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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2012 7:48pm-8:18pm EST

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put mine back for t.v. put my t.v. back. in the woman by the lan. after. i have nor have i don't wish and she with you who are you like. well the second australian woman paid for my motorcycle so i don't know you're having problems now because she has gotten quite old secure the site i'm starting to see things differently ok so maybe it's time i called out of chatty like maybe i'll look for another steady girlfriend like because i'm too used to a glamorous lifestyle maskhadov steady income but you can spend them drinks look for more with terry cherry.
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you're asking me whether the boys are good for their coffee. they're part of the going to be. part of the. groups but it's not. it's a party that generates the party and some of the running. dollars motorcycle industry. the restaurant. business is here i think but out there might think a lot of. economy may not be back. on
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the beach so you can guests. guess i'm not upset with him on that. when roy's guests come he stays with them. for a night or two i don't sleep with my husband and i don't mind that because i don't have the means to take care of my children. was that i didn't go to school i can't even read. this is one who doesn't know why wife tells me when we need things for the children but if i don't have money and there aren't any guests on the beach with email my girlfriend telling her i need money to buy shoes and clothes when she sends money i
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can buy things for my wife and children. have you met any of his female guests. yes yes i have and i was friendly with them so much as a. gimmick a bang up and a lot of my married friends still seek women professionally. first their wives would scold them. but this was before they had any material and well. now once the husband met a rich woman to help him build a house bought him a car. he had to be a kinda wife instantly became more understanding.
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but he. couldn't see with this woman woman. and the wife doesn't mind the work. this isn't a good question because she'd come here to have relationship three years but why the the wife is not jealous and this is. because while i'm build three years because in the. house not yet food needs. to be so i thought for him working on the beach looking for guests. wouldn't it be better if he worked in an office or in construction of those that know why not she might fall sick. if he doesn't struction job
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is harder than work on the beach but be but your husband sleeping or run into with other women is not a problem. i don't mind as i grant him that. twenty nine and the colors hash it up a nation for example if i get married to a chair and i meet girls or old white women with lots of money i want my wife wants to divorce him i will say go ahead so i don't care there are many women who will back me. up when i can't make money through farming and. the farming is one dollar a day oh yeah construction three dollars a day fishing i don't even anything a day sometimes. means i'm answerable to many in the community nation by out of i am always paying for this and that because to worry about money i have to provide
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for my family except support my brother through school. number and well this family temple six months ago cost me about one and a half hours and dollars for this and the three shrines inside. this is my father's home now. so my. last days here with my brother and his family are not now. how much do they cost you will be going to my new house cost of zero four and a half thousand dollars. but. i split the cost with my brother some people from holland help to. enable me to know the second one here this will be my own house. when i get married how in this i'll stay here.
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saturday i'm not ashamed to have a son who looks for a woman at the beach. it enables him to help his elders what i want i'm proud of him. was for help one more question don't be upset i just have to ask. you say ten or fifteen years from now if your son did the same kind of work as roy would you be upset that you got the. know. how to be happy if my son worked on the bench like the. but i love women so yeah but i'm not a gigolo said but that's
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a bit gigolos don't speak from the heart that i've been to they speak from the mind at the top but i speak from the heart but get at the first of all i speak from the heart of the past because i'm genuinely interested in us hamel me making love my first priority is to make love to them making love but you make money. for us. but they give you money but. then when they. confront oh i have acted with me. and i want to say every. culture is the same of you i can tell you a lot harder than most of us were difference in search of national determination
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you knew. welcome to the big picture. me he gets. to. see. the for.
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the. united states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from feeling our sole purpose here when you can't beat em bully them ambassador susan rice sure isn't hiding her contempt when it comes to the stalemate over syria but some u.n. members are determined to avoid another libya situation will read into the rhetoric . of church and where ambassadors spar with words of police officers get testy with their batons taking on the last occupy wall street stronghold protesters try to hold the
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line and keep the dream but will the movement be able to withstand the latest blow to the cause or will or tense tumbling down. and occupy protesters aren't the only ones dealing with blowback from the u.s. and iran is topping the list of enemies these days and government officials will stop at nothing to put iran's nuclear potential in check so is this checkmate for a diplomatic solution. my. it is monday february sixth eight pm here in washington d.c. my name is christine you're watching our t.v. well let's begin with a closer look at what's unfolding in syria right now so for the last eleven months thousands in syria have been protesting the government led by syrian president bashar al assad thousands apparently have also reportedly been killed but it's hard
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to know exactly what's happening on the ground there since very few journalists have been able to get in in the last few days though that violence has increased dramatically and over the weekend the u.n. security council met to vote on a draft resolution condemning the syrian government's crackdown and urging syrian president bashar al assad to step down now thirteen countries voted in favor of that measure but russia and china vetoed it saying a change in government should come from the inside it was a decision. that many people have very different opinions about but here is what u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice has said mr president the united states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from feeling our sole purpose here addressing an ever deepening crisis in syria and a growing threat to regional peace and security. for months this council has
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been held hostage by a couple members now today the united states closed its embassy in damascus and according to the state department all american personnel have now departed the country now a human wanting to mainstream media at all today you've probably heard phrases like russia and china blocking progress or standing in the way of a chance for change or that the blood will be on the hands of those two countries but there is a lot more to the story and for that i want to go now to pay escobar a corp correspondent for asia times that day as secretary of state hillary clinton calls what's happening in syria a travesty and is pointing to the situation in the city of horns in which reportedly more than two hundred people were killed as a reason for immediate involvement what do you have to say this. look i would start paraphrasing susan rice i would say that the international community is the real one not made two and six a person go monitors in the g.c.c.
