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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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becomes a sea of nothingness. the mysterious sounds of russia. and welcome back you are watching our team direct from the center of moscow with us at least four people have been reportedly killed in fresh clashes as thousands continue to demonstrate across egypt. the country's military rulers after violence at a football match on wednesday left seventy four dead police in cairo fired volleys of tear gas into the crowds as they rallied for a third day. united nations security council is set to vote on a resolution on syria amid reports of escalating violence in the country. a syrian
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human rights group the army is shelling the city of homes with reports of fresh clashes breaking out in other towns as well. all polling stations across russia are to get their own digital observers as prime minister putin orders the installation of webcams to counter a potential fraud by the march presidential elections the move comes after tens of thousands protested in moscow and st petersburg following december parliamentary elections alleging widespread vote rigging. and next we put the russian prime minister's economic ideas under the microscope with journalist. politician. go on our interview show spotlight go away. well with the. technology innovation all the list of elements
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around russia we've got the future covered. hello again and welcome to spotlight play into the show on our t.v. i'm older now and today we're talking about economic challenge despite the recent global turbulence and crisis russia has managed to keep it stuck on a me and a lot but even the most efficient models become obsolete one day a new way to be found to meet new challenges prime minister and presidential candidate lattimer potent has published his version over how the russian economy as to be changed in the nearest future the article was warmly welcomed in general but some critics claim it's contradictory and say putin didn't propose any real
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solution so is the program a real remedy or rather intellectual speculation we're asking journalist shawn ramsey and the bladder or summat. russia's prime minister vladimir putin has recently been sharing his vision for russia's development in this series of pre-election manifestos published weekly major russian newspapers the first antico outlined his vision funded relies on russian society and was particular the addressed to the country's middle class the second touched upon issues of migration and zina fulvia this week's article the third is considered by many of the most important so far is a do. with the country's economic revival wouldn't present a case for ending russia's dependence on raw materials and sets two thousand and twenty as the deadline for reform. by then russia's hyper exports should double the
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same is expected to happen to the country's average salary wouldn't almost offers ways to attract capital into russia's economy among other things he insists on the so-called luxury tax for the wealthy. our general walking to the show thank you very much for being with us well first of all you both read the article have you find something in this article that indicates that if gordon is elected or russia is facing major economic changes be my guest please. well i think probably russia is on the move my feeling is that. good good things happening in russia the basically people are working hard there's a lot of interest in making russia a global economic power and it's a good thing so you know it's not only mr putin here we're talking about
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the russian people you know hundred forty million people who want to do something you want to book but let's talk about the article that it did you get in the question that putin is ready if he's reelected to start real change in the kind of the main point of this article is that we have no exactly how and where his other program is just a dream and he said in general i want to see a rusher in this picture but it doesn't see how yet and that is the point which criticized from many people i guess absolutely they are absolutely right and i have to tell you that. russia erosion economy has a very long history like any other country and definitely we have some negative questions in the in our previous history and he didn't see us didn't tell us how to reorganize the koval how to do or to do to make the main direction of economy how
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to change the country of gods and oil production company to some many of those for example maybe to the company which will lead to the country which will produce gasoline or something else and we have no this articles show. i understand putin's intention to to be objective to to be like a what will lie all we journal we write articles so we try to be objective but when i read he's not a journalist he's the prime minister and i would be president so i get an impression that trying to. be objective he's writing this article as somebody who's observing the economic situation russia from the outside looking for bearing no responsibility for the twelve hour so who is he addressing himself that well that's interesting yeah i guess i get that feeling also because he deals very lightly with certain major very important and fundamental issues in russia's economy which
