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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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from pundits to. t.v. dot com. stalemate at the u.n. russia china rebuffed the western backed a draft resolution on syria with moscow saying its a vague wording leaves the door open for foreign military intervention. by return to iran rest a dozen dead and thousands injured. their attempt to loosen the military's a grip on power. in russia hundreds of thousands gather for rival rallies ahead of next month's presidential vote with massive pro and anti-government. movement a city in central washington is the latest to be evicted after
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a camping ban. and broadcasting live it direct from our studios in central moscow and recapping week's top stories this is r t with our update let's get right to those top stories now. russia and china have given a firm no to the latest u.n. security council resolution on syria moscow has defended its move saying the draft fails to deliver a balanced approach to the unrest and is in favor of extremist groups which ignite even more violence that's as those who were behind the document are now ganging up against a veto states. reports from new york. in a matter of just five minutes after the meeting began russia and china both wielded their veto powers not supporting this draft resolution that was written by the arab
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league european countries while the draft resolution was supported by thirteen members of the security council russia was asking for some amendments according to russian foreign minister sergei lavrov those amendments were not excessive and mr r. lover of said that russia was urging the west to accommodate moscow's concerns to reach a compromise on this draft resolution china during the meeting that supported russia's amendments and said for the council to approach a vote knowing there was a divide it did not help maintain the unity or authority of the security council russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that moscow does not support using the security council as a tool to intervene on a sovereign country experiencing an internal conflict he believes that could create
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chaos in international affairs so as we see there was to veto this resolution if it did not go through and it's because russia believes that the draft resolution was presented it had a lot of imbalances in it when it comes to the current circumstance in syria russian envoy to the united nations vitaly churkin did go into detail about those imbalances but about the security council has not yet reached its conclusion of the draft resolution does not adequately with the real situation in syria and. the co-sponsors of the resolution and would have to take into account the syrian opposition that must distance itself from extremist groups committing violence and . states your ability to use their influence to prevent such. taken into account that along with was drawing the syrian forces from the city should be an aim is to attack. state institutions. nor has the being support for affording more
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flexibility to get into media outlets states to increase the chances of a successful political process the russian delegation was forced to vote against this draft resolution we seriously regret this outcome of a. foreign minister is scheduled to visit damascus on tuesday to meet with syrian president bashar al assad this is a move. to hopefully reach some type of peaceful approach or solution to the conflict still in syria the arab league is also addressed the media at the security council at the stakeout saying that they are extremely disappointed. but they will continue trying to work with the security council with the united nations to try to reach some type of consensus now u.s. president barack obama did also issue a statement of his own before the meeting began. that you know the united states is
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on the side of the syrian people that are opposing the syrian president and his government and he said quote the assad regime the time has come for the assad regime. change clearly the united states is pushing for regime change this is a sticking point this is something that russia does not support so we'll see what takes place in the days and weeks to come but as of now the draft text proposed by the europeans by the arab league vetoed by russia and china are reporting for us there now. the editor of antiwar dot com says the resolution was doomed after the fallout from the would be accomplished. the resolution itself was was probably not going to accomplish much anyway it seems to have been at best an effort to kick start some international backing for intervention in the country which obviously russia and china were not going to support i don't think it was ever going to get
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anywhere and now it seems like with the arab league having withdrawn all their monitors from the country in favor of this resolution they sort of shot themselves in the foot here and don't have a lot of options last it might well put an end to this crisis and create another potentially worse crisis as it did in libya where it's you know. to me that what the security council is is liable to do with syria is to continue arguing the point to continue putting forth resolutions that have no chance of passing and giving long winded speeches that don't really get anywhere opposition activists claimed over two hundred people were killed in the syrian city of homes just ahead of the vote on the u.n. security council asia times correspondent ask a bar question the accuracy of those reports and doubt that the timing was a coincidence. the timing of this alleged massacre in the holds of more than two hundred people killed just as the u.n.
