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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2012 5:18am-5:48am EST

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barack obama has approved a fresh set of strong sanctions against iran's financial institutions the u.s. has frozen iranian assets and transactions involving the country's central bank sure and from the school of oriental and african studies all part of a pre-election political game in terms of threats coming from the u.s. specially this recent sanctions against iran central bank i think that they're mostly produce or direct for domestic consumption in the united states as we get closer to the presidential elections in the u.s. we see that each side trying to see as being more as being tough service of iran and this is another move by president obama to satisfy either is rivals or just supporters of his campaign is sad to see that the u.s. is undermining the work the. fantastic work that the i.a.e.a.
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is doing with iran and iran itself is trying very hard to keep the environment professional in the face of the recent assassination of iranian scientists which really was a big blow to the relationship between iran and the. where am i six spy agency mark allen is being third by two different libya he allegedly helped the rats and deport to gadhafi torturers in two thousand and four their case against those after the discovery of a letter through alan to the colonel can graduating him on the return of the prisoner artist ivor bennett has the story. of a ducted imprisoned and tortured for six years all thanks to british government help those are the claims of two former gadhafi detainees who say they were captured by m i six and flown to libya in two thousand and four abdul hakim bell who is now libya's military commander along with sami el saadi he was part of the
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libyan islamic fighting group they're suing a former british spy chief for complicity in the torture to me the most damaging aspect is just how much the british were involved in even just two cases of sending senior people back to libya and then the potential damages how much they knew about the nature of gadhafi his regime and how he and his officials were torturing prisoners that were that should have been obvious documents found in tripoli by human rights watch seemingly expose britain's key role in the libyans rendition within m i six counterterrorism chief says mark allen pulling the strings seven he allegedly writes in one letter sent to get daffy spy chief moose. i congratulate you on the safe arrival of our last a deep mr bell. this was the least we could do for you and for libya. the papers show the cia seized in bangkok thanks to an m i six tipoff saadi was
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supposedly snatched by the m i six in hong kong both men were sent straight to libya and the notorious abu salim prison where they say they were tortured there are statements from calle thirteen saying. that. they do not wish torture to happen. in the context of the death of his regime those sorts of statements of western essence i mean everyone would have known that there was an extremely high risk indeed almost certainty that these individuals will be tortured but by that point the british government's love in with gadhafi had already begun turning him from their sport to darling and it wasn't just good daffy you reap the rewards it's a mark allen was britain's negotiator in what was a two way deal it was in this exclusive london clubs of mark owen said to have met . his intelligence chief the alleged occasion
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a top secret dinner to celebrate the end of negotiations libya gets a seat at the international table in return for scrapping its weapons program and giving britain a lucrative oil contract one worth fifteen billion pounds went to b.p. in two thousand and four the same company allan had just joined there even allegations the controversial release of lockerbie bomber macgraw he was part of the same shady deal to find them well and refuses to comment on the claims against him m i six hasn't denied complicity in torture with the government saying all actions had its approval a long standing get out clause but maybe not now the secret's out so we know that ministers in the past were sounding off on this sort of facts of complicity that those ministers themselves should face criminal prosecution below georgia civil case against markel and could be just the tip of the iceberg. when behind the scenes between britain and gadhafi the police have launched
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a criminal investigation to see just how far up the tree complicity may have gone on have been in. london. but we also have more revelations on libya's torture networks on our web site r.t. dot com there you can find out about the demise of libya's former ambassador to france who died while in the custody of the new government that and much more available for you at our dot com. well an on a lighter note keep your eyes on the road at all times a quiet night. interrupted by that winding explosion you see of light the grandiose display was however just a circus over about an electrical substation no one was hurt although the drivers involved probably won't forget about particular commute to work for some time. well the latest action from the english football premier league is coming up in our
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two sport in about twenty five minutes let's cross to our business desk and get the latest from kareena. thank you and he said hello and welcome to business here and in a surprising move for the russian stock market the t.v. bank compensate its minority shareholders for losses on their investments but i want to put in so that the bank will use its own profits to buy back shares from people who took part in its i.p.o. five years ago the current price of v.z. of the shares is roughly half of the initial listing the bank estimates that the plan will cost up to half a billion dollars while investors are waiting for the details to be revealed as we shook hands with rating agencies will see rating says there would be there could be more efficient way efficient way to solve the problem. if a shareholder is unhappy with the performance of the manager of his company you
