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told of their meeting or be ready for tomorrow or the opposition. political ocean. or the dialogue with the opposition when our approach is based on a clear and simple goals to stop civilian deaths the region needs peace syria needs peace it is clear that efforts to end the violence need to go along with the start of a meaningful dialogue between all political sides today we've received confirmation from the syrian president of his readiness to participate in that process we will continue to work with various opposition groups but anyone who has more influence on them than russia should also work with them but that's another important issue there are forty four you're tweeting like so well or are in search for the arab league or in fact. you were the most violent. are very good people who are all right. if you wish and they're very sure there are
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four hundred there are mentioned quote the president. there he would be commission who've been working on what we can you. know because the folks that meet with community need and you can hear the recordings of the works of the foreign minister. of aviation like little to write me that is there are going to be analysis holds quite short we. are over a hundred blogs. are you sure. earlier we spoke with john ransom political activists a national officer with the stop the war coalition in london who says there's a more serious conflict under raveling over events in syria one between the world's major powers. i hope that the principal signal that's been sent in the last few days is that any military intervention in syria is unwelcome impossible and counterproductive my main concern i think the concern of many many people in the
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united kingdom is that our country in alliance or otherwise with the united states is not drawn into another military escapade in the middle east we saw what happened in libya when whatever the difficulties that the conflict in libya raised whatever the difficulties with the regime in libya western intervention ended up killing thirty thousand people in that country there is a competition for influence in the arab region generally and in syria in particular the western powers see russia and china as their rivals in this and therefore they are certainly not in the business of widely propagating any news which might shed its rivals in a good light several european countries and gulf states have recalled their ambassador to syria today why not pull out now when when it looks like the talks are just really beginning well as i say i think there is a what's happened since the. russia and china use their veto in the u.n.
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is that this has become a matter of conflict now between the major powers it's not as it was in libya where all the major powers agreed on a course on a course of action and there was relatively little friction between them one of the dangerous things about the talk of intervention in syria is it's now producing a conflict not between the major powers and a very small much weaker country but between the major powers themselves and one that begins to happen then a wholly different orders of danger are involved in the situation and that's one of the reasons why military intervention would be a terrible error in this case. remember you'll find much more analysis on the situation in iran syria and plenty more on our web site r t v dot com there we have lots of videos showing the battle ground between the syrian security forces and armed groups when you're seeing now apparently shows opposition fighters in the city of homes attacking the army this and much more at r.t. dot com. public anger again spills on to the streets of athens where thousands of
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anti austerity protesters gather in front of the parliament but he sues tear gas to disperse crowds trying to break through a cordon around the parliament building this is greek trade unions are holding a nationwide general strike in response to fifteen thousand job cuts it's one of the concessions the greek government made to appease international creditors but the long delayed agreement on debt bailout terms has still failed to materialize and talks continue on tuesday greece desperate needs one hundred thirty billion euros from international creditors to avoid default in march tonnage out of surat as a lecturer at the university of vienna tells r.t. the government remains out of touch with the public. they are only thinking in terms of getting gets another bailout load but the problem is exactly that we are o'grady two years into who are we creating that. bailouts they allowed that needs to be since an. extreme that cannot be presumed to be more precise so if
