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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2012 12:48am-1:18am EST

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feels it and he wants people to believe that he well here is how mr putin sees the future labor market and rush. the skilled jobs market is in need of serious change we have to provide social mobility with the workers professional to russia needs to reestablish its labor aristocracy by twenty twenty this aristocracy should make off with least one third of skilled workers about ten million people. this social mobility is also called in russia so she lifts one of these so should there i recently i think i heard that the bureaucrats call their united russia party they call it a social lift that that makes people like me helps them helps them. make a killing now putting is obviously dumping the united russia party so so so one of these lives every moment of my problem with the idea of social left if only because
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i'm in and we talk about you know social ladders and social processes are still left and lift is something you get on you press a button and it takes you off regardless of your your effort and i think that that's not necessarily even what put in me this is where you're going to be maybe this is what everyone i've. worked for a certain number of people for a certain amount of time but i think that the broader problem is is mobility the broader problem is giving people opportunities not necessarily to go where the government wants you to go but to be able to take your own life in your own career where you want to go and that means creating economic opportunity but it also. i have a hard time understanding what the state does after that when he talks about the labor aristocracy i read the article three or four times looking for a definition of the labor. to decide when. they were because there is style you know it's an old marxist in morris marx called labor aristocracy the bribed party more generally terry and i think it's very nature. but wouldn't position himself as
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a conservative russian someone who was against germany france so he remembered from his youth broadly this idea that a labor aristocracy skilled walk us there less sprawl to ward populace into supportive allusions then you know just walk us have they want you to buy this to exactly. like that we're going to see. the socialists i read some ironic comments in russian press about that you know one person a conservative by the way he ruled that the last time the social reliefs were working was in the early ninety s. when all of this only got six went up with the socialists do you really want these people i would also show lives and there you are a good to get into the same lift with them and i think it's a very small question you know the subject puts in touches upon this migration immigration well he calls for it's a very interesting phrase i read a risk free sort of proof immigration policy well with three hundred thousand
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migrants could. afford to have a full proof it is a risk free migration point with the of the i think that if this were to go along with a foolproof risk group migration policy he could sell it for lots of money on the international market because nobody's found it yet migration is a problem but migration is also an opportunity russia does have a labor shortage russia doesn't want to grow a force or does want to be creating new classes of workers and and creating new economy it does need to bring in workers at least for the time being simply because . it doesn't have enough of its own human resources and. even even more broadly it's not particularly because it's a signal of russia's success that people from surrounding countries and other parts of the world want to come here and make a career and try to get some are putting it on the quiet i think only i would also say to seymour we disaster that that happened in central and in france caucasus so many people willing to come to russia sometimes without any rate. yes without
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anyone actually waiting for them here it just shows how bad the situation is in there and you know the problem is that. i like the statement that we need regulated migration i think it's all right but i expect at least one of the candidates to see we should make life in central asia and a little better we yes we russians we russians we should. have said it's a no interest in russia. broad if you are in the near a billion euro it's. very clear to exactly. how. well russia has wards of interest to improve in order to invest there to give people their more education what we have no intention or even for example azerbaijan would have the so-called slavic universities which educate about two or three thousand people a year that's a drop in the ocean so and basically if you look there moment of mining that brush
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actually because of illegal migration because of the money transfers back to these countries it would make sense economically to improve life there i think the united states already came to that conclusion that instead of having all their immigrants from green douras is much better to make what i think and you are essentially well you know the states is mostly concerned about bringing democracy to one dearest which obviously is cheaper than making life easier. hopefully in the long run and giving people a stake in the way their countries are governed makes it easier for them to stay and to find their own paths and i think that there's there's some sense to that what it does have limited resources however there are you know there are real problems in central asia and i think that in russia also faces real problems in its own territory and you mentioned russia's interior and so weary and the far east and i think that it's difficult to talk about building schools and investing in infrastructure in central asia was illogical to sort of problems like in the caucasus i mean they attribute a lot of the really the only good if you don't build schools. you will have to
