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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EST

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welcome back you're watching r t these are the top stories russia refuses to back the latest u.n. draft resolution on syria unless it's a managed to clearly military intervention and an arms embargo on damascus moscow's against regime change and wants the blame for the bloodshed in syria placed equally on the government and the armed opposition. german chancellor angela merkel is in china calling on the country to help the financially crippled by investing in the euro and pushing for a change of heart by. the recent iran sanctions. the international community calls on israel to stop building homes on occupied land palestinians who
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live there are trying to stop what they call terrorism at the hands of israeli settlers israel's promise to clamp down on the perpetrators but the continued support for settlement construction is sending a mixed single. and now our spotlight host algor knopf talks to russia's minister of communications about the latest technology that will be used to prevent fraud in the countries of coming presidential elections that's next here on r.t. . well with. science technology innovation all the moves developments around russia we've. covered.
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how again a welcome to spotlight. on today's. show . the upcoming presidential election in russia. to prevent vote from. two hundred thousand the webcam. polling stations across the country video feed will be available on the internet making of election more transparent the first effort will cost about billion dollars the price some critics say is too high so is it really worth it. possible to implement the project given a month before election day. russia's minister of communication. half a year ago russia the european internet users raging the market with the highest
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number of online users some seventy million people served on the internet regularly and most of them social networks in december. alleges election fraud work coordinated by facebook expected in february and march song studio the polling station is. a response to the user's official say to provide uninterrupted access to all of the cameras the overall bandwidth. russian networks will be increased by fifty percent. almost a shovelful welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us well let's start with the webcams which is is it really a press unprecedented in world history to have webcams inside the polling stations . perhaps not but big stones you know there will be as you've said it two hundred
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thousands of webcams stations all over the country in each and every polling station and to have a network with two thousand webcams transmitting single tenuously. unlimited number of uses it is unprecedented and the world history of very high technology just how detailed it will be i mean the picture what will be the quality of the cameras will they really allow the viewers to see some irregularities that may happen during the well there were two cameras on the. station. the approximate speed of transmission will be five hundred twelve killed but the second it's pretty high quality and a lot of initial but you may see where it's not a very high definition but it's enough to to see to see the details so there will
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be two of them one will show the. station. with wide angle so we will see the whole the whole while the whole. second one will be directed at the boxes of the vote and boxes and then. after. the board will be finished the boxes will be removed and the table will be put in the same place where the commission will count the voices listen you are directing the cameras. at the polling boxes at the ballot box as they are called but when i go to. do that which i have a literary but they were there we are not in the know nobody will see you i mean with the boxes where you drove where will your good job. not where you. put the sign on the bottom so the place where you where you actually make your choice there
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will be no you will fill in the bottom of the no never ask your folder couldn't you just put it inside. the camera will be put to buff you know. the face not to see how they will not say they will not see my face says so there's nothing anti constitutional and democratic and i think that people can can protest against as we see it it is not a decision that was taken just with the government there is an advisory council including members of the central voting commission. of political parties. from the next week on leaving from this week on there will be representatives of the headquarters of all the registers candidates so everybody will see how the procedures are made what are the requirements and how it will go on during the election well as as they say it doesn't matter.
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it matters who's counting it that there is that to say and at the counting of the of the voices of the votes is is one of the most. contradictory well we'll add moment in the in the whole and the lection process so you say that those tables where the counting will take place will be under the cameras to you but will it be possible. i mean using these cameras to see whether this eager surely if but this is so as lattimer put it if i put it in here up there you just just give me this is probably not you will see how many of the kind of this is going to that it was going to be explained or maybe explained by the commission members but it is a suggestion of one of the political parties. the vote of counting. the
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president of the commission shows the result into the camera oh no so now it will be you are just the sound and safety. so this will be a special new procedure during the counting of the vote to make it to make moment make it more transparent absolutely not visible will everybody well any user and in turn get free access to those webcams where will it be sort of a limited number you know on the beach that limitation is supposed to be accessible to every user so that the right of the theoretical rather silly theoretical the system is. well constructed to allow. to twenty five million. you know people. to see during the day one hundred million two hundred people similar to honestly. sixty thousand viewers.
