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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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resolution on syria with. the realities on the ground. in egypt at least a dozen people are killed as a. football match on wednesday. and hundreds of thousands take to the streets in both government rallies. for the presidential.
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broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is our. top story. saturday russia and china blocked the latest u.n. security council resolution on syria saying that backing the rebels over the government could cause even more bloodshed but. it remains determined to end of the syrian crisis by helping damascus implement reforms russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov is due to visit the country for talks next week. has been following the diplomatic battle in new york. tempers are still flaring because as we've been reporting this should be surprise that the security council did not reach a consensus on the draft resolution on syria yet western countries still pushed for a vote and russia warned from the very beginning that if the draft was not a did not address some of russia's concerns it would veto and that's exactly what happened now let's talk about these concerns because moscow said it just requested
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some simple amendments would be made to the draft text that would have made the resolution a little bit more balance for example the draft resolution different and the syrian government withdraw its all of its forces from the cities and towns and seize all violence but russian officials wanted the document the draft resolution to also demand that the armed opposition groups stop participating in violence and retreat back from any cities or towns where it may have occupied the chemical as called the draft text that was presented saturday morning to one side with a list of demands being made on the assad government but no note of armed opposition groups operating in syria now while addressing security council saturday russian envoy to the u.n. fratelli churkin said the security council was not created just for the sake of taking sides or interfering in a civil war of sovereign countries you also accuse some kind of some countries of sponsoring
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a campaign of regime change in syria those who are pushing for this resolution to be adopted don't you sleep with them still you could put in some influential members of the international community including those sitting around this table from the very beginning of the syrian crisis has been undermining opportunities for political settlement by calling for regime change stirring up the opposition against the authorities and not his or taking to encourage and freedom of methods of struggle for the draft resolution put to the vote does not adequately reflect the real situation in syria and since unbalanced to go to the syrian sides it doesn't take into account. proposals that as well as withdrawing syrian armed forces from the cities this should be an ins two attacks by armed groups on state institutions and neighborhoods with a low balance year when the signal is now the u.s. delegation could not help but showing its frustration and anger why not participating in the meeting saturday morning we heard. you some language that's normally not heard in these diplomatic settings like disgusted in shame the united
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states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose here. addressing an ever deepening crisis in syria and a growing threat to regional peace and security in the meantime the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is heading to damascus on tuesday to meet with syrian president bashar al assad russia has been very vocal in trying to get host sides participating in the conflict in syria to come to the table and start speaking to one another and maybe using some type of dialogue instead of violence to come to a peaceful approach so of course we will stay on the story and see how it evolves and works out or has more important of reporting for us there now as diplomats battle it out at the u.n. thousands of demonstrators have gathered in damascus in support of president bashar assad the crowds also praised that decision by russia and china to block western
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calls for a huge change in syria but directly from the stop nato group told our two year that although moscow and beijing a value not to allow u.n. sanction to foreign intervention in syria there's a chance the country may still be bombed from the outside. what i fear is we may be see a refutation of what happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety when the united states and its nato allies launched a seventy eight day bombing campaign against yugoslavia having failed to enlist chinese and russian support for un resolution against not move here it was lovely of. course that the resolute stand today on the principles that on taking the taken by russia and china against a resolution that we have to remember was sponsored by morocco and co-sponsored by a very interesting group of people they include the nato quality of the world the united states britain france and germany along with portugal they include all six members of the gulf cooperation council that is the monarchies and camera some in the persian gulf this is not
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a representative group of nations of course in the united nations of the world is a very select one is largely the same for the first a comparable resolution one thousand seven hundred three against libya last year no armed uprising that was sort of burned in syria. could have occurred. earlier possible it was longer thirty years ago with the understanding by those in gauging with arms that they would be supported by forces. more than two hundred people were reportedly killed by security forces in the syrian city of homes just ahead of the vote at the un security council the government denies the assaults calling the reports a hysterical campaign of incitement by armed groups the editor of the syrian tribune dr ali mohammed says information supplied by the opposition should be taken at face value. but i mean they were not believing the syrian army waited ten months and then just the night before the new security council meeting it decided to start bombarding homes the situation in france had been difficult for the syrian. regime
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supporters for such a long time and i don't see why the the army would choose such critical timing just start it. vicious cracked down and to strike it if they are only cleans and just two weeks ago we had the arab league observers who could have gone there and investigated but unfortunately they were pulled out for no good reason and therefore there are only claims from this side it up as it claims from their side we cannot treat it with what's going on but i don't think that the army was chilly neighborhoods it's not like the syrian army this is number one and james like that happened before in fact in just a short and the opposition was not able to prove any of these claims over the past ten months police in egypt have again fired rubber bullets and tear downs to force a crowd of rock throwing protesters away from the interior ministry building in
