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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2012 2:48am-3:18am EST

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be the powers that be or the politicians at the ultimately have to respond to ok let's talk about spain's unemployment rate has recently jumped to twenty three percent suicide just soaring in greece these are the sort of conditions that you know we've seen before a lot america that leads to work dictatorships right is that in the cards now i think what we're going to see are populist politicians making hay from the current economic downturn where you're going to see is for instance people like marie le pen really going out there and saying oh we don't need this euro all our problems started when we joined the euro zone let's get out of the euro zone they're going to have those politicians in spain and italy and france they're all going to be saying that same two and they are going to get political traction they're going to get the vote and will be scapegoated this time who will be scapegoated i think is going to be bankers and i think it's going to be politicians who are namor of the euro zone the one continent supercontinent idea i think those are the politicians who are going to suffer and the bankers i think are going to suffer if there is a populist politician who is able to transform people's discontent into votes right
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now we recently interviewed warren pollock and he said he believes that bank holidays are eminent what are your thoughts on this i don't think there's ever going to be any kind of bank holiday in the near term future i think it's fun to imagine oh a bank holiday and like they're all hell breaking loose and all the rest of it but it's not going to happen for a very simple reason any kind of bank holiday in any country no matter how small greece portugal is going to be like a giant red flag and so the bottle and g.'s are going to go after that particular country and everybody is going to panic a bank holiday would create more trouble and more panic then simply muddling along and having the e.c.b. continue with monetization that was the argument for lehman brothers collapsed and the composition of lehman brothers is not far behind and ireland or portugal you know is roughly equivalent the same size it was a stomach lead to important and i'm not a collapse and yet because of some wrangling that was done in the boardrooms. these
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banks and wall street for a lot of personal reasons we find out later animosities between these guys they simply let lehman collapse and we had this huge collapse in two thousand and eight so that was a bit of a bank holiday for a layman and bear stearns and and there was a credit seizure in these global markets wasn't an official bank holiday but the global credit froze right now well but that's that's different right that's basically you have a credit crunch is it going to happen again i actually don't think so because i think that these particular dogs have learned their lesson ben bernanke druggy respectively the head of the federal reserve and the e.c.b. the european central bank what they're going to do is they're going to put out as much liquidity as possible to prevent any kind of two thousand and eight liquidity crunch because that was the last quite a crisis that they know for instance at this point in time they are not afraid of inflation because they think oh inflation is so seventies we're over that so we have to worry about inflation we have to worry about we quitted the crisis and so the next time we have a liquidity crisis we're going to have so much cash sloshing in the system that
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there is not going to be a two thousand eight situation but think they they can create inflation they would love to see some inflation sure they can't seem to create inflation for every trillion in fresh credit they force into this this dead duck of an economy there's another five trillion suddenly in losses on banks' balance sheets that were not disclosed that more than cotton heated up about liquidity and it actually net net it's deflationary spiral continues unabated there is there's not there's no there's no way to stop this credit i'm not sure i'm not quite so sure look this situation and i agree with you that a lot of the losses sort of seem to sterilise a lot of the money printing going on but you do have to look at certain key commodities particular particularly copper. oil and gold now gold has reached historic highs against. euro we have oil up there over one hundred we have
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copper comfortably over fifty so we're seeing that the possibility of inflation is not far away i would liken the situation to sort of like building a really big bonfire with a lot of dry tinder and throwing gasoline on it and you think well there's no fire but it only takes a single match once that match gets thrown in you know it's like an hour to the whole bonfire all right well there seems to be a bit of a split because the deflationary contraction that changing the global markets have repositioned gold from being a commodity to being a currency same thing for oil to a lot of agrees it's now currency and to some degree you could argue that maybe not so successfully with copper but so this is what's driving action in those markets versus some inflationary expectation but i want to switch gears for a second former war reporter chris hedges is suing the u.s.
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government over the n d a the national defense authorization act he believes the n b a the course of corporations and banks preparing for economic meltdown to which they are will need to deploy military on the streets he's making this connection years thoughts. that they will ever deploy military on to the streets. they already have i mean if you start looking in every american city you have. homeland security agents who are stopping people when they get out of trains you know to check to see if they have explosives which is sort of ridiculous i think that you know the possibility of the united states becoming a police state. it's we're already there so i don't exactly see what exactly the point is i think that chris hedges i respect him and i wish him the best of luck i think that he's just going to be spinning his wheels but i think we saw here also is that it's pretty it's a proper tory act assuming that there is a revolution in america and the corporations who are going to be on the the gallows that is. big they're taking the same d.n.a.
