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no we believe the work with and rights he wants to give the state supporters seem more real and occurred which means you know the last of the russian people. can always read more our top stories on the ride of our t. dot com here's what's a click away right now. stripping down to shake things up find out the naked truth behind a message that ukrainian activists groups populist tactics on a visit to russia. and nothing says i love you like a cockroach more about their creepy crawly valentine's day give some love birds are sharing with their sweethearts and our team. after more than two decades the effects of one of the world's worst ever industrial
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disasters still lingers in bhopal india now the scandal is facing itself to london's attempt to stage a green a lympics this summer which is ivor bennett has more on the controversial new partnership. organizers claim is the greenest most sustainable and limping games ever but a poisonous cloud of controversy hangs over london twenty twelve because of links to this the bhopal gas leak nine hundred eighty four one of the worst industrial disasters of all time they left a toxic legacy still claiming lives the company responsibles now owned by dow chemical a major olympic sponsor merited alexander was part of the game's ethics watchdog but is just quit in protest our is supposed to be about the years and instead all of us are going to have a toxic legacy. fifteen thousand people died when poisonous gas leaked from
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a factory in rural india the subsequent fallout killed another ten thousand congenital birth defects in the area ten times the norm in the rest of india. was ten at the time the gas she inhaled left permanent damage and there's still. that it will open fire and the money's been too far i got just one thousand dollars compensation part of four hundred seventy million dollars payout in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine by union carbide factory owners dow chemical company in two thousand and one but denies any lingering liabilities but the indian government disagrees demanding dow stumps up one point six billion dollars to clean up the contamination that lives on people building that water that. three children are being born with deformities people have more guns there's
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courtly derogation and boy there's there is girls have a problem with their periods all kinds of issues their health. but risen from the legacy that has been left behind this poison is fracking chemical is paying for the fabric wrapped around the stadium olympic rules forbid any advertising during the games itself is allowed to splash its logo all over. before the games actually begin but it's now said it's not even going to do that says it's nothing to do with the protests but it does mean it's paying seven million pounds for something that won't even show its name but dow will still be able to call itself a sustainable a limp it partner and organizers say their conscience is clean supposedly thanks to a green light from the ethics watchdog absolutely i did not agree with that it was
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the question was asked to look at the process and there were discussions within the question and i myself present a lot of evidence. and then i was shocked to see a public statement come out i would never have signed off as a chemical refused to speak to us so did london organizers instead they issued this statement from twenty twelve chief lord coe. i absolutely. know we're by a distance the most sustainable solution to our rock and we are comfortable with a boy called from indian athletes has been called off but the only is the limpid committee is still demanding down to be dropped with just six months to go it's unlikely they'll get their wish even claims of a sustainable legacy severely in doubt are going it. take a look at some other stories making headlines across the globe islamic militants especially breaking the bonds that were used in the two thousand to all your attack
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is on trial with mark attackers the top remaining suspect in the bombings that killed more than two hundred he was arrested last year in pakistan while trying to meet osama bin laden three other suspects already been tried. executed. families of the victims of the submerged coaster concordia cruise liner are marking one month since the disaster they are staging a sermon we have a church near the crash site off the west coast of italy meanwhile operations to pump almost two and a half thousand tons of fuel from the stricken vessel have begun seventeen people died fifteen remain missing after the liner ran aground the captain was said to have been among the first to offload the ship he's now under house arrest kareen is up next with all the latest business news stay with us. but welcome to business here now is he thanks for joining me there's been a burst of interest in russia since the beginning of the year exiting growth in the
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u.s. and progress with your step is fueling appetite for risk last year of more than eighteen billion dollars for the country this year has been an inflow of one billion dollars to he church and from the nation's asset managers said that the perception of russia is changing. there has been no change of option two towards the russian made with the market since the beginning of the year and. demonstrated by the pound of the russian equity market has outperformed the markets in the world so to give you a flavor of russia nearly twenty percent think the beginning of the year whereas the u.s. market has gone up only by seven percent since the beginning of the insurgency over the only peaks and seems to have subsided very much market expectations now and i put in will come back is president and the one difference which we have relative to this time last year is that there are expectations for reform.
