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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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regard these groups as the slum equivalence of christian democracy and socially conservative organizations but perfectly happy to follow the latest economic trends which the rich dominate the west and do deals with the united states but you make the muslim brotherhood sound fairly benign. do you think that christian minorities and other minorities have something to fear from that well i mean there is always within moderate islamist parties a current which feeling that they can't really offer people what they want which is a decent standard of living which is social safety net to work then divert attention by targeting minorities the brotherhood has done it in relation to the copts in egypt and it's not impossible that they're sort of peers in syria will do the same so that is not a good thing at all but you know we have to wait and see if this is what the majority of the people want then unfortunately it will happen soon or late. thank
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you very much thank. any man wants. to put. every. trial is going to. do we all want to see this on forever.
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welcome bob this is honestly the headline. iran says it's been considering taxing oil sales to six e.u. countries but it wouldn't do so at the moment because of the cold winter this comes as the israeli pm accuses the islamic state of being behind bomb attacks and ended georgia and thailand and others a nudge toward peace out a phrase that make republics a brush. brush aside as external players are encouraging opposition groups to stay out of dialogue with the syrian government and therefore their launch responsibility for their ongoing bonnets meanwhile the president assad has announced a referendum on a new constitution. than rallies marking one yes in a bid for
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a democracy and flies in bahrain protesters face get another harsh clown down with police using tactics and weapons from the get paid. as the headlines up next state spotlight with stay with us. my. how again a welcome to spotlight the interview show on our t.v. i'm alway novel and today we will discuss social problems the subject proposed to the russian society by platitude and march fourth russia will vote for
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a new approach to or is elected will have to face a number of social issues like lower wages than pension income underfunded health care and education housing and other these topics have always been pretty disturbing and the voters expect them to be a top priority for the new president this week prime minister and presidential hopeful greg you've published another in a series of articles it's pursing his view on the problems russia is facing and making some proposals. discuss them now with political analyst need three by beach and. three gentlemen welcome to the show. of london there putin has been outlining his vision of russia's future in this series of articles written for the country's major dailies in the run up to next month's presidential election the latest one in titled building just as
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a social policy for russia focuses on prime ministers social priorities who describes russia as a welfare state and is optimistic about the prospects for all layers of society he plans to race the priest usual workers given them more control over their companies and recreating the work aristocracy also promises to double university professor salaries by two thousand and eighteen and to increase social guarantees to large families he aims to make russian education and math the best in the world intend. time according to the article it's not impossible to reduce prices for comfortable state of the art housing by twenty percent critics of the prime minister's article however say there are a few details about how all these can be achieved. well gentleman here you might know that spotlight has been discussing these articles but
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let me put the since he published the first one nearly a month ago this is the fifth right the fifth i think so so what's the general impression is he is he getting through to. do you like this is a real man a first do over or would be president so what's your impression general wow i think so far it was the most detailed program of a presidential candidate that we have seen at least not only during this election but also during the last year or so as you remember people said we supported putin's plan and this is. what is his plan and i remember that nobody thought about it so now that now we see yeah i remember at the time wired took part in a sort of a press conference with me when i was on his way to the presidency at the moment i mean he'd have said that i agree this is a pretty stupid phrase. we just point out there's a hole for russia. and someone someone said even in brezhnev style you could not
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imagine you know the slogan like brezhnev now we don't have to put this plan right somebody say well i mean we have a bit more than we had last time we were just one last times a couple of pages and now we have at least number of articles in the articles of somebody who's running for president and in that respect they're not very different from what you would expect to see from presidential candidates around the world in that they promise things that people want and they avoid issues that people don't want to hear about it be very odd to see a presidential candidate saying you know we're going to have to work more and pay more in taxes and you're going to get less. in return so i think that that he's doing what he ought to be doing the question you ask though is whether he's getting through and i think that that's something that's very difficult for for anybody running for president of russia to do today if only because over the last number of years really i mean since. since the whole relationship changed between citizens in russia and their state compared to what it used to be in the soviet
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period in the whole of pollution in in the time since one thousand nine hundred one that people have learned to expect less from their state they have learned to deal with a certain level of disappointment in terms of that the quality of the services they get and the breadth of the services they get along isn't expecting less from this state for a society doesn't mean becoming more adult it does and i think that potentially it's a very positive thing but it's a very difficult balance for both the society and for a politician to make quite a different generations who exhibited first i was like ok listen well he mentioned is doing much the same thing as all the candidates all around the world are doing this is a big question for me this in. all the candidates in any country is a many elections they always give promises and the most of the times these are other fulfill the promise as well but these two do that why does putin. putin