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is gathering to vote a result lucian more or less establishing what the arab league says is a roadmap for peace and syria is a suspect well coming back to what this resolution is all about it so now alliance between nato basically led by washington london and paris and this six person gulf monarchies of the gulf cooperation council their agenda from the beginning for months now is reaching change in syria no matter what they knew that they can never get the win that security council resolution authorizing imho fly zone over syria for number of reasons first of all because it did assad regime is not so bold bardi its own but the regime would make so this is not something to do with the syrian peace process and all syrians themselves began to think specific look we don't trust this big silence council would like to organize ourselves and will like to discuss with the guys sit down with the government and discuss
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a roadmap for peace but between our selfs. and just a little later in the program we'll report on another target of western pressure. iran is ready to cause chaos in the world's markets as it says it will respond to a looming e.u. oil embargo by cutting off the supply before european countries have time to find alternatives. and at the same time the german chancellor wraps up her lobbying tour of china where her rhetoric found little support. a dozen dead and thousands injured in the bloody aftermath of three straight days of rioting in egypt and it all began after an outbreak of violence at a football match earlier this week an episode that claimed the lives of seventy four people our correspondent has more from cairo. it's an early morning here in the egyptian capital and at this time the few square that i hope you can see behind
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me may look calm and peaceful but these few last days have been absolutely chaotic and devastating in aged and also tragic as far as the egyptian authorities are reporting since saeed massacre when seventy four people died in pete at one of the city's football stadiums twelve of the people have been killed in the balance that followed and twenty five hundred others have been injured it's worth to point out that since mass protests took first took to the streets of the capital cairo last january. people actually have been on the streets literally all the time protesting and demonstrating against military rule. this poor incident this massacre has triggered new waves a new wave of clashes and violence and people have been actually very quick to condemn this for she is to accuse the interior ministry over egypt of allowing this
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to happen over the fish and sea and actually sometimes even instigating these fires in order to preserve this instability and all the to eventually just defy the authoritarian rule here in the country hardcore football fans known as old churches that have always been. forefront of the uprising against mubarak have come right after this happened it had come to the building of the interior ministry here in the central cairo just some blocks away from here calling for justice for the immediate transition of the power from the military to civil institutions and for. actually presidential elections and since that in the last four days the standoff between police and protesters has never actually stalled it's still continuing right. at this very moment actually we've been there it's a complete disaster i hope you can see the pictures right now it's
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a narrow street. street one of the streets that leads into the woods the building over the interior ministry the realm of some people the attention of the truth and ministry slogans from time to time police firing tear gas at protesters so it's complete disaster let's listen to people there has been saying people are just protesting in addition to teaching. because of the gas and believe in the effects even if he might die there is nothing each day children everything today and johnny depp. not like. that the child is seventy seven year old china it's over here it's more than enough what they're doing to the protestors and the doing to the country and it must be so as you can see station is very tense it's very complicated here in cairo but there wars is that we can expect escalations even further dr o'meara shore from the
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institute of arab and islamic studies at the university of exeter says egyptians are tired of waiting for accountable leadership. the supreme council of the armed forces has mismanaged the transitional process to a large degree the expectations on the egyptian street it were rising because they thought that they would be. all power from that it could lead to civilian elected civilian in six months and therefore once you have elected civilian rule be investments will come to life the economic life will be back to normal there would be a formal restructuring of the security services that acted in a very aggressive and brutal way and put off to a do it in the mubarak era and all these expectations so the economy to enhance a better economy the dignity the freedom the bread the slogans of that evolution were not really accomplished by a year after that evolution that's why there is a protest last friday and on the new versity of that it was. wanted
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a president now an elected president now so that they can hold him accountable if you fail to be stored back the egyptian economy and if you fail to reform the security services. and you are with are still to come in the program. but there is very deep people who would say as many horrible things are going to be. a shock spice you turn to talk to the father of the poison that the officer alexander litvinenko find out why he's withdrawn his accusations about russia being responsible. saturday was a day of demonstrations across russia hundreds of thousands gathered in moscow st petersburg and elsewhere to voice their political views ahead of next month's presidential election two rallies took place in the capital both calling for a fair election one was in opposition to vladimir putin's candidacy the other
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a pro-government gathering compared protesters to orange revolution supporters of ukraine journalist yvonne. says any opposition candidates campaigning could come over their social policy so i think the course was too late in coming so we are seeing more or less usual suspects and even even if we take seriously. i mean he's a he's a smart man and he's a rich man but. he's. in the category that he's not involved in russia the rich and successful man we are not in america we are in russia and this is basically a social democratic country with which it has in store social policy good support to so many people that's why so many people who together today to support him i think that what is happening today is that there are so many people calling call
