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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EST

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and spotlight. hello again oh welcome to. the show. i'm albert nobbs and today my guest is. a month before the presidential election russia has faced the first major opposition rallies in two thousand and twelve tens of thousands marched through the streets of moscow and other major russian cities calling for fair elections though some of them hope this election will bring back to the kremlin while others say put must protect believe the russian change while conservative supporters are protesting against the protesters they warn their results may be unpredictable if the opposition wins as it is split and unreliable itself what some.
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were asking one of the leaders of the opposition politician of life. when the soviet union collapsed and new democratic forces came to power off was in the foreground of russian politics he represented the main program and party on the boris yeltsin and was first elected m.p. nine hundred ninety three five years later was called to reach the top of his governmental career when he was appointed deputy prime minister with a responsibility for social issues he quits however a few days later say it was not he's an area of expertise after spending fifteen years and. has become one of the most active opponents of the established power and has helped to mind the protest rally. hello nice to have you here in the studio welcome welcome to spotlight well a you are one of the organizers and an active participant these recent research.
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rallies well they're called for fair elections well who are these protesters labeled as the angry citizen then in the russian press and do you think that these people really can influence the kremlin today you know this this protest movement is where it why. it includes as well politicians as well just regular citizens and i could say that may mean maybe seventy percent of protesters are not. are not belong to political camps seventy percent of just regular old people from the streets and the main engine of these protests is i think two events first there weren't wars twenty fourth of september last year when putin really of proclaimed that they will change there is this combination and when they said that's all we agreed many years before but so many
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people in russia been shocked by this by this announcement because too predictable predictable and people felt some people felt that they were deprived you know of making the choice it was a little bit cynical it was a little bit little bit a trick not politics is is is very is a very cynical process and you know that maybe not maybe the reason is that people in the west people in developed democracies know that it is cynical at the russians are not used to it yet do you agree as what they want to do is you know this is not an army is a problem is that for last twenty years no one tion power in russia was change of free elections it's always been like terrorist model boris yeltsin had success what you know what he meant appointed his successor of the meeting that it is now the meeting with appoints his successor predecessor and so it's not well this is this is what mr circle for. the merger would be managed democracy he called
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he called it the the sovereign democracy and the so this is the russian waste ok i mean that maybe twenty years ago or even fifteen years ago it was ok it was natural for natural way of making deals in russia but now it's different i could say that the main split the main change we hear the last ten years to twelve years is that in russia was created a middle class so-called angry citizens. which is coming out to the streets and this is where the middle class in the middle where you are a little european. middle class even agrees to do that it's about twenty five thirty percent of population and this angry middle class not accept more these brought czarist model and it was first reason of this mess protests and
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second concrete reason for the results of duma lections fourth of december you remember that first mass action was next the night after elections fifth of december then it was huge will open a square election of the then was biggest action on the new twenty fourth of december and the man the reason for this mass protests being first if occasions especially in moscow because in most example exit polls show it about this thread to say well he was all they wanted more transparency they want to be sure that the elections are thorough and know that there was a we should that they did so absolutely going into the law and they feel that they that they may have been deprived of their choices their absolute well let's take a look now at the most recent rallies in moscow which took place last saturday here's a report from spotlights you know that. despite temperatures of minus twenty celsius
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moscow st. boiling with political activity on the fourth of february nothing seems to be able to cool down the heated political debates which have been building as the presidential election approaches for mass two railways were held in russia's capital on saturday the two biggest one four and one against the government attracted terms of thousands the opposition marched for fair election in this third rally of its kind since last december they have been protesting against alleged fraud in the state doing well action the ruling united russia party gained half the vote amid ballot riggin accusations which infuriated the crowd this time protesters called for free and democratic presidential election in less than a month meanwhile elsewhere in moscow was separate programs mantra was held the main slogan there was we have much to lose suggesting the country's current stability will be damaged if it is not real active participants said they were
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against the protest movement in the country right in their putin spoke to both sides in his new weekly pre-election article he sees the current political activity in the country as a good sign and in achievement of his years in power at the same time he admits the quality of the state is like being behind civil society which has become more mature active and responsible. so putin has. admitted that the government needs to catch up with the civil society right here as an out some political concessions but do you have the feeling that putin is ready to to go further in liberalizing really the society the political life force on for unfortunate for children all so you're a pessimist i'm pursuing this because you know square and soccer are going you know