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the us there is no end in sight i think that it's high time for greece to do on its own terms we cannot since the great society cannot take any more of this with the means of these told him and then tried to sort of reconstruct the day that this is so cool here isn't it that some of this country and economist yanis varoufakis things the greek politicians have already given into the e.u. when the deadlock is just for show. it is a bottomless pit and the good socially can't let me even though it's common and the vast majority of greeks have supper enormously you can always be done more through policies that have absolutely no basis on logic but have a sound basis on. the kind of politics which i'm afraid the european union has descended to what i am afraid is happening at the moment is
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a shadow play. with sharon we have the green. party leaders and the prime ministers supposedly negotiating very harshly. in my estimation i hope i'm wrong with all of the i am this is just. the decisions are made the deal is already in place all we have these three political leaders who are trying to find a way of presenting what is in an. illogical package to the greek people and you can see live pictures from the greek capital on our website as thousands gather in front of the parliament to protest the austerity measures all this happening exactly twenty years after the european union treaty was signed max keiser and stacy herbert check out the e.u.'s record after two decades the full program coming up later here's a preview. their opportunity was last year to have
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a could it up and gave up happened and they could have been put in a populist government and they could have saved themselves but they failed to do that so it's finished for them ireland similarly is toast no help for them whatsoever portugal under the bus spain now italy they have twenty five hundred tons of gold if they can hold onto it they're in good shape but i suspect that the current government will sell that italy's gold deal with the i.m.f. because they're totally corrupt this leaves only germany if at the end of the day. the former head of britain's m i six spy agency server mark allen is being sued by a pair of dissident libyans he allegedly helped capture and sent for torture under qaddafi back in two thousand and four investigation may have uncovered several other backroom deals between the u.k. and the former colonel's regime or bennett explains. abducted imprisoned and
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tortured for six years all thanks to british government held those are the claims of two former gadhafi detainees who say they were captured by m i six flown to libya in two thousand and four abdul haq is now libya's military commander along with sami el saadi he was part of the libyan islamic fighting group and they're suing a former british spy chief for complicity in their torture to me the most damaging aspect is that the just how much the british were involved in even just two cases of sending senior people back to libya and then the potential damages how much they knew about the nature of gadhafi regime and how he and his officials were tortured prisoners that were that should have been obvious documents found in tripoli by human rights watch seemingly expose britain's key role in the libyans rendition within m i six counterterrorism chief mark allen pulling the strings allegedly
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writes in one letter sent to get death by chief moose. i congratulate you on the safe arrival of. mr hardy this was the least we could do for you and for libya. the papers show the cia seized bangkok thanks to an m i six tape of al saadi was supposedly snatched by the m i six in hong kong both men were sent straight to libya and the notorious abu salim prison where they say they were tortured there are statements from u.k. authorities saying. that they are. they do not wish torture to happen. in the context of. those sorts of statements that. everyone would know that there was an extremely high risk indeed or less certainty that these individuals will be tortured but by that point the british government loving with
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good daffy had already begun turning him from their sport darling and it wasn't just good daffy who reap the rewards mark allen was britain's negotiator in what was a two way deal it was in this exclusive london clubs to mark owen said to have met moosic use his intelligence chief the alleged occasion a top secret dinner to celebrate the end of negotiations libya gets a seat at the international table in return for scrapping its weapons program and giving britain a lucrative oil contract one worth fifteen billion pounds went to b.p. in two thousand and four the same company alan had just joined even allegations the controversial release of lockerbie bomber mcgraw he was part of the saying shady deal to find them well and refuses to comment on the claims against him if b m i six hasn't denied complicity in torture but the government saying all actions had its approval
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a long standing get out clause but maybe not now the secrets out so we know that ministers in the past resign over these sort of acts of complicity that those ministers themselves should face criminal prosecution in the civil case against markel and could be just the tip of the iceberg of what went on behind the scenes between britain and get daffy police have launched a criminal investigation to see just how far up the tree complicity may have gone either bennett r.t. london. there is more on libya's alleged torture networks highlighted on our website our team there we've got the details on the death of libya's former ambassador to france who died a day after being detained. under the new government that and plenty more awaiting you right now at our dot com. these are the images. from the streets of canada. before asians rule the
