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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2012 3:48am-4:18am EST

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later in you know you you want to marry as he wants to be a. well the result leaves spurs third in the table five points of manchester united and seven from leaders manchester city while liverpool are four points off the top four spot. russian champions and he will have to deal with that midfielder danny for their champions league round of sixteen double header against benfica starting this month the twenty eight year old has picked up an injury is any training camp in italy and could be average total of six months which also makes the playmaker down for portugal this summer's european championships in poland and ukraine i. weighed in on the moscow have claimed their fifth win in a row with a five three victory over lowly sabir it moved an army to within six points of lead the scar in the western conference the number were cruising in this one to start with dennis corbett of putting them in front of the fifteen minutes and that was shortly followed by a try from concentrating volkoff to make it soon will. be for kaka that god is
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brace many were thinking game over at this point but those that weren't almost certainly were when they scored a fourth the start of the second maxime it could matter which they did go on get one back for sabir and then maksim proven off skin made it forty but the nominee needed a minute to restore their difference constantine got off the call hitting the net this time to bid rally late on to make it five three but that is how it stayed the number extending their winning run then to five games. now another nice cyclists and the shrek looks set to be awarded the twenty ten tour de france title after alberto contador was stripped to be yellow jersey for failing a drugs test during the race from luxembourg had come second but now looks set to benefit from contador conviction contador tested positive for the banned substance can do to row and had said his failed test was due to eating contaminated meat the
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spaniard will also now lucy's twenty eleven zero eight italia title and will remain barred from. the sport until august after receiving a backdated two year ban the case has taken months to resolve after various of pails something cycling chiefs have criticised. and that is fundamental to be less time between sports justice and sports and media events it is comfortable to have no birds will come to have are kept cycling for eighteen months to cycling everywhere to cycling in spain portugal and italy when they get all these other youth he was cycling in belgium he was sailing in france he was cycling in argentina he won two stages just a few days ago the son louis tutored in the future it is absolutely necessary. just like any type of justice need serenity and even though the case was extremely complex come of the type of case comes. well current tour de france champion could tell evans has defended cycling's wreck or recent record in tackling doping
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contador as the second ride to be stripped of the tour de france title following forward landis in two thousand and six after he also failed a drugs test but evan says cycling is setting a good example. i think it's the sport of sparkling star more than enough to prove itself it's doing the right thing and now it's time for other sports to look at cycling in and replicate the. fight against drugs in sport can be can maybe be beaten one day across a sport what happens but speaking on the eve of the laureus sports awards ceremony and that sort tennis world number one novak djokovic named a world sportsman of the year while kenyan distance runner up was named sports woman of the year. no mention of a. jockey which picking up the award at a ceremony in london the serve won three grand slams in twenty eleven and won forty one matches in a row last month clinched the strain open to become only the fifth man to win three
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majors in a row. and on this from the vivian chair your daughter was named sportsman of the year the kenyan won the five thousand and ten thousand meters at last year's world championships in south korea. ambassador loman named the team of the year they won their domestic football league for a third time in a row and the champions league for a third time in six years club president santa rosa there accepting your gold. now two time running formula one champion sebastian vettel says it will be harder than ever to retain the world title this season his red bull team have unveiled their new car the r.b.a. to these using the step no use design and they hope it will earn them a third construct this title in succession but vettel thinks any design advantage they'll gain over their rivals will be less than in previous years as team team prepare for the start of the first race of the season in melbourne on march the eighteenth. you know the last two years we had two big things taken away that
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double the fuses plus for this year the system around the blown exhaust so you know we're missing that and therefore it's i think difficult to really create a difference we see obviously we hope that is better than all the others but it will be difficult and i think the cars will be fairly similar as in pick ups will be even closer than they have been. and finally brotherly love may prevent the klitschko heavyweight champions from boxing each other but it wasn't that wasn't an option for mixed martial arts kingfield or yumi of getting the russian recently came up against his brother in the tournament although the pair did find a dignified solution with more is robert the down yet. the men in the special sambo athlete is filled a million guys and this is not a flashback the russian has been the greatest ambassador of the sport he came from for years the last weekend was
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a real target the last emperor of mixed martial arts came back to the competition he had won six times before the russian but somewhat championships in front of a home crowd in moscow the thirty five year old was going for his seventh domestic title for you personally if i need to have a rest now head of a few more fights i'll have tonight if i'd like to thank my opponent it was good to get back to the met for a competitive fight and i want to thank god. for my work. and the nose and dissipated by divans was simply inevitable in the final of the heavyweight class but in a place his younger brother four time russian jam band examined the men who also earn big respect in the global enemy arena some i have been looking to see a rumble.
