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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EST

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that moscow will continue its efforts to settle the syrian crisis meanwhile the opposition would welcome russia mediating talks with syrian authorities are seizing corpus cannot report from the syrian capital. or going to contract for it on our side and this is the result of their meeting on our side it is the way the for dialogue with the opposition is basically a political illusion is ready for the dialogue with the opposition in another ng for an issue it is their duty in their forty's while you are in the green light to allow more monitors from the arab league here inside the car genie kuti sending them to you will be most of all i want to hear the violence so they could be here all night. which we should there be another forty issues that russia's foreign minister has to mention pulling the meeting with the president is that further on the cases that we believe the commission which has been working on where the new
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constitution of the country to be supposed to meet with commission in the near future will be sure the russian foreign minister. of a nation like levels are ready to. go will be announced also quite shortly. over it and it's going to be a dream come true too. well let's discuss foreign minister love rose visit to damascus with. the covers of political analysts from the institute of world economy and international relations thank you for being with us this hour foreign minister lavrov said the syrian government has heard moscow signal what exactly was the signal and what does that mean. a lot of things that the really after the visit of russian foreign minister sergei lavrov to the moscow. the syrian government and the president bashar assad had actually receive the signal from moscow to the mosque
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who is very much interested in the. syrian conflict and more school would do everything possible to help syrian president to help the syrian government and syrian authorities to find ways for a dialogue with the opposition and without. all the violence erupting in this country so this is a signal from moscow that i think that means that still some more ways. diplomatic solution of the syrian crisis president said he's ready to talk to all political forces in syria will moscow be able to convince all factions within the opposition to do the same and on that no why are western countries so reluctant to pursue that line this line of sitting down and talking out the situation. well i think that concerning the first part of your question i would say that of course i suppose that could really has actually some lover it show on syrian government and
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on syria and the most you can persuade also the opposition to take part in the negotiations with assuming the foragers because more taking into consideration the positions not only of the government of syria but also all the opposition and i think that the. position taken by the russia is a very. very positive one so and regarding the western attitude i think that unfortunately we can see that probably in some western powers would like a rapid regime change in in syria and they probably do not understand the whole consequences of this rapid regime change and if there would be any foreign interference. in syria on the fast saw the consequences would be very much grain but one of the issues moscow and damascus did
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agree on is that the arab league should continue and even expand its mission in the country could this way belief that there's an eye whether to resume its work there do you see think we'll see another mission. well i think that even though the resuming all for. supply saw for weapons according to the contract signed with the syrian government doesn't actually interfere with the. internal situation in the country because the trade license i continue to exist between russia and the syria and syria remains as a. major part of russian federation in this part of the world i mean in the middle east so i think that actually the fear is soft. governments and some boston contras that the supplies of russian arms to syria supply so fresh noms to syria somehow in the hands of the situation on the new
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level would in danger the situation and stability would be undermined. more violence in syria they are not grounded do you think that the outcome of today's talks in damascus could have any influence on the international approach to resolving the crisis. i think that the. steel of the. league of arab states hasn't said the final yes the final what's on the settlement of the peaceful settlement of the syrian internal crisis and i think that. if the league of arab states would take more. cautious and more. true i would say true approach to the decision of this situation would actually try to convince both parties both sides which i engage unfortunately in this internal conflict and will do some kind of peaceful
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negotiating in between the parties. participating in this conflict there is still more international community to peacefully finalize this internal situation in syria and to find the better ways to. actually see that more violence would be erupting in syria in the near future right. political analyst from the institute of world economics and international relations thank you very much for your analysis this hour. but russia and china are facing a barrage of criticism from some western and arab states for their decision to block the latest u.n. resolution on syria moscow has already dubbed the reaction steranko saying the resolution took a bias approach to resolving the civil conflict artists are first was in syria when the diplomatic showdown began and now joins us to explain what exactly. are the few