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camera at every given moment i do get a figure and i'm sorry like the traffic on the russian internet on the lection day may reach five point four petabyte here which five point four million terabytes which it's incredible. absolutely if you take you tube you know that every day views of upload on the on this resource about four years of video every day what we will have with the system is going to be five hundred years with with in addition. after the election on the election morning russia will have the most advanced internet in the world absolutely absolutely as far as the video conferencing and probably indication that medicine and was facilities for those matters are concerned here so it will be the case with a shot of well one thing is watching the election which is fun of course for uses
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for for for for for for crowds for for party meant for politicians but another thing is having access to the archive say after the election somebody says there was there were irregularities and one of the polling stations who will have the official access to that official archive of very specific station recorded by the webcams this is more of us political question and it concerns directly the election legislation of russia so it tends to be decided upon a city within the political class a wall you know and with just wages as we see it but anyway there will be him. if the entire procedure within every. voting. district will be. reduced to twice in
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a double way so one is going to be in everywhere cation on the computer that will serve the cameras and the second one is going to be in the data centers in the central data centers of com so the respective glow chance that any air station is going to be lost and well know what interests me is look like a week two weeks after the election if there is information and then there has been from what will the representatives of the civil society have the possibility through a court decision or otherwise to get a fair shot recordings take them to court and look at them and make a decision whether it was a fraud or not so there will be such a mechanism absolutely absolute it's impossible to watch two hundred thousand cameras per day you're absolutely to watch from up with. the previous question concerned the not the theoretical but the physical possibility due to watch all of
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them. then that flicks network into the united states and its three hundred thousand view a single tell us we try to work to watch some mission it takes almost a third of the entire capability of the unit you see internet so if it's going to be more the internet will collapse even in the states. by now we've got much weaker internet so we we are considering not a restriction about the. possibility of registration so everybody who's going to watch the vote on the fourth of march. is invited to to use his facebook of contacting us to cure cancer or whatever account to also young turks accounts to. register himself in the network and to have
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a private cabinet to show which you know what cultists he's going to visit their little chile on the fourth of march and this way under the porch on the side is going to go on the first of february so within the months we're going to calculate the capability of networks that is going to be needed for the most popular cations and probably to increase their you here here to go to the demand. increases for those who are kitchens where the demand will be the most you know. popular says you get shoved a little russias minister our communication spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break so don't go away stay we all will continue this interview in less than an.
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the closest has been to the whole bar of screeching where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. now our team goes to the area. once named dr len a good looking to a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. that's where the four by fours are made and can be tested to the limit. welcome to the creature. russia close up on our cheek.
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welcome back to spotlight on melbourne organ just a reminder that my guest on the show today is shall good minister coming occasions of the russian federation mr sharp if we're talking about the high tech high tech collections the you webcams that are going to me installed as a matter of fact this was the initiative of prime is to putin and we always one of the candidates on the actually the main candidate for presidency on the upcoming election so but it wasn't his idea actually from the very beginning yes well what it originally inside the ministry was that the internet community who came up with this idea first putting on cameras it was his own idea of trying to get all of the absolutely because you know half ago when there were in the summer of two thousand and ten there were huge forest fires and you know to rebuilt. burned down villages
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and oh i don't want to say yeah it was the idea to install the pyramid amerzone the construction site or something to control the other stuff absolutely and he was he was very pleased with the you know when they were defect in the did you deal with that project absolutely did work yeah yeah and the cameras are still there you remove them remove them after the construction of the work was done but they were there you had to think of a place where to put the cameras and you decided to put them in a post here for. ross to look calm is the company behind this i mean the main provider of these cameras you know the whole system well the operation is worth like thirteen billion rubles what are they carrying tease of the transparency of the whole of the whole deal of the held up ration health project well. this summer consists of two parts one of them. the price of the equipment itself
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that was good will be installed in the building reflects but the other part is the cost of the upgrade of the inter network so when the price of the equipment is two and a half. billion rubles and the rest as you want to stand is the nine and a half was going to work to the network but if you consider the comparable programs in other states some will not appear as huge as you've got it now oh look in brazil . they're going to invest about six billion dollars in upgrading the internet just to reach the miller supposed. to make electronic services possible it's hundred and eighty billion groups we just thirteen billion and the russian telecom companies every year invest in the
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networks and compare. so lucian's about three hundred building rubles so with so it's just just slightly. under five percent your camera deal can be can be comparable better with the so-called national projects i mean you have to act absolutely and if you take the scale of the project and in the time frame work. it's going to be a record for sure there you believe that one day the voting itself i mean the election will maybe organize through the internet without any posting technically technically it is possible even now but there has to be. certain degree of the public trust and confidence in how those systems today any work if we look at the if i'm sorry if you look at the rallies that are going on in
