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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2012 12:18am-12:48am EST

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since september it's reported at least twelve prisoners have been killed as a result of torture reports it comes as libya prepares to mark the first anniversary of the start of its name with lucian but despite the celebrations the sea is struggling to get the situation under control groups of former rebels are now vying for power to disarm the civilian population failed and the country's economy is in ruins after the war beirut based political scientist predicts years of turmoil in the beer. gadhafi was only a puppet in the hands of the western countries he was buying his the his stance he was buying everybody out so cozy berlusconi and all of the other western leaders his time got expired and this is why they got rid of him because he was paying enough but not good enough we all know about what's happening the recession in europe and what's happening towards the oil and the gas so what they want is to get to get control of everything in libya i see
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a very grim future in libya i see a civil war in libya i see it's never going to have a good stable. environment there and this is exactly what the western ones once they have been because they want to get control of all the oil all the natural resources there. that are website altie dot com you can find out how the shock waves of the arab spring are still being felt a year on it's a case of days of really bahrain where protesters who took to the streets calling for democracy reforms fronted with a whole respect. for life vandals we faced down the security measures needed to protect the mosque bending machines which operate kochi our touch of a button. now
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the double hit of infertility and recession is forcing some hopeful parents to get creative in the u.s. it costs as much as one hundred thousand dollars to use a surrogate mother to start a family get on a plane to india it could be much cheaper to produce rudimentary one couple who did just that. eric and susan ford and paul came to india from texas two weeks ago india is a bit of a challenge for someone who's used to travelling in the states and in europe. but you figure out your way around the world and they're not here to see elephants and by bangles they also came to meet peter for the first time their new baby boy it was a very easy as pregnancy i'm really. although peter is genetically there susan didn't actually give birth to. an indian surrogate who they never met did around ten years
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ago we decided we would try to have a child and didn't happen naturally and we pretty much given up hope and we spent a bunch of money. and that's why we realized indian surrogacy was actually something that was reasonable surrogacy is the latest trend in the outsourcing relationship between the west in india since the recession began doctors here say they've seen a demand for their services quadruple and most of that interest is coming from abroad that's because the price tag of serapis e is a quarter of what it cost in the united states eric and susan found this deli fertility clinic online while they were at home in the u.s. they paid the clinic twenty five thousand dollars which covered everything from the sarah get to the lab work in the united states they would have spent four times that much one hundred thousand dollars for sarah got herself received anywhere from six to eight thousand dollars for the job and amount of money that is hard to say
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no to for many of these women who are poor and on educated. people here is a huge amount of money much more than they could possibly make in the whole year after no one child one's husband left her serious and seemed the best way to support her two kids and mother good. at the end of the deed they do would they want and i get the much needed money. but it's this sense of desperation that critics fear would make these women vulnerable because women are poor because they are. for you know because they have the challenge said right and just said why would they have to sell do it and give up people who are exploiting it for eric and susan however the issue isn't so black and white they're happy that they're indian gave them a shot at completing their family you know she didn't seem with all. she seemed like she did something really nice in this far as i'm concerned she did. ending
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their ten year journey to have a baby in a place they never expected priya sridhar r.t. new delhi india. but look now at a couple of other stories making headlines around the world almost one hundred percent of the servo to the northern coast of rejected rule from the cost of capital pushed in a locally organized referendum. and serbia were against the vote saying it would complicate ongoing discussions with a breakaway state around forty thousand serbs to the first tree root from almost four years ago. and thousands have gathered in the north korean capital to commemorate what would be in the second birthday of the late leader kim jong il the crowds have been making their way to the city's main square to leave flowers next to his portrait the former head of state who died of a heart attack two months ago has been succeeded by his son kim jong un. but business news that allocating.