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fire the manager of the company and bring in new ones the share price. the shareholders do not like what's happening and therefore the. government doesn't like the. minority shareholders so as a majority shareholder the government should really suck the management of tb and put new managers who will increase the share price. let's have a look at the markets now exchange rates first strong oil is pushing the ruble higher to the dollar however it's lower to the euro as risk appetite is weakening due to a certainty about the eurozone crisis the euro itself losing value accounts the dollar. makes our u.s. crude futures reach a six month monday as cold weather in europe boosted heating fuel light sweet is currently trading at almost ninety seven dollars per barrel while brant blend is
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about one hundred sixty dollars. here's your stock markets are led by miners investors are focusing on merger in the resources sector while greek officials struggle to agree on a stereo measures. losing nearly a quarter of a percent while the tax is nearly half a percent in the red bank or international an extra said they have agreed to an all share march or calls here in russia markets are mixed after seeing some gains early in the afternoon the r.t.s. is up just under half a percent more than my six down point two percent and some movers on the rise x. carrier air flow is just a notch lower actually half a percent lower its passenger traffic grows by a quarter of last year bt bank is also losing ground as investors await the details of its recent. he announced by pak and precious metals producer dollars gold has plunged into the red after posting strong gains that's ongoing rumors of
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a possible merger with its rival feeling that. the russian government may introduce new measures to support local carmakers bypassing the rules the industry ministry has suggested introducing a special fee for imported foreign cars of those assembled in russia the proceeds will be spent on the recycling of car components. the surcharge should provide some come compensation for the lowering of import duties on the used foreign cars and mobile phone retailers among the sectors that continue to show double digit growth numbers and most of the markets russia's second largest solar system is noise says last year's revenues rose by a quarter the company c.e.o. dennis lit coastie outlines what gadgets will be driving growth. markets usually drop between two to twelve percent i think next year will probably be
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towards the lower digits but your money in your state is that about thirty eight million dollars maybe thirty nine x. we're still in russia this year sixty percent of the revenue coming from a well known segment is actually probably for smartphones and that will increase dramatically was one hundred percent increase in mobile phones there were smartphones in two thousand and eleven he we believe there are still significant growth. well that's our op that stay with us for headline news coming up right after this.
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world from the front it's technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered. with our table. live from moscow where it's two thirty pm the headlines peace making near santa delegation led by russia's foreign minister has arrived in damascus as the bloodshed in syria gathers momentum against the backdrop of diplomatic route. great sacrifice of fifteen thousand more jobs in a bid to ripley's its international creditors as their sturdy rabbit population stages another general strike. and the center of oil going down the arab document discovered in libya implicate britain's m i six by agent in the rendition of this
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sort of stuff for torture under the late dictator cooperation that allegedly saw going to be ok well rewarded. by the world community is now at loggerheads over how to stem the bloodshed in syria today we talked about raines foreign minister to the what his country believes should be done to stop the violence. has. been met our guest today is his excellency show you've. been mohamed al khalifa the minister of foreign affairs in the kingdom of bahrain is there anything you would like to say to the russian authorities about their position on the syria issue well most of the situation in syria is both difficult and dangerous not just for syrians but for all arab people everyone who wants to see peace and stability in the region the initiative put forward by arab nations was clear it was approved by syria the only question remaining is whether it will be implemented properly
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we've sent our observers there and they were in danger unable to fulfill their mission but their reports do indicate that the situation is extremely dire. the material served to us by the head of the observers mission and what he reported to the arab league differs from what we heard from other observers we agree with the syrian authorities that foreign military intervention would not be tolerable we don't want to see that happen and we do not support calls for it not a single country in our region is calling for a military invasion in syria the question of an or ferrety change in syria by whatever means is not part of the common arab initiative we have agreed on those issues and we know that's why russia is obstructing the adoption of a resolution on syria in the un security council. many think that the situation in syria is declining in part due to the fact that western states have not adopted the unified solid position on syria needed if the u.n.