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moscow yes today that the lead the public seem to have more trust in the voting in the internet than in the voting and the public station so what you say is that if you are the government which voting to the internet. that there will be less trust in that. you have to be really all we have all we have to do to you know to have some results of social votes and polls to see which part of society and how this problem. here there were between twelve. thirty and fifty thousand people here we've got about one hundred million voters in russia so probably those are the people that were taking part and those. many of them even didn't vote because the you know. political or creative class they've done often goes to the voting so yes well it just
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occurred to me that if we if we start thinking big brother the meaning of all those so i think that like internet voting gives the government even more possibilities to control the society there than this simple probably station thing but i think it is in my game that one of the considerations are of those who are against the system so i believe it's more a psychological than tank technological question in two thousand and eleven the number of internet users in russia has reached seventy million is a continue to to grow and what's the rate because because because this is what this is a lot and we are the biggest market in europe and. bigger starting with two thousand and eleven it is continuing to grow and. while we will leave the limit as the number of russian citizens the number so we consider this is
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a very positive way but it puts enormous pressure on the government and our minister because everybody is not such a fight it was just some and they were well seven two million is about one hundred it is about half and half of the population the copper roughly well actually every every computer is usually used by a husband and wife a man and wife no no no this is not just just the computers of the people so me my wife and my son who use the same computer three years. aha so so so so in other you know the fifty percent increase or we can have at least have ok now you mentioned the sopa and there are people there's another act in america that's being considered now your attitude your personal attitude to these acts towards go in the states the protest and did you hear any maybe talk within the russian government
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there about about what's the attitude of the kremlin towards similar ads having similar acts in russia. or were not considering to. take similar acts and. the problem with the sopa and the people is not just. problem of the united states and their intellectual property. it's the way how we're going to resolve different problems concerning the internet on the world scale what russia propose there will be an international mechanism allowing to attack those kind of problems any kind whether it be intellectual property online piracy cyber crime or children proper not graffiti so the the internet is something that is global that doesn't know any limits and any borders
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and if one state pretense to resolve all the problems for his own good but disregarding the problems of other states and not cooperating with the states that's not quite right that's why we suggest the first we. know this is a american idea might not work well it might work but it will mean the collapse of the internet as with as we know it today because it's international but with the sopa. practically anywhere internet participants from service provided to the search engine. will be required to cease providing as services with any. any internet agent accused of piracy and it does the worst whether it is in the united states or outside. mentioning the pirates
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the piracy and we know that there is like the pirates party that has been organized in russia and they and their sea seeking official registration and there their leader has been in the studio a couple of days ago and he said that you personally you visited one of the gatherings well and officially but you were present at one of their at one of their meetings well mr shulman he said the following the russian government is lacking ideas and is trying to find them from external sources like the pirate party so. your visit to the party part of the meeting is it because you really want new ideas is it because you consider to be adequate people and do you want to cooperate with they were with the people like the pirate party. it was quite ridiculous just visited on the subject. bookstore. looking for some books.
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by the way it was. julian it's a very known novel of got to be dull but it was edited ten years ago and it was the only store what. well not not quite but this one a special. and there was a gathering of some young people and they recognized me and told me listen we're going to discuss their joining democracy in russia we've got a working group you know we're going to workshop. could you well chat with us through half an hour while and turned out that there were not just people from the working group but there were represented the part of the which was not the buyer that they were in there with their photo book but i had those thirty minutes just stayed with them and discussed a couple of questions i wasn't prepare prepared to to the unsuspicious if the questions because i didn't see their papers in eight years it was just general
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change of minds but. as far as the intellectual property within the us. is concerned we do not like ideas we've got quite specific ideas that were presented by even by our president during the last g eight and g twenty summits. that were not accepted at the summits but i believe they're still being considered so we do have ideas but that we take into account the fact that all of the europe part is you know appear and even and even if if it consists by now i believe of some dozens of young people but there is a certain demand. certain to move toward a model that will be different of the model how the intellectual property was ruled in the nineteenth or the twentieth century because the people are not satisfied with the requirements of the intellectual property rights holders they want that
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their demands are considered as well so this is a certain mixture. brit. golden solution that lies in between between the rights holders and the pirates and so far their ideas might be of help as well thank you thank you thank you for the straightforward answer just a reminder that you could shove the minister of communications of russia was my guest on the show and that's it for now on spotlight. so then they are to take you.
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