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day. after decades of drilling russian scientists and antartica have uncovered a rare natural wonder an ancient lake buried under thousands of feet of ice on thomas toward the frozen continent exactly year ago and explains what this discovery could mean. vostok research base in antarctica it is the coldest place on earth and the deepest drilling location on the continent the main research was to drill the great your eyes as big as possible to get these tiny bubbles off they are the force preserved for about. four hundred thousand years at a certain point researchers made a new discovery lake vostok team of russian scientists have drilled more than two miles into the ice and have reached the surface of the sub lake itself excited about the possibility of discovering life while the drilling project that leg
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washed out is exciting for scientists and promising in terms of finding a new life form here on earth there are some who are skeptical and say the project shouldn't continue in fact they say it could even be dangerous to humans there are some wars that we will bring up some microbes that are really harmful. to human beings which is from the biological point of view it is some kind of the harsh conditions make working in vostok difficult now scientists have a limited window of opportunity to conduct their research for the season. arvin we have mana sent for self this is the coldest water was reached it as minus eighty nine celsius at the end of february beginning of march temperatures begin to drop drop drop at these temperatures the place can't fly anymore and that is it. now that the drilling task is complete the race is on to find the new discovery of
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ancient life on our planet in antarctica sean thomas r.t. . remember you can explore all the stories we're covering in depth on our website where we've got much more in store for you including this occupy the classroom a new course set to examine the worldwide protest movement kicks off at a u.s. university. and toy taboo iran's government banned simson dolls from the country's shops after an all out war with barbie to discover their alleged crimes click on to r.t. dot com.
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the close up team has been to the bar of. where the country's middle starts its way across the ocean. now our team goes to the area. looking to a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. that's where the four by fours are made and can be tested to the limits. welcome to the streets of. russia close up.
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well. technology innovation and all the developments around russia we've got the future are covered. thanks for staying with us here on our t.v. eighteen minutes past the hour in moscow iran dismisses fresh u.s. sanctions calling them part of a psychological war monday president obama ordered new penalties that involve freezing assets linked to the iranian government and halting transaction with the country's central bank to iran claims its economy won't be harmed by sanctions but some experts say measures are really in place to meet more domestic objectives. in
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terms of threats coming from the u.s. mission at this distance is sanctions against iran central bank i think that they're mostly. direct. the mystic consumption in the united states as we get closer to the presidential elections in the u.s. we see that each side trying to see as being more as being tough. and this is another move by president obama to satisfy. these rivals or supporters of his campaign is sad to see that the u.s. is undermining the. caustic work that is doing with iran and iran itself is trying very hard to keep the environment. in the face of the recent assassination of the reigning scientists this really was a big blow to the relationship between iran and the. stay with us here on r.t. coming your way in about ten minutes we hear from a former israeli ambassador about the growing tensions over iran here's
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a preview. it's very obvious that. position it's a regional power. primarily be fancy response to. your run to pick so i. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe the president of the dives mohamed nasheed has resigned amid a police mutiny after weeks of popular protests a crisis due to a head when authorities offered security officers to remove the barriers between the government and opposition supporters protesting close to each other the leader had earlier come under fire for arresting the chief judge of the criminal court accusing him of being loyal to the country's former president nasheed swept to power in two thousand and eight. to the island nation.