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but we're left with just a seven second class. yes many expected an exciting fight two brothers who never fought against each other before but they came out and produced an elegant finale for the competition the younger brother gave it into the elder one in a very dignified way. he will. go over the events saw no end of tough action and here is the proof.
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while a heart full of courage is often the competitive edge when it comes to martial arts and let's close with a sold example of that the super lightweight final was. despite being exhausted by flu and high temperature and having already won the title three times before godin of holds on to them too if we screw with the mystic crown. the smell of it was a home even for me as i. came from the famous sambal seventy training school based here in ma school so i felt great responsibility i had to win so little. more than
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young r.t. muscular. and that wraps up the school for now we've got more we're not. the closer the team has been to the whole bar of screen. where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. now our team goes to the area. was named after lenin but looking to a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. for the four by fours are made and can be
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tested to the limit. welcome to the. russia close up.
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peacemaking mission the delegation led by russia's foreign minister heads to the rascasse as bloodshed in syria gathers momentum against a backdrop of diplomatic pressure its. greece sacrifices fifteen thousand more jobs to appease its international creditors. population stages another general strike. percent oil. documents discovered in libya indicate britain's n.y. six spy agency action of dissidents to suffer the late. operation of convention the son u.k. . and business bank might
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compensated minority shareholders for losses on learn best by using the bank's own profits join me for the details like minutes. costing live from moscow you're watching r t m carrie johnson syria could get another chance at a diplomatic escape route from its continuing political crisis as it hosts a russian delegation later on tuesday that's amid widespread international outcry caused by clashes at the u.n. security council and swelling violence within syria. has the details. the main goal of russia's delegation in syria today is to stop the violence that's coming from both sides of the conflict to have them sit down at the negotiation table and talk now russian delegation to syria today is headed by the country's
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foreign minister sergei lavrov and together with foreign intelligence chief because of fraud called the very message from russian's residence of president assad's message that's calling on for still are serious democratic changes in the country and while the speculations have at that those changes may include a change of regime sergei lavrov suggested that asking a president of certain countries to step down is not a russian profession now this comes after russia vetoed for the second time u.n. security council's resolution on syria previously russia had asked the u.n. security council not to russia with such decisions and give russian delegation a chance to visit damascus one more time to talk to president assad once more before voting on the resolution however that request was ignored which russia found quite disrespectful meanwhile the u.s. has shut down its embassy in syria and is seeking further regional and national sanctions. on syria as well as the u.k.