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educate all of these millions of children here with russian children which would make and watch a problem and democracy you know the more democratic state and. stuff and we get the most migrants from unfortunately so although. we get more from well percentage wise. than is big it's a big star just because russia is very developed their world world which was to send their money to. countries outside russia now let's hear. according to let me put in where should the money go to. the true will spend on the social sphere must produce justice to just society and economy prerequisites of our sustainable development during these years. well this is the final statement in. a recent article does that mean what we just
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heard does it mean that the economy in russia is in an unfair way does it mean we're living in an unfair society. well russia has like a lot of places around the world increasing inequality and inequality that is entrenched for a lot of people and so that there is an issue of justice there's also an issue of justice though if you start getting into the age old discussion about you know taking away and dividing resources that creates injustice for other people so that the big question i think is how do you create a system in which. people can feel that they have a stake in the way the justices decide who's going to be the final arbiter of justice and if somebody decides that they feel that the way things are being managed are handled is not just one of the resources that they have to do with the russian people believe that the president should be the final arbiter of just isn't it true i'm not sure because indeed paternalistic sentiment is strong in society
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here but i don't think you should exaggerate it because for twenty years now we do without that paternity state and it's of course a very different society from what it was in the soviet union in that sense russia is very much like many other countries in the world and i think that putin actually in that article he acknowledges that russia is not a very fair country you know this is very sad but we have to finish this program stating that living in a first society is means living like all the others in the world thank you thank you for that we went out of time but it was a pleasure talking to you just a reminder that my guests were political analysts meet me by beach and sound great and that's it for now from now through all of us here if you want to have your say and spotlight we have some of them on to you think i should into the next round you can always drop below spotlight will be back with more for us to have comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on r.t.
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it's a cure it. moscow
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has accused forces outside syria of encouraging rebel groups to continue fighting and stay out of peace talks head of the un general assembly vote on a resolution aimed at the assad regime. surrenders to the last of it be used to mount and to be kept in limbo and presented with board terms as austerity leaves a greek hospital struggling but the military unscathed. iran's display of nuclear progress more talks are dismissed by america and israel as bluster a response to severe economic sanctions. live
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from moscow twenty four hours a day this is r.t. activists in syria have accused regime forces of stepping up attacks on rebel held cities meanwhile the announcement of a referendum on a new constitution does not appear to have helped stem the violence the vote which will take place at the end of february is aimed at significantly curbing the power of the ruling baath party. is in damascus for r.t. . but they did for the people's referendum on the country's new constitution has been announced on wednesday it is expected to be held on the twenty sixth of february the syrian government has been working on the draft for this new constitution for quite a while now and it has sad that the most important thing about this new constitution the most important change is that it implies the end of monopoly of
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the ruling party in syria the vast party has been in power in the country for the last fifty years actually since the beginning of the uprising here in syria last march protestors have been calling for democratic reforms and for amendments to the country's key law in the wake of violence that followed initial demonstrations peaceful demonstrations many opposition leaders have been only demanding president bashar al assad to go and they will not be satisfied with this particular reform with this particular referendum this news it's how has come emits numerous reports about violence all across syria we've been hearing reports from the city of hama north of the capital damascus from the opposition activists saying that the tanks of assad's army have been deployed in the city and we've also been receiving reports from another troubled area from the city of holmes where. reportedly
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there have been explosions at the all pipelines since almost always happen coming from one source from the opposition there has been a feeling that another part another side of this conflict in syria has been kind of ignored. well a new draft resolution on syria to pressure the ruling regime will be put to a vote at the un general assembly data on thursday warned it won't back the document or less it suggested a many taken consideration he wants both sides of the conflict to health responsible and calls on all opposition groups not to rebel militias but how will the. delegates at the u.n. when russia's foreign minister in the role of foreign countries are intervening part of the blame lies with them. you can always find a compromise but only through carrying out negotiations this is what some from the
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opposition refused to do dissuaded by some external players who barely huge responsibility for the ongoing violence for the deaths of peaceful civilians. the white house has criticised the syrian government's promise to hold a referendum describing it as laughable and accusing a regime of making a mockery of the unrest that's made a swelling chorus within the u.s. calling on washington to supply assad fighters with weapons and results he's going to chicken reports many believe that would make peace impossible. hawks in washington calling for the arming of insurgents in syria we should start getting all options including arming the opposition i give them training i give them communications equipment and then automatically i give them weapons. experts say arming the fighting groups among the opposition is a sure way to drag the country into a protracted civil war it will also further marginalize those in the opposition who
