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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 8:48pm-9:18pm EST

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the accurate weapon is a range of up to ten thousand kilometers and lands within not more than two hundred meters from targets. you certainly realize that for the purposes of a nuclear strike this means a direct hit. the united states cannot give russian legal guarantees that the missile defense system is not directed against it this would be the wrong move as the matter consumes the defense of the two countries. russia feels compelled to take countermeasures because the united states has refused to give legal guarantees demonstrating that the deployment of the american missile defense system in europe is not directed against russia. nato countries are in no mood to respect the deployment of their military installations to europe. new american military bases may soon be set up in kazakhstan going to stun turkmenistan and tajikistan.
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about i see a boy once russia has been encircled by military bases as a new geo political reality will emerge we need to take this reality into account already today but and take measures to control potential threats to our security is a positive. meanwhile the view that the missile defense shield is too expensive is getting increasing currency inside the united states itself it provides financial backing to the armed forces moreover the project is making millions of dollars from nato subcontractors in farias countries. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine the u.s. has spent fifteen billion dollars and the price tag for the entire program that we are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another hundred and fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budgets.
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some of the funding for the missile defense system in europe is being put to use in poland's north the small village of rijeka is home to a high security installation. the base used to be manned by polish air force pilots soviet made fighters still serve as a reminder of the fact that poland was once a member of the warsaw pact an organization formed off to world war two by the u.s. as in response to nato. the old warplanes will be scrapped by the u.s. troops who arrive here shortly they'll be bringing missiles with them. local residents have already been told that they won't be getting any compensation for having the new arsenal placed so close to their homes. and i think we are not overjoyed at the prospect of these weapons being deployed a few hundred metres from our homes. on them and you've got the missiles will pose
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a threat to the local population of over one thousand people. elizabeth a demand sca a schoolteacher came to reject over from warsaw a long time ago she knows only too well what the villages think about the military installation. that is the most noise about it is most of the people even here are farmers. and they of course they were very warm after hearing news of me sell deployment for the time being though the base and we are going our separate ways. but even first graders in the village of rhetoric over are aware of the military base. but the schoolchildren don't fully understand the threat so their teachers bring them up to date in the classroom. good morning you found three steak you see it's. ok but on the mend today we
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start with a history lesson. elisabetta domanski teaches her pupils about military conflicts she insists the people should never forget history's lessons if future conflict is to be avoided. the military base in regular is in full view of the school as the teacher tells her pupils about world war two they visualize the base as a symbol of the past the present and the future. is the german troops once use the territory just outside of school. later polish pilots served here but then no doubt you know that an american military base is going to be set up here. that there is going to be in you and three in the history books because of it america. is tony and sculpt to come and transforms the legacy of past wars into works of art on
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the shores of the gulf of finland has found hundreds of sea mines made during world war two and the cold war the artist uses them to make remarkable objects this mine for example will become a fireplace. i think it will make a nice fireplace. the sea mines picked up by come in can no longer sink ships the artist so-called military style doesn't mean he's succumbs to fashion instead it's an attempt to create works of art using something that was originally intended for destruction and murder. you don't see these oh you know you can make anything you like from these oval shaped mine it's you know you can rig sculptures out of them you can even make a race car. coming
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in those from news bulletins that missile defense components will soon be installed close to his country. he says nato missiles can easily be turned into beautiful sculptures. any writer the amount of effort spent on making such weapons would be much better spent funding the arts. the people involved in this experiment testing their capacity for survival in a nuclear aftermath have finally reached their destination and abandoned military bunker now they need to take a breather and warm up near a camp fire. the coach knows that this kind of training is useful in any case it helps participants
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to strengthen their skills and prepares them for any emergency in their regular daily lives. but. it's great that there is a growing number of people who want to learn survival skills even if nothing catastrophic happens they now have a different psychological attitude. this will prepare them for other small emergencies but. those who have gone through survival training school a fully aware of the fact that the location of their exercise is fully protected. offices at the radar station including major. control the entire outer space over a european russia. the other space control center has given instructions to tracking artificial earth satellites when you. pull models and operational information is fed to the delta. space control center. i'm not first so going to
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quiet classification as official it says lloyd dismissed fourteen fifty as a month three hundred thirty three. the stuff makes no secret of the fact that the russian radar transmitter sees european air space in great detail. on the station's unique radar tracks even submarine launched missiles in the barrens and white sees the sea of a whole sky and around the north pole. up to the theme of. our system is being expanded in response to the expansion of the european missile defense shield image of the so that the with the aim is to match the measures being taken in europe that the new stations are being commissioned here to respond to nato as activities. thrown at them. we will buy new means limited or alter our plans with the deployment of missile
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defense components in europe. russia has not closed the deal it will continue dialogue with the united states and nato on the missile defense system it is ready for practical cooperation in the sphere.