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is this guy just it by the travesty of repeated u.s. vetoes in there do un women ever the topic of israel comes so israel's u.s. can veto any scene regarding your zero zero zero zero can keep but killing men and women and children palestine but obviously russia and china they cannot block a reason lucian that imposes regina change in syria so let's have this straight in our minds so very important this is a much much bigger picture it's not only syria related to us and they took their g.c.c. the persian gulf one accuser russia and china this is about who is going to control the middle east from now well and syria is needed to. linked to what's happened in europe so basically what we have here is the u.s. with their and nato partners in fact the only to look at. france and britain this
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expression gulf monarchies there are still so many hardcore sunni in the persian gulf against iran against syria and delete between iran and syria with russia and china so brazen again the road lot in the long run the big picture is let's draw russia from having a naval base in the mediterranean with syria having a close connection with the middle east let's block iran from having a close energy partnership with china and in the end let's we the west block russia and china from being closely related to the middle east and southeast asia this is the big picture so what are we going to see from now want is a radicalization and that's already happening. so this means. the rebels in syria the free syrian army will keep being armed and weaponized by not only qatar and
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saudi arabia which is already happening for months not but specially by the united states and in terms of intelligence as well and in terms of the maple base that it's in southern turkey near the border with syria a command and cultural center of need to be much more important any germs of weapons being smuggled through the lebanese border as well everybody knows these things in the middle east maybe people in the american mainstream media don't know what that they are in the middle one is that we were just a second because here you said a lot of interesting things and i want to just touch upon a few of them. you were talking about the relationship between russia and syria the relationship between china and syria i know one of the popular analyses given today regarding russia's decision to video was you know that it sells arms to syria and so it was in russia's economic interest i want to play though what the foreign minister of russia russia sergei lavrov said and then we can talk about it ok.
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deceased in your presence though some western comments on the outcome of the un security council vote on syria sound indecent and almost hysterical in this connection i can't remember the saying that those who are angry are really right again with these hysterical statements attempts are being made to create a false picture of what is really going on in syria and what's really happening is that there are several and not just one source of violence in syria that's always a response to that. love roughest absolutely correct in fact you know what he did he sent older russian amendments to the arab league concocted and then the british french us read back the resolution to hillary clinton personally so mrs clinton could analyze the amendments and then have a more even handed resolution because the resolution is not blaming effect on armed insurrection that's what can you imagine if you have a mid size sitting united states called troll but ending suresh how do you think
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the response of the us government would beat so what is head then that the that russia and china are asking for in terms of a change of language in terms of different warning in a resolution different warning would be that bowl spark is our effective let's put it this week guilty of violence and in various cases extreme violence not only forces allied with the government necessary the syrian army sometimes the syrian army but the gangs that work for the syrian government a shabby and on the other side the free syrian army and a lot of mercenaries some of them imported from the gulf countries there are advising the free syrian army free syrian army is basically a small collection of gangs of patrols of the contingents like five ten fifteen people maximum. some of the defectors of the syrian army better there are
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a lot of advisers from abroad as well so when the syrian government says that this is a nice are actually funded by foreign powers they are. basically correct to a certain this extent there is only dishes bought for their movement against the bashar assad government it's true but this they have been legally hijacked but do use our of the armed authorisations finest from abroad because the agenda of all these leaders a school politically different from the so-called syrian people have a they're. just discovered yesterday speaking of armed operations of finance from abroad a lot of people are pointing to what's happening in syria and the attempt at this resolution they're making a lot of comparisons with libya and i think in a lot of ways those are legit comparisons you have the equivalent of sort of a civil war going on inside the country the u.s. kind of stands back and the u.s. decides to get involved call for the leaders to step down. and they start wanting
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to fund not a ground war but they want to fund change do you think that that that this comparison with libya is correct and that one of the reasons that china and russia didn't want to get involved last time they abstained from the vote. is it possible that maybe they want to prevent another libya. you're absolutely right effect they are trying to prevent libya rhythmix to really be a two point zero don't forget that this serious national council which is basically based in turkey and in paris believes there is a paris sociologist who's been living in paris for years and people in libya tell me that they don't trust him because he isn't exactly that doesn't know what's really going on in syria for the past two or three decades for that matter it's the same thing as the libyans remember the libyan national council and don't forget what happened so libya and russia and china they look at it and they see it right away now leaving is that country governed by the people formerly known as rebels
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any fact is a country run by militia so most of them have islam it islam is the line militias they cannot even organize a functional government in tripoli any magic sixpence and do a very complex country like syria in the middle of a powder keg in the middle east and this is what russia specially russia but also china have been pointing out to the west has come our correspondent with the asia times joining us from bangkok thailand. thank you well we've been reporting on the dismantling also on fox by wall street occupations from around the country for months now now all the while the one right here in washington d.c. and one right here if you want from our studios that's remained standing that is until now. thank you well over the weekend police in riot in hazmat gear showed up at macpherson square and cleared many of the tents there in an effort to