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as a way to authorize or make it easier for them so as they hire mercenaries and blackwater arrest people for no cause this type of thing but i think it's a lack of education and the fact that we have such a. education system in the united states sort of like paying off for a lot of people who want to you know cover over what's going on because in in more educated populace the kinds of things or things that are going on in the united states would not be allowed but they are happening in the united states the n.d.a. you know this this issue with chicago that they're going to privatized their police force or something yeah it's a dreadful despicable but people are just saying oh it's no big deal and i think what's happening is that people are thinking it's not going to affect me so why should i care now that is the end of a democracy when people start thinking and i think that's the point that has been reached in the united states that people say since it doesn't affect me why should i care oh my neighbor gets dragged away by blackwater's you know people maybe he
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must have done something so i'm just going nor it now when you travel around europe against all of the past few weeks what are some of the economic differences you notice and what you see kind of in the u.s. i would you contrast it to things are seem to me being here they seem to be better than the united states there is the level of desperation that you're seeing in the united states and the level of panic that you're seeing in the u.s. which is really surprising the other thing that i'm noticing is that the people in europe recognize the crisis that they have but they seem to feel that oh they'll muddle along which i think is what most people think whenever they're in the middle of an economic crisis they don't think that this is in the world the figure that they'll muddle along and you know it will get better just around the corner now whether that's true or not i hope it is but i don't think so i do think though that at this point in time it's looks like europe for all its problems it's over deadness of the problems of the eurozone seems to be in a lot better shape than the united states. so betting man would if you were to pick
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a country or two that you'd want to hang out during this global economic apocalypse what's at the head of the list. france i really low friends i mean i know that we're going to be at a for the food is great but i mean you know i could get your head you know into the game we're going to. talk to me more you know specifically about you know i think it's i think the smartest countries to go to at this point in time would be countries that you feel would be protected from a variety of threats that are currently in the air number one the environmental problems that we're having in the united states and so far as fracking is concerned the possibility of nuclear accidents in europe and japan and the united states again the problem the possibility or rather it's not probability that in the united states are going to have severe capital controls and you already have capital controls in europe so i think that all of these would lead you to think that. probably the southern hemisphere is where you have to go now the other him as a mystery of being south africa australia new zealand chile argentina europe what
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those seem to be the countries that would be the safest to go but the same time you have certain environmental problems that are going on in chile insofar as pollution and so on jago you also have a fairly strict control system they don't want money to just fly in fly out of chile and so you have the possibility of that then in australia new zealand you have the possibility that the australian and or new zealand government will wind up cooperating with the american government in terms of extraditions in terms of you know renditions stuff like that so each of them has pros and cons and you have to weigh them for yourself but it looks objectively like the southern hemisphere is where you want to go all right gonzalo lira thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you for having me all right not going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stays in her arm i guess because all the. s p g dot com want to send me an email please do so because the report at r t t v dot ru you can follow me on twitter of course max kaiser and so like tons of nice guys are
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saying by all.
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it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future . peacemaking mission a delegation led by russia's foreign minister heads to damascus as bloodshed in syria gathers momentum against a backdrop of diplomatic license. recent sacrifices get down more jobs a bit to appease its international creditors. population stages of a general strike. in the center of oil gadhafi era documents discovered in libya implicate six by agency fissionable dissidents related taters. operation and they're getting rewarded with oil contracts.
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day harry must go this is r.t. a very warm welcome to you now syria could get another chance at a diplomatic escape route from its continuing political crisis as it hosts a russian delegation later on tuesday that's made widespread international outcry caused by clashes at the u.n. security council and swelling violence within syria tease the timing of the cover has the details. the main goal of russia's delegation in syria today is to stop the violence that's coming from both sides of the conflict to have them sit down at the negotiation table and talk now russian delegation to syria today is headed by the country's foreign minister sergei lavrov and together with foreign intelligence chief because of fraud calls the very message from russians residents of president assad's message that's calling on for still are serious
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democratic changes in the country and while the speculations have at that those changes may include a change of regime sergei lavrov suggested that asking and presidents of certain countries to step down is not a russian profession now this comes after russia vetoed for the second time u.n. security council's resolution on syria previously russia had asked the u.n. security council not to wash with such decisions and give russians allegation a chance to visit damascus one more time to talk to president assad once more. voting on the resolution however that request was ignored which russia found quite disrespectful meanwhile the u.s. has shut down its embassy in syria and is seeking further regional and national sanctions. on syria as well as the u.k. britain has recruited its ambassador from syria for consultations and it looks like new resolutions are just around the corner. box
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veto a draft resolution on syria struggling to convince the west impartiality critics however say it was approach which brought into question what the sort of space. fogarty you know we've divisive on every level the syrian crisis has splits opinion from the streets to the international stage the united states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose here this is a doomed as well as i murdering regime there is no way it can get its credibility back internationally or with its own people. when you come when you realize that you see what a mistake russia is making by backing this regime so many in the west russia's decision along with china to veto the un resolution on syria is difficult to understand america's u.n.