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was that the soviet union was a very powerful industrial country that did have a lot of what is what is used the term of its kind of its own technology it had created its own area of expertise and a lot of independent from the rest of the world because of that because of the the wall the russian word for technology today is no how no how. is the russian for technology that that's right and even kids now i mean i talk to kids about movies because i also make films movie maker film maker yeah and i talk to kids and they don't know even nouveau russian classics much less so you so the world is changing and russia is changing too and you really get that feeling i first came here in ninety one and then i was again spent some years here in the beginning of the nineties saw the coups saw the political issues the political movements but many way back to back to that subject i think. it's it's kind of you usual thing
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is well we what we want to do but he says you know of course there are a lot of specifics that can't be covered in four page letter but to me i guess you have the mistake a huge mistake it is the position of the person who declared before we had a very poor in economical way country yeltsin and all this period will try to improve the situation and now dear friends and how it's a electorate i have to receive the possibility to start to look to looking forward and to do something that's not the position from the people of the foreigner or robber or point of view it's position of a person who says yes we did something but there's not enough but we did something and we have to do something well here's a quote from the russian prime minister on why russia should develop modern
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technologies. russia must play a bigger part in the international division of labor not only as a supplier of commodities analogy but as a number of regularly rooted carting and knology at least some sectors otherwise we are doomed to deplete our resources by constantly exchanging down for expensive for in technology to produce consumer goods materials and pharmaceuticals that we cannot develop ourselves. well this quote basically means that russia has not overcome its dependence on commodities which has been the goal of putin's government motives down to put in his presidency and the medvedev presidency but. the article it doesn't contain any explanation why wasn't it overcome yeah yeah the point is excuse me the point is that he wrote what you want to listen to here. it is very good for you yes. this were a little it's
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a it's a i'm sorry it's a it's a good thing here he was if he was a presidential candidate from the outside it would be good to try to give people what they want to hear but when you're the presidential candidate from the inside he has been president has been for he owes explanations to people dizzy and if you remember the very old movie if we're talking about movies but if i enter any of the ask a small d. a little bit a little baby what do you want that i will cut your hair out or you will go to the summer house. and the girl said yes to somehow this here shown to you want you prefer you said yeah it's a good idea but i have no time just in this small article to give the explanation about how it is a program of the government it's not mine but in general i want to show you the way you want to build by this week yes you said that's it it was a problem no it doesn't presidential candidate from the outside not the reelected
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one zero zero zero zero explanation. people will do those who don't so he well his critique critique he made he talked about how certain government but are you so confident as it has our work i mean he doesn't want to give them up they can't be answered inside the country. that this is a well. i don't know i have to say there's a there's a cultural gap here like for americans we do criticize ourselves and it's more every three years you know but russians i mean there's a certain thing that from living in russia i don't know if that's changing but kind of classically you don't criticize yourself too much well colored people are going to criticize and i say russians are more self-critical than americans but we don't we don't get self-critical when talking to foreigners we so frugal with each other you know we i thought i guess you yes you were sort of on together yeah well i think russians are very self-critical in terms of criticizing the russians and if
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you're hard on each other yeah yeah you know that. high standards of living standards lie like that but when it comes to themselves to say ok i made a mistake i did something wrong even with what is our position here in dollar on the show is that you didn't think that he had a make you made a he and a bald mist immediately he said will last for years i dream that dimitri will come with a will stall these roses and it was my huge mistake and now i have to restart it once more time and that's why i declare to you what we will have to do that is the answer i guess well you did you get at least a hint from this article on the warrant is put in about due to my country less dependent on oil for us is what i did it's a it's a very kind of nice sounding plan i think it's seductive but again the question is this quite simply just like in the case of obama obama's finishing four
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years he promised a lot of promises and now his goal is going for reelection he's not criticizing him self and saying i should have fought harder and i didn't have i didn't have clear when creating a medical system we don't really know about the era carly did to me every trial and said all right so in the senses is it sounds good to me but how's he going to do it right there it's the question and i have to attract your attention of the one thing everybody said it's a very bad thing that the economy of russia belongs to the gas and oil and we somebody declared we have to build new factories which will be reproduced oil and to produce the gasoline and to bring it to the market will but nobody have to ask himself who care about our gives them who we are in a common market with our blood again because in a world where there are