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side of seeing eye to eye on sara take us through it. well the syrian conflicts preved divisive on absolutely every level having just spent a number of weeks in the country we saw a population more polarized than ever and unfortunately these divisions we've seen spreading to the international stage when russia and china vetoed the un resolution on syria we saw that spot fierce criticism from many in the west. the united states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose here this is a do. as well as murdering. can get its credibility back internationally or with its own people. when you come when you realize the house to see what a mistake is making by backing. that's not the sort of language the spec
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in these diplomatic gatherings very very strong words coming from many people in the west and certainly these echoes of what we said has been happening inside the country where more and more it seems that people are being pushed to take a side now russia's stance has always been to try and stay a more neutral middle grounds to this crisis and of course within the country you've seen that moderate middle ground just be continually squeezed says and your perspective on what is happening there is obviously a very much a part of exactly where you are in the country certain areas where the opposition feel they've come. from the security forces very much get the sense of the suspected and their concerns and you've got other parts of the country that are still very strongly pro-government so concerns that the u.n. security council will seem to be paying close to a role whether they would have been taking a side in
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a civil war rather than trying to find a neutral solution that was really one of russia's main concerns because remember a lot of what the u.n. security council were basing their assertions on is still not very clear the evidence is still not certain about exactly what's been happening on the figures aren't clear we know certainly that a lot of the figure is also take into account casualties from the pro-government side as well so there is concern when there's still so many questions that have been left unanswered and we saw. missions like the arab league monitors going into the country again their report presented grave abuses on both sides so that it's only table it seems that russia was very unhappy with the resolution to seem to be taking sides in the didn't make mention of the armed groups that have been seen within the country. don't you sleep with them you could put some influential members of the international community including those sitting around this table
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from the very beginning of the syrian crisis been undermining opportunities for political settlement by calling for regime change stirring up the opposition against the authorities and nor is it anything to encourage and freedom of methods of struggle the draft resolution put to the vote does not adequately reflect the real situation in syria and unbalanced signals to the syrian sides it doesn't take into account the proposals that as well as withdrawing syrian armed forces from the cities this should be an end to a turn explain on groups on state institutions and neighborhoods. in the wake of the we've seen inside the country it seems that security forces have stepped up. assault on cities such as home some of the reports that have been coming from there certainly very very disturbing but once again the focus has really been on not taking sides here and then finding a way that will put an end to this violence because of course when it comes to taking sides the loss of innocent lives that we've seen coming for the country
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absolutely abhorrent to anyone whether you're russian whether you are english whether you're chinese i mean that is absolutely from the start being very clear that everyone wants to work towards ending the violence and finding a solution that would do that russia didn't feel that the u.n. resolution would be the way to achieve that and they made it very clear that they're not backing assad's regime they're not friends they're not allies they want a neutral stance say we've seen the meeting with the end of ask is with the government we also they've been holding talks with the opposition as well you've got very strong narratives coming from all sides here from the opposition from the pro government and it seems that the situation is move further and further away from dialogue really the message here is being to try to take this back and find a solution that focuses on this dialogue and doesn't simply add more fuel to the fire and provoke the situation in the country escalating even further than it has. right our two sarraf earth thank you very much bring us up to date on this latest
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diplomatic standoff over the situation in syria and how to resolve the crisis thanks for that update well later this hour we hear from the foreign minister of bahrain one of the key arab league members who shares his thoughts on what should be done to stop the violence in syria. yes. this thing is after what happened in libya that any country would think twice before committing to specific measures the situation in the region these extremely volatile countries are divided into two from egypt and blood according to the geopolitical standing how closely or just one student the other in the room we did not feel i'm still in the region changing my mind saying you do not believe that she was and we general schema i mean to the syria on the other hand he's very important to the reason why we have to think very hard about the possible repercussions and complications we might have to deal with before we interfere in syria's openness.