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that welcome back to business is our the united states is looking to tell surveillance financial lifeline by removing it from the wall financial clearing system known as swift it will rack up pressure on toronto is the country's leadership with those new progress on its nuclear program but is all she's done you bush reports america's action could end up backfiring on its people. this is a bid to kill iran's economy washington's move to tehran from the swift world transaction system would choke its ability to trade internationally swift interbank payments orders the worlds of business that own the world of business they used for practically every company state in the world to exchange financial info the legality of america's move is highly question its unprecedented political interference in a network which has always said such issues should be handled on a national level what is clear is barack obama's frustration the sanctions aren't
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working iran hasn't backed down in the nuclear dispute in fact it's now announced in richfield production new tensions mean more misery for u.s. consumers brant his six month highs last night over one hundred nineteen dollars a barrel cutting iran out of swift will again hit not just the energy price but the recovery of the world's economy. the pay is entering into a new deal with russia the british job will work with the skulk of all high tech cop to improve the efficiency of crude oil refining you know what comes just days after british lawmaker called on westminster government issued a warning against doing business of russia the head of b.p. in russia david petit dismisses such concerns saying his company's in russia for the long term. i'm not a politician i'm in business representing b.p. i would say b.p. set a very successful business investment for over twenty years inside of russia we have to be in russia for many decades to come we have
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a successful business and we have the support of the russian government and the u.k. government. let's have a look at the markets now a stalled of with oil and it's in the red this hour despite reports around halted shipments to europe to mostly asian for a pound in bargo and later this year as you can see light sweet is down point three hundred one point fifty that dollars per barrel brant is over one hundred eighteen dollars per. the asian markets are mixed after a decision on a second very lot of greece was postponed although some japanese says it getting support from a relatively weak yen as you can see nikkei is just a not sharp and the hang seng is point six percent down. is less than one hour ahead of the bell him moscow now the russian markets closed in the black on wednesday lifted by high up crude prices. russia's largest lender has finally found the key to access the european market sperm bank is closing the long awaited
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deal to purchase ostracize vaults bank international dmitri medvedev has more. sperm bank has finally got the platform for foreign expansion after more than a year of searching and negotiations it's finally closing the deal to buy austrian sports bag international here in vienna now since sealing the deal way back in september sperm bank has managed to receive several sweeteners for the deal with the final price being almost half of what was initially agreed and that's five hundred five million euros now the final price cut of around eighty million came through. hung garion operations coming in with poor performance now with these deals burbank now gains access to financial sectors of twelve countries where folks bank operates excluding romania which was not included into the deal now this is of course a very important step towards establishing itself as
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a global brand although the strategy for business development of banks has not yet been revealed it will be revealed in april it is widely expected as burbank will be focusing on retail operations and that's its forte in the financial sector. banks headcheese no risk in entering the european market despite the current debt crisis if humans use the for for an answer as the greek default has already happened the car interest truck train of greek debt is a trial to find a way on which is difficult we're no more interested in what's happening in the south of us fortunate screen it's illegal but we're not present in these countries of the countries where we're present they have a clear macroeconomic picture and policy at the brockton just near the resort. spa i'm with you could be not often now i have the russian market and the next bullets and i'm with i'm thirty five.
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resistance is not of politics but a culture. is
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couldn't. something on its own. cultures of resistance on our team. that the headlines now arundhati. moscow has accused forces outside syria of a courage and rebel groups to continue fighting and stay out of peace talks and the un general assembly vote on a resolution to end of assad regime. i thin surrenders to the last of the news bailed out the mobs and be kept in the center of it all terms as well stone tea leaves greek hospitals struggling with the military unscathed. and iran's display
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of nuclear progress and offer of talks are dismissed why america and israel bluster response to severe economic sanctions. those are the headlines next in spotlight without enough status. well with. science technology innovation all the moves developments around russia we've got the future covered. power again are welcome to spotlight the infamy show on our t.v. our novel and true they will discuss social problems the subject proposed to the russian society wide latitude and march fourth russia will vote for a new president who ever is elected will have to face a number of social issues like lower wages than pension income underfunded health
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care and education housing and other these topics have always been pretty disturbing and the voters expect them to be a top priority for the new president this week prime minister and presidential hopeful graeme you published another in a series of articles expressing his view on the problems russia is facing and making some proposals to discuss them now with political analyst need three by bitch and. three gentlemen welcome to the show. of lead in their putin has been outlining his vision of russia's future in this series of articles written for the country's major dailies in the run up to next month's presidential election the latest one in titled building just as a social policy for russia focuses on prime ministers social priorities who didn't
