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then you're supposed to play. the part of the national the supposed national police force and just by the very limited. what you feel that. you have this creation of the federation of the western militias a few days ago one hundred militias in western libya and that really does seem to be a step on the road to the breakup of these two western. american and afghan officials are in secret peace talks with the taliban according to president hamid karzai now again a leader in describing as a breakthrough in attempts to and the war that's dragged on for more than ten years but our military contributor says karzai continues to avoid the real issues standing between afghanistan and prosperity. interview to a wall street journal was the most important public relations event for the president of afghanistan it was rather strange when mr karzai
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during this interview quoted unwittingly the former soviet president governor charles referred to afghanistan as the leading room in full display of correctness mr karzai was carefully spared from answering to most important challenges facing afghanistan right now that is there rampant corruption. that is suffocating the country. and the aggression very. leading factors there precipitated the implosion of ghana's stand from within. healthy shoppers are saying they're buying organic food from russia supermarket shelves may need to think again whether they standards for labeling products buyers often don't know what they are getting but farmers are making
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a change for the better paving the way for russia to become a provider of organic food for the rest of the world that reports. the feast for the eyes but not necessarily for your stomach many would be shocked to find out what exactly makes its way onto our plates. if any people knew what their sausage is made of or how their yogurt was bottled they would be very upset and would stop buying anything at all of the shops. perhaps that's why there is a growing demand among people in russia's main cities products unfortunately for them russian shops have little to offer what is sold is eco and bio friendly is often far from it. my brothers have found a niche in the market thanks to our bad environment and in your fashion for a healthy lifestyle. there are no legal standards also defied labeling schemes for organic produce in russia. so individual farmers define it in their own way but
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it's really on every farmers own conscience. alexander is a computer programmer who turned to working the land would started as a hobby is now a mini industry with several farms in the moscow region covering livestock fish vegetables and he's even aiming for his first harvest of black caviar from sturgeon's he breeds not far away from moscow if you ever only go big business simply can't afford to produce ecologically clean product the years past decides to boost growth and lower the cost of everything i do is pure without a drop of chemicals you need to put this new market in moscow had said and i'm bishes task to offer its customers and unprecedented range of eco. products what started as an attempt to bring organic food to the masses turned out to be almost impossible in reality no russian farmers can produce all this let alone in
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quantities needed for a large city so anything truly eco and bio friendly remains a luxury only a few people in russia can afford despite soaring prices for anything individual farmers find it hard to make their businesses profitable beaten by the supermarkets with their cheap processed food by the psyche founded and online all getting store trying to help some of the pharmacist and at the same time improve the quality of life was conscious customers just like him. initially we simply wanted healthy stuff for our families and friends now we hand pick each person involved in the production of meat or bread that we sell so that we know where the food is coming from and the business is growing but. some go as far as saying russia with its plenty of land could eventually become an organic food basket for the whole world a very few years in one thousand fourteen good heart of the world and we could
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easily get back to the us but the state needs to start investing in agriculture. and while city dwellers are only starting to go back to their roots villages in russia's most organic faraway cool news are probably unaware of the treasures they could offer a russian convoy to be discovered. r.t. scary jhon russia and china anger at a large section of the international community while they jointly vetoed a u.n. security council resolution condemning president ass's regime in syria as just the most recent example the two standing largely on their own in the international arena so our resident in new york laurie harper last went to ask people whether two countries should be feared and why. if you believe the news media you should fear china and russia this week let's talk about why if they wanted to china could wipe out the us in probably three minutes
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but anyone with an atomic bomb could true so why china in particular chinese people are very dangerous one day what has made you think that have you ever been personally threatened by a chinese person no so why do you feel that way. they know kung fu i don't think were in the good of relationship with them so should we fear them is that going to make relations better think we should fear of them i think they should fear us i think there's a legitimate concerns about human rights there and i think tweeted to pay attention to what are their legitimate human rights issues everywhere don't we have them here in the us sure i think a different scale there but yes we do have another places when this there was stuff to find out so well that is the stuff to find out so well that will screw nobody's going to give us someone who would be but we're participating in that why is it their fault because they're acting smartly. it's hard to resist muffed
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last year i was in china i wasn't scared at all so i don't think you'll be doing should be i don't think we should run our country like china or russia but i think there are some ideas and some kind of plans they have that help their economy so maybe we can learn from a that's more amul aiding and looking up to rather than fearing but we're taught to fear them why do you think that is because fear keeps you in control if you are afraid it's easier to be manipulated by somebody telling you to do something rather than questioning what they say everybody is freak scared today because the new then all the media makes people's care then specially in america why china and russia in particular are we made to feel scared because they're very powerful that's what we think ultimately they're going to be a part of the growth picture and they need us as much as we need them so why are people scared of them why are they painted in this more of a picture the unknown it's always the same so maybe we should get to know them to
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be good invite them over for coffee like that whether or not you believe the world should fear china and russia the bottom line to me is the old adage those who live in glass houses should never throw a stone. and later they learn about learn more about the magic of syrup to silly to leave a spectacular shells or qana is currently on in moscow only the second city in the world to welcome the performance and in a few hours or in his interview show spotlight talks to craig cowen the man brought seriously to russia about what the crowds can expect. al you back shortly with update on the headlines.