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but public anger again has spilled onto the streets of athens where thousands of anti austerity protesters gather in front of parliament but this is tear gas to disperse crowds trying to break through a cordon around the part of the building but that's of great great you are holding a nationwide general strike in response to fifteen thousand jobs part is one of the factions of the greek government which has been made to work with international creditors a long awaited agreement on the debt baloch terms has still failed to be realized and of course you knew this tuesday greece desperately needs the one hundred thirty billion euro some international creditors to avoid defaulting in march but for more on the situation i'm now joined by from the youngest satoris the terrorists i should say lecturer at the university g.m. thank you for being with us live on the line from out there but if you recall this in government a long time. mind you agree on the reforms are they really likely to reject the
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ballot terms or is it fear of public reaction new painful measures holding them back. well first of all to describe this measure susskind for its very this is saying very little we're talking about a social disaster. they are proposing not only extreme job losses but also an extreme weight reduction in private sector in a country where the average wage cost is already minus twenty five percent imposing another twenty percent reduction would only mean tearing apart the social fabric so even if the government the coalition parties are thinking about signing this new loan agreement i think that this would only lead to new social explosions they're just gathering up explosive material in society the great great to holding another nationwide strike in response to the am already facing clashes
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on the streets of athens this afternoon the government seems hugely out of touch with public opinion in that case. yes it's completely out of touch because they're only thinking in terms of getting get another bailout loan but the problem is exactly that we are already two years into a vis your circle of increasing that bailouts bailouts than that leads to more recession actually of extreme economic depression to be more precise social diverse states and there's no end in sight although both the governments the ruling parties and the european union are using default as a blackmail i think that we should do exactly this i think that it's high time for greece to default on its own terms we cannot split society come. not take any more of this there's no end in sight i mean sometimes they say that this whole process
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of internal devaluation might lead to greece getting more competitive and sort of becoming an export oriented low wage low cost country but this is this is just a race to the bottom this cannot easily happen but only out of an authentic stream so still cost so i think that what we saw today will just the first reaction by the trade union confederations was just the beginning i think we're entering a new circle of social struggles of protests and us i think so some explosive. the greek prime minister has reportedly asked the finance ministry to prepare a default report you were ready for that you do believe grief should default but i mean how close are we at this stage. well i think that in that they're putting very very great pressure through the ruling party if the
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party is a from the coalition government to sign even at the last minute the new loan agreement so they will release the necessary funds so they can avoid the march twenty eighth of debt standoff but then there's going to be another point because actually during all this time the oldest two years when greece was supposedly trying to rid reduce that that has increased so i don't think in the end we're going to talk voids some sort of default some example i year ago if someone was suggesting something like the the debt restructuring they are now trying to bring forward the so-called besides private sector e involvement so he was accused now they are actually restructuring debts so i think that in vienna this old is the only. but the question is what's going to default these it's going to be
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a grid default which would only mean even more so some of the most things for greek society or is it going to be i mean this is serious and this is serious over the let's say national and politico's tried and we can see that six weeks of the needs of these still payments this this and try to sort of reconstruct social stability social cohesion projects in this country very well we will certainly continue to keep our eye on the developing situation with the euro you certainly seem to think this is just the beginning of public reaction once again in the office the serious lecture at the university of the aegean thank you very much for your analysis and. you can continue to keep up with what's happening in the greek capital with live feeds on our website as thousands gather in front of the part of the men to protest austerity measures all that is taking place exactly twenty years after the european
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union treaty was signed max keiser and stacy herbert check out the ears record after two decades the full program is coming out next hour here's a look ahead. at their opportunity was last year to have a coup d'etat and get rid of pap and rail and they could have been put in a populist government and they could've saved themselves but they failed to do that so it's finished for them ireland similarly is toast no hope for them whatsoever portugal under the bus spain no italy they have twenty five hundred tons of gold if they can hold onto it they're in good shape but i suspect that the current government will sell that italy's gold deal with the i.m.f. because they're totally corrupt and this leaves only germany if at the end of the day. when. after decades of drilling russian scientists in the arctic have uncovered
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a rare piece of nature and ancient lake buried thousands of feet under ife thomas tore the frozen art tactic confident exactly a year ago and now explains what this discovery could mean. the research base in antarctica it is the coldest place on earth and the deepest drilling location on the continent the main research was to drill the great your eyes as deep as possible to get these tiny bubbles off they are which was preserved for about. four hundred thousand years at a certain point researchers made a new discovery lake vostok team of russian scientists have drilled more than two miles into the ice and have reached the surface of the sub lake itself excited about the possibility of discovering life while the drilling project that leg is exciting for scientists and promising in terms of finding a new life form here on earth there are some who are through the project should
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continue in fact they say it could even be builders to humans there are some words that we will bring up some microbes that are really harmful. to human beings which is from the biological point of view it is some kind of the harsh conditions make working in vostok difficult now scientists have a limited window of opportunity to conduct their research for the season. aren't we had nonessential so if this is the coldest. that's minus eighty nine celsius at the end of february beginning of march temperatures begin to drop drop drop at these temperatures the planes can't fly anymore that is it. now that the drilling task is complete the race is on to find the new discovery of ancient life on our planet in antarctica sean thomas r.t. . up next here on r t let's get the latest business from daniel.