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security council is to adopt a resolution in russia's case the motivation behind stopping the resolution was clear but the west is not a single minded on syria as it was on libya do you think that's true yeah. the thing is after what happened in libya any country would think twice before committing to specific measures the situation in our region is extremely volatile the region under the jurisdiction of the cooperation council remains fairly calm and safe thank god our countries are doing all they can to keep it that way the policies of other states however are not helping to bring peace or stability to their regions countries are divided into tears major and minor according to their geopolitical standing how close they are to one state or the other and their world in which in affairs and so on a regime change in a minor country would not lead to big changes on a regional scale syria on the other hand is very important to the region we have to think very hard about the possible repercussions and complications we might have to deal with before we interfere in syria's affairs you know.
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taking into account the battle cries we hear especially from american and european media do you feel that a full scale war might break out in the region that would harm all gulf states. and well obviously having worked in the media for a long time you understand a lot about politics and we've engaged in global politics for a long time to have the cries for battle ever stopped we hear them constantly throughout our lives they come from the west to the east and the north we can't simply ignore those calls will work on our own military policy as we've been hearing war drums throughout our entire lives and we've become used to them but we must take the situation seriously it involves an atomic bomb which iran has developed according to the i.a.e.a. the region is unstable due to interference by various forces our own geopolitical situation is affected by what happens in iraq iran and afghanistan the peace process is constantly threatened israel is still threatening as it always has to
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strike out against iran and its nuclear program we are concerned by the fact that a neighboring state appears to be working on a nuclear program which could lead to a region wide disaster if an emergency occurred therefore we work all day every day to relieve tensions in the region and to reach a mutual understanding we have to work on that we have to take this situation seriously the war drums you mentioned are not getting quieter and they won't stop in the near future event. but could you give us more detail on the discussion about security in the region where. there might there are direct external threats coming from countries who don't want stability and security in our region as well as internal threats coming from within the region our relations with iran are currently threatened we find them and satisfactory they are unstable and contradictory which we are not happy about especially as representatives of the cooperation council we are beginning to fear
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a deterioration in our relations with iran as well they're threatened by the unstable situation in iraq which developed after the u.s. forces pulled out of the change in the iraqi government policies relations between black reign in iraq have always been good historically speaking. but the statements we hear coming from some iraqi politicians and regional governors aren't in line with their tradition i was referring to specific threats to the cooperation council nations that there are also certain hidden threat to stability and security in the region and that these have to do it but arrange relations with the allies such as the usa the e.u. and russia we'd like to have a clear strategy and clear mutual understanding of problems of regional stability and security with all of our partners we're trying to make our region safe for foreign trade vessels and contribute to global economic growth if we and our allies had a clear cooperative strategy and we would have no problems with security has to belittle in a region where we can achieve that by establishing open and transparent relations with
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all of our partners and that's what we're in a full of him as well on is the gulf countries peaceful nuclear program intended to counter iran's nuclear program or would you have developed it anywhere on earth yes we do have such a program but we're not going to use it to stand against anything else the issue of iran's nuclear program is an international one because we live in this region and when it's discussed with iran the conversation turns political that touches upon many other issues when something concerns of particular the opinions of those living in that meeting must be considered there are big and influential states in this region the cooperation council must take their opinions into account but i'd like to say that we are new less concerned about testability in the region and then with the iranian nuclear program sometimes we can't help but feel that many other issues it's not our biggest concern getting back to the gulf country's nuclear program and i'd say yes but firstly it won't be built to oppose any other regional
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nuclear program whether it's iran or any other country secondly that this issue is still being discussed and a specific legislative framework is being worked on with the i.a.e.a. of this program will be peaceful and transport. every stage just as it's required to be and we're working on with total understanding of our full responsibility. before him tackling the challenges to regional security addressed the issue of strengthening cooperation with russia an important international stabilizing force but i know the position of bahrain on this issue do you think your partners in the cooperation council will listen to these calls and take any specific steps to make cooperation with russia even closer than it is now. i can answer that not only on behalf of the screen which cooperates with russia in many areas including those in regional security. also corporates with the u.s. . with china japan india and many many other states we also see