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russia and china vetoed a u.n. security council resolution on syria condemning president assad's regime for the violence in the country. moscow says the document does not reflect the situation in syria and send in balanced signal to both sides all the details just ahead. over two hundred thousand people braved russia as a bitter subzero temperatures to ensure their views on national politics are heard . we see people out on the streets demanding free elections in support of the code russian government join me for more the few moments. between police
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and protesters continues in egypt with twelve people killed and hundreds more injured in the latest crackdown. and broadcasting live direct from our studios in central moscow this is r.t. glad to have you with us. russia and china have vetoed of the latest u.n. security council resolution on syria moscow says that's because the draft didn't reflect the real situation in damascus and was sending unbalanced signals to all sides in the conflict. has the latest from new york. in a matter of just five minutes after the meeting began russia and china both wielded their veto powers not supporting this draft resolution that was written up by the arab league european countries while the draft resolution was supported by thirteen
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members of the security council russia was asking for some amendments according to russian foreign minister sergei lavrov those amendments were not excessive and mr our law said that russia was urging the west to accommodate moscow's concerns to reach a compromise on this draft resolution china during the meeting that supported russia's amendments and said for the council to approach a vote knowing there was a divide it did not help maintain the unity or the authority of the security council russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that moscow does not support using the security council as a tool to intervene on a sovereign country experiencing an internal conflict he believes that could create chaos in international affairs so as we see there was two vetoes on this resolution
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it did not go through and it's because russia believes that as the draft resolution was presented it had a lot of imbalances in it when it comes to the current circumstance in syria russian envoy to the united nations vitaly churkin did go into detail about those imbalances but i do work in the security council has not yet reached its conclusion you know the draft resolution put to the vote does not adequately reflect the real situation in syria and soon. the co-sponsors of the resolution and the wording of the taking into account of the syrian opposition they must distance itself from extremist groups committing violence and. states your ability to use their influence to prevent such. no one has been taken into account that along with his drawing the syrian forces from the cities should be a means to attack the groups and state institutions. nor has the being support for affording more flexibility to get into media outlets states to increase the chances
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of a successful political process with the russian delegation was forced to vote against this draft resolution seriously regret this outcome of a. foreign minister is scheduled to visit damascus on tuesday to meet with syrian president bashar al assad this is a move. to hopefully reach some type of peaceful approach or solution to the conflict still in syria the arab league is also addressed the media at the security council at the stakeout saying that they are extremely disappointed. over today's but they will continue trying to work with the security council with the united nations to try to reach some type of consensus now u.s. president barack obama did also issue a statement of his own before the meeting began. that you know the united states is on the side of the syrian people that are posing the syrian president and his
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government and he said quote the assad regime all the time has come for the assad regime to change clearly the united states is pushing for regime change this is a sticking point this is something that russia does not support so we'll see what takes place in the days and weeks to come but as of now the draft text proposed by the europeans by the arab league vetoed by russia and china dr ali mohamed. syria tribune website believes that a real solution to the crisis would be for russia to step in and broker a peace deal. where the. nations. that claimed this resolution will not be in preparation for any military action are now required to prove what they claimed. their actions were enough happy the chinese were not happy about that is a question they eat or do it and that is something that can solve the problem initiated by the russian government still holds talks between the between the
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different bikers in syria and i think it is up to the look to those militias to prove that they want the welfare for syria and they want this year and people to live in prosperity and therefore they have so much for accepting is he or she heard this to which in concert to be difficult for the syrian. regime supporters for such a long time and i don't see why you think the army would choose such a critical timing to start it's a vicious attack down right it is the only cleans and just two weeks ago we had the arab league observers who put their guns there and investigated but unfortunately they were pulled out for all good reasons and therefore there are only claims from this. office of claims from their side so we cannot read it in what's going on but i don't think that the army what's really mean it's it's not like the syrian army
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this is number one and claims like that happened before in fact just a short warning in there and the opposition was not able to prove any of these claims over the past ten months. in russia more than two hundred thousand people have taken to the streets in moscow st petersburg and other steadies to express their political views ahead of the march fourth presidential election our correspondent peter r. saw the gatherings firsthand. well saturday was a day of demonstrations here in the russian capital we saw a march and a rally by opposition supporters a large group of them meeting in the center of the city and marching here to block my a square which block my has really become the central focus point for opposition protesters here in moscow this is the second time that opposition protesters have taken to pull last night a square far fewer there this time than last but of course the the weather
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a big deciding factor in not cripplingly mode temperatures here in the russian capital in fact the organizers of the protest here shortened the events that were going to be happening just to make it more comfortable for people who had come out in the cold minus twenty times on saturday here in moscow. so they came out to to voice their opinions you know if you were i came here because i'm tired of the government which doesn't do want promises lies and wants this to carry on for years if you. change their elections and normal life you know it was because you might go through and wanted to come here and and here are some six now talk about some of those groups that we've seen come here they really come from all across the russian political straw answer we've seen far right groups far left groups and everybody in between. all coming out coming here to pull off the square to demonstrate we didn't hear from at all for the the presidential candidate
