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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2012 7:18am-7:48am EST

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it says it has been planned in some ways to come to the scene as being a little slow as the market was rolling to the new demands all of the population and potentially these obstacles that can be seen in some ways as a response to that certainly is the prime minister laying out what he sees as the siege of the country in the next decade oh say and you can read plugged into putin's article in full on our website r.t. dot com while you're there check out some other news we've lined up for you slipping into. u.s. presidential candidate ron paul warned us america is armed and dangerous a powerful weapons broken government controlled by corporate giants. and high tech stun cannons on guard at russian ports the country is planning to buy the state of the our weapons to fight underwater terrorists all the details are to dot com.
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it's easy to. download the official ulti obligation to your own phone called talk from the. lawyers on the go. video on demand all keys my old girls. and streets now in the palm of your. on the dot com. now to some other news stories from around the world south korea also held live fire military drills on islands near its disputed maritime border
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with the north despite the threats of retaliation from the country does not appear to have reacted so far in two thousand and ten north korea responded to similar drills from its neighbor with an artillery attack that killed four people and raised fears of water conflict but tension comes two months after the death of north korean leader kim jong il. riots in senegal have been have intensified days before the country's actual presidential vote traders set cars barricaded roads as police fired tear gas rubber ball at least six people have died in the violence since the unrest started last month protesters demand president. withdrawals his bid for a third term in office as it contradicts the constitution he says the decision not apply to him as the term limit was put in place while he was in office. talking
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past and former east german human rights activists who looks to him to be germany's next president he has the backing of chancellor angela merkel and all political parties as replacement for question wolf who was forced to quit last week over corruption allegations merkel had opposed to bid for the presidency in two thousand and ten in favor of wealth. is senior pakistani cleric with ties to the taliban in afghanistan says president homemade karzai has asked him to help mediate talks with insurgents karzai is trying to contact the taliban in the neighboring country but his efforts to secure the help of pakistan civilian and military leaders have apparently failed so far archie's military contributors says it's washington that should be negotiating with islam a bot. one of the main challenges for the afghan president during his visit to pakistan was how to persuade the pakistani military and civilian leadership
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to mend their ways and to sue poort the negotiation process between the united states government and the taliban however despite their best intentions in kabul and washington d.c. the whole formit of negotiating with taliban was doomed from the beginning to do the right thing the right way the united states has to told directly to islamabad and only after this successful completion of this negotiation only if then they have a chance to competition and a positive development in written in stone peace and security both you know afghanistan and across the border and a little later we'll be joining our intrepid explorer james brown as he goes native
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while traveling across russia. well let's. just. the latest edition of discovering russia is coming your way and just over an hour's time next though it's the business update with dmitri.
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thanks carol well prices have jumped to the highest levels in nine months of the iran halted crude exports to the u.k. and france on sunday the move follows the european union's decision to stop buying arabian oil starting in july the west hopes to persuade iran to curb its nuclear program brant is currently trading at almost one hundred and twenty one dollars per barrel have to gains for the w t i two which is currently trading at just over one hundred five dollars per barrel experts however don't expect crude prices to climb much higher as they say arabian risks for the most part have already been price doing despite a surgeon prices analysts say iran's decision is more of a symbolic act because neither britain or france relies on radiant oil well tehran is dependent on revenues from selling crude to the block. meanwhile iran is turning
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to barter as it offers gold and oil in return for food comic sanctions by the united states and europe make it difficult for rounds of pay for imports in euro's and dollars reining in traders are in talks with russia over using rubles to pay for grain over the past two weeks around bought more than one million tons of grain from russia and that's a significant increase on last. second look at the financial markets europe is pretty upbeat in the year for our trade london's footsie is waters of a percent in the black germany's dax is one point two percent. in russia the markets are also in the black this would be r.t.s. gaining more than one percent of my sex more than half of the sentence now let's take a look at the main movers on the miser xander g mages are gaining momentum thanks to crude prices gazprom is up four point six percent this financial stocks are also
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strong as burbank continuing its impressive climb we've been seeing the past two weeks is up another point eight percent and russia's biggest. be a brew a bowl ticket is among the main game is that's all news its parent company calls will buy the remaining twenty percent stake in both with a green. now to currencies so we are seeing the strengthening of the euro versus the dollar that's on hopes that the european leaders would sign off on greece's a second bailout package and on china's one treaty zing over the weekend the ruble is strengthening versus the dollar but we think slightly versus the year foreign investors are eyeing russia's regions that's according to keel dmitry of the head of the country's investment fund speaking at an economic forum in siberia told business out say about the main attractions for foreign money in russia as a response of the interest of logistics area that's very important there is quite
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a bit of interest in the infrastructure and those are very specific projects so for example airport infrastructure is very interesting and with careful now a trip to fall into which is one of the largest investors in airports worldwide we tailor investments and we invest with those investors into areas in the industries agenda stand well and therefore they can do a good analysis of the project and their value to it going forward cash strapped ukraine may get yet another discount for russian gas the energy ministry in moscow is calling for a resumption of negotiations that follows a decision by gas probably week to cut prices for european customers by ten percent now much from u.b.s. believes the russian gas monopoly will have to offer more concessions if it wants to remain competitive. insulated the ball you season because you have thought somehow. sustain your market share in the environment where are your cycling
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and he said don't you cheaper and more flexible as you can provide so then you should sub the out of the situation so you spent the sin of it just covers the pretty percent of the total exports i get from your the question was eighty percent that you made so then potentially this ten percent is what gets done with you to provide to put you to get a better way to other customers for the biggest cost of our business as he will be back in fifty five minutes time with an update the headlines are next with karen to stay with us.