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cairo the clashes between security forces and demonstrators have been raging for four days now and have left a dozen people dead and thousands injured activists have been venting their anger over the military rule you know the rulers failure to prevent an outbreak of violence at a soccer match on wednesday that left seventy four dead our correspondent for national has more from kyra. things have been extremely devastating and terribly kilty communities of the last two days and also very tragic therefore would say the death massacre on wednesday when seventy four people died in a stampede at one of the city's football stadiums has become by itself the deadliest incidences were barak al said last february but it's also to get a new wave of clashes between the police the army and demonstrators that's. has actually become something common seen here in the capital cairo and everywhere well with egypt the fact these people have been very weak to use following incident to use local sources especially the interior ministry of doing nothing of the
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allowing this to happen allowing these deaths and efficiency and actually pulled over instigating these trailers in order to preserve the situation of instability in the country in order to eventually just to find some power thing also tearing the rule of the generals from the supreme council of the armed forces they took power from mubarak last february and since then demonstrations actually have never stole shortly after this happened only one state public school football fans have come to the booths nothing to the minister here in the central pa who just walked away from here seeking for justice and calling for amy did transition of power from the ministry to civil to situations until early presidential elections and since then twelve people have been killed in the last four days and twenty five hundred dollars have been injured who think that it's a terrible dissolve so i have to say i hope you can see the pictures right now as
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you can imagine. while masoud street is a narrow street is one of the streets they didn't to the woods they built an old photo of the interior ministry here in hollywood the queen many many people there chanting and to mix the slogans from time to time police has been firing tear gas at the tightest isn't even showed so we've been able to speak to several people there let's listen to what they have to say about what was going on when it's going to stop people are just protesting in addition to teaching. the constitution as i don't believe in fact even people might die and that they will they suffocate each day to turn everything to they are trying them. not to light the fire and they don't leave it. that the chinese the seventy seven year old china it's over your needs it's more than enough what they're doing to the protest isn't it they're doing it to the interests of the country and the children must be oh well as you
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can see situation is very volatile here in ca and actually in several all the cities throughout egypt but we can also claim told now about several months was well the following point same incident the figure is people from that ministration old the stadium have been detained to they are in custody right now is that while the investigation is ongoing and also maintain a protest against amongst just me simply this if you can call some of the armed forces advisory has also called for early presidential elections in the country or to maria financial reporting for us there now still ahead on our t.v. once a harsh critic of the kremlin you now say it was wrong. father of murder to accept as being the agent alexander litvinenko once blamed fled to me to put in for the death of his son but now he has had a change of heart. america's anti-corporate protesters are event did in
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a dawn raid from the park and they've occupied since early october. and russia over two hundred thousand people across the country have braved the freezing temperatures to voice their political views ahead of march fourth presidential vote. two of the largest rallies took place in moscow where both supporters and opponents of bloody murder put in took to the streets for the opposition it was the third and one of the largest gathering since parliamentary elections two months ago which they claim were rigged political analysts to dmitri babich however says that the split is fueled by the mass media and is not deeply rooted it's it's mostly just emotional fueled by the media some people were obviously irritated seen the same two faces on television maybe too much in the last few months especially some people were terrified the way they saw that position and its slogans and when they failed to handle the west behind it so
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it's mostly media driven there is no real cost struggle behind it there are poor people and reach people in both radius there are people all kinds of ethnic groups in both race so right now i think it's mostly a positive effect because it sort of wakes up the government to the needs of the people so until now their consequence a smarter more step was if i hope it will continue in that wait if there is a real split in society of course it's not going to be good for the country author and researcher and william and the west is funding the russian opposition to minimize the country's influence on the world stage during a critical time. it's documented from the records of the national endowment for democracy which is a washington government financed goal that's all over the place in russia they're financing activists in. several different cities in russia i think really their
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expectation is to create as much internal unrest in russia as possible to distract the prospective new putin presidency at a time when russia is going to face challenges with the missile defense with the destabilization of the assad regime in syria the attempt to create regime change in iran and throughout the middle east and you raise or to try to divert any russian any incoming russian government from dealing with these crises they're trying to do the same template they used in ukraine with the orange revolution in georgia to bring saakashvili into power as a pro dado president in that country and i don't think it will work in russia i whatever mistakes the putin. tenure has brought with it in whatever discontent is i think there are a lot of things that have significantly improved over the last years since the time of the yeltsin era. but that that really isn't the point the point is u.s.
