki leaks founder julian assange who's wanted in sweden on allegations of sexual assault that wiki leaks insists the case is politically motivated and a response to his website. commitment to progress over its nuclear program another trip by u.s.
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intelligence officials say the. sanctions as washington is accused of leading a campaign of terror. are those are the headlines here and let's get some action is next with the sports. hello welcome to the latest sports update and here are the top stories. russia's strikeout run publishing co signs from lokomotiv moscow for tottenham on the last day of the transfer window. while trading places i will put that now to complete his move to gone to full time gets a place in russia's team and the european championships. and media circus the n.f.l. stars face the press ahead of sunday's super bowl showdown between the patriots the giants. almost has to come but first injured football captain john terry will stand
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trial after the summer's european championships in poland and ukraine after the center back denied racially abusing q.p.r. defender anton ferdinand the thirty one year old chelsea captain didn't attend a short hearing in london this wednesday but his barrister entered a not guilty plea on his behalf cherry is accused of a racially aggravated public order of events over the video footage which appears to show him shouts and offensive comments ferdinand through the blues one hundred feet at loftus road on october twenty third. saying with football and russia striker out of the house joins look about you moscow from tottenham hotspur for a fee of thirteen million dollars the thirty year old had failed to establish a regular first team place its first since his move that in two thousand and eight from spartak moscow but he still managed to score forty two goals in one hundred thirteen appearances for the north london club with the european championships just four months away a proper chunk of said the move back to russia was driven by who desire to play first team football. well being while russia strike that problem probably haven't
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yet has joined english premier league side for them from stuttgart until at least the end of the season the twenty eight year old has scored fifteen goals in sixty eight appearances for the german side but also hopes to boost his chances of playing for his country. you know twenty twelve. thing in england and while the transfer deals were going ahead having a home and theirs and then we saw berbatov both scored from the penalty spot as manchester united one two no time to stoke to go level on points with leaders manchester city darren gibson helped his former team united as his first goal for everton was enough to surprise me at city one nil defeat meaning united not only trials on goal difference well meanwhile talk those kept up the pressure in the third on three three one time win over wiggins fourth place chelsea grabbed a point that swung as the wall of the four are in the top five after that three no morning and struggling bulls. while this wednesday also could reclaim fifth spot with the winner bolton newcastle are on the same number of points as the gunners in
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trouble to butlins who themselves could climb out of the relegation zone with a victory villa entertain cheaply on sunderland host norris and could be filled with canaries into ted if they were any kind of west brom coupled with feeling where nothing that could make his debut on the quick look at the other transfers sees since he signed roman metro that doesn't do so are on loan till the end of the season while they're left back wayne bridge goes on loan to sunderland everton striker to learn to talk them until the summer. and there was a double super strike us to q.p.r. he would vote for them is probably zamora for just over six million dollars while the former liverpool and sunderland star djibril cisse a return to the premier league after three years on two and a half years to. now they are in spain athletic bilbao have taken a two one lead from the first leg of their copper del rey semifinal against members while this wednesday false alona travelled about n.p.r. for the start of their double header toss and now seven points behind wales migration of domestic title race keeping pressure on the coach and claudio that it
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will also be tough against the. very strong you know the go to. put it this is a huge this. will be the return into the who will be the exception. tennis now and maria sharapova has held her first training session in moscow ahead of russia's fed cup quarter final with spain which gets underway at the weekend but world number three has played in only three fed cup matches so far after a defeat pickup a couple of injury plagued years three time grand slam winner to reach the final of last month the strain open for losing to victoria azarenka in straight sets the twenty four year olds then she's hoping to continue her good early season fall by helping russia into the fed cup semifinals has risen from point we caught up with the country's top player. you know what it's always great to be in the finals of a grand slam that's why you know always want to be down to allow us to and you know for me to be able to come to moscow in a few days obviously