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fair elections my hope is that they will get the fair elections but i think that may be disappointed because in fair elections there is a fair chance that we can move. and coming up next hour we take a look at one of the measures designed to ensure transparency on next month's election. tens of thousands of webcams will be installed at all of russia's polling stations in an unprecedented attempt to give everyone the opportunity to see for themselves how the voting process works. iran will definitely halt oil supplies to some european countries ones tehran's oil minister the move comes in response to that use earlier decision to impose sanctions on the islamic republic that are to come into force in july the weekend tehran launched a massive military exercises in the country south near the vital. the strait of hormuz tensions have been rising and big suggestions that
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a military operation against iran is an increasing possibility reports emerged on thursday that the u.s. defense secretary leon panetta said israel could strike iran as soon as april british based political analyst chris bambery says the u.s. and israel are building up a false pretext for war. claims this week the u.s. defense secretary that there was going to be in the rain year in terror attacks inside the united states although he also said there was no evidence they could use the weapons for that elsewhere in tel aviv i read that supposedly respectful commentator saying the retired missiles which he could file could hit the united states of america that claim is just simply the posters but we are seeing a ratcheting up of the red raney and rhetoric in the west but at the same time there is going to be very very nervous about the american build up inside the inside the persian gulf if you look at the map of iran it is surrounded by american
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military bases incidentally bases which are also aimed at russia and china so i think in some ways the pressure must be all inside the right to think we should bear we got a retaliation and forced. top economy china has promised to consider pumping its cash reserves into the euro zone to help with the bloc that crisis the offer comes after a strong lobbying push on the part of the german chancellor during her three day trip to the asian nation there she openly asked for help in saving the embattled the euro and involved a promise from her chinese counterpart to look into it she also pushed for beijing to cut its ties to iran this comes as the bloc awaits with bated breath for the conclusion of the drawn out greek debt talks negotiations are key to athens receiving a second bailout from the e.u. and are seen as its only chance to avoid default political analyst christophe horsetail believes that ultimately merkel will have achieved very little. i would
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chancellor on a triple begging she wants money for europe she wants you know a support from beijing for the new u.n. resolution which beijing is not going to give and she also wants beijing to cut off its own oil supply which beijing is why it's not going to do and of course beijing has also to take into consideration that india its competition in the region is standing straight with iran and buying ever more rain in oil so i don't think she has any chance of you know talking china out after buying iranian oil that will not happen again i would say she will not put any much focus on it she will she will say that and she will look to the ceiling and then she was smile and say let's talk business now her main focus in this trip is the german economy and she's wise to do that she will even not you know lobby very much for chinese investment into europe
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because she knows in their heart of hearts that this is truly a bad investment. well more details on everything we're covering can always be found online at our to dot com stay updated through our website let's have a look at some of the stories waiting for you there right now. something completely different an american inventor says it's only a matter of decades before romances between robots and humans become commonplace worried about his unusual vision for the future. and protests are sweeping across europe and their first fruit as polish authorities decide to suspend online piracy legislation. well this week has seen the end of an epic trial on the extradition of the world's top whistleblower. to sweden he's wanted there on allegations of sexual assault but the wiki leaks founder is still in limbo as the u.k. supreme court is not likely to come to a verdict for several weeks the songs denied all i.q.
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stations he said the swedish prosecutors were not impartial and that an arrest warrant issued by them was not valid he added that his case was politically motivated swedish authorities rejected a saunders argument saying that if he won the case it could turn european law on its head. occupy wall street in the u.s. lost some ground this week as they were a victim from downtown washington activists had been standing by their desks despite being banned issued by local authorities earlier in the week officers wearing protective gear came early on saturday morning to enforce the ruling to remove tents and sleeping bags and arrested at least four people the park was cordoned dog from the helicopter the scene hovering overhead the occupy movement has seen some heavy handed police tactics including the recent teaser shocking of the nonviolent protester in d.c. but excessive force one way says zeese it's our economy.
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who knows what's going through their head space on that you know when we i watch that video it's available online and it looks like there was no justification for it when i went to make fears and they'd ask about it people said the only thing he was doing was taking the signs around the tents that said no camping and so that was the rationale for tasering he was dropping it is not being threatening it looks like the excessive use of force my sense is that it's not going to provoke the macpherson campers that there are more. discipline than that to fall for that kind of trap the occupy movement in a few months i should show you american people that if they get mobilized and organized that we have power we can change the direction this country so the future's going to be an american spring that's going to explode out of the sea and become more important the presidential race in two thousand and twelve. now to some other news making headlines around the world this hour. in the u.s.
