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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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students in spain are again uniting in anger at education cuts defiance of heavy handed police tactics in earlier rallies. plus more u.s. officers are killed in afghanistan amid a fifth day of violent riots in protest of the burning of the qur'an that american military base. how are you watching r t with me kevin though in this saturday evening in moscow it's no nine pm here in the top story seventy countries led by the united states are united in their efforts against the syrian government by agreeing to step up sanctions the so-called friends of syria group also shunned supporters of president assad who weren't invited to the meeting in choosier and that's indeed one of the reasons that russia refused to attend saying it cannot support a one sided approach to the crisis moscow wants
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a peace deal that would involve both damascus and the opposition with no foreign pressure applied fighting between rebel forces and government troops is apparently escalating ahead of sunday's breakthrough poll in the country are his roof an option has got the latest for you from syria. preparations for a national referendum are in full swing here in damascus on sunday people are expected to vote on the country's new constitution posters and banners calling on them to come and cast ballots out river where here in the capital and as far as the information minister has said for the first time it only invites people to come and vote without urging them to vote in a particular way the draft of the proposed constitution has been made public days before the referendum itself they have been many public debates on that open for everybody there have been debates on t.v. and internet as well and hundreds of copies of the new constitution have been distributed among people to let them know what are the changes actually in this to document it. include fourteen new and forty seven amended articles and one of the
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main changes is in the article number eight it actually ends at almost almost fifty alone single party rule here in syria proclaiming that now political system here in the country is based on pluralism and multi-party system is promoted the article number eighty eight is also very important is that the president of the country could only be elected for two seven here terms but in another article it's emphasize that it will only come into force after the next elections for they had of the countries set for two thousand and fourteen it's managed to meet the majority of democratic demands of the people of syria because the opposition has already called the vote could they vote and to go on strike violence has continued in the country in clashes between the opposition and the authorities still taking place in several parts across the country here into moscow's with we've been
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hearing several warnings not to go to polling stations because there could be explosions and bombings and terror attacks there the interior minister has said that fourteen thousand polling stations have been set up for this referendum and about fifteen million people have the right to come and vote but it's very hard right now to predict how many will actually come. a correspondent in damascus and there's more in solving syria in just a few minutes in the program as well as moscow says it stands firm over how to tackle the russian prime minister hitting out at america's position on the crisis and does the same to override a missile defense got more details and all that just ahead. talking about iran questions remain over iran's nuclear program after the u.n. atomic officials said to run has failed to cooperate with them the international community is suspecting the around is building a nuclear bomb bird iran insists it's only seeking peaceful atomic energy the u.s.
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and its allies have been imposing tough economic sanctions while israel's even threatened military action against iran's nuclear sites but it's being reported that america's intelligence community now has got though it's about the nuclear allegations try and get some more thoughts on all this and talk to middle east consultant peter read for someone birmingham england peter very good evening from moscow the u.n. nuclear agency says iran stepped up in richmond there how does that sit with the other leaked report we've been hearing the los angeles times where intelligence agencies say they don't think a bomb is being built. i personally don't think there is any intention by around to go down that particular road what you have to understand is this standoff with syria iran and all the rest of the middle eastern concerns is basically a geo political plan for regime change we saw it in libya we're now seeing it in syria and the same exercise in the round there's clearly an east overtone in the
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israeli overtone on the way politics is run in the west because they dictate the ground rules they provide the finances and so the politicians do what they ask for the other issue areas there's definitely a muslim standoff between shiite and sunni and sunni of course saudi and all the other countries are definitely against the shiite we see this in bahrain where the majority of the population is shiite but they have no voice at all in politics they talk about democracy in egypt but we still don't have democracy in egypt because israel and the u.s. and the u.k. are to make sure that there is a sort of a western friendly government in power and so the military still control egypt that is not democracy there is no democracy in bahrain syria is a duplication of libya there's no question about that it is a force regime change and nothing else but kerry i'm sorry let's focus back here on