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have advocated nonviolence or would be asked political strategies the more. blood to the to the factions of the syrian opposition and the more that happens the less likely it is that they'll be a negotiated solution pleasing to a cease to be still settlement they're encouraged i think very much by the united states the civil war in lebanon went on for fifteen years absolutely appalling bloodshed and you could easily see that that could happen in syria like the u.s. all qaida has indorse the rebels fighting in syria under president assad syria has been a secular state some analysts argue they're one of the reasons why al-qaeda supports the violent uprising in syria is that in the last secular more islam is the environment it's easier to recruit new terrorists if the government holds that you'll be looking forward to just a very long period to complete disintegration and they will be able to attract more
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and more fanatical recruits look at the civil war in iraq in two thousand and six and seven it was absolutely appalling the calls to arm fighting groups in. serious sound even more all or mean given the u.s. history of arming radicals afghanistan one example it was of placing itself in alliance with the mujahideen including osama bin laden and these people who now of course it is lately been deploring as fanatical fanatical enemies that the united states so these these alliances a totally cynical and totally opportunistic there's not a shred of principle in the middle but despite the hocks outcry the obama administration is taking a more cautious stance with regards to syria we don't think more arms into syria is the right answer some analysts say arming the very much fractured syrian opposition would contribute to its for the radicalization and would make a political solution virtually impossible
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a number say washington might support arms supplies in directly so its arab allies as of now the administration denies having such plans but will that position hold i'm going to shut down reporting from washington our team. on the show across those key from the center for search and globalization says foreign intelligence operatives on the ground are helping to stir up political chaos in syria. no it's the fact that the government. that's its commit to vote by the constitution that introduced multi multi party system but the people who well why didn't the government i'm not interested in multi-party democracy deal directly and we know they are directly backed by date so i believe. operatives which are present. collaborating with the rebels the free syrian all the notes something which is
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representative of the opposition. of this direction is to create political instability which will subsequently lead. to. the syrian government destabilize syria as a nation state what they don't like about syria is that syria is not a proxy state still that like with washington it's not all big all those it's a secular government it's a country of tremendous religious tolerance. while that's one possible outcome of revolution in syria we take a look at libya it's pre-pay one yet since the start of its revolution its economy a shambles the rebels fighting each other thousands of former gadhafi supporters reportedly tortured prisoners. overseas demand for indian summer gets drupal that's a recession these hopeful parents struggling to pay the u.s.
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price tag. greece has fulfilled the last few preconditions needed to secure a second one hundred thirty billion euro bailout but that's a cash injection may yet prove to be in the use of greece push through final cut some wednesday to a written promise to stick by austerity off connections that still not enough for the e.u. . it's now one sentence to accept i don't want is to make sure it's falling in terms of the bailout greece has already struggled to meet the terms that you know i do know what it's doing it's provoked and response from some quarters british any pain i have raj says it's all part of an effort to bring athens to heel. but the e.u. is now doing it's trying to influence the outcome of the greek general election i'm not satisfied with getting rid of the last democratically elected prime minister and putting in a puppet in the form of us to papademos it now says it's now saying to the greek
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people unless you vote for the right parties less you vote for parties that are happy to be subjugated do you control we will not give you the rest of the money and you will go bankrupt i suspect that despite the dissatisfaction that is felt by many german politicians i think the german parliament just as the greek parliament did last sunday will continue to toe the line and continue to say that buy it out so the answer as far as i'm concerned it's rather like saving the cancer and not saving the patients. well the human cost of austerity in greece is being felt like never before cuts in spending slashes left workers short of cash hospital sort of medicine many greeks out of luck. he's taken greece reports not so the military with nato chief and his rasmussen's visit to greece highlighting a sector immune to austerity. for many athens has been a battleground in recent years to try to get some popular stare to sunday's events to show there's little hope for a cease fire one shot being fired by those discontent is
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a discrepancy in spending when it comes to the military something serving m.p.'s from a defense of our relations with turkey remain for some as ever present a threat as a card debt crisis for our nato partners don't seem very keen to help us not to need to spend so much i mean think about it we have been through we are being threatened from a member of the alliance that we belong to the alliance doesn't do anything. so we have to spend huge amounts of money but there's the nato chief a rise in after the talks other things may be on the table among them weapons but you're meant to believe i mean there is a kind of negotiation if i may say sure between major partners germany of course france. if we spend more and you book your amount of course that major part will be to france and germany france. major.
