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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2012 11:48am-12:18pm EST

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and if it is from today's presence the philadelphia was treated for a blood clot in hospital shortly before his death simply a massive loss to boxing and indeed sport in general. what would have been the richest in boxing is off the table for now the money pick a zero and floyd mayweather jr clash on the ropes after w b a lights middleweight champion miguel cotto has announced a weathers next opponent on may the fifth pretty boy floyd is true to serving eighty seven days in jail for domestic violence starting june first wanted his archrival talk before the state american mean whether who turns thirty five in february calling the filipino miss octon on for not scheduling a poet and while puerto rican aims to end mayweather john beaton run of forty two wins pocky zero is staying active as well w b o likes welterweight title holder timothy bradley jr most likely his next point. let's move to basketball be your only top sixteen stage runic silva extended their lead at the top of group g.
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thanks to a home victory over italian side a seven the hosts taking the bull by the horns right from the all finishing the open border twenty twelve in front unix continuing to press in the second doubling their advantage to sixteen points by the time and return mccown top scoring for the persons with sixteen doing this to pointer to make it forty two twenty two midway through the third period because on team relaxing a little late on but e.a. seven would never come close fifty nine forty four the final score. meanwhile and saskia moscow's grippy alone cost register their first of the top sixty the greek seeing off on a two new f.a. is of turkey at home eighty three sixty five. top scoring for the host he had eighteen points perfect c.s.k. meanwhile took one turn. to. the n.b.a. basketball or indiana where sharp and shooting in the pick of wednesday night's
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action the pacers scoring more than one hundred points for only the second time this season against minnesota a tight a fur during the opening two quarters in the helpless although the visitors were. start pulling away late in the third danny granger sweeping the heights with thirty six points including this long range effort to make it sixty fifty in favor of the pacers three ranger then got himself involved in an altercation kevin love with the officials managed to calm things down and avoid what could have been a messy court alter cation granger later having several crucial points going beyond a run one of nine hundred ninety nine when she takes it all the way it's the biggest game on the american sporting calendar is just around the corner the forty sixth edition of the n.f.l. super bowl kicks off on sunday i remain off the two thousand and seven title game between the new england patriots and the new york giants and was underdogs new york he came away victorious and not one ruining the season in the process the teams
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looked more evenly matched this year with the giants also able to boast of a high powered off in snow days to your close routing a few players from the championship winning defense and they can't wait to get stuck in again. we are excited about being on for a couple of staunch off with a bit we're ready to get back to help. to win the game on sunday and you know a lot of us we should play it today but you know we're going to wait till sunday you know to be a first you know the next step to do you know really sort of the game. new england's tom brady still refuses to watch the tape of that seventeen fourteen loss to the giants four years ago he's raring to go but one of the punts mean offensive weapons is a dud rob gronkowski has had the best ever season for a tight end to date is nursing and michaels brain but this fitness being tested on a daily basis from coast he's never won at all before but brady has three times in
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fact but the californian he's hungry for more. playing in this game it sucks to turn on the t.v. these days because you know there's so much every channel you turn on is talking about this game of the players in this game and as a as a competitor you want to be here you need to be here and this is this is why we work so hard you know over the years high school and college and even the pros who prepare for games like this. now a somewhat surprising fact is that russia has never want to live big gold in women's figure skating male athletes from the country have tasted success on numerous occasions and with two years to go until the salty winter games hope is high the double can finally be achieved artie's robert downey meets the reason why . singles this is the only discipline in which an olympic gold medal has eluded such a big figure skating nation like russia a billion insult nicholas is one of the few overing major hope for the moment
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anticipated ladies graeme in the sport first of all in sochi twenty fourteen at the age of fifteen slip because it has already claimed the russian domestic title three times ahead and he still won the world junior championships in ten to eleven. relief she has already proved destroy all to win she's a fighter and this is something you cannot teach that's given by god she's one of those who can compete and can achieve top results not affect the quality doing it the bradley wish i was for it when my mom took me to skating school nearby just to test my capability for skating with professional coaches all the kids around started crying when they fell down but i suit up and kept moving forward step by step and the coaches knew that my mother inside was strongly recommend that you make her continue and that's how i started figure skating was was according to the
