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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2012 6:18am-6:48am EST

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of the torture and abuse of the remaining gadhafi supporters of libya's leader of say they are willing to integrate the militias into the security services but jim brann from stop the war coalition believes for no those are just empty words. he of the national transitional council that was the body that was particularly by night during the seven months of bombing what he said in. almost as a new message. he said libya faced the prospect of violent suppression of issues as he said civil war and break up you can hear a lot of pollution in saying no we didn't get rid of gadhafi you know that there's a voice comes across nothing is supposed to integrate militias into the supposed national supposed national police force and just by the very limited newspaper reports you can see that very very few people do and you have this creation of
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a federation of the western machines a few days ago of one hundred militias in the western libya and that really does seem to be a step on the road to the breakup of libya into at least two parts west and east if not more. greece approved a new austerity bill on sunday in return for a second e.u. bailout the cuts were designed to prevent the country from defaulting on its debt although angry greeks worried about their pensions and jobs they responded with more protests on the streets of athens jacob greaves reports. system under siege m.p.'s drowned out the pleas of tens of thousands of demonstrators amassed within a short passing another round of unpopular cuts. the results proved incendiary. uganda protests turned violent as protesters including fringe anarchists clashed with police again leaving their mark on athens. a day on
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this is the remnants of public anger but glass isn't the only thing that's been broken as the government's past increasingly unpopular austerity cuts people being left asking who can they trust serve their interests the measures are very very tough part of the poor people especially and this is the reason that they feel. today i think more measures have been taken and they're not going to work in the end they'll be another bill. and. our our hope for the best but i don't see it coming. under pressure from brussels berlin and the international monetary fund the greek government has cut more jobs and slashed funding for the nation's pensions a minimum wage but current policy appears to mainly expose those most vulnerable to crisis conditions is a mindset some feel is doomed to fail we already have destroyed the whole
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generation of young people in their dreams they will destroy. the sabian infrastructure of the whole country we know that it is impossible to read a piece there that we have now signs that these illegal or old rules we cannot continue like that because the policy that the government is following actually increases they did instead of finding the solution at the heart of activists claims is their search and that they've known as their. he for the best part of five years now and the time taxes have risen incomes have fallen but the country's deficit only seems to grow and in this austerity cycle is something sought by an increasing number despite the turmoil the governor wallace will follow but what is about our political system is the work of the right exactly even more. by these
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third or four. years they are going to come the only way out of this point is that before the fall there's going to be very tough for us but there's going to be a better solution of the slow death from now relative calm has returned to the streets of athens smashed buildings have been patched up the signs of damage swept away but the simmering discontent hasn't been a mass force medicine appears to bring nothing but pain many are continuing their call for target of treatment aggrieved party athens some other world news and briefly this hour a suicide car bomb has killed sixteen people and injured eighteen in the iraqi capital baghdad the blast occurred at a checkpoint near a police training academy in the northeastern part of the city a source at the scene said several nearby cars were set ablaze by the explosion. to honduras now where a fire in the main market district in the capital injured at least eleven people
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and destroyed eighteen hundred stalls several blocks were engulfed in flames sending a thick plumes of black smoke over the city much of the market area was outdoors reducing the possibility of people trapped in blazing buildings it comes as funerals were held following one of the worst prison fires on record which left three hundred fifty people dead in the honduras many victims burned alive in their cells. and the familiar sound of carneval is in the air in rio de janeiro for the traditional blackball rain it's the day a legendary samba troupe which has been performing for ninety four years gathers people this year over two million of them to down staring and sing until morning three parties take place in nearly every part of the city which is home to six million people a five day carneval and it's on ash wednesday. and just two weeks russians will vote for a new president the candidates are doing all they can to woo the electorate from
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intense debates to controversial t.v. adverts artie's diary push poll but takes a closer look at the tools contenders are using to win support. we watched this is the video that schools would most often draws so far in the presidential campaigns underway in russia and it's one of the candidates version of steve famous for his showmanship and occasional fistfights goes hello paul an experience claims mcgann other times when russia's symbol was a traditional troika with three day horses and jingle bells the siege little mantra donkey has become a symbol of our country the whole country has come to a standstill like percent of us with less than a month to go the five counties have plastered the streets with election posters and desolate views with t.v. promos heated discussions on television and radio and the internet has become part of everyday life. i don't course in the race billionaire businessman mikhail prokhorov promises their arrival of a new russia with a new president known for his height riches and playboy past he's the only new face
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on russia's political scene formally editorials party animal his reputation was once dented by an international sex scandal which has come back to haunt him on the web we are vegeta helping us with all our body and soul as for the elections will win them anyway you can buy anything so you can buy your victory to the remaining candidates are a familiar crowd to go to is the unchanging leader of the communist party good ideas are going to present a fresh image with a campaign featuring a mix of faces from the past as well as the present while his rival for the just russia party to still be in it on the streets trying to attract the older generation the only clear favorite in the race prime minister vladimir putin has refrained from getting involved in the campaign directly he has controversially refused to take part in any t.v. debates sending his representatives instead and his promises never show his face.