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be a dog. five very simple demands to the authorities demand to free political prisoners we have now about forty people including khodorkovsky and libya in prisons on absolutely fabricated fabricated. number two we don't agree with the results of parliamentary elections and we don't see real investigation on thousands investigating investigate alleged fraud number three it's a wide demand of deep and complex political reforms registration of opposition parties . free elections a new formation of electoral in this is this something is being done that will talk or will will talk a little later about your own party that that seeming to bite it was not really what it is not to reduce it in until now it is not ready but something is happening on a little bit and it's ok i'm skeptical and i have reasons for that other demands eventually three demands you know number the number with think that we need new parliamentary
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elections because this duma is not represent whole population of the country especially especially population of big cities moscow sample does work you know it's an absolute when we have twenty five thirty percent of liberal minded people and no one representative in national parliament because follett a number and number five is. number five is new presidential elections if common presidential elections will not be free in on the as well as the seller do so your main demand is is having is returning the choice that people feel they are deprived of remains in mind control litigants legal representation for four popular for all looking after the first after the other special rallies everybody including your supporters had had an impression that. putin has heard what what people have said
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in the streets but last weekend after after the kremlin held their rally at the same day and same time as the opposition rally wasn't that a sign that the kremlin is not ready for dialogue you know i think it's a bad signal it's a bad signal what so what and so there's no dialogue no dialogue moreover morrow alexander i'm i'm i'm i'm very very much concerned situation because i see escalation escalation of political temperature from both sides you can see that first action feels to rally in the same but was it sure of head of electoral commission against for three years now it's becoming more and more. movement from another side it's becoming more and more and to liberal and to democratic and modern movement so we can see that the russian society is split more
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and more an escalation that from both sides of the world is a good it's a good thing to be finished by confrontation not only between authority. people but between different parts of russians as i will be confrontation politics is always confrontation but i do believe normal politics in all this dialogue do you do you believe that there is a person in russia who could beat putin and they're coming elections. you know could you could you could you give us a name a last look on the figures look on the figure so we have three opinion poll edwin says. the difference is where to be between the. most independent agency and live are the same for the last figure is about forty two percent. and more loyal to see warm as the c fifty fifty so the difference is ten percent but even if you are right it could be
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second tour and if you have a second round of elections any well how anyone anyone could be them could be the voice of the says let in the risk of the opposition politician to rational spotlight will do that after a break so stay with us then. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. the fact.
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is if you. welcome back to spotlight i'm hungry of in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is vladimir rushkoff an opposition politician here in russia vladimir let's get back to those rallies that we've been
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talking about the rallies that are demanding more transparency and they're mockery so yes and the rule of law as well but first of all they they are the most of the people say the elections in december was not transparent enough and they want to guarantee that the presidential election the main election issue will be transparent ok now mainstream politicians many journalists. claim that these manifestations that we see here were masterminded by american experts colored revolution than that and that they actually were organized by u.s. sponsored activists you're one of the activists so how do you react to that what well was there any ground for us to check yours ations you know i could say the influence of the united states for on the russian policy i think it's a lowest form of the kids a bomb administration is very passive. they cut all money supporting democracy all
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the world there they begin restart policy which is very. friendly research research research very friendly for putin and it only idiots or propagandists could say that the united states stay behind this process brought us the moment i can give you one example you know for organizing this millions meant when he had money to to to to order the scene of this voice. also on all money will collected by the people thousands of people just send money five hundred rubles one thousand rubles three hundred rubles on or on a special open foundation so we raised money for through the internet are some of the through the internet will raise money from regular people to order all this all this machinery all of this me or this no no one cent from this maybe forever of the accusations because because using the internet for organizing mass rallies is one
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of the technologies that is being claimed invented by the americans now not really have they have been arrested in africa in russia we have very. restrictive legislation about that no one ruble from abroad could be used and it's very clear and it's very much under control of the state so it's a good example as this movement is transparent. it compare with elections absolutely transparent. and moved by people themselves ok enough to know the claim by those who oppose the opposition is that if you win. the elections or whatever there will be unrest in the country because because the opposition is not ready it said it's not united there are many tensions inside the opposition there isn't a leader ready to take responsibility and. so on and so forth so why do you think
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that you for example personally that you do have a mandate to represent the people who gave them and you know no one to give them and it but we have opinion polls we had we made the independent opinion poll on sort of the new story but according to opinion polls i think television presenters have very high ratings but they can't represent on the inside there are not really there that there will be concrete questions about confidence to the little house. the vigorous being as politicians as not politicians i am one of them so we have some some credit of confidence from the people but you are absolutely right. we don't want to destroy the country we don't want to reward lucian we we strongly against any wild and and all actions already in moscow as you know been absolutely peaceful and absolutely safe safe for people.