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envoy described the decision is shameful and accuse the countries of attempting to sell out the syrian people and the shielding a tyrant the right from the very beginning of russia has been very clear on its stance of the quite this in syria and in its continued calls for dialogue. alongside calls for the government to withdraw its troops from cities we wanted to demand that the armed groups also leave the cities and stop the ongoing attempts to take all the residential areas suggestions were vehemently rejected by the co-sponsors of the text it looks like these co-sponsors are more interested in simply finding somebody to blame drawing attention away from the armed groups that are receiving arms and other kinds of encouragement from abroad the west has leveled heavy criticism at moscow's continued arms trade with syria saying it's backing the assad regime has been overlooked however is russia's continued efforts to mediate with all sides of the conflict we speak with the head
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a serious internal opposition the national coordinator council he met with a russian delegation recently we asked how they viewed russia's stance and russia said they are not against the will of the syrian people that they stand with the syrian people and the legitimate demand we ask that they support the syrian people and do whatever will protect them from violence and killing otherwise their position should be considered a sttng with the regime with these say and russia's unwillingness to join the economic sanctions most game may have a hard time convincing the west of its neutrality of course russia much more careful. because after that it was from libya will could see as a perverse one country as a nato country doesn't want to forward as i was a u.s. citizen i do from zero seen it go. from the libya was north but not total border as there usually on libya was. but not about
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syrians. and as the political tit for tat continues to play out an increasingly polarized population and watching their lives and country got to a standstill sanctions a crippling the economy and the increase in violence is raise. death toll daily. wrangling now seems to be eva shattering the issue of basic human rights for the people living in syria. thanks for joining us now for more analysis on the international uproar over syria is professor simon shen on the chinese university of hong kong i thank you for joining us here on r.t. here now that the resolution has been blocked the u.s. and the e.u. are threatening new sanctions washington as close as embassy in damascus and the u.k. has recalled its ambassador how far can this go. well. researchers you know. expect the region to last for very long. or is also quite unlikely for it to be in
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the short run so i think going to matter how this regime. they're going to. look at them is evil because the perspective on what we have to see in. there can be a subject that russia or china does the violence or. the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is on his way to damascus what's his visit likely to achieve. it can represent a just share of reconciliation between the two sides are going to. go about reaching some kind of agreement both kinds can both sides can assert but it's quite unlikely for this purpose to be achieved so from our perspective it might be one of the many ways for the russians to try to influence before the election so as to replace some of the domestic audiences but it might be another question after the
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election and. the russians have already said its findings must take christ has done his task but i don't think personally i don't think it's possible for any countries to mediate a resolution that can't get such a both sides in syria well in the u.s. has been critical of russia and china's double veto of the syrian two off reservation is this fair. well they bow to the cold war it is a bit you know was famous for featuring a lot of resolutions and the americans are also quite famous for peatling and resolution that is so happens to us through so from the chinese perspective it might represent some kind of standard however i think the so-called code has been somewhat annoying to the previous ones who should they be because at that time russia and china did not veto against it so it might accuse these countries for having little stone that is military action in syria likely in
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a similar way to what happened in libya then in your pain. chinese have a sense of being betrayed when i was trying because they have been authorized nato for using force. and it has been you it was. to be in the opposition so are the chinese have a sense of being betrayed the last time i was in is it's unlikely for them to bose for anything that is similar to the situation of having. an image reaction was likely it must be gone beyond the framework which means it had to do so would have to bypass to you a platform. in the bin which i don't think is possible either trying so in terms of china then how much interest up politically and otherwise does china have both in syria and the wider region. unlike russia china does and doesn't have an interest
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in this particular country. the region on the whole chinese very concerned regular supply of oil so does basically number one priority of chinese foreign policy but zero zero it's not just syria from china's it's perspective is some wasn't into iran because if syria is falling probably the next time it's with iran and china have expressed very clearly that it doesn't want. to please the iran terms of its oil export so if china and russia together can be fun syria for longer period of time it would be also believe fishery to own the energy security of chinese foreign policy so why do you think then that western members of the u.n. security council fail to take russian and chinese concerns into account. well i think they have tried. some of the russian and chinese suggestions in the final version of the us invasion but these are not sufficient from the. i think the most