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that's not on the title of. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. me eve he.
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says. well the mag you're watching argue here is a look at the top stories international powers are in deadlock over syria the u.s. and its allies are piling on the pressure while china combines with russia's push for a negotiated solution by sending a top diplomat to damascus. lobby to hold a referendum on whether russian should be an official language the motion which is likely to fail was put forward by the russian minority which represents a third of the population but complains of state discrimination. and impartiality
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is under scrutiny at a number of schools accused of brainwashing the world values into children they claim to teach multiculturalism but control the curriculum raises questions about how much propaganda is being taught. so they have lines here in our time now for the latest edition. of salute the delicious hello and welcome the must go out show on this week's program will be taking a look at the spectacular selection of new restaurants the hub opened up here in the us. because every scene is seventy rocking here in moscow at the moment. and also the chefs that are here in the city well. guys sorry. i am coming
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from what so let's go. yeah i can help you out i'm kind of ok yes. but i'll do it. by. what you know it's great to have friends all around the world but as for the high end dramatic. sometimes millionaires too much. so my friend will be arriving later tonight and true to the millionaire lifestyle they will expect the best of the best glittering nightclubs designer clothes shops twenty hotels and glorious restaurants. just a five star experience very very well. but it's not just about the russian rich many cultural corners of moscow attracts foreign investors as well as the locally loaded who want to spend spend spend one subject that's attracting attention more than ever before is. the gallery was founded by marina in
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january two thousand and eleven take a look at the weird and wonderful items on display famous oil gas and media moguls spend hundreds of millions each. business in russia to develop people who are doing a lot of money they want. or kind of things like contemporary art market because it's a quite good investment now because. that art market. as well it's a good thing for you can join the pieces here by the strategy of the gallery is to exhibit new names from western europe supporting young russian artists however controversial. the art scene is brewing here in the russian capital with dozens of galleries opening up every year and contemporary art especially being explored and developed more than ever before with new and easy laws on taking pieces out of the country this allows various collectors russian or
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international to take full advantage of the. such a creative process. my friend is going to love it. every year to the millionaire fair. market. on the outskirts of the capital over two hundred companies set up display stands. in everything from. phones to the latest overpriced imported sports cars and there's no shortage of buy here so cheap bargains are hardly on the cards. luckily there's no need to be a millionaire to take a peek at the exclusive goods at the fair because anyone can gain admission. moscow city with its towering skyscrapers is the epitome of economic expansion in
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the largest country on our planet on top of the moscow federation tower is the tallest bar and restaurant in new york. and to discuss the world of millionaires. and those with extravagant appetites let's meet this week's guess. so tell me it seems that. yes absolutely true. because of the new. and new mentality of. ok. it's. now you work for the famous company. and english club which appeared in the markets more than six years ago and we have a lot of individual and corporate clients basically. as
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a concierge what's the strangest request that you've. in their quest to to be invited officially invited by prince charles or by prince william to the vetting of the weather the wedding of the area but the request was not just standing nearby in the georgia nearby the quest was personal for this client and to be among this three hundred guests on this waiting tables. so you can feel that you have. at this moment i think. because originally we can of course now also you know. also americans and other people who are members of. the russian capital as we have. this many people. because of.