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back and president. let's look at the markets now you're close in the black on monday after greece parliament approved the austerity bill paxon on the main gainers across europe mining stocks were also high as the stronger your boost the price of copper and other metals here in russia markets and the tires were all over my six games the most and five weeks and you may just go along with the big stick passes let's check on the index moves up my gas pump finished in the black hole to use its european market share grew by four percentage points to twenty seven percent last year it was make us the biggest mining company and perhaps the most of them are higher prices for nicole cornes cold and the lower on the news nurture talks to the company after another minor polymath will have failed. but is fast growing food retail market keeps all blurring for investors seven eleven has won a world renowned food chain saw to be eyeing up the market the company has officially confirmed the rumors last year the retailer said its priorities were
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brazil and india analysts say that seven eleven will have a hard time it's a classic develop a food chain in russia alone they out the most logical move would be to team up with an existing market player they have houses in your vice president at wal-mart believes there are just a couple of ways to enter the country's market among. only the way for and from pressure markets for being at least visible on the market for drug and for loose a position is through acquisition of some of existing players or and from just with e-commerce solution when you don't want your store spittle saw i think within the next year some other company a small thing for both of us market them will choose a way to win through the market and that's all the business is find more stories on our website are to doubt.
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it's technology innovation all the commitments from around russia we've got the
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future covered. resistance politics the culture. is comes. out some. cultures of resistance marching.
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six. today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. of kenya back. home for a show to the. wealthy british style.
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market finiteness. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars are reported. dead thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlights israel accusing iran of being behind on attacks targeting israeli embassies in georgia and the media probably fewer people are reported injured. russia says it regrets the arab league winding down its observers work in syria stressing a proposed peacekeeping mission could only be deployed once the government and opposition agrees to a cease fire. fiery protests in athens followed by chaos and looting as public outrage escalates after the greek parliament causes
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a new austerity both to secure another bailout. that's an interview with investigative journalist a so winstanley focusing on the turbulent situation iran syria. today i'm joined by a so when stanley an investigative journalist rajan on the middle east and his latest piece delves into the discrepancies amongst the casualty figures in the syrian crisis and he said thanks for speaking to r.t. now from our most quoted sources for those casualty figures is the syrian observatory for human rights but you've recently found out information that suggests it can't necessarily ways be trusted why is that i think first of all you have to establish who really is this is the syrian observatory for human rights. in our investigation we didn't really uncover any particular reason to doubt the genuine abilities figures. but there is another group led by this man
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with a very his figures are slightly higher than the original observatory's groups the syrian observatory for human rights led by romeo. makes a point. they say you know they're independent human rights and that they record all deaths whether they're soldiers syrian soldiers loyal to the regime all the defectors all the protesters as. now is very spooky painted as well that their figures for the number of. military there are much much lower. seems to be you know a certain agenda there and behind it all seems to me basically. although both sides deny differences in in military intervention essentially in political differences there is different trends in the syrian opposition and mainly between people who support outside intervention and the protestors who don't so you've got groups like
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the syrian national council which are now openly in favor of a no fly zone which to me seems ridiculous because you know there isn't any even claimed that i know of of. the syrian. for all its many crimes there's no claim that it's problems people so a no fly zone just seems the political pretext of greater me and ran me up the right man and the original syrian observatory for human rights group is against that that it was going to say we don't support any of the lies and they said that sami and sons of the east these two sorry these two groups they both seem to although they deny direct links to different factions of the opposition they seem their position seems to line up why hasn't this from internal reforms in the syrian opposition been more widely reported do you think it's damaging for all the potentially damaging for the original syrian observatory for human rights if they get into a slanging match about or with just two sides frightening to the sort of thing and
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they they would they i mean they don't want to speak around very to mean the original syrian observatory group because of that last one factor another factor is this just embarrassing for example for the b.b.c. to say well we didn't properly check this guy and we put him on b.b.c. news channel as a spokesperson for the syrian observatory which has become a really highly quotes it's source in the news can we still trust it they think there is a good question i think i think it still needs to be looked into more i think it's very difficult that this is duration in syria it's it is very very difficult to get reliable information from anyone. and the main reason for that is the fact that the regime has not allowed free access to journalists and of because of is the ongoing crime that is committed wish to seem to be. hopefully not but things do
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seem to be spiraling towards the scenario of civil war i think well it's what is good that it's journalists are open to the views of activists on the ground which is i mean essentially what was the simplicity of human rights that's where they get their information from these activists and eyewitnesses on the ground i think it's good for journalists to be open so that at the same time they do need to check them so i think there is a tendency for. the media in this country in america to accept it's more uncritically the views of activists on the ground in the case of syria and also iran because it they're seen as anti western regimes whereas if it's in the case of things like palestine for example they far far far less regular for them to take the views of activists on the ground how willing has the foreign media would you say in its consumption of the figures published by the azhar we group