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describe russia as a welfare state and is optimistic about the prospects for all layers of society he plans to race the priest usual workers given them more control over their companies and recreating the work. aristocracy you know also promises to double university professor salaries by two thousand and eighteen and to increase social guarantees to large families he aims to make russian education and math the best in the world in ten years time according to the article it's not impossible to reduce prices for comfortable state of the art housing by twenty percent critics of the prime minister's article however say there are a few details about how all this can be achieved. you. know that spotlight has been discussing these articles by women put since we published the first one nearly a month ago this is the fifth row the fifth i think so so it was
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a general impression is he is he getting through to. do like this is a real manifesto of a would be president so what's impression. general well i think. it was the most detailed program of a presidential candidate that we have seen at least not only during this election but also during the last twenty years or so as you remember people said we support putin's plan and this is. what is i remember that openness and i don't know we see the numbers but i'm wired to you know in in a sort of a press conference with me german video was on his way to the presidency at the moment i mean they'd have said that i agree this is a pretty stupid phrase. we just point out there's a hole for russia. and someone someone said even in britain of stime you could not imagine you know the slogan like impression of me we do have a point is playing great movies well i mean we have
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a bit more than we had last time which is the last times a couple of pages and now we have at least a number of articles in the articles of somebody who's running for president and in that respect they're not very different from what you would expect to see from presidential candidates around the world in that they promise things that people want and they avoid issues that people don't want to hear about it be very odd to see a presidential candidate saying you know we're going to have to work more and pay more in taxes and you're going to get less and in return so i think that that he's doing what he ought to be doing the question you asked though is whether he's getting through and i think that that's something that's very difficult for for anybody running for president of russia to do today if only because over the last number of years really i mean since. then since the whole relationship changed between citizens in russia and their state compared to what it used to be in the soviet period in the whole of pollution in in the time since one thousand nine hundred one that people have learned to expect less from their state but they have
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learned to deal with a certain level of disappointment in terms of that the quality of the services they get and the breadth of the services they get want isn't expecting less from this state. for a society. it does and i think that potentially it's a very positive thing but it's a very difficult balance for both of society and for a politician to make sure that different generations and first i was like ok well you mentioned doing much the same thing as all the candidates all around the world are doing this is a big question for me. all the candidates in any country in the elections they always give promises the most of the times these are other fulfill the promise as well but these two do that why does putin. putin being a favorite in the race county county afford to do without these problems well i
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think that he's promised us our award more modest than the promises so while the candidates i compared for example the promises on the housing issue and i don't quite agree with them in their particle you can see a few lines were actually acknowledges that housing became less accessible now than in the times of the soviet union he gives figures is difficult because of figures for one thousand eight hundred nine and four to date and this is one of the huge issues for russia russia is now a very average capitalist state if you want and in russia like in many states we have house us in the apartment buildings which have already been built and they stay empty sometimes for decades just because people cannot sell these apartments now i think i think that's true and i think the housing issue is very interesting and he did say that he would like to see if you'd like to see he promised that housing prices will come down twenty to forty percent looming on the region you know that if you had twenty to forty percent decrease in housing prices and
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a lot of places that would be an economic catastrophe so that would be a very very it's an important process housing has to become more accessible but it's a very difficult process to manage it's a very complicated economic process has taken on a vested interest and we see very little detail but we wouldn't expect to see the various how do that i would address the question to do it do you believe the prime minister or the president of russia does have a mechanism to reduce out the prizes by thirty. well. you know markets are going to be this very difficult and all that but you know everything in issue. be assessed in comparison if you look at the problem walt said again there are all of who says that. we should give loans housing loans to families he has vine child should be if the family if i mean it has two children then it should be seventy percent and if three children then this one is just you know forgotten
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written off and i cannot even imagine how that would walk into a corner let's hear a coup out here is what the prime minister says in his article about the unpopular topic of raising the retirement age. pensions will certainly continue to grow and i want to see it again i am still against increasing the retirement age however we should take into account the interests of those who plan to continue working on reaching the retirement age receive a large salary and soon would like you to leave during the pensions you know the two trees now should stipulate responsibility without unduly. well there was a lot of talk recently about about increasing the retirement age and russia people people like like finance minister cudi and the i.m.f. represented in russia they throw different arguments in favor of this thing of increasing this this age so prime minister putin privilege that is against so does