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begin enforcing a longstanding no camping ban this came early a week after issuing eviction notices to occupiers but as you can see it got very violent it was a contrast in what we've been seeing the national park service police had maintained a pretty good relationship with campers at both macpherson square and freedom plaza of course complaints though about noise and rodents became more and more prevalent and earlier last week park police said they would in fact be getting involved after more than four months of allowing this campaign to stand now it was one of the movements at last sites in the country so we want to talk today about what's next for the movement as a whole earlier i spoke to sam jeweler an organizer with occupy d.c. who's actually been camping out since the movement started here four months ago he recalled how the last forty eight hours or so played out for him. so basically they showed up at four thirty in the morning on saturday with about twenty cops on horses and a helicopter flying overhead they had about fifty more cops in riot gear it was an
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excessively forceful way to address our dissent and really i see it as the government doesn't want to talk about these issues of any quality and the loss of the american dream they just want to quiet it they want us out of the park they want us out of the public eye and they really don't want to address these issues so all day they are hitting people with baton having people with their shields we have one person who is arrested who has a fractured skull fractured vertebrae a broken arm and we have many more people who are head over the head and all we're trying to do is occupy a public park to bring attention to some really serious issues that almost everyone in this country is suffering from now we've been showing pictures that one of our web team writers that were shared r.t. that he shot over the weekend but you were there to talk a little bit about exactly i mean you said there were a few people hurt to talk a little bit about sort of what was going through your head and what you were witnessing happen i really never felt so much personal pain and an anger in my life
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. i mean this is a community that we've built up over four months like these people that you're seeing in these videos are like family to me and it was just such a beautiful space especially over the last week when we when people thought that we were going to be kicked out a lot of more people were coming down to the park and getting involved we had people coming every night from congressional staffers to people coming out of bars just coming to the park and wanting to talk about issues with us and that's really what it's for and the police came in and they they really didn't care about whether they hurt people or not they're arresting people left and right for just being in a park or throwing away people's personal belongings throwing away tents that they said would comply if they had no bedding in them they broke their own promise and threw them away and we're showing pictures right now of the tens of dreams that was . talk a little bit about the significance of that that has not been up the whole time that only went up after those eviction notices were issued at the beginning of last week so we put up the tide of dreams kind of
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a symbol of. we should be able to sleep in this park because we have a dream for this country like martin luther king on a dream and it touches on the american dream which is that if you work hard you should be able to have success but right now social mobility which is the measure of the american dream is at an all time low people are working hard they're going to college like they were told to do they were promised that when they got out of college should be a job for them and most of the time now there is an average student graduating from college now it's twenty five thousand dollars of debt the average student twenty five thousand dollars of debt so it's no longer that you come out of college and you start with nothing you actually start in the negative it's it's a big hole to try to crawl out from i mean it's interesting how you are saying that the this movement and this occupation in particular and the fact that it's in d.c. i mean it's if you walk from our studios it's also just a few blocks from the white house so you're saying you had actual congressional staffers coming down to talk with you guys and you know the whole sort of variety
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of people that is in d.c. that they would just stop by for that reason to me it sounds like the occupation having the tents there having people there twenty four seven has served as sort of a marketplace of ideas a place to come and discuss things so what happens now that the camp has been dismantled you know it's a good question and i think the movement is going to look a little different in d.c. now we still have our in photon in the park we still have our library with over a thousand books people are free to come and. bring back whenever they want so it's still going to be i think a marketplace of ideas people will be sleeping there but we will have a constant presence i think the important thing to realize is that this movement is not just about the people sitting in the park this is about you sitting at home watching this on t.v. if you think government isn't serving you the way it should be maybe the way it used to be you're part of this new. going to so everyone has something to offer and this movement has to be about more than just one hundred people sleeping in a park because everyone is having problems these days and everyone needs to do
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something about it even the smallest thing well seems to me sam i mean since you've been there over the last four months you said you sort of built up friendships. and i've heard more and more especially over the last few weeks that the occupation aspect of this is just one strategy it's not the only aspect of occupy wall street what have you guys talked about in terms of i mean you knew this day would come it certainly came a lot later than most people thought it would here in d.c. but when you look at oakland today they're they're doing you know showing solidarity with those who've been arrested marching to the courthouse there's actions i know planned for new york what is next in terms of an actual strategy to keep this movement alive now that the tent is not the tent camp is not alive anymore i think it's going to be more of a dispersed strategy people working with different groups around the city on different issues so we have occupy our homes which is people helping to prevent foreclosures because foreclosure is a huge problem in this country companies.


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