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international skating union is rankings so the goal is currently the world's number seventeen but has plenty of time to fine tune her skills with her coach wife danielle search and then million of a there is a. heavy scene that's come on you should have completed that element every single detail and is destined to place dr goodish in office and downs at the first ever use winter olympics in israel but in general sort nicole was edged out by her teaming another russian hopeful it is evident that the mission to get on the line and be at the russian championships in innsbruck the outcome was opposite they always get compared to each other they can. pete against each other and that's ok it's just like they've been inclusion. in rivalry which only gave a boost to russian men's figure skating as for the girls only time will tell who's better they're both still growing because most we have
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a good relationship i would say we're friends at these olympics an ins brick willock together in the same apartment but when it comes to the ice rink it gets tough which is do battle for survival. there is still a lot to be done for adelina sotnikova to fulfill her huge potential like one thing has always been there in her mind agendas mentality you know actually i did see chances and i always take the risks of doing things which are difficult for me sometimes i mean i don't do well during warm up and my coach tells me to leave some complicated elements out of my program but i always dare to do them i think to myself i'm strong arms prove that i can do this this is what nobody can teach and so they go ahead and. get in there and i think. less and with football where that one hundred twenty seven days left until the
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start of euro twenty twelve an excitement to tell you what is building steadily across those countries take a look at this the ukrainian city after casey which isn't in fact hosting any games but it's dedicated its annual ice festival to the tournament which takes place in ukraine and poland this summer the galut features several sculptures including famous footballing trophies and players football fever most certainly in the earth . beneath this and for this is a gathering there goes on every year they stand it's related to euro twenty twelve the fame is for the cups heroes and everything related to the upcoming tournaments . stuff and that is all your sport for our world weather is coming up in just a tech.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are old today.
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if you. work for british intelligence. spies saga you turn the father of a former f.s.b. officer poisoned in london six years ago says accusing vladimir putin of big behind the desk was a mistake party gets the story first time. the un considers a new draft of a resolution on syria which no longer calls on president assad to step down following criticism from russia. and the german leader takes a euro to convince china not to write off the e.u. and get beijing support for the oil embargo against iran.
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then business starts the russians government says it's ready to buy back shares from minority shareholders of russia's second largest bank more on this and to its . international news and comment live from moscow this is. an unexpected change of heart the father of a former f.s.b. officer poisoned in london in two thousand and six has backtracked on accusations that that russian president vladimir putin was responsible for his son's death volta litvinenko said his claims were driven by hatred saying he had no idea his son alexander worked for british intelligence but he is a country. went to meet him. but you.
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know this is how we found mike that leads me and co bringing his tiny italian apartment no electricity no gas no water. well. if it wasn't for the help of various people i would have died from hunger or frozen to death the last time i took a bath was on christmas day we expected more because six years ago after his son former f.s.b. officer aleksandr litvinenko was poisoned in london he was taken care of by some very powerful patrons like cell fix out-i khun boris berezovsky and ahmed zakayev and a tourist former chechen militant both hiding in the u.k. . if you just smoke three of them we broke. yet you get extremist yellow dorsett there or he's just give me a yes but here doris you would be. the one vital you've been and co sent
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a letter asking to be interviewed by russian television we expected more of the same but instead we're going to a different. remit of each if you're watching this program please forgive me for all the slander the times said and wrote about you know the hatred i had for you even only i had known my son worked for british intelligence i would not talk about his death he could easily have been shot as a double agent betrayers should be short of story what else can i add to the holes in the view of. the u.-turn vowed to assess came when his sons we doe marina bin and co revealed to the british media that her husband had worked for m i six further details followed when a newspaper launched its own investigation alexander litvinenko was receiving a retainer of around two thousand pounds a month from the british security services at the time he was murdered it is understood that sir john scarlett now head of m i six and was based in moscow was
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involved in recruiting him to the secret intelligence service. at first by turnitin and cole like many others claimed his son had been poisoned with polonium two ten on putin's order the former f.s.b. officer and fierce critic of the kremlin alexander litvinenko spent twenty three days in a london clinic slowly dying from a toxic substance possibly consumed through a cup of tea even before police in london started questioning suspects the victim's father was actively kucing the russian government today by their admits he was saying only what the west wanted to hear. of course i realize russia's f.s.b. and the idiot you know have to take polonium to london sprinkle it over some heads and leave traces everywhere and their suspect. is not a fool either it was anger and blind hatred speaking inside of me vadra now believes his son fell victim to his own game of double agents now he wants his