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factory in eastern pakistan has collapsed after gas cylinders exploded in the building rescue workers are struggling to reach dozens of people trapped under debris a day after the incident the number of dead currently stands at eighteen though there are reports that rescuers have already pulled several survivors from the rubble of the already say the factory was built illegally and shut down three times but each time unlawfully reopen. british authorities are working to deport the radical islamists preacher aboud qatada who was once dubbed osama bin laden's and bastard to europe this a day after a u.k. tribunal ruled the cleric should be released on bail after more than six years in custody last month the european court of human rights blocked his deportation to jordan where he faces terror charges. and now to end it on a lighter or maybe brighter note hoa's remember keep your eyes on the road at all times a quiet night in russia's st petersburg brought this. interrupted
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by a blinding explosion of light the impressive display of pyrotechnics was in fact just a circuit overload of an electrical substation no one was helped though the drivers involved probably won't forget that particular drive to work for a while. and a wrap up of our headlines is only a couple of minutes away but first the business news with daniel stay with us. welcome to business in a surprising move for the russian stock market. compensate minority shareholders for losses on their investment for mr putin says the bank will use its own profits to buy back shares from people who took part in its i.p.o. five years ago called price of d.t.b. shares is roughly how of its initial listing the plans estimated to cost up to half a billion dollars while investors await the details to be reviewed richard haynesworth from rating agency restricting says there could be
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a more efficient way to solve these problems. if the shareholder is unhappy with the performance of the manager of his company you fire the manager of the company and bring in new ones the share price has gone down the shareholders do not like what's happening and therefore that they have been selling out the government doesn't like the effect that's had on minority shareholders so as a majority shareholder the government should really sack the management of the tb and put teen new managers who will increase the share price mobile phone retail is among the sectors that continue to show double digit growth in most of the markets russia second largest solicitors noise says it's last year's revenues rose by a quarter of company c.e.o. dennis look koskie outlines what gadgets will be driving the growth this year. the
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mobile markets usually grow between ten and twelve percent i think next year will probably be towards the lower end of that spectrum my understanding is that about thirty eight million dollars maybe thirty nine members were sold in russia this year but sixty four percent of the overall revenue coming from the mobile phone segment is actually coming from smartphone sales and that will increase dramatically was a hundred percent increase in mobile phones there were smartphones in two thousand and seven you would believe there's still a significant growth russian energy market could soon see a new state owned player the government setting up an oil and gas service holding cording to commerce and daily ventures plan to consolidate state resources based on the country's oil major rules nest or energy asset manager rules nifty guess from should improve state competitiveness in the country's energy service markets which is forty percent owned by foreign companies. take a look at the markets russia has closed mixed with the all tears recouping early
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morning losses in the moyes six struggling to head north for a second day so moves on the most six on tuesday flagship courier aeroflot finished lower traders had already priced in the announcement that passenger growth grew by a quarter last year the best result of any russian airline p.t.b. boat was also down as investors await the details of its recently announced by back and precious metals producer polish gold extended losses investors were catching remarkable forty percent gains in the last few days or rumors of a merger with rival poly metal other metals stocks were also fairing badly peter weston explains we had some more of news out of china. and their faith made a projection that should the child there could be a slowdown in china's economy down to about four percent from the current class percent if europe sort of gets worse and that has really hit commodity prices where it was in the metals companies in particular would be hard hit today that's the business news do stay with r.t. for the headlines.
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movie is. just so to. see. if it's. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand civilian home is not enough in-patient beds not on the third emergency department beds and not enough nurses commandos that's to take care of all the people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is
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a firefighter i didn't want to. so i started out going to just do fire fighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the far the problem is medical i've had to rescue a couple weeks and waited for hours for i've waited sometimes three hours i wouldn't say say francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. wealthy british style. spot on. the. market
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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to conjure reports. which brightened a few. songs from funds to. friends .
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at eight thirty pm in moscow these headlines we're following breaking news syria's opposition signals it welcomes russia's mediating efforts in trying to bring them and the government to the negotiating table this after president assad assured russia's foreign minister of his readiness to talk to all political sides and promised a new constitution will soon be put to a vote. greeks back on the streets of athens protesting against massive new job cuts demonstrators clashed with police who used tear gas to break up the crowds this is the country's coalition government struggles to agree on more austerity
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measures to appease e.u. creditors and secure vital second bailout. and iran slams new u.s. sanctions targeting to iran's nuclear program calling them part of a psychological war president barack obama earlier ordered fresh penalties including freezing iranian assets and stopping all transactions with the country's central bank. artie's interview coming up next we sit down with a lot to discuss the tensions between israel and iran stay with us. what may or happens maybe i'm fascinated by who recently resigned from the government on grounds of principle he said he could no longer sit in a government on the seas he did not agree with ambassador thank you very much for joining us you have not seen you've been signed off to more than fifty years of service what was the final school.
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to. greet the stuff of the.


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