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guitar sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture. of submission and free accreditation free in-store judges free. arrangement free. three stooges free. download free blog just plug in video for your media projects and free medio dog
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r.t. dot com. culture is that so much i am going which of course you might want to come dance again today in the trials and tribulations of the middle class long considered the color of the west political and economic border is now the victim of a long term. thanks for joining us and if you're just tuning in here's a quick recap of what's going on. around the world chinese state media says the u.s. and nato countries support of syria's opposition fighters is driving the nation into an all out civil war beijing and moscow are calling for a political settlement in the country with a top chinese diplomat recently visiting damascus. greece's creditors to pay whether it will sink or swim as they decide on the next one hundred thirty billion
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euro bailout athens has met all demands to secure it as the population rages against new cars. and london and washington warning israel against attacking your own screenplay or find urging for time to let sanctions to their job currently being visited by u.n. inspectors insists its atomic program isn't peaceful. the group of twenty major economies meet this weekend in mexico to lay the groundwork for the g twenty summit later this year the forum will focus on the social and political dimensions of the economic crisis and up next we talked to the russian finance minister who want of about what twenty twelve has in store. especially about the missile and if welcome to our program now and number of world leaders including the russian president how one of the possible global recession
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how likely do you thin this is. this is indeed global recession is possible to a large extent it will be decided by the kind of decision making euro zone countries and other countries caught in the debt crisis are making the priority issue for europe and the eurozone is how financial markets and institutions function today european countries are taking a number of steps to provide banks and financial companies with liquidity so they can settle accounts and lend to the economy driving the economy forward rather than allowing it fall back into recession certainly one of the key points of tension in the eurozone is to what extent countries such as greece will implemented reforms to normalize their budgetary and financial situation the e.u. has macro economic well being depends on the success of these steps budgetary first of all there was no. how susceptible is the russian economy to the developing global crisis and problems in europe in particular. we live in one space
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therefore many of our companies are export oriented any reduction in europe's economic growth rate or in european demand can have a negative impact on the growth rate of the russian economy exports would slow down and perhaps even prices for all resources would drop due to lower demand in the euro zone consequently russia's export potential would drop which in turn could slow russia's economic growth rate and cause tax revenues to drop it's obviously of concern of us we're monitoring the global economic situation very carefully and we're preparing for various scenarios we do have the ability to cope with a downturn we have the reserve fund and on. distributed funds in the federal budget which we can redeploy as anti crisis measures should the russian economy declines we also have the guarantee fund we've made allowances in the budget to use it for supporting strategic industries therefore we've got the right tools just in case but hopefully we won't have to use them what they view as being more active and
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balancing its budget doesn't stand pose a threat to the stability of the world's financial system in your opinion. of course america's debt now exceeds one hundred percent of its g.d.p. so now all countries whose debt exceeds mastic criteria should start thinking about cutting deficit and debt levels sure deficit cutting may lead to a situation where states cut spending this will depress demand and the slow down the economic growth it is vital those states carry out structural reforms so the consolidation does not negatively affect growth otherwise there is a risk of an uncontrolled downward spiral when spending cuts lead to a slump in growth which leads to reduced income which in turn means less spending the challenge now is that countries with high levels of debt take a consolidated position on ways of getting out of this situation this is going to be on the agenda at this weekend's g twenty finance ministers meeting in mexico.