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britain has recruited its ambassador from syria for consultations and it looks like new resolutions are just around the corner. news to receive. draft resolution on syria struggling to convince the west to its impartiality critics however say it's not russia's approach which brought into question want to surf experience. you know divisive on every level the syrian crisis displace opinion from the streets to the international stage the united states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose here this is a doomed as well as a murdering regime there is no way it can get its credibility back internationally or with its own people. when you come when you realize that you see what a mistake russia is making by backing this regime so many in the west russia's
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decision along with china to veto the un resolution on syria is difficult to understand america's u.n. envoy described the decision to shameful and accused the countries of attempting to sell out the syrian people and of shielding a tyrant the right from the very beginning and russia's been very clear on its stance of the quite this in syria and it is continued calls for dialogue. alongside calls for the government to withdraw its troops from cities we wanted to demand the armed groups also leave the cities and stop the ongoing attempts to take all the residential areas suggestions were vehemently rejected by the co-sponsors of the text it looks like these co-sponsors i'm more interested in simply finding somebody to blame drawing attention away from the armed groups that are receiving arms and other kinds of encouragement from abroad the west has leveled heavy criticism at moscow's continued arms trade with syria saying it's backing the assad regime has
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been overlooked however is russia's continued efforts to mediate with all sides of the conflict we speak with the head a serious internal opposition the national coordinator council he had met with a russian delegation recently we asked how they viewed russia's stance russia said they're not against the will of the syrian people that they stand with the syrian people and the legitimate demand we ask that they support the syrian people and do whatever will protect them from violence and killing otherwise their position should be considered a sttng with the regime with these say and russia's unwillingness to join the economic sanctions most gay may have a hard time convincing the west of its neutrality of course much more careful. because after that i do from libya will could see is a country as a nato country doesn't. tell you what. it is i don't.
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seen it go. from the. north but not. as there usually on libya was. not about syrians. and as the political to attack continues to play out an increasingly polarized population and watching their lives and country brought to a standstill sanctions a crippling the economy and the increase in violence is raise. the death toll. political wrangling now seems to be eva shattering the issue of basic human rights for the people living in syria. but one of russia's main concerns in syria was the prevention of military action similar to that seen in libya but now that the resolution had been blocked the only way for western nations to intervene is to go beyond the un mandate which some likely that's the belief of professor song from the chinese university of hong kong. the
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chinese have a sense of being truly trying because they have been authorized nato for using force. is has been you. are in to be in opposition so are the chinese citizens being betrayed last time i was you know it's unbelievable. doctors are similar to the situation of. an image reaction is likely it must be gone beyond you which means you have to do so would have to buy cars to you platform. in the brain which i don't think is possible either trying to be. in the us or seeking to hit syria with further economic sanctions but patrick hayes a political analyst for the online magazine spiked says the sanctions will only harm the people not the president. well i think in many ways it's going to exacerbate if it does mean the dialogue gets off gets taken off the table it does
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mean that the west will try and intervene in other ways you know as we see in the last few months affectively the arab league to kind of step in and to monitor and effectively become the lackeys of western interests to a certain extent so it's i think the malls are still in the west kind of removes itself from syria the more pressure and we're hearing with the you know our sanctions as well the more actually i think the syrian people will suffer as a result through any western intervention you will have you know the syrian people effectively having their democratic initiative taken from their hands and effectively you know you have western countries trying to give them democracy instead which historically has been proven not to be the case but also sanctions aren't going to really affect president are sad and the kind of cronies in charge sanctions will have a direct impact upon the syrian people well still to come on the program soldier of good fortune us wanted to be in the running for the nobel peace prize for the
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coming war crimes by mr wiki leaks same accusation it seems a lifetime in jail. plus western economic warfare against iran to iran finds itself an able to carry out financial transactions as barack obama decides to freeze the accounts of iran's central bank. fifteen thousand more greek jobs slashed is the latest blow from austerity measures adopted by athens to appease its international creditors and the cuts are especially worrying given that greek economies three four countries hopes now rest with a second one hundred billion bailout package against asians between bankers in the government one bearing the main precondition for the austerity measures. in us even if athens does get the cash it will have no hope of repaying trist. two
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years now we are living through i hear all of the measures or the like only on measures that are put all the burden to the poorest the weakest members of our society and our did you stayed off be reduced is get inflated so i don't have any call to visit new measures it is the same as if we continue to put money to our creditors and to our economy lead in the lead they need even more recession this massive privatization we are pushing to ask actually we are nothing but a scheme to give up our public infrastructure infrastructure public property to foreigners especially big german enterprise risk now greece is a kind of experiment for all european union they're just trying to impose to us. the salaries they dismantlement of the protective legislation for the workers that later they are going to try to impose to other people starting from the people in
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the counties of the south we do not want. sacrifices sacrifices without any kind of cope well germany and france have also caught them or saying greece is finances including future bailouts it follows an attempt by building to assume control of the country's budget with rejected by the debtor nation and that's one of the themes featured in today's kaiser report coming up. t.m.t. . what they're not taking into consideration is that all of this debt is off the balance sheet and all the end is used immediately to pay off banking near and germany so germany has effectively to seize control of greece they've seized control of portugal they will soon be totally in control of spain and they're totally in control of the euro zone it's all legal remember they put all that bad debt off the balance sheet you don't have interest rate risk you have political risk in the countries that are not germany germany doesn't have a political risk because they are europe.