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being a favorite in the race county county afford to do without these problems well i think that he's promised us our award more modest than the promises so while the candidates i compared for example the promises on the housing issue and i don't quite agree with them in their particle you can see if you alliance were actually acknowledges that policy and became less accessible now than in the times of the soviet union he gives figures difficult he gives us because for one thousand eight hundred nine and for to date and this is one of the huge issues for russia russia is now a very average capitalist state if you want and in russia like in many states we have house us in the apartment buildings which have already been built and they stayed empty sometimes for decades just because people cannot sell these apartments and i think i think that is true and i think the housing issue is very interesting what he did say that he would like to see if you'd like to see he promised that
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housing prices will come down twenty to forty percent amending on the region you know that if you had twenty to forty percent decrease in housing prices and a lot of places that would be an economic catastrophe so it's going to be a very very it's an important process housing has to become more accessible but it's a very difficult process to manage it's a very complicated economic process has taken on a vested interest and we see very little detail but we wouldn't expect to see this community is about how to do that i would address that question to be true which we do you believe the prime minister or the president of russia does have a mechanism to reduce out the prizes by thirty. well. you know markets are going to this very difficult and or that you know everything in. be assessed in comparison if you look at the problem walt said again they're all off who says that you know we should give loans housing loans to family the family has been child should be if the family a half
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a minute has two children then it should be seventy percent and if three children then this one is just an old forgotten written off and that i cannot even imagine how that would warrant market economy let's hear a coup or tears where the prime minister says in his article about the unpopular topic of raising the retirement age. pensions will certainly continue to grow and i want to see it again i am still against increasing the retirement age however we should take into account the interests of those who plan to continue working upon reaching the retirement age receive a large salary and soon would like you to leave during the pensions in order to increase now you should stipulate responsibility without unduly. well there was a lot of talk recently about about increasing the retirement age in russia people people like like finance minister that in the i.m.f. representative and russia are better but they felt different arguments in favor of
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this they have increasing this this age so prime minister putin prisoners get is against so does he have the mechanism where will he find the cash there is an area where he has more options i mean russia. what is your fiscal balance and budgetary resources are much greater than pretty much anywhere certainly in the western world and so his opportunity to manage that processes is greater he can make that choice and i think that the logic that that works in the holes in other places that if you have increasing lifespans that people living longer that they probably need to work longer doesn't work quite so well statistically in demographically in the russian context and so maybe it's not the right time to think about that and certainly that's an odd. he meant that he can and should take to the people i think the broader question though is that. the point that he raises is not addressing the fundamental concern that i think that if you want to talk about the real social problems that russia has the social problem isn't that there's people who want to
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work longer people who want to work longer and who are making lots of money can work longer there's nothing that prohibits them from doing that and they're simply not relying on the pensions that the state is giving them state pensions aren't that big to begin with the problem are people who can't afford to go on their pensions people who aren't have not earned much who don't have the resources and who can't live on those pensions and who are forced to go on pensions and keep working under the table or in the unofficial economy to feed themselves and their families through space and you know i think that politically it was a very a wise thing to do what he did because he's actually addressing the problem of so-called one can pensions working pitching in russia involved well i heard that stable figures i don't know half are going to have a theology as how hard for people who reach their retirement age have to continue walking so basically because they want to do well they need to order to survive and basically if we read between the lines of what we are what we just heard they do is
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that people who want to keep their jobs will not get their pensions because that was the big issue you have too many countries you have to make a choice you either get your pension or you continue to get your salary and you know it's a tricky issue or so the way to put it he he can you can have people whole been for the best that they would receive some kind of a larger pension and they will be able to walk longer well. you know the big issue that was already discussed by who in the in one of these predicting the previous articles was corruption today he's addressing the social sphere and the kremlin equipment today admits that the highest rated. corruption in russia is reported it health care education and housing get this twenty so do you think that the putin's proposals in this latest article may somehow help. reduce the volume of corruption
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well i think it's natural that people report corruption in those areas where they have the most contact with bureaucrats and people representing the state and that is state funded and that that's the education system it's the health care system that's the. sector and what not you have much more if you're obviously just in contact with people and you know the higher echelons of public office so clearly that's an irritant to people i didn't see anything that particularly so other than the knowledge and the problem of it particularly speaks to how you're going to get the red tape removed and how are you going to get that out of people's way and when i was a political analyst mutely by the sharon sound green spotlighted will be back shortly after we take a break so stay with us going to. resistance
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is not a politics but a culture. it's could. it's own. cultures of resistance on our team.