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we guarantee safety for the people we need political reforms and we believe that political reforms democratic reforms will strengthen the russia but not make russia legal i have already mentioned that something is already happening including something happening with your own party and your own life as the politician following the decision of the european human rights court. the supreme court of russia ruled that the liquidation of your republican party was illegal now what made it happen and is it is is it a sign i'll some have some bad news for my european friends and for my colleagues it's absolutely stupid story five years ago and my party was liquidated despite my party was all this liberal party russia republican party of five years later i warn european court of human for human rights in strasbourg in
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january i won the russian supreme court decision of superior court what was it called in the european court decision that liquidation was illegal what happened after that minister of justice of russia mr cano while two days ago built to superior court again to liquidate my party despite two court decisions european court of appeal but what it means that the government steal tried to stop activity of my brother does that mean that the minister of justice is breaking the law because i was a little bit behind it was because the ministry of justice is the executive branches and it has to abate the court the supreme court decision absolutely and he doesn't absolutely that means that he appeals yes but does he have the right to appeal they have a right but it's very strange if you have to the citizens court decisions it it's difficult to believe that european court of the supremes court of russia again it builds to close party he's appealing to the constitutional court not the supreme
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court again but no it's again it's a legal procedure it's a little it's a difficult legal procedure well they're trying to make life after you're in a position of this is not clear but i wasn't there one of the actions after the next elections and i can't put the support the lections life last five years and i again can't participate elections because minister of justice is still trying to break this is one of european court insuperable. it's a bad signal that means that russian state russian government. repressively think in the both political opposition well iraq crissy bureaucracy is always sort of it's not just rhetoric decision it's their little decision support it's a fighting against a position as well it was last year what do they tell you you do have contacts with with people behind the kremlin walls of course yes they do this they said to do they explain their decision it's interesting no one takes the responsibility here no one everyone says that's not me i don't know i ask another guy that's not me no
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one no one take the responsibility on him but. who makes a decision it's a question well but what's your feeling will your party be restored by the next parliamentary election due in six years i think so yes you think and i hope my hope my hope is that it will be not only my party as one of my partners in russia but worry much hope that we will be really united in strong liberal party is that it will be if it will be united liberal party it could take twenty twenty five thirty percent of violent elections and be one of the biggest political parties and here you are optimistic yes this is the i want to mistake not because of power not about not because of mr because of. russian society has changed for the last ten years and the russian society now is totally different with the ninety's in the ninety's
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it was poor and very split it decided the society almost without middle class now it's my much more prosperous society with massive middle class and now as a historian i could say that maybe it's the first time in the russian history for last thousand years when we have real social basement for democracy and these people of that race it's a signal that we have civil society demanding democracy there is an interesting opinion at the opinion is that that may be putin is. so clever that he is he wants to liberalize this legislation on party registration in order to make more small liberal and i really applaud him and make the confront and not let them unite into one big movement may that be true absolutely i think it's dear to split liberals land content small liberal parties to split the left
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flank on small left parties to split so-called put on twenty or thirty so-called. but due to this but we must be smart enough not to game this player not to play this game and it is my point that we need strong united liberal party. strong united liberal party we'll collect million of wards and seventy percent of people who've been on sorrow or be liberals according to opinion polls isn't very far but there is so i was going to say you are a historian and you've been in the studio in this capacity we talked about his history and very presence with the well if we look not at the american england but our east european countries post to tell italian countries post to tell a tear in democracies we see that in all of these countries mainly there is the new democratic party and the old socialist or communist there who are opposing the russia well also have begun of. so maybe the future of russian democracy is
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either put in this party or the or the near all communists. and there's no place fearful for the liberals like you know i don't think so he's either too big you know players when i when i think about russia i think it's very much similar to poland now to check republic to hungary so i mean that we have we have different groups in society we have strong left left left. movement potentially communists and social democrats we have so-called nationalist and patrols but have real real liberal parts of society as i said previously twenty twenty five maybe thirty percent and and and and drama of current russian politics is that this this segment big cities well educated people are not represented in political system thank you thank you very much for coming i wish you free and fair elections and the
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same to you wherever you want to just remind you that my guest today was applied in the rest of the russian opposition and that's it for now from all of us if you want to have yourself spotlight or have someone in mind who you think i should mention the next time to drop me a spotlight will be back with more firsthand comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on our team and take your.
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well see british soil. from time to explain let's go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. breaking news this hour the russian foreign minister says serious leader is committed to ending the violence in the country and is ready to negotiate with all political sides syria's opposition has also said they're willing to take part in talks with russia mediating between them and the government and. greek standoff
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clashes on the streets of athens as protesters voiced anger at massive new job cuts while coalition members struggled to agree more austerity measures to secure a vital second battle out leander discovery back could reveal previously unknown lifeforms russian scientists drilled deep into a some glacial lake in the coldest place on earth r.t. explores the significance of this rare finding. it's our very own correspondents in antarctica. live from our headquarters in the central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said no way it's six pm here in the russian capital four pm in damascus and russell says the syrian president is ready for dialogue with the opposition which is following talks with president also in damascus russia's foreign minister sergei
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