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different. things but they ask us to help. organize everything so next time i need a private. person to call. location the location of the god remember which many think the russian capital is saturated with five star hotels and the right but still you can hear every year. on the local cream of the crop. with the opening of the hotel in one hundred seventy three. luxury hotel group. of the asian hotel features three hundred elegant. top notch. you can enjoy the warmth of. the world. fantastic view.
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of the complex elegance in every way i think my guest. will be quite happy with what i can only say that this is the largest suite i've seen in my entire life but alone here in russia four hundred ninety square meters this month. and a half a million rubles per night before tax that's roughly around sixteen thousand dollars whether we're talking about. simply filthy rich i think any multi-millionaire. but enjoy staying here. very nice and regarding those with the cast of the russian capital would be complete without taking a stroll down the beautiful. collection of designer clothes shops has to offer although i one problem no priced my multi millionaire mates no problem. the legendary brands among me are on the officially represented in russia by the
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store named world club as one of the most expensive shopping areas in moscow still caters for the upper market and the marriott hotel guests but it sits alongside of . florence. i think politicians business people bankers the first of all the. there is a very educated. white notion of this i love it i respect. someplace in london eight hundred eighty five turnbull and enjoys a one hundred twenty three year heritage as a gentleman should make. the clothes are designed and created in england using the best techniques the highest quality material and stitching an ideal shopping destination to my arriving guest. chairman to the airport it's one of the main hubs for private jets in moscow. we
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are now in moscow as newest and most modern business innovation terminal for executive travellers we offer a premium class service that can satisfy our clients demands and their privacy while they're out the airport is one of our priorities. as my wealthy friend finally arrives it's clear whether student or millionaire this is a kind of comma date and requests business jets and first class travel is a massively growing industry here in a climate that's all about money money money that's what distinguishes russia's rapidly expanding millionaire class from foreign millionaire as i think the answer is simple they spend a love to show that wealth. for the oligarch class russia is a land of opportunity and today's teacher six skyscrapers love a shopping mall chic restaurants and. bars much part of moscow cityscape as the
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dazzling red square. a party town in every meaning of the words and misunderstood moscow and its retail divorce should be glitzy living and high end restaurants has no sign of slowing down but one thing is for sure mike's traffic and friends will certainly not be disappointed so. shopping hotels like comes restaurant spas check check check check check there we go everybody can be a millionaire here in the us to come until it's just a billionaire as i have to watch out for but fortunately that's not somehow blessing this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for now classically.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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but. it's all designed to keep you closed in your small world as a prison. you know you leave somebody in there for a couple hours like. you have this fear of the unknown and this stress sort of building and. interrogations go on ten twelve hours they chose songs i remember from marilyn manson. blood to kill the enemy goes the war coming up here into iraq to remove the bag. johnny pool of the bodies to the floor which is the rock n roll band who is fitting for the job we're doing.
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international powers are in deadlock over syria the u.s. and its allies are piling on the pressure while china combines with russia's push for a negotiated solution by sending a top diplomat to damascus. holding a referendum on whether russian should be an official language of the motion which is likely to fail was put forward by the russian minority which represents a surge of a population but complains of state discrimination. european impartiality is under scrutiny at a number of schools accused of brainwashing your values into children they claim to teach multiculturalism but tight control of the curriculum raises questions about
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how much propaganda is being taught. as they have eyes here and paul's next sports news. hello and welcome to the world of sport is good to have you company here's what's coming up. golden goose new anji coach guus hiddink describes his role of the big spending club huge and promises to focus on football development in dhaka stuff. dutch courage russian nikolai donna denker returns to winning ways and reaches the semifinals of the world tennis tournament in rotterdam. and driving for success formula one's only russian representative it's all a matter of secures a third season in the sport with the catering to. the fust former russian coach guus hiddink has described his new job russian premier league side as huge the
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sixty five year old dutchman signed an eighteen month deal and has promised to focus on football development in the darkest on region sittings first permanent club position in six years and he signed a contract reportedly worth around twenty million dollars while also becoming the club's vice president hitting says the most significant thing about his new role is that the club are planning on developing the game in dagestan he says that's as important as first team results his first game in charge will be away at the now moscow when the russian premier league season regimes next month. or. elsewhere in football it's f.a. cup fifth round weekend in england chelsea has burning in three or four other games including schools trip to sunderland everton his championship side blackpool knowledge and. bolton are millwall. now into football of a different kind in the season's first beach soccer tournament is under way here in moscow the europe each cup kicked off on friday.


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