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words to be heard but the media outside russia which once beat down his door for interviews now won't even reply to his requests. why is that because they like it when i scold the regime i was a root treasure for them over the whole there are very few people who would say as many horrible things about me because i did as well you know living in two thousand and eight but the only thing young cofa what russia for sanctuary needs healing is settled in the sleeping quiet town of city got it over did you anonymous life the man claimed putin was his number one enemy so hiding in europe he believed was the only safe solution today was the lithuanian co is still afraid to open this door not because of putin though but because of his landlord to whom he owes a lot of money this miserable life has made him a slave of his sanctuary. but actually sold everything he had in russia to come to
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eataly he opened a small business several years ago but it went bankrupt things got worse after the seventy three year old had buried his wife but are now fears here a casket could be removed because he hasn't paid the cost of a barrel plot and it's been months since the electricity was shut off to his flat he's lost forty euros went on a gas canister and that is gone to your this is how i want my son of a look at the neighbor in the door to let the southern wind inside. do is east only has russia so you my homeland are for. tourists i want to go home to russia. i don't want to stay here. big city on the ground sure aren't t. sity got eataly. and russian businessmen on the look avoid the man accused by the
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u.k. of killing litvinenko says the spies father dealt a blow to british special services. those comments by live in new york his father reflect what i've been saying for more than five years that all the accusations from prison wouldn't stand up in court and it proves british special services have completely failed in their attempts to discredit russia they have just embarrassed themselves but public opinion about russia in the u.k. will only change if a court makes some kind of decision but i honestly doubt the impartiality of british courts. the draft resolution on syria under discussion at the un security council is reportedly being softened to take into account russian concerns it's likely to have references to president a sad stepping down and an arms embargo removed from the text let's get more now from this development from marty's marina portnoy she is in new york marina why such a change in the u.n. if indeed this report is true. well bill if indeed this these reports coming out
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are true i it clearly indicates that western countries are yielding to to the demands of russia china many other members of the security council that have said the council should not be used as a tool to impose regime change in syria or any other country throughout the world that the street security council should work in facilitating a dialogue and coming up to peaceful solutions and as you mentioned there are several reports coming out that this new draft resolution on syria does drop the call for syrian president bashar al assad to step aside and hand over his powers to his deputy that is something that the arab league with the support of the u.s. and western countries pointed in addition to this new draft according to reports also removes the reference of stopping the flow of arms to syria this was also a big concern for russia and other countries because there are there are opposition
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groups in syria that are also armed and if there was. a stop an arms embargo put on syria nobody knew how it would be implemented western countries are still at the united nations along with russia china all members of the security council right now hammering out the details of this new draft now it's still not clear whether russia would support this new draft officials tell our team that nothing has been confirmed for sure on this draft negotiations at the u.n. are continuing as i mentioned but as the debate on the draft resolution on syria continues moscow is reminding all security of member security council members to take into account the recent report prepared by the arab league observers because this report doesn't acknowledge the existence of arms groups in syria involved in the killings of civilians and government forces this is an issue that many men. as
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the security council were reluctant reluctantly razer did not break rather when there was an open debate held a huge gains of go and this is a circumstance in the report that needs to be underscored and taken to into consideration according to russia and one with many other members of the council so clearly this is a new development we are going to be following it because there are discussions and ongoing negotiations at the united nations about this draft resolution on syria that's not ending anytime soon so as new information becomes available we will of course update our viewers just briefly of course they are concerned that the arab league report as you say should be brought into account is there a chance that it will be listened to and in fact what impact consequences would that have. the arab league report from the very get go should have been listened to and it was cited it was addressed by the two representatives of the arab league but