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a positive response from russia regarding all areas of cooperation and the benefit from russia has always played a major role in international affairs and russia has a great power russia should be present. a troll is indispensable russia has an initiative on security we go we supported it and confirmed it in a joint of. a doctor during a visit by our king to moscow and signed by him and president medvedev. should have cause for all political forces in the region to develop a similar approach to gulf security. the last summit of the cooperation council for arab states of the gulf put forward a proposal to create a commonwealth head have they taken any steps towards achieving this goal at. the summit itself so a number of steps and transformation of the cooperation council into a commonwealth as proposed by the king of saudi arabia a working group has been formed and the group is to hold a number of meetings to come up with its proposals in me and the annual summit of
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the cooperation council and real steps are being taken not only as proposals but also in terms of concrete solutions that. are on field if you remember our previous interview we discussed the initiative by the king of bahrain to set up an entire commission on human rights and a special commission to gather evidence of human rights violations that has this initiative been approved if so what's been done so far in the. cannot we've achieved to the first is that a commission on a gathering evidence or a relation as has been established on the commission is studying the events of the past year and about me and i've submitted a report to the king which as far as i'm concerned has been broadcast live around that now the other commission is to implement the twenty four proposals listed in the report and that's been set up another thing is that a high ranking government or commissioner has been created to implement the tasks imposed on the go ahead all proposals concerning the legislation and the digital system that will be submitted to parliament what i would put it the second proposal
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is to create a human rights court in the arab world and that's hugely important of europe has an international court on human rights in the middle america has a court on human rights with its headquarters in costa rica for the arab countries don't have such an agency only the arab charter on human rights is in place and i don't have a competent body for anyone to address his or her issues over human rights violations as this proposal has been submitted to the arab league's secretary general ian and will be considered at the assembly in march this year we're watching this process and continue to work on it so i don't come of the arab world is part of the whole wider world and in no way differs from that and we're not trying to condemn anyone but the point is that our society must move forward and for us that's crucial. but actually khalid. thank you very much for your time.
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the first. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture. challenge is meant as the e.u. hits twenty's. and death crisis poisons the union. profiteers have more power than people. a free trade bloc under threat from the greed it unleashed. you at twenty.
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if you're really pretty sure three per three. three. three. three soldiers three blogger live video for your media project a street medio dog our teeth on top. little. little. little.
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little. little little. little little little. little party's top stories making this and i delegation led by russia's foreign minister has arrived in damascus as the bloodshed in syria gathers momentum against a backdrop of diplomatic route. little green back allies in the fifteen thousand more jobs in the community in a bid for t.v. international creditors as they are there to ravage population stages another general strike. led the sounds of oil going down the arab document covered in libya implicate britain's m i six spy agency in the rendition of dissidents suffer torture under the late dictator cooperation that allegedly
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spawned the u.k. twelve more than. sports is next here on r t with anger. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines facing our liverpool boss down bleach again claims soiree should not have been banned as the striker returns to action and a goal or straw were taught in a. class of injury played any star midfielder danny could be out for up to six months after damaging his knee at a training camp. and simply the best tennis star never djokovic has named the laureus portion of the year this is one of vivian gets that would mean he's gone. but first liverpool boss kenny dalglish is again vented his anger over the gangbang given to luis suarez the striker returned to the side for last night's goal is stronger tottenham after completing his punishment for making racist remarks to
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manchester united's patrice evra the uruguayan received rapturous applause from you and feel faithful when he came on as a substitute for the count after sixty six minutes but he couldn't write a deadlocked as both sides missed several chances afterwards dalglish said he was pleased with suarez his return but again denounced the ban while spurs said they would be glad to get their manager harry redknapp back he missed the game due to his ongoing court case over tax evasion. that the team lose it's when the boys think he's going to do something. with only to get him but. we don't think it should ever be nowhere but with the way to go bikes will look forward to working with a no word no obviously he would give the team to organ he was unable to do that he just couldn't quite get his so but you know obviously we knew the side and we knew the way that we was going to play. it.


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