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iraq up until last august at least i spoke to president. personally we did an interview with him and he said that as far as he was concerned he was happy that atomic officials were given the access they needed that was his side of it that's that's that's what he told us. now you want to make official saying iran is refusing to cooperate with them during the last two visits in recent months and so therefore i can't provide assurances that there are no nuclear weapons there do you think iran could be doing a better p.r. job if you like you think it should be more transparent i it's not helping its cause here. i don't think it's necessary for a country to be so co-operative to this the powers that be that are against them. i would ask the question why would israel subject itself to the same interrogation we already know the answer to that so what is the difference between the. status of israel compared to the status of iran as far as i'm concerned old nuclear weapons
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are deterrents have never been used i don't think there is a threat by them the n.p.t. is a complete waste of time america violated the u.k. violate it israel definitely violates it why all the pressure on iran they tried to do this in pakistan when they went nuclear they tried to do that is the same in india to me iran should be capable of doing what it wants to do itself and for its own defense. and that there is no risk whatsoever from the rand or from the islamic movement i hear what you say but also i guess the u.s. and the e.u. have already been stopping sanctions on iran's economy over its nuclear program do you think now we're going to see more after this statement. yes yes i'm sure and i think the biggest issue what i see coming out of this is we've seen so many times we're going to see a significant incident take place which we all know is referred to as
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a false flag and this incident will be the justification to presumably take up arms against the rams what i do want to emphasize is that there is talk of that israel could carried out the first strike militarily speaking and have been worked in nato in the intelligence etc i can assure you that israel does not have the capability to carry out such a strike and it certainly doesn't have the weapons or the aircraft to carry the weapons to do the job so if israel does attack it will be our joint venture with the with america with the u.k. and with france exactly the same scenario as we've seen in libya peter very good to get your of for an opinion tonight peter a middle east consultant on the line live from birmingham here in r.t. it's pretty shit. thank you there now. the developing story tonight crowds students inspire you turning out once again in valencia tonight against planned education cuts you may recall earlier this week the police were accused of
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heavy handed tactics when similar demonstrations and it in clashes our correspondent sara firth is in the east coast city now live to see what's going on sarah hoye what's got the students so riled up again remind us. what we know the problems that face every day students lack of money this competition for jobs adds to that spain has the highest unemployment in europe footie nine percent the sixteen to twenty four year olds unemployed in the country and factor in that they just had recent spending cuts that is affected education in fact so badly some of these students have come to the streets say they haven't even got basic heating in the coliseum said well this is the result really thousands and thousands of people already out on the streets for to protest and more just joining all the time you can see some of them that goes right the way along the main high street here in the city of valencia now some of the signs reading and now students
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have batted enough in reference to the protests we saw at the beginning of the week where the police were condemned for their actions which were seen as being excessively violent scenes of than chasing and hitting some of the protesters spoke very fierce reaction from a lot of the public and a lot of anger his still about these actions now actually at the moment we haven't seen such a heavy police presence as we said huge number of people joining in this protest and a lot of anger and of course this part of the why did demonstrations we've seen happening in recent days as the all start images that have been voted by the new government have provoked this angry reaction. unemployment among the worst. spain stirring another recession in the phrase what's the government doing about it. we're remembering a still a relatively new government it's only been for
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a couple of months and this is really the first wave of protests that they've experienced now they've pulled since the recent labor reforms and that's been a real sticking point amongst the population here mainly because in the short term it's thought that that is actually going to increase unemployment now again some of these figures earlier the population as a whole over twenty two percent of them now unemployed at forty nine percent i mean already very high figures and then you're telling people that the unemployment is going to get even worse the government's message is that it needs to happen and things are going to seem to be worse before they can then get better but of course that message doesn't reassure these people as he said we're speaking to some of the students here and they're explaining just what the situation is like now interesting lee in valencia although you've had new government come in at the central government in spain the local government in valencia is actually the same government and has been for a number of years a conservative government here so the people in power at the moment in valencia in
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the local government are some of the politicians who made a lot of the decisions that have been heavily criticized by the people here these guys are still in power and so lot of people saying well hold on a minute you know trying to find solutions to a problem the u.s. really created this isn't particularly new it's being dubbed the valencian spring perhaps not an original name but this is the problem of course we've seen affect countries throughout the year you say in spain the most recent country to see thousands of people taking to the streets without austerity and so first reporting from berlin seriousness thanks ever so much. let's focus in on the other side of the mediterranean look at greece also going through in there later tonight we asked just how much people around the rest of the world are willing to help