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welcome to business in a surprising move for the russian stock market vitti bank may compensate its minority shareholders for losses on their investment prime minister putin says the bike will use its own profits to buy back shares from people who took part in the i.p.o. five years ago the current price of e t v shares and dropping off its initial listing plans estimated to cost the whole five billion dollars while investors await the details to be revealed richard haynesworth from rating agency risk rating says they could be a more efficient way to solve each of these problems. if the shareholder. is unhappy with the performance of the manager of his company you fire the manager of the company and bring in new ones the share price has gone down the shareholders do not like what's happening and therefore that they have been selling out the government doesn't like the effect that's had on minority shareholders so as
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a majority shareholder the government should really sack the management of the tb and put team new managers who will increase the share price. so if you look at the markets now exchange rates first the euro has risen against the greenback in the last hour despite continuing uncertainty over the future of greece in the single currency strong oil is pushing the ruble higher to the dollar and the euro. oil now i'm british edging further towards one hundred seventeen dollars a barrel this hour u.s. crude futures hit a six month toil monday as the cold with a piece defeating demand europe pose recover the tide in the last hour but it remains down as greek officials meet to discuss the tough new bailout plan miners also weighing on the markets off the glencore and extraordinary as their merger to drop over two percent on the news. and russian markets are barely moved in the last
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hour with the l.t.s. recouping losses from the morning the most six hold in the red for a second day movers on the my six now flagship korea aeroflot is lower traders who are already priced in the announcement the passenger growth group or quarter last year the best results of any russian airline is also down as investors await details of its recently announced boy back and precious metals producer polish gold is extending its losses this hour now down over seven percent investors are cashing remarkable forty percent gains in the last few days rumors of a merger with rival poly metals. now the russian government may introduce new measures to support local carmakers by posting does. rules the industry ministry had suggested introducing a special fee for imported cars and those assembled in russia the process will be spent on recycling call components which provide some compensation for the lowering of import duties on use foreign cars. mobile phone retail is among the sectors that continue to show double digit growth numbers in most of the markets russia second
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largest seller says noise as last year's revenues rose by a quarter company c.e.o. dennis with costly outlines what gadgets will be driving growth this year the mobile market is usually grow between ten and twelve percent i think next year will probably be towards the lower end of that spectrum minder standing is that about thirty eight million dollars maybe thirty nine x. were sold in russia this year but sixty four percent of the overall revenue coming from the mobile phone segment is actually coming from smartphone sales and that will increase dramatically was one hundred percent increase in mobile phones there were smartphones in two thousand and eleven he would leave there still significant growth. and that's the latest join us for the opening bell on wall street next hour .
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wealthy british style is sometimes right on. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. says . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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breaking news this hour here on our t.v. the russian foreign minister says syria's leader is committed to ending violence in the country and it's ready to negotiate with all political sides syria's opposition in turn says it's not against russia's role in mediating talks between them and the
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government circular broke was met with a sit in damascus also said both countries agreed the arab league should continue and expand its mission in syria. in other news this hour the greeks are back on the streets of athens protesting against massive new job caused demonstrators have clashed with police to use tear gas to disperse the crowds that's is the country's coalition government struggles to agree on more austerity measures to creditors and secure a vital second fell out. and iran slums new u.s. sanctions targeting tehran's nuclear program calling them part of a psychological war rock obama on monday ordered fresh penalties that involve freezing iranian assets and stopping all transactions with the country's central bank. well the world community now at loggerheads over how to stem the bloodshed in syria today we hear from bahrain's foreign minister to learn what his country
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believes should be done to stop the violence.


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