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the independent presidential candidate because he's drawn a lot of support from some of the groups that have come here to protest he said he would attend but he wouldn't give a speech this wasn't the only demonstration there was taking place on saturday there's also being gatherings of people who are in favor of the government pro-government supporters. and those two who have been campaigning saying that they want a revolution in russia using the example of the the orange revolution in ukraine and the chaos which pushes that country found itself in after last saying that they don't need not in russia they were first ability and not for revolution saying that russia had had its times of instability and they didn't want to return to the dark days of the ninety's now the good news for everybody concerned is just how peacefully everything is being carried off on saturday both the opposition and the
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pro-government protests going off well relatively without a hitch however one of the pro putin rallies we did see the leader of that rally taken into custody by police now this is because it was a sanctioned dryly and it was sanctioned to have a certain amount of people the amount of people turned up far exceeded that we saw a lot of police and she's they did say say protesters must remain within the law they did do that and everything going off very peacefully is such a day becomes the day of demonstrations where the presidential election just around the corner the opposition is demanding a fair vote journalist yvonne. shares his view on the chances. i think that the dark horse was too late in coming so we are seeing more or less usual suspects and even even if we take seriously brought her up here i mean he's a he's a smart man and he's a rich man but. he's thinking polls. you
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need in the category that he's not involved in russia the region successful man we are not in america we are in russia and this is basically a social democratic country who has in store he's social policy that would give support to so many people that's why so many people who together today to support him i think that what is happening today is that there are so many people calling for fair elections my hope is that they will get the fair elections but i think that they will maybe disappointed again because in carroll actions there is a fair chance that we can move. still to come in the program. piracy treaty designed to protect intellectual property has europeans in revolt and find out why they say it violates their basic rights also. religion as a testing ground we investigate how new forms of islam could change the face of the
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whole nation and lead to serious consequences. in egypt at least twelve people have been killed in street battles with riot police more than two thousand have also been injured in violence following the death of seventy four people in football related violence on wednesday demonstrators are demanding the military council step down police have a fired tear gas from armored vehicles of protesters to keep control of the situation in response to the protests presidential elections could now be moved forward from june a civilian council advising that the leadership said that nomination should start being accepted at the end of this month dr omar ashore from the institute of arab and islamic studies at the university of exeter says egyptians just want an accountable civilian leadership. the supreme council of the armed forces. mismanaged the transitional process to a large degree the expectations on the egyptian street it would rise in that they
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would be transferred from the military to civilian elected civilian in six months and therefore once you have elected civilian rule the investments will come to life the economic life will be back to normal there would be a total restructuring of the security services that acted in a very aggressive way and cut off way during the mubarak era and all these expectations to the economy to enhance a better economy the dignity the freedom the bread the slogans of that evolution were not really accomplished by a year off the bit of aleutian and many on the streets of egypt. the traditional. leaders of the transitional period which is the supreme council of the armed forces that's why there is the protest last friday and on the anniversary of that evolution wanted a president and now an elected president now so that they can hold him accountable if you feel to be stored back the egyptian economy and if you feel to be for the
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security services iran says it will definitely stop oil exports to certain european countries the islamic republic's oil minister says they have yet to make a decision on cutting supplies to other you states it's tehran's response to the e.u.'s oil embargo that was set to come into force in july chris bambery from the international socialist group says there are also plenty of other reasons for tehran to try and retaliate but i think they're listening to what's the rhetoric from london paris and washington and understand that that rhetoric is being hyped up all the time we've had this week the u.s. defense secretary that there was going to be a reunion terror attacks inside the united states although he also said there was no evidence they could produce the evidence for that today elsewhere in tel aviv i read a supposedly respectful commentators saying the arrears had missiles which he could fire could hit the united states of america that quickly just simply before strikes
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but we are seeing a ratcheting up of the red and rhetoric in the west at the same time there is going to be very very nervous about the american build up inside the got inside the persian gulf if you look at the map of iran it is surrounded by american military bases incidentally bases which are also in that russia and china so i think in some ways the pressure must be all inside the right to think we should. and you are with r t of course we have on our website much more for you there as well online at r.t. dot com right now. notorious hacktivist group anonymous finds out what the f.b.i. really thinks of them and they get their own back by leaking the audio recording online listen in to what was said at our web site. and russia is over the moon as it unveils its space ambitions these and other stories are available online at r.t. dot com. campaigners
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for online freedom are out in force in sweden to protest against a new copyright treaty signed by governments across europe the anti counterfeiting trade agreement has yet to be ratified by the european parliament and that's what activists are trying to prevent saying the new law would endanger free speech and internet privacy artie's tom barton is in stockholm. this is the frontline in the most modern of political battles over internet freedom these crowds have gathered in central stockholm in sweden the original home of the pirate parties that have sprung up all over europe and beyond here it's a protest against actor the anti counterfeiting trade agreements it all revolves
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around anti-piracy laws that are trying to be pushed through in many countries this agreement tries to standardize the enforcement of those laws in the e.u. and in america and further around the world these people say it's not an innocent agreement it's not simple assault on the internet freedom and it's a way for governments to monitor them and to stop them from having a free exchange of information on the internet and we heard earlier from people on both sides of the argument about how different views are here on this issue if you say well everything should be free well perhaps no one will write any books or produce music or films etc or anyway it would disappear but the rocks less because it's not. the next generation has grown up with the ability to say anything to anybody else on the planet today ideas battle it out for themselves to have a.


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