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such potential buys include a contract for greece to purchase a number of french frigates still under review the last talks remain afloat another threat looms it be may nice but what we've been advised to do is to sell copies of medicine relations of patients are being forced to put their hand in their pockets to treatment this problem persists in other hospitals i want to. dimitris account comes on the back of carts slashed medical staff pay led to a desperate shortage of equipment including affordable prescription drugs is a problem only likely to worsen as a jobless increase and fewer people way to afford private health care this is the very human face the term austerity measure and increasing number of people in the treatment need the current health care system and desperation to turn to aid agencies like this regime nova care into athens immigrant population the midday
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queue at this center shows just how sought after treatment is first of all i'm seeing more and more people coming to us that are there is that we might see up to three hundred people and the numbers of the greeks are increasing in the past that we have nor many greeks but clearly we see more than twenty percent greeks governing this cleaning though president many greeks remain too ashamed of the situation to be filmed those wanting to be heard paint a grim picture of. greece cannot recover from what's going on right now if you ask me greece is finished. it's a situation that has a country verging on implosion all during a time of peace not war but was a nation remains sick cuts have a real damaging impact on the people's well being is an illness that could spread as fresh measures may reduce spending outpatient drugs by one billion euros putting
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greek's health at risk despite the sizable military defenses protecting them to greece r.t. since. it's been their secret that from the onset of the euro crisis germany has spearheaded the use austerity drive the original argument was that cuts were necessary and the pain in consequence well next hour here on our team express a different. well actually what's going shall be courting. to this article he was actually quoted caught on tape and he way talking to a portuguese finance minister in which he said to the portuguese minister don't worry we're not going to do this to you this and our treatment of greece is in order to appease our population at home right exactly this is amazing it's coming through now that the policy makers in germany that are applying the scorched earth policy to greece are doing so to appease their local constituents who want blood for some reason they're just bloodthirsty which then brings up all kinds of other
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questions about who is this to germany of old is this to germany we remember from world war wanted to is this the imperial genie out of the bottle once again. well israel wants washington to batter tougher sanctions before its nuclear program reaches what it described as a point of no return it came in response to terror runs demonstration that its atomic project is progressing iran says it's willing to restart nuclear talks with world powers but only after announcing it cannot domestically produced nuclear fuel rods and stick to the centrifuges to enrich uranium it was met with skepticism by the u.s. state department which dishonest claims as hype pace of western economic pressure escalating situation around iran some worried about a military outcome but the from the national iranian american council the use of
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military strike wouldn't wipe out its nuclear capabilities. the real problem here is that there is this escalation towards this military action it's not going to actually take out the nuclear capabilities of iran if israel bombs iran it sets the program back a couple years and then they have to go in and bomb again and then have to go in and bomb again and you just have this cycle really the end of the day in full scale occupation total war there's no clean strike that happens this is if this happens it's the beginning of a long confrontation that really it's going to make you rock in afghanistan look like a cake walk and it's going to plunge us into a very long term military engagement. more on the israeli iran standoff for you when we talk to joe selenski the founder of the trends research institute has a preview of what he has to say the full interview coming up in about fifteen minutes time. if the united states israel. attacks nuclear facilities. it will be as i said
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before the beginning of world war three syria may be the other ear that you into because syria's top ally. iran. and as we have seen from reports that came out really. the united states and the west has been very instrumental in undermining the syrian government even before the latest uprisings have begun. but amnesty international has accused libya's national transitional council of failing to stop human rights abuses he says unaccounted thousands of moghadam supporters are being held without charge and tortured by former rebels since september it's reported at least twelve prisoners have been killed as a result of torture.


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