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interference in internal russian election affairs is something that ought not to be tolerated and it's quite right not to tolerate it. and you can get more on this and other stories online twenty four hours a day at r.t. dot com here is a glimpse of what is waiting for you there right now. from tragedy to treasure hunt thousands of works of art are up for grabs aboard the stricken luxury liner costa concordia including jewels and antiques. some gym lessons with michelle obama who is living up to her reputation as one of america's most vigorous advocates of a healthy lifestyle get the full story and much more at our dot com. iran says it will not give in to international pressure and abandon its nuclear program even if it's banned from selling a single barrel of oil it's tehran's response to this week's approval by a us senate committee of a package of new sweeping sanctions against the islamic state but the bill has yet
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to pass through congress america's initiative targeting tehran's nuclear program follows that you adopting a total embargo on iranian oil which is due to come into force in july islamic republic and in turn has repeatedly said it will stop all group supplies to some european countries before summer iran maintains its atomic ambitions are purely peaceful and seeks to prove it by cooperating more closely with the u.n. nuclear watchdog a team of inspectors visited iraq this week and plans to return later in february political analyst. says keeping pressure on iran is a key issue in the us election campaign. there is some measurements within american election especially if we go into the election they want to put a lot of pressure on iran. obama administration. lobbyist a group inside the united states but i think they want to squeeze. the pressure on
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iran they want to. america law. community and i think what we have to. seen some european talk peanut of damage against your brand. i think american trying. to go to the extreme by trying to destroy a rainy and economy they've taken into consideration that iran is going through election parliamentary election probably the thing this is going to backfire in terms of the population of iran against him and i think they go on very far in this in this and because this is going to have an implication for the world economy especially if this escalate to a military showdown between barack and the uranium. corpora protesters in washington d.c. were evicted this weekend from a park they had occupied since early october and eight people were arrested when
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mounted police raided the encampment officers said they were simply enforcing a no camping wall and activists are allowed back into the park but the demonstrators say it was a full scale invasion the occupy movement has seen some heavy handed police tactics including the recent taser shocking of a protester in d.c. kevin zeese from the it's our economy think tank believes that the activists are smart enough not to overreact to excessive use of force by the police. who knows what's going through their head space on that you know when we i watch that video it's available online and it looks like there was no justification for it when i went to make fears on the day to ask about it people said the only thing he was doing was taking down signs around the tents that said no camping and so that was the rationale for tasering he was dropping values not being as threatening it looks like a excessive use of force my sense is that it's not going to provoke the campers that they're more. disciplined than that to fall for that kind of track the occupy
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movement in a few months. and show you american people that if they get mobilized and organized that we have power we can change the direction this country so the future's going to be an american spring that's going to explode on the scene and become more important the presidential race in two thousand and twelve asia's leading economy china has pledged to consider pumping cash reserves into the euro zone to help with the blocs debt crisis the offer comes after strong lobbying by the german chancellor during her three day trip to the country it comes as the e.u. away to the conclusion of a drawn out greek debt talks the negotiations are key to athens receiving a second bailout and are seen as its only opportunity to avoid default at the same time you readers are working feverishly to force unpopular financial legislation. not all the member of the european parliament for the u.k. and the. the party says the people won't take kindly to these measures being forced upon them. because we're going to get worse i mean at the moment they're burning
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german flags on the streets of athens i predict it will be roll next and then there's been you never know it could be top lose well the tensions between the countries and particularly between the north of europe and the south of europe is only going to get greater and what you've got is you've got protests in the south and what we're seeing in the north is a political revolution or a new parties a spring you know and euro skeptic parties are getting better results than ever before the scary thing here that you have is once you start tinkering with democracy and trying to change things i think you're on a very slippery slope in these and what's happening at the moment over here is that the e.u. is really showing it through to children what it's all about it doesn't want to listen to the people they're talking about an intergovernmental agreement and this will go into primary e.u. law through secondary legislation which means that the people can be bypassed there will be referendums across the continent particularly in iowa where there should be a referendum on this and what will happen is they will bypass the people and it will go straight into really you know they will get exactly what they want and it is a complete affront to democracy he used to consider vladimir putin as our gentlemen