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a lot of sore maybe we have to do something else. say journalist shawn ramsey of larimer scenario spotlight will be back shortly after a break so stay with us don't go. but i am leslie strive for somalia australia are doing it only on new zealand no we're going to see the film on strange if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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means of protection can be used. when global supremacy is at stake. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine u.s. has spent fifteen billion dollars and the price paid for the entire program that we are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another hundred fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budgets twenty six because the best for. you welcome back to spotlight time algor norman just a reminder that my guests on the show today are journalist shawn ramsey
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a journalist and filmmaker and bloody murder some business minutes and journalist and writer and a filmmaker not sound if they're going to get america thank you very much both. for being here just a reminder that we are discussing the latest article published in the a and one of the russian papers about the part about lattimer put in the presidential candidate and now let's listen to another quote let's hear what the prime minister says about what awaits the russian manufacturers in the w t l mark. i can see all the challenges that our extension to the w. cio was pushing before a number of industries exposed and i would like to assure them that i will do my best to khushi the transition based problems however the manufacturers of industrial and technological goods must be clearly aware that the days of competing in the single national market have gone but no one there will be no prompt people nations for high tech products and there will be only one market the global one.
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so here's the doctor again you promises to question but are you proud or anti w.r. in terms instead i mean for russia what was your storage my opinion every my time on i was again is this the person because we are talking about how to develop in a different kind of directions our economy if we will try to produce shoes or dresses or food or something else we have a lot of samples is which come to us abroad from abroad like import and like we watch here and for example you ever such a good old russian family really are the jackets yeah so how your group have to organize the competition between us so if we will open the gates you have to know what you will do next time if you're proud say introduce somebody or attract some attention to come to your market you have to understand what you will do we have no
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the saying here we have no plan that is the biggest mistake but in general to be involved in the world economic relations definitely is good but how showing us is complaining that i quote most integrated the companies the favorite braincell have put himself have so far failed to become globally competitive or highly capitalized nor are they consistently profitable and quote so do you think that he's ready to address the importance of it the main reason are the situation the lack of transparency the. official management most of whom are. personal friends and so on yeah i don't put and takes a lot of flak about about the so-called. corruption that's. it's. he's he's at the top so he has to stop here he has to
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answer for what's happening in the country but. i guess that and this may be unpopular but he's probably trying i imagine he's trying to do something maybe he's not doing enough. i don't mean to apologize with no no i'm not on the putin payroll that's for sure but i mean i wish i was but. i don't but i don't think i think a course you have to fight hard you know it's a tough problem and it has a history and he inherited it it started before his his time and never could figure out of your putin's promises that i quote the government will support large infrastructure projects firstly this means transportation networks and reliable communication with siberia and russia's far east and quote well the question to you as a free successful businessman you were so so are so the cost of road construction it's
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too high in russia it's raising corruption suspicion so so what's putin what is he proposing to control it and why why could they start trying to rosewood ten twelve years ago. it's a difficult question but i'll try to make the answer first of all in the whole world the raw few programs international programs which can be very useful and convenience to many countries. instructions and build the buildings yes it's a very good because it's a lot of people who will be involved a lot of money turnover and etc etc etc and then the same time he has to declare to the any other sector of economy possibility to develop so this is two way one belong to the state sector and another one belongs to the private sector if you will have a very good combination between these two and give to them very good road and conditions. definitely all of them has to strengthen again is the corruption this
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is the main question how. for both of you well one of the favorites favorite person nash is in the putin's government is mr force and how they can be had to their the education minister the same goes for simcoe reforms hated by by the parents by the kids by teachers by everybody put in says new cation is the primary base for the new economy let's hear the quote. restoring the inner beauty of nature of the economy should begin with universities which should be seen as equal centers with fundamental science and resources for innovative people we need to pursue a national objective that results in globally competitive russian universities my twenty twenty we should have several world class universities that spans the entire spectrum of mood material and social technology. if i would comment