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a tough transition going from the heat to the cold but it's like that for everyone and you know i think we just have to make the quarter adjustments but i'm happy that we have a home match instead of away and then i can actually be in my home country and it's sort of last time you played for a couple russian against the french didn't because well if you see more i hope she said give me a motivation this time because you know saluted last year you know it's it's a team effort and i think that's really how it happened that salon and i didn't have a good first day and then the next day you know the whole team kind of raised their level and won losing zero two so it's just it's such a different environment than what we're used to or is doing you know you lose a match and then you're kind of out and they lose a match you still have a chance and that's what makes it so special here do you feel more confident now because i mean you're getting to be crowned some foreigner winning but helping to put what happened in two thousand and one two thousand and eight behind you and just moving forward even that you want to get into the point zero zero zero to kind of i want to get to the stage of being in a final it's great and for me to to have a woman in the straight and open where i haven't been a stage in the second week of a grand slam is
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a really good achievement for me and you know to be number three in the world is great as well one final question obviously a huge year for you with the ground so i'm trying to get on the ground sometimes will be lympics i mean this is part of a region where you're playing pick up to try and get in the libby team and it wouldn't be gold mean to you for the olympics has meant so much for me since i was a young kid those really what we always looked forward to and one day in tennis when i was young wasn't that big and it was always all the limpid winter sports that i watched and i hope that one day i would be an olympian so you know i missed it out in beijing with the shoulder surgery and this year they're looking forward to going to fix something which i'm. now with four days to go until sunday super bowl the new england patriots and you know giants have held their annual press day and revealed key factors which could determine who be crowned champions the giants defeated the patriots in the super bowl final in two thousand and eight and despite winning ten straight games coming into the final the patriots know the have to be flawless against a very strong giants' defense and that puts even more pressure on new england star
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man tom brady i'm going to make sure i don't do any interceptions make sure i've played try to play really well. they're a good team i mean i think that's that's why they're here they force you know a lot of mistakes so but we can't go out there and make mistakes and expect to win we got to go out there and play a very clean game well both brady and as giants quarterback eli manning were part of their squads in the super bowl clash in two thousand and eight thirty one year old manning edging his rival to be named most valuable player now he wants the younger teammates to mix business with pleasure and give their opening a business. so you want to enjoy the experience enjoy the bonding time and the down time we have with your teammates but also when it's time to prepare time to practice time get your your focus ready to play this game you know we need we need one hundred one hundred percent commitment and dedication to going out there and playing our best football financial citing where russia's top team got to show
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already to make a big impact this season with some big reinforcements but fred onion explains. all over the glue on the greatest routes of the most prestigious cycling learns since two thousand and nine when they were launched gattuso had been deployed over a shop in this poor sixty victories and over two hundred boardrooms that's what the team have achieved so far nevertheless ahead of their fourth season aiming to take it to the next level williams are clearly given by the sponsors we saw first the olympics the world championships but the sport as well as gifts but the targets you cannot make a team with this quality and say the tour de france doesn't interest me but we have the olympics focusing on it and there are only all four years olympics but this is one of the most goals here on the other hand it's my my aim and it's my work
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work also for the russian cycling for the young writer so you must understand this is approach as a whole project fulfilling those kinds of tasks takes elite riders and get to share added two superpowers to their roster here comes the first one of the most feared sprinters in the business three time world champion also got a freighter in israel i'm very happy to be part of this team first of all cut to she represents such a huge country in russia at the international cycling arena and it's a big honor for me this team is very strong and has huge potential to improve meaning a great deal of opportunity for me to claim more wins in my professional career meanwhile that uses biggest precision cerny in his main show he's the only one of the team to have placed an overall victory at the world's three major events the thirty four year old russian proved to be the best at the jury d'italia in two
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thousand and nine and twice at the world market which i think. it's pretty. one of the best russian either so i think it's it's logical so. i think for me oh also it gives more moral some more power and more ambition a smaller more motorway should form for next season with how far you are left to go before the summer olympics in london russia's top cycling team and top cyclists. their interests the combination tour and the olympic games. it's going to because. anywhere if you're finished or in good shape you're going right i mean because in the same level if you are from years of touring. and maybe a little i don't know if you're going to improve in two weeks but i think you're
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will have for enough level to complete an olympics and good level that you should look to have everything needed to make this year one of the most if not the most successful russian cycling but for unknown. of us all i think. it's.
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going to be soon which brightened if you knew about it soon from funds to freshen some. meals for instance on t.v. don't come.
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