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a lot of the mainstream news channels sort of were taken in by his area and he's appeared on the b.b.c. unit appeared on zero english and c.n.n. and probably others. as a spokesperson for the observatory he's very are direct rounds groups and he was never a spokesperson for them his kind of narrative which is becoming increasingly shrill working it plays into the narrative of to do something we meaning you know the west or the british government or the american government or whatever we need to intervene or we need to do something it plays into that kind of narrative i mean for example periods last month on. straying into any news there were genocides which of what's happening now i mean that that that seems to me exaggerated for all the crimes of the brush ourselves regime he's kind of see. to be inflating it which
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to me is is parenting to your position and that's what people who i've spoken to who are part of the opposition or sympathize with your permission asked why they're kind of they don't like this kind of approach because the crimes of the regime and bad enough without some kind of. using words like unified. syria observatory the original group emphasized to me that they're against in the flood zone and that's part of it doesn't seem to be picked up by the media in general that although they call their figures a lot they don't quote the fact that well they said explicitly to me in heaven capra said to me that we were against a no fly zone we don't want a war in this country we want we just want democracy. so again that the media seems to be quite selective of the parts that they pick. does i suppose the reality of. bloodshed on the ground those does play into it and see what's going
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on in the u.n. to certain extent but i think there's greater political forces at play here how damaging could a foreign intervention be in syria any answer a military intervention in syria would be. very different from worse a kurd it's. a regional conflagration. and it could even increase support for the regime in country we saw we see what happened in the case of iran army grows opposition. from within the there is rhetoric from the outside of threats of either bombing from israel or . the u.s. well all this talk of immediate threats i like regimes to then say i look you have to support us because otherwise you're going to go in and you're going to get
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bombed and broad based opposition people they're not general position they're just agents and so on and so forth so. i think an outside intervention. in terms of whether it's just the so-called no fly zone or any kind of military intervention very much many things worse the arab league solution to the syrian crisis is for the present as to see power to his deputy is that fair i think that's a way of keeping the regime in place and changing the figurehead and that seems to been very much the g.c.c. plan in yemen for example where they wanted. to to step down and. as i think i'm very proud of our parents who vice president was. the resume regime essentially staying the same there's a look what's going on in the region is there's very much a cancer revolution to their way of revolution to the sweats the region the horrible sense. in is in uprising the successful in the cold.
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when heavy there's a very powerful counter revolution which is led by saudi arabia and backed by the americans. or so by in a more indirect way by israel. the aim of this krantz revolution is all means to keep regimes in power and if necessary shading the heads but and so you see that happening in egypt where the military rulers were able to preserve themselves by dispenser and i think these same powers would they are open so that happening in syria keeping the same there really care about democracy perceval just want to know that whatever is best for their interests here and if if there would be a more manageable. regime which then had a different figurehead they certainly go for that and so in stanley thank you thanks.
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interests and much brighter if you. come from honest impression this. constant seek don't succumb.
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to the culture. this could. all its own. cultures of resistance on the march. for. say. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then he lives
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something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry mummy. mummy. mummy. mummy mummy. the loo and. it's. just. the book. the book.
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cultures and so much are going to go right above her name or so much stuff that some of these mothers no shortage of austerity in the slashing of budgets of the street and the welfare state generate jobs and return the. wealthy british scientists the time to sleep. tight. market. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy for no holds barred look at the global financial headline is going to cause a report on march. sixth. subject. today violence is once again flared up.
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these are the images from girls in the streets of canton that. chinese tradition through. israel accusing iran of being behind bomb attacks targeting its embassies in georgia and india which four people are thought to have been injured. russia says it regrets the arab league winding down its observers work in syria stressing a proposed peacekeeping mission could only be deployed when the government and opposition forces agree to a cease fire. fiery protests in athens followed by chaos and looting as public outrage escalates after the greek parliament passes a new austerity bill to secure another e.u. bella. mitri up next with sports stay with us.
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hello there sports an artsy thanks for joining us this hour coming up in the bulls . changed reports claim former england manager father capello is on the brink of joining the big spending the russian dies of. a rage with some saliva leaps seven times you could see champ close up at the inaugural the third of them a championship in moscow. and in golf phil mickelson wins the title of his career he claims it will be national in california. but first football according to sources in russia fabio capello could be about to become the next manager of. they tell a reporter that arrived in moscow on saturday and it had been claimed it was due to how old talks were the darkest time
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a club this sixty five year old though is tonight those are almost saying he's in sort of a holiday comes as a coach you're a christian john has resigned according to the club's officials. and left the team by neutral stance. in the meantime remains europa league match with an impact and threat to the freezing conditions in the country the match was moved from his on to moscow because of it like the whole of adverse weather but as richard corfield reports temperatures reaching minus thirty two degrees celsius put the game in doubt. interpreter in the russian capitals plummeted last week a monday was a call it was the year it's the miscues experienced this winter players was certainly prepared for whatever the weather could prove them seeming to work every available piece of clothing to try and come back because. of this to salute your cause these conditions persist.


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