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live. welcome back to spotlight nabhan just a reminder that they my guests in the studio are political analysts need to be by beach and sam greenwood discussing the latest article published by prime minister putin who is also as you know the candidate for the presidency in russia upcoming presidential election. one of the suggestions that we can find in this recent putin's article is to increase the rule of the employees in running the enterprises well is it possible is it is it working in any developed economy in the world i mean the world is really running that their factories and are they the unions enough to take care of the interest of the workers well in theory. in theory point perhaps and you do have employee owned companies around the
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world united airlines for a while the united states was an employee owned company and you do have different kinds of tripartite arrangements that allow workers to have more of a say you'd still have to have an agile professional management running the company if you wanted to compete both domestically and internationally and so again it's a question of balance it's a very popular statement particularly in in in contrast to some of his opponents like a lot of people who are much more. prominent and pro capital are kind of wants people to work longer hours to get more money and shut up that it was a company of heroes and that sounds russian is a very very is a very average country because we've heard the same slogans from want of people around the world sarkozy in these main election slogan was walk more and get more and i think there what you hear there is some form of very sensitive court a lot of people want to have more say in running their complementary way when we
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had this little chat before before this program you mentioned the smart slow. that putin is taking from others and making them his own factories to the workers was one of the slogans of ladder lead in was that what it was and i would remind you of that in the perestroika days. one of the biggest achievements of war much of what's in there men are just elected to but ultimately it led to a tall tall collapse of a lot of enterprise's and it ultimately had learned to fall of because it's very easy when a company is run by such a thousand people that means that it's not run by anyone so it's very easy for someone with money from outside to take hold of it well it's a very populist win and i think that theoretically all creative company yes they all had employees taken part in the management take microsoft take all of these companies you always have their you know smart people i never dictate they all of us corporate create in some kind of an innovative product and i think putting feels
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it and he wants people to believe that well here is how mr putin sees the future labor market pressure. the skilled jobs market is need of serious change we have to provide social mobility with the workers professional to russia needs to restart its labor aristocracy by twenty twenty this aristocracy should make up with least one third of skilled workers about ten million people. this social mobility is also called in russia social lifts one of these so should there i recently i think i heard that the bureaucrats called their united russia party they called it a social lift that that makes people like me helps them helps them. make a career now putin is obviously dumping the united russia party so so so one of these lives really hard imo
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a problem with the idea of social left if only because i'm in often we talk about you know social ladders and social. as a social lifted lifted some day you get on you press a button and it takes you off regardless of your your effort and i think that that's not necessarily even what put in me this is where you are talking maybe this is why everyone i like you know quite. well to do me right for a certain number of people for a certain amount of time but i think that the broader problem is is mobility the broader problem is giving people opportunities not necessarily to go where the government wants you to go but to be able to take your own life in your own career where you want to go and that means creating an economic opportunity but it also. i have a hard time understanding what the story does after then when he talks about the labor aristocracy i read the article three or four times looking for a definition of the labor caucus only way to decide is a little village in the they were because there is style you know it's an old marxist in morris marx called labor aristocracy the bribed the porridge militarily
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terry had exactly and i think its very nature would have positioned himself as a conservative russian someone who was against revolutions so he remembered from his youth broadly this idea that a labor aristocracy skilled walk us had less sprawl to board populace into supporter of admissions then you know just walk us have they want you to buy this to exactly zero so i think we're going to see. the socialists i read some ironic comments in russian press about that you know one person a conservative by the way he ruled that the last time the social leafs were walk in was in the early ninety s. when all of this only got six went up with these socialists do you really want these people i would also show lives and there you are a good to get into the same lift with them i think it's a very small question you know the subject puts and touches upon this migration immigration well he calls for it's a very interesting phrase i read a risk free sort of proof immigration policy well with three hundred thousand