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on the street politics there are only talk either big meeting. either prop or tin or against porter so if you when he doesn't go to television when he's part of st politics when he's a part of television coverage oh he's job as prime minister he is there is the only one let's say the only can do that with so many resources so much media attention i think that he wants to show that he's the only real candidate to precisely by not going there and according to the latest opinion polls the level of support keeps on growing across the country despite the wave of opposition protests i think that process tend to mobilize his core electorate because when. people like right wing politic politician brought her up are saying that you know
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the social benefits from the cut that factories that are inefficient because that stage would not interfere so much i think that the message that people gather cross russia is that like we should keep election day may only be around the corner but this still plenty of time for the other four would be presidents to try and chip away at this current lead and while some voters rely on traditional t.v. campaigning others are turning to the internet for some comic relief thanks and call himself believe john bonhomme of supposedly. has recently become an online sensation with a song praising the virtues of the prime minister. beat by putin's initials. by gallup. and while the jury's out on whether it's propaganda or clever aimed at discrediting putin the electoral campaign rolls on with more surprises likely along
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the way. kerry pushed over party school. now they match shortly with the headline stay with our team.
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half past the hour you're with r t a planet week's top stories the syrian government feels the squeeze internationally and from within as it struggles to crush what it calls a foreign funded insurgency while promising to usher in democratic reform russia and china are pushing for a diplomatic solution while violence rages on across syria. israel accuses iran of targeting its diplomats in a series of explosions in thailand india and georgia this week fiercely denies
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being behind the attacks but israel wants more international sanctions against it and its nuclear program. passed new austerity measures causing more protests in athens from angry workers worried about further cuts to wages and pensions demonstrators say the budget slashes will damage the country's economy well into the future. and just two weeks before russia goes to the polls to elect a new president the candidates are using all the tools available to move voters and maximum support they're turning to head to head t.v. debates and controversial advertising to get their messages across. up next we take you on a trip to the republic of my eight hundred kilometers east of moscow a place where an ancient traditions live on today.
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this is how people of many ethnic groups prayed in ancient times what are you. today this is the sort of worship that can only be found in this russian region. verger whatever they were not allowed to worship in soviet times people like us who did were put on trial we hope open our prayers will avert floods quakes and manmade disasters or. services like the use a rooted in ancient history these words were first spoken nearly a thousand years ago but the worship is gathering here now a thought to be europe's lost pagans. are not online or in.
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often his family are about to set out on a journey one that's been a thousand years in the making. many others living in this republic will do the same just as their ancestors have done over the centuries. yevgeny and his wife vera live in a small village called if. it's in the public about eight hundred kilometers east of moscow. i. was. the most live in russia and there are a finnish. there are two main groups highlanders and lo and us was i. believe they belong to the same ethnic group
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they speak different languages and live in different regions of the accompli. these people spend most of their lives behind desks in the city. the monotony is too much and they decide to take a trip to get away from it all and dozens of like minded folk find one another through an internet site calling themselves the rumors that explore their land and study its history. this eventually will take the traveling local historians to the most mysterious places in the valley el republic. historian. joins the nomads on the freeway as they leave the city he's promised to show them the most fascinating routes on the map. hello i haven't seen you for ages where did you bring this cold from it was minus one celsius yesterday and now it's minus a team could you please show us our route. we go
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here and then we will stop a few times then we have to go off the road here because it means there's a fork in. your so extreme coming here in such cold weather. now we're going to try to reach the most interesting places our chief destination is the top most point of marielle where we will look for cousins and cars caves. the republic's highest point is mount. only a few people have succeeded in reaching its peak it saw that this mountain often leads people astray during this expedition three vehicles lost their way the drivers went missing and the walkie talkies weren't working. people often get lost in this area they just lose their bearings there is something odd going on when we can't establish contact with one another either by phone or
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walkie talkie. however all the explorers eventually reunite. according to them in marielle is considered a zone of abnormal activity local people often see unidentified flying objects here at the corner of mario is at the altar two hundred eighty four meters above sea level is the true apex of the more he wore a large sum of medicine for you'll be surrounding lance to. hold him or her hold on it was only eve of the old mary press service vera and you. visit. the capital of mary l. the convention of some musicians they sing merry folk songs to entertain and residents with their traditional melodies centuries ago. was