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presidential race the republican front runner mitt romney appears to be cruising to victory in early results from the state caucuses the former governor of massachusetts has gained over forty percent of the vote so far with his main rival newt gingrich behind with almost a quarter romney has already won in two states so far the votes are the latest in the process to pick a republican nominee for november's general election. the cold weather in europe has it now claimed two hundred twenty lives as countries struggle to cope with a record low temperatures if you crane is being hit the hardest as more than one hundred died when temperatures plummeted to minus thirty degrees celsius most of the victims there are said to be homeless meanwhile bosnian authorities declared a state of emergency in the capital sarajevo when snow caused power outages and closed transit routes in rome the coliseum is closed after the city's heaviest snowfall in almost three decades with italy's death toll rising to five.
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there has been an unexpected u. turn from the father of the former f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko who was poisoned in london six years ago he says he was wrong to accuse the kremlin of organizing his son's death. he just said what the west wanted him to hear want to hear in fact actually r.t. want to listen to walter litvinenko story first hand. but it is. this is how we found like a mini unco praying in his tiny italian apartment no electricity no gas no court water what. if it wasn't for the help of various people i would have died from hunger or frozen to death the last time i took a bath was on christmas eve. we expected more because six years ago after his son former f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko was poisoned in london he was taken care of by some
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very powerful patrons like suffix out-i khun boris berezovsky and ahmed zachariah of and a tourist former chechen militant both hiding in the u.k. . three of them we brought. here to extremist young doors at their east give me a year per year diverse you would be. one by three thousand and co sent a letter asking to be interviewed by russian television we expected more of the same but instead. we're going to. be made of each if you're watching this program please forgive me for all the slander the thai said and wrote about you know the hatred i had for you even only i had known my son worked for british intelligence i would not talk about his death he could easily have been shot as a double agent betrayers should be short of story what else can i add to this.
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the u.-turn vaulters says came when his sons we doe marine ali bin and co revealed to the british media that her husband had worked for m i six alexander litvinenko was receiving a retainer of around two thousand pounds a month from the british security services at the time he was murdered at first by turnitin and cole like many others claimed his son had been poisoned with polonium to tan on putin order the former f.s.b. officer and fierce critic of the kremlin alexander litvinenko spent twenty three days in a london clinic slowly dying from a toxic substance possibly consumed through a cup of tea even before police in london started questioning suspects the victim's father was actively kissing the russian government today by their at me it's he was saying only what the west wanted to hear. of course i realize russia's f.s.b. and india you know have to take polonium to london sprinkle it over some heads and
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leave traces everywhere and their suspect and a little boy is not a fool either way it was anger and blind hatred speaking inside of me viger now believes his son fell victim to his own game of double agents now he wants his words to be heard but the media outside russia which once beat down his door for interviews now won't even reply to his requests. why is that why because they like it when i scold the regime i was a rude treasure for them the whole there are very few people who would say as many horrible things about as i did as well. you know living in two thousand and eight while there in between young coal flat russia for sanctuary needs healing has settled in the sleeping quiet town of sinegal it offered to new anonymous life the man claimed putin was his number one enemy so hiding in europe he believed was the only safe solution today was the live in young co is still afraid to open this door
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not because of putin though but because of his landlord to whom he was a lot of money this miserable life has made him a slave of his century but surely the namco sold everything he had in russia to come to eataly he opened a small business several years ago but it went bankrupt things got worse after the seventy three year old had buried his wife but are now fears here casket could be removed because he hasn't paid the cost of a burial plot and it's been months since the electricity was shut off to his flat he was lost for two euros went on a gas canister and that is gone to the work of the your this is how i want my son of a book if i don't in the store to let the southern wind inside. there is east only as russia through my homeland where for tourists i want to go home to russia.
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i don't want to stay here. r t sinegal yeah eataly. and coming up we take a look at the forty pounds russia and the u.s. are following as they try to reach a consensus on washington's controversial missile defense system in europe first though i'll recap our main story.
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means of protection can be used. when global supremacy. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine us is spent fifteen billion dollars in the prostate for the entire program that we are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another one hundred fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budget offerings because the best for the.


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