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of another question is that. we have to alter ised regime change which is not accepted to the chinese and russians but that is what other wasn't countries wanted so these two stanzas are basically imposed go to any reconciliation so i don't think and the un resolution at this moment can't be a subject by both sides so it is quite possible for these countries to go for a resolution. for a book ok affidavit that professor simon fan of chinese a university of hong kong thank you very much for your help welcome. well still to come on the program a soldier of good fortune the u.s. army private to be in the running for a nobel peace prize for allegedly covering war crimes i mean secret documents to wiki leaks it's an accusation that seems right and. best worker against iran tehran found itself unable to carry out an actual
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transaction. to freeze the ground around central bank. seen thousands more greek jobs slashed its latest blow it was the measures adopted by athens to appease its international creditors the cuts are especially worrying given that the greek economy is a mere three for countries hopes now rest with a second. bailout package stations between the bankers and the government are ongoing the main precondition being that austerity measures according to no support from the us. does get the cash it will have no hope of repaying the interest. two years now we are living through i hear all of the measures of the uk only on measures that they are put all the burdens to the poorest to the weakest members of our society and our debt you stayed off be reduced is get inflated so i don't have any hope to give the new measures it is the same as if we continue to put money to
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our creditors and drain our economy leading the lead they need even more recession this massive privatization they are pushing to us actually they are nothing but a scheme to give up our public infrastructure infrastructure our public property to foreigners and especially big german enterprises school now greece is a kind of experiment for all european union they're just trying to impose to us or stay the measures the salaries they dismantlement of the protective legislation for the workers that later they are going to try to impose to other people starting from the people in the counties of the south we do not want this continues sacrifices sacrifices without any kind of cope. well germany and france also called for more say over greece's finances including future bailouts it was an attempt by a burden to assume control of a country's budget and move objects by the debt ridden nation and that's one of the
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themes featured in today's kaiser report coming up in thirty g.m.t. . what they're not taking into consideration is that all of this debt is off the balance sheet and all the end. immediately to bank and near and germany so germany has effectively to seize control of greece they've seized control of portugal they also be totally in control of spain and they're totally in control of the euro zone it's all legal remember they put all that bad debt off the balance sheet you don't have interest rate risk you have political risk in the countries that are not germany germany doesn't have a political risk because they are europe. the former head of britain's m i six spy agencies markdown and he's being sued by two dissident libyans you don't really help to arrest and deport to condone torture in
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two thousand and four because again substance after the discovery of letters from alan to the colonel congratulating him on the return of the prisoners who have been it has the story. yes of ducted imprisoned and tortured for six years all thanks to british government help those are the claims of two former gadaffi detainees who say they were captured by m i six flown to libya in two thousand and four abdulhakim bell is now libya's military commander along with sami el saadi he was part of the libyan islamic fighting group they're suing a former british spy chief for complicity in the torture the most damaging aspect is just how much the british were involved in even just two cases of sending senior people back to libya and then the potential damages how much they knew about the nature of gadhafi is regime and how he and his officials were torturing prisoners
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and that should have been obvious documents found in tripoli by human rights watch seemingly expose britain's key role in the libyans rendition within m i six counterterrorism chief mark allen pulling the strings seven he allegedly writes in one letter sent to get daffy spy chief moose. i congratulate you on the sofa arrival of our last a deep mr hard this was the least we could do for you and for libya the papers show the cia seized in bangkok thanks to an m i six tip off al saadi was supposedly snatched by the m i six in hong kong both men were sent straight to libya and the notorious abu salim prison where they say they were tortured there are statements from calle thirteen. that. they do not wish torture to happen. in the context of death. those sorts of
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statements of western essence i mean everyone would have known that there was an extremely high risk indeed or less certainty that these individuals will be tortured but by that point the british government's love in with good daffy had already begun turning him from their sport to darling and it wasn't just good daffy you reap the rewards it's a mark alan was britain's negotiator in what was a two way deal it was in this exclusive london clubs of marco and said to have met . his intelligence chief the alleged occasion a top secret dinner to celebrate the end of negotiations libya gets a seat at the international table in return for scrapping its weapons program and giving britain a lucrative oil contract one worth fifteen billion pounds went to b.p. in two thousand and four the same company allan had just joined there even allegations the controversial release of lockerbie bomber macgraw he was poor.


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