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the former head of britain's m i six. he's being sued by two dissident libyans eventually hope to rest and want to get done in two thousand for their case against substance after the discovery of letters from out into the colonel congratulating him on the return of the prisoners once he's either going to the story. yes of ducted imprisoned and tortured for six years all thanks to british government help those are the claims of two former gadaffi detainees who say they were captured by m i six and flown to libya in two thousand and four abdulhakim bell is now libya's military commander along with sami el saadi he was part of the libyan islamic fighting group they're suing a former british spy chief for complicity in the torture the most damaging aspect
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is just how much the british were involved in even just two cases of sending senior people back to libya and then the potential damages how much they knew about the nature of god after his regime and how he and his officials were torturing prisoners and that should have been obvious documents found in tripoli by human rights watch seemingly expose britain's key role in the libyans rendition within m i six counterterrorism chief says mark allen pulling the strings he allegedly writes in one letter sent to get daffy spy chief moose. i congratulate you on the safe arrival of our last a geek mr hard this was the least we could do for you and for libya the papers show the cia seized in bangkok thanks to an m i six tip of al saadi was supposedly snatched by the m i six in hong kong both men were sent straight to
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libya and the notorious abu salim prison where they say they were tortured there are statements from. they do not wish torture to happen. in the context of good at. those sorts of statements that. everyone would know there was an extremely high risk indeed or less certainty that these individuals will be tortured but by that point the british government's love in with good daffy had already begun turning him from their sport to darling and it wasn't just good daffy you reap the rewards it's a mark allen was britain's negotiator in what was a two way deal it was in this exclusive london clubs to mark owen said to have met . his intelligence chief the alleged occasion a top secret dinner to celebrate the end of negotiations libya gets a seat at the international table in return for scrapping its weapons program and
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giving britain a lucrative oil contract one worth fifteen billion pounds went to b.p. in two thousand and four the same company alan had just joined even allegations the controversial release of lockerbie bomber mcgraw he was part of the same shady deal to find them well and refuses to comment on the claims against him m i six hasn't denied complicity in torture with the government saying all actions had its approval a longstanding get out clause but maybe not now the secrets out so we know that ministers in the past were signing off on these sort of acts of complicity and those ministers themselves should face criminal prosecution the civil case against mark allen could be just the tip of the iceberg of what went on behind the scenes between britain and get daffy police have launched a criminal investigation to see just how far up the tree complicity may have gone
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either bennett r.t. london. we also have more revelations on libya's torta networks on our web site r.t. dot com pointed out about the demise of libya's ambassador to france who died while in the custody of the new government that are much more at r.t. dot com. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. rock obama has approved the first set of strong sanctions against iran's financial institutions u.s. has frozen iranian assets transactions involving the country's central bank. from the school of oriental and african studies this is all part of pre-election political game in terms of threats coming from the u.s. specially this resistance is sanctions against iran central bank i think that
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they're mostly producer director for domestic consumption in the united states as we get closer to the presidential elections in the u.s. we see that each side trying to see as being more as being tough service of iran and this is another move by president obama to satisfy either is rivals or supporters of his campaign is sad to see that the u.s. is undermining the work the. fantastic work that the i was doing with iran and iran itself is trying very hard to keep the environment professional in the face of the recent assassination of iranian scientists which really was a big blow to the relationship between iran and the i. mean while iran's foreign minister says tehran wants the international community to acknowledge the assassinations of its scientists for this ists have been banned.


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