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a fortress now it's an old tell but large scale development has recently begun. a large swamp has been replaced with an embankment buildings looking like castles complete with towers and ramparts sprang up here just a short time ago with us. this is a kind of renai sorts. maryse. this place is incorporated many aspects of venice. and here we see a northern influence with danish and dutch elements. similar buildings went up in the mary ellen republic quite a long time ago one example is a magnificent old castle standing on the banks of the volga two hundred kilometers from your. it was built amidst a thick forest by russian eristic rats of the share of much of that. was that the
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council was built not only by russian masters but also by foreign ones but it being made to land the style to the castle. here you can see the rock is then time and drama. as well as an altar russian style there. in soviet times the castle was turned into a holiday resort but tourists were apprehensive about the building local people spoke of ghostly inhabitants who they believed to be the castles guardians. today the castle is as imposing as it ever was the message of doors leading into hollow rooms still produce a sinister creak. but there are ghosts in all castle. we hear the door screw keen as they move from room
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to room. but they don't bother us we share a common ground and get along with them quite well. in the village of where you have jenny and there recommend she coughs live everybody is getting ready for the old marie press office. cleans his body and above else before facing one of the most important events in his life that's daybreak he will take part in one of the most pain shouldn't of sacred rights for the marri people. to moral take a candle to the secret group the mr weeks were such candles are made of him candles bought from shops are no good for this purpose they should be homemade. the candle symbolizes the link between me and god it will take my prayer to him.
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and your is mighty is your for giving a mother a blessing in her son's life giving god is interesting. and the future unlike christians who pray in church these worshipers go to a grove where they seek communion with nature but before setting else they say a brief prayer and. everybody coming to the grove brings domestic waterfowl with them they serve as food for both the gods and the people who have given it to mention the office decided to sacrifice the fattest divorce in his household if the maori regard geese and ducks as symbols of harmony between three basic elements these creatures walk on earth swim in water and fly through the air. down.
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here eight hundred animals were sacrificed here including a blue car and around as well as nice and ducks. one woman from the romas team has a good knowledge of the areas and she provides a running commentary for them that said at the prince services taking place near the five sacred trees each tree is dedicated to a particular diety. everyone carefully follows the guides words as they take in the sights along the way because it was clear road to ground was on the left hand side people praying the sacred place as soon as we get to the religious time that. the special day that the committee of couple has been looking forward to as arrived at last. vera and you have jedi have reached the sacred grove situated
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a hundred kilometers from. they thought was a fellow to sacrifice birds have also been brought by mary from all over the republic also there to watch the press to their gods. at first the grove resonates with goose hoax soon after their only the echoes of priestly prayers and . these pagan priests know how to communicate with the gods people praying in a grove of lost amidst pines and birches have strong beliefs in the forces of nature they insist on their faith it is the world's oldest. people come with what we call sacrificial waterfowl just bring our desires he's in grievances along too close i discuss their problems with the priest. and
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communicate by means of this tree of the world we pass their requests and wishes on that this table are. enormous pot suspended if a bone finds that the lips side by side with the old sets there used to make porridge and just ceremonial meats broth. take a look at the doc's undies aboard and here. they break up the. chunks and tossed the pieces into the fire the bread and cheese have been brought to by washed. this is help people in russia worship before the arrival of christianity the maori have prayed the same way to their gods for several millennia. old these people are offering prayers to many gods which is five spoiled to being set aside for bonfires in this group for example. in this one they pray to the god showed she love.
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they were asking for his grace in childbirth and happiness. i don't. think. the skin my bones on the organs of the birds are criminy to in the bond funds it's forbidden to take any leftovers from the sacrificial offerings from the groet.
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wealthy british style. that's not on the tireless money. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r g. for.
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each. district in the south west of madill is full of historic sites and rich and legends but the shortest road then ends on the shore of the volga the great russian river from here affair is needed local pigeons have even memorised the boats. there's a flux of regularly hitches a ride from one shore of the volga to the other. i
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am. i am. was. was. people here take pride in the fact that local women learn to play the flute from a young age it's a very ancient and traditional musical instrument in the old days it strings were made from. locals insist that ghostly music reveals the food character of the people on the. plane has been handed down from generation to generation you know that there are very many music players here this place that.


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