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he have the mechanism where will we find the cash there is an area where you have more options i mean russia. what is your fiscal balance and budgetary resources are much greater than pretty much anywhere certainly in the western world and so his opportunity to manage that processes is greater he can make that choice and i think that the logic that that works and the holes in other places that if you have increasing lifespans that people living longer that they probably need to work longer doesn't work quite so well statistically in demographically in the russian context and so maybe it's not the right time to think about that and certainly that's an odd. he meant that he can and should take to the people i think the broader question though is that. the point that he raises is not addressing the fundamental concern and i think that if you want to talk about the real social problems that russia has the social problem isn't that there's people who want to work longer people who want to work longer and who are making lots of money can
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work longer there's nothing that prohibits them from doing that and they're simply not relying on the pensions that the state is giving them state pensions aren't that big to begin with the problem are people who can't afford to go on their pensions people who aren't have not earned much who don't have the resources and who can't live on those pensions and who are forced to go on pensions and keep working under the table or in the unofficial economy to feed themselves and their families and you know i think that politically it was a very a wise thing to do what he did because he's actually addressing the problem of so-called walking pensions working pitching in russia well i heard this terrible figures i don't know how i'm going to have your vote yes or harmful for people who reach their retirement age have to continue working so basically because they want to do well they need to order to survive and basically if we read between the lines of what we what we just heard they do is that people who want to keep their
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jobs will not get their pensions because that was the big issue you have to many countries you have to make a choice you either get your pension or you continue to get your salary and you know it's a tricky issue or so the way to put it he he can he can have people hold been for the best that they would receive some kind of a larger pension and they will be able to walk longer well. that was already discussed by putin in one of his pretty previous articles was corruption today he's addressing the social sphere and the kremlin equipment today admits that the highest rated. corruption in russia is reported it health care education and housing it is to ration so do you think that the putin's proposals in this latest article may somehow help reduce the volume of corruption well i think it's natural that people report corruption in those areas where they have the most contact with bureaucrats and people representing the state and that is state funded and that
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that's the education system or the health care system that's the utility sector and whatnot you have much more if you're average citizen contact with people and i mean the higher echelons of public office so clearly that's an irritant to people i didn't see anything that particularly so other than a knowledge of the problem of it particularly speaks to how you're going to get the red tape removed and how you're going to get that out of people's way and when i was a political analyst with me by be sure and sam green spotlighted will be back shortly after we take a break so stay with us. resistance
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is not of politics but a culture. is couldn't speak against. all its own. cultures of resistance on martin. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back to spotlight nabhan just a reminder that today my guests in the studio are political analysts need to be by beach and sam greenwood discussing the latest article published by prime minister putin who is also as you know the candidate for the presidency in russia a coming presidential election. one of the suggestions that we can find in this recent putin's article is to increase the rule of the employees in running the enterprises well is it possible is it is it working in any developed economy in the world i mean the work is really running there that their factories are they the unions enough to take care of the interest of the workers well in theory. in theory point perhaps and you do have employee owned companies around the
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world united airlines for a while the united states was an employee owned company and you do have different kinds of tripartite arrangements that allow workers to have more of a say you'd still have to have an agile professional management running the company if you wanted to compete both domestically and internationally and so if you get it's a question of balance it's a very popular statement particularly in in in contrast to some of his opponents like a lot of people who are much more. prominent and pro capital kind of wants people to work longer hours to get more money and shut up. as a company of heroes and that sounds russian is a very very is a very average country because we heard the same slogans from lot of people around the world sarkozy in these main election slogan was walk more and get more and i think they're going to be here he touched up on a very sensitive court a lot of people want to have more say in running the economy mentioned where when we had this little chat before before this program you mentioned the smart slow.
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goods that putin is taking from others and making them his own factories to the workers was one of the slogans of lot of religion was that it was and i would remind you that in the pretty strong you could days. one of the biggest achievements of war much of was in the managers elected to but ultimately it led to a tall tall collapse of a lot of enterprises and it ultimately led to fall of the cause it's very easy when a company is run by thirty thousand people that means that it's not run by anyone so it's very easy for someone with money from outside to take hold of it well it's a very popular slogan and i think that theoretically all creative company yes they all had employees taken part in the management take microsoft take all these companies you always have their you know smart people are never dictate they almost called to read create in some kind of an innovative product that i think wouldn't.


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