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what should be done about the access dollars that have accumulated in the global economy. indeed it's spread all over the world because most countries keep their gold in currency reserves in bonds and equities are reliable states in fact the usa is one of those with a high rating russia to keep some of its reserves in american assets but america is running certain risks on its long term stability and security. we will look however at how they approach implementing a whole set of proposals to the u.s. congress on balancing the budget we hope to see such measures implemented and the risks we are talking about reduced. or take within that russia's accession to the w t l is a well timed and especially now in a time of crisis how will it affect the financial services sector and what's going to happen to banks. in fact we can even say now that russia has practically
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entered the w t o because we observe most of the w t o imposed restrictions we hope to gain some benefits and advantages from our w t o entry in order to increase competition and make it possible to protect our goods in western markets within the w t o framework that is why our companies have already incurred the expenses linked to w t o entry now we are waiting to see the accessions positive impact on russia's economy or what are your forecasts for the g.d.p. growth this year and inflation. we hope inflation this year will be lower than in two thousand and eleven at least the first weeks of two thousand and twelve indicate the inflation rate is much lower than last year however we've postponed raising tyrus for housing and utilities as the services of other natural monopolies to july first this year so this year the inflation rate will go up slightly but this will happen a bit later than last year as for economic growth we expect the economy to grow at a rate of about three point six to four percent we hope that the global situation
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will contribute to us failing to fulfill our forecasts there the basis for our budget and any did line in economic growth rates also decreases the inflow of taxes we stands to lose approximately one hundred fifty billion rubles even if the growth rate drops by just one percent that is why it's vitally important for us today we are talking about the need for structural reform that would make our economy more attractive to business growth is above all stimulated by investment and investment always comes where economic policy is clear and where investors feel comfortable that now you have just mentioned and that's meant but what are your forecasts for capital flight from russia this year which seems russia is so huge capital flight worth eighty four billion dollars last year really it used to be a trend in many developing economies i think that in conditions where liquidity has started to appear in west european countries. and the european central bank has started injecting funds into the banking system the question of capital flight that
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took place last year will be less thorny for russia this year. and. how much of the state budget will come from oil and gas revenue to the weather. and gas revenues accounted for almost half of all federal budget revenues last year this year we initially planned a smaller share about forty five percent of budget revenues will come from oil and gas but in view of the fact that oil prices are still strong we cannot rule out that these revenues may be higher than predicted our task is to prevent these market determined prices from provoking a rise in public spending because all these prices are market determined and we cannot allow the market to determine our budget expenditure in our view these bones should be channeled into our reserve funds so they can be used in case the foreign economic situation gets worse today it's variable but tomorrow it may get worse. and my last question is about europe what measures should you have take to overcome the crisis austerity measures could undermine demand and that would make it
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impossible to relaunch the greek economy how can russia protect itself or europe or . europe simply needs a clear and coherent stance on questions related to the financial sector if european countries especially greece faces certain problems because of the absence of this clear cut stance on funding and provision of liquidity it makes the market distrust the confidence of the european authorities if you're asking how russia is going to participate in all this a regular g twenty meeting will consider how to increase the international monetary fund's resources if we manage to increase the money behind the i.m.f. to six hundred billion dollars some of it will be spent supporting individual european countries and it should help further stabilize the euro zone let's hope the g twenty meeting will agree to provide extra money for the i.m.f. in this context russia will contribute additional resources necessary. thank you very much you're welcome.
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i. think. it's all designed to keep you close in your own small world as a prison. you know you leave somebody in there for a couple hours like that in a stress positions. you have this fear of the unknown in this stress sort of building and. i've seen interrogations go on ten twelve hours they chose songs i remember from marilyn manson the current slayer the two songs would be angel of death and raining blood to kill the enemy going through war coming up here into iraq into baghdad. charlie poole of the body sort of for just the rock n roll
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band it was fitting for the job we were doing. the lead.
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wealthy british style homes that's not on the title of. markets why not i'm going to find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. me is eve. to. download the official altie application to go on the phone all i pod touch from the i choose ops to. launch all cheesed life on the go. video on demand oddities in life old costs and already says feeds now in the palm of your. question on all t.v.
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dot com. lines russia soon which brightened. about song from phones to impressions. whose friends don't talk teen dot com.
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chinese state media says the u.s. or nato countries a sport of syria's opposition fighters is driving the nation into an all out civil war beijing and moscow are calling for a political settlement in the country with a top chinese diplomat recently visiting to moscow from greece's creditors debate whether it will sink or swim as they decide on the next one hundred thirty billion euro bailout athens has meant all demands to security as the population rages against new cuts. from london and washington morning israel against attacking iran's nuclear sites urging for time to let sanctions do their job currently being
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visited by u.n. inspectors insist it's atomic program is peaceful now the sports update with dimitri. hello there welcome to the sports good company again and all the same. questions to be answered german police want to speak to british books a day's pay following saturday's brawl with zorra location is still unknown. seventy eight to be three title world number three roger federer wins the world ton amount in water down by beating del potro in straight sets. and goals below the. possible on the threshold in this punish la liga five one and he's falls three four
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times. so the so boxing german police want to question after his brawl with jericho in munich on saturday the incident occurred during the aftermath of points defeat to double b.c. heavyweight world champ and vitali klitschko pay him to write to the press conference and a war of words. between the two boxers police detained for questioning as he tried to leave the country on sunday places charges but has been allowed. to speak to hay whose whereabouts those still unknown. were. known to. a surprise drop in the fifth round of the english f.a. cup on sunday league one side dunning every player at white hart lane following a goal is draw.


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