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migrants could. afford to have. foolproof it is a risk free migration with the of the i think that if this were to go along with a foolproof risk group migration policy he could sell it for lots of money on the international market because nobody's found it yet it's because migration is a problem but migration is also an opportunity russia does have a labor shortage russia doesn't want to grow for sure does want to be creating new classes of workers and and creating new economy it does need to bring in workers at least for the time being simply because. it doesn't have enough of its own human resources and. even even more broadly it's not particularly because it's a signal of russia's success that people from surrounding countries and other parts of the world want to come here and make a career and try to get some are better i don't quite agree i would also say to see a movie disaster that happened in central and in france caucasus so many people willing to come to russia sometimes without any rights without anyone actually
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waiting for them here it just shows how bad the situation is there and you know the problem is that. i like the statement that we need regulated migration i think it's all right but i expect at least one of the candidates to see we should make life in central a shape and a little better we yes we russians we russians we should. have said it's a no interest here we did it in russia. broad if you have given the year a billion euro insiders without russia i mean it's very clear to exactly. how to make loads better that well russia has rewards of just to improve in order to invest there to give people their more education what we have no intention or even for example azerbaijan would have the so-called slavic universities which change a gate about two or three thousand people a year that's a that's a drop in the ocean so and basically if you look them on top of money that brush
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actually because of illegal migration because of them. when you transfer back to these countries it would make sense economically to improve life there i think the united states already came to that conclusion that instead of having all their immigrants from hell is much better to make what i think when you were well united states is mostly concerned about bringing democracy to hundred of these least cheaper than making life easier. hopefully in the long run and giving people a stake in the way their countries are governed makes it easier for them to stay and to find their own house and i think that there's there's some sense to that what it does have limited resources however there are you know there are real problems in central asia and i think that there washer also faces real problems in its own territory as you mention russia's interior and the far east and i think it's difficult to talk about building schools and investing in infrastructure in central asia was illogical to sort of republics like in the caucasus i mean they
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have trouble a lot of the really the only good if you don't build schools you will have to educate all these millions of children here with russian children which would make and watch me go problem and democracy you know the most democratic state in central asia kyrgyzstan and we get the most migrants from that unfortunately so although you don't get more from those you can well percentage wise education is big but it's a big draw in kyrgyzstan just because russian is very developed there won't be world beach was to send their money to sort of the countries outside russia now let's hear. according to let me put in the where should the money go to. the true will spend on the social sphere must produce justice to just society and economy if the requisites of our sustainable development during these years. well this is the final statement in
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a recent article does that mean what we just heard does it mean that the economy in russia. is organized in an unfair way does it mean we're living in an through society in. all russia has like a lot of places around the world increasing inequality and inequality that is entrenched for a lot of people and so that there is an issue of justice there's also an issue of justice though if you start getting into the age old discussion about you know taking away and dividing resources that creates injustice for other people so that the big question i think is how do you create a system in which. people can feel that they have. a stake in the way the justices decide who's going to be the final arbiter of justice and if somebody decides that that they feel that the way things are being managed to handle does not trust one of the resources that they have to do with the russian people believe that the president should be this final arbiter of just isn't it true i'm not sure
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because indeed paternalistic sentiment is strong in society and by that i don't think you shouldn't exaggerate it because for twenty years now i would be without that paternity state and it's of course a very different society from what it was in the soviet union in that sense russia is very much like many other countries in the world and i think that putin actually in that article he acknowledges that russia is not a very fair country you know this is very sad but we have to finish this program stating that living in the first society is means living like all the others in the world thank you thank you so much i felt that we went out of time but it was a pleasure talking to you just a reminder that my guests were political analyst meet me by beach and so and that's it for now from the phone now from all of us here if you want to have your say respond like we have some of them on if you think i should into the next round you can always draw the line spotlight will be back with more first time comments on
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what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on r.t. and take your. commission free accreditation free transport charges free. range minster free risk free stews child free. download free blog just plug in video for your media projects and free media oh don the hard teton tom.


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