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on this i would say that putin is understands that the quality of education in russia is falling and the rate of the brain drain is rising which is what your strange way but it is that being said so do you think that something urgent should be don't rush and u.k. should please even obviously i mean if if if somebody plans to stay in russia and plans lead russia they have to keep russia strong and that has that means they have to keep what they have you keep keep obviously keep your your best people in the country i mean that's why it was impossible to solve your period right you couldn't open the doors in the soviet period you spent twenty years investing in these people and you had a closed system a closed economy you couldn't just open the doors and say ok you want to go so you're taking our equivalent of i don't know how much is a great brain worth two hundred thousand five hundred thousand just take it and go and then who work in another economy can't do that well and he has. to protest to
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how much is like a pair of feet worse than if their feet feet from the bolshoi i mean. really i mean that's just a common sense stuff so obviously that's his job can he do it. i wish him luck because i like this country much as far as my opinion. long time ago during the period of soviet era we had a very good system of education it was in my opinion that one of the best but it was previous period in the new period has to have the new variance of education which will be much more convenience to the new used of economy definitely we need force and maybe is not so good in this way because he didn't think about this like about something extraordinary i have a task i'll try to do the best but it's not in my forces in general we have to see that the new house is structural in russia just grooving just of
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enforcing it is not the last period he just maybe just maybe he's not clever no so smart but we have to do more in this way and this is i'm in this way i supporting mr putin exactly because if you want to build a new country you have to have the new kind of education i want to just add if i may that russia has a tradition of great as you said in tradition of great education and it also has the resources it's the ninth or the sixth largest economy depending on how you're judging in the world and they can afford and if it does if they don't do that and it's a big failure in the world one thing more you have a lot of program is the. people who are making the programs in the united states from who belong to the rusher and so that we have a capacity we have a potential but the main idea how to organize it and force and unfortunately he's not the best person to do move to move to push this process that is the question.
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in one of the in one of the lines putin talks of the so-called rival countries he says russia is losing out to rival countries in terms of its investment climate one well what would you say sean. what does put in imply which of those rival countries is. and what is it with well it obviously isn't just election read through i've been talking about enemies of rival gravels around the world or does he really believe that somebody wants to take or to take over russia. well i mean. is he talking about china for instance or india. or is the food in about the only way we couldn't have this surprise you know we will we just talked of earlier before we came into the studio and we talked about the a bit the anti-american rhetoric of the russians and the russian government something but we said that it's only inside it's only in the in the russia when russia wishes go outside they're not anti-american at all i mean i mean the. world
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well what putin does isn't bad at all for the united states is it it doesn't do anything bad for the states know the other countries in the world i mean right i mean in fact. obviously we since mr obama has kind of dealt with the nato issue so that nato no then the west is no longer pushing pushing the former soviet union point of russia in with nato expansion into its you know into its socks. i think you know basically putin is somewhere on good terms right there's no big reason for for problems that can last very short question to mr similar to many people many ordinary people read this article says oh it's about the luxury tax there's going to be a special. jury are you concerned with that on yes it is necessary because we have a country who. out from the soviet union system and not to come to the new one we
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are in the middle and if you want to in the wind somebody you have to see what the hell you are make the invitation for what he said in the future in a new world all the rich people will be how it's a punish because they are not so good and you are simple people workers the collective farmers you will be together with me will give some people that is the it's a propaganda nothing else lot of thank you thank you xan thank you letter and just to remind you that my guess on the show today were journalist and filmmaker sean ramsay and filmmaker and journalist politician and businessman of lattimer samantha thanks was a pleasure talking to you in just a reminder that spotlight will be back with more first time comments on what's going on and outside russia until then stay on russia today and take care.
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