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blaming him for the death of his son alexander litvinenko the former f.s.b. officer but this week saw an unexpected change of heart from the fierce kremlin critic who now admits he simply said what the western press wanted to hear walter levin young girl spoke with r.t. is your company. but is. this is how we found my could lead me and co praying in his tiny italian apartment no electricity no gas no water. if it wasn't for the help of various people i would have died from hunger freezing to death the last time i was on christmas eve. we expected more because six years ago after his son former f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko was poisoned in london he was taken care of by some very powerful patrons like self ixil tycoon boris berezovsky and ahmed zakayev and
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a tourist former chechen militant both hiding in the u.k. you could. have them we broke. yet you get extremist young dorsett there and he's given your yapper here doris you would be. the one vital you to namco sent a letter asking to be interviewed by russian television we expected more of the same but instead. we're going to be made not be made of it if you watching this program please forgive me for all the slander the thai said and wrote about you for the hatred i had for you eventually i had known my son worked for british intelligence i would not talk about his death he could easily have been shot as a double agent the choice should be short of story what else can i answer. the u.-turn vaulters says came when his sons we doe marina revealed to the british
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media that her husband had worked for and i six alexander litvinenko was receiving a retainer of around two thousand pounds a month from the british security services at the time he was murdered at first by turnitin and co like many others claimed his son had been poisoned with polonium to tan on putin order the former f.s.b. officer and fierce critic of the kremlin alexander litvinenko spent twenty three days in a london clinic slowly dying from a toxic substance possibly consumed through a cup of tea even before police in london started questioning suspects the victim's father was actively kucing the russian government today by their admits he was saying only what the west wanted to hear. of course i realize russia's f.s.b. and india you know have to take polonium to london sprinkle it over some heads and leave traces everywhere and their suspect and a little boy not
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a fool either way it was anger and blind hatred speaking inside of me viger now believes his son fell victim to his own game of double agents now he wants his words to be heard but the media outside russia which once you let down his door for interviews now won't even reply to his requests is. why is that. because they like it when i scold the regime i was a real treasure for their movie the whole there are very few people who would say as many horrible things about as i did. you know living in two thousand and eight while there in between young coal flett russia for sanctuary needs healing has settled in the sleeping quiet town of sinegal it offered a new anonymous life the man claimed putin was his number one enemy so hiding in europe he believed was the only safe solution today by the libyan co is still afraid to open this door now because of putin though but because of his landlord to whom he owes a lot of money this miserable life has made him
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a slave of his sanctuary but surely the namco sold everything he had in russia to come to eataly he opened a small business several years ago but it went bankrupt things got worse after the seventy three year old had buried his wife but for now fears here casket could be removed because he hasn't paid the cost of a barrel plot and it's been months since the electricity was shut off to his flat he was lost for two euros went on a gas canister and that is gone to. this is how. it is doing to let the southern wind in so. there is east only as russia. learned. to notice i want to go home to russia i do want to stay here.
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some other news making headlines around the world. one person has reportedly been killed when police used to. indigenous people. were also voicing their over state proposals to liberalize the country's industry. to environmental damage. from the dominican republic. thirteen survivors have also been pulled from the water authorities say the number of the dead is expected to go up. as. the boat was heading into neighboring puerto rico when it overturned. freezing temperatures across. ukraine is the hardest hit with another nine deaths reported
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bringing the total to one hundred thirty one one thousand eight hundred people have been taken to hospital eight people have also died in poland. fifty three the severe weather also brought. thousands with. temperatures will continue into next week. just a few minutes. means
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of protection can be used. in global supremacy. between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine u.s. has spent fifteen billion dollars in the price to pay for the entire program that we are dealing with right now here in two thousand and eleven is another hundred fifty billion dollars that's larger than many country's entire military budgets on things becomes the best for the defense. wealthy british style.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. team has been to the hub. where the country's middle starts its way across the ocean. now our team goes to the area. looking to a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to build be aviation capital of russia. and for the four by fours are made and can be tested to the limit. welcome to the. russia close up.


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