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they brought up certain facts of the report while addressing the security council on tuesday but didn't bring up other facts one that i just mentioned the fact that opposition groups are armed in syria and according to the report they have been involved in the killings of civilians and government officials what this indicates is that two parties in syria are responsible for the violence it's not just one sided and this is this is what russia has been saying all along the united nations should not be taking sides in a conflict that's happening in a sovereign country the united nations should be trying to facilitate a peaceful dialogue a peaceful approach to ending the problem and not just take a side so if this were this report needs to be underscored highlighted in red there really and what this would indicate what i think this means is that the western countries can't rush to demand the president of syria just step down if you see that other members of syria other. citizens are also responsible for the violence
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this is a very complicated issue and not where you just can't be decided upon in one day two days and we see it's been going on for eleven months but there needs to be outward to russia very fair and the correct approach in syria they don't want to be have syria be our repeat of what happened in libya look at libya now thanks very much indeed for that update live there from new york well for more on the developments concerning syria we cannot talk to michelle chossudovsky he's director at the center for research on globalization joining us from montreal well as we are hearing now there are media reports that suggest that diplomats in the u.n. have dropped calls for the syrian president to step down many thought that russia's stance would indeed isolate moscow but do you think now that russia's concerns are actually being listened to now. well who. are leading the observer mission all. should
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change the position which russia takes in this in this debates pertaining to the draft resolution. it's the tory is to say the least that the arab league is not living up to the results of all of this mission report and the mission report is very clear it says it is an all of. this only entity is committee crimes against civilians paul beans terrorist acts and calls it quickly the issue is who is behind this. they talk about the syrian free army they talk about on opposition groups and they provide evidence to the effect that this is an insurrection it is so it is not a peaceful protest their knowledge that there is
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a peaceful protest but they see that in those circumstances. that mission was witness to that and they said that there was no crackdown by government forces of peaceful protests that said michel that is a very very significant report as you say what are the consequences of it now being listened to within you and you said that it will alter russian stats and of course the u.n. as a whole the u.n. security council stands in what way now just explain briefly well it this this report was leaked we published it yesterday. the all of the missions of the vote the permanent the no permanent members have this report they can read it the russian delegation you when you're presented of can read it what they should do is through well that draft resolution and have another one which which actually focuses all the foreign forces including turkey israel saudi arabia which all. supporting an insurgency in
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a sovereign country daily syria. the report is the extremely explicit it also points to the fact that there's been a lot of meat of the solution. and it is not particularly pro-government if it comes to live. but it also acknowledges what what is known and documented by the independent media but not i by the goldmans as well as the mainstream media that their own gatherings insurgencies integrated mice a lot of cars in organizations which are killing people in syria and the question is who is behind them ok let me just go right let me quickly ask you about the significance of this development in the us. the idea that they going to lose the call for a sad to step down and also take out any reference to stopping an arms flow going into syria what then should
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a new resolution consistent. well i first of all i think the resolution should be scrapped. and this this report should be public it should be taken very seriously countries like. portugal. which because of the of the security council no government should investigate the matter. of the arab league faction live by that the report which in itself commissioned it just so happens that these this observer mission is made up of people who are not necessarily politically independent observers they insist they're saying the truth and they're saying the truth and ultimately the two should prevail for this resolution should be thrown out and russia should take stalls not is not an issue to say we are not going along with this process ok i know it was not we show it off
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key thank you very much indeed for your thoughts director of the center for research on globalization live in montreal concerning the latest developments in the u.n. over syria other news now here on our t.v. the world's top whistleblower has made his appeal to the u.k. supreme court and now it's up to the judges to decide his fate gina saunders wanted in sweden on the negations of sexual assault we can leaks founder denies the accusations and sister case against him is politically motivated or smith is outside the supreme court in la. and laura both sides have put their case before court can we expect a decision soon what's the time scale of all of this. for the time scale is according to the supreme court's they will deliver that takes in what they're calling and number of weeks so we're not sure whether that means two weeks or whether it means eight weeks but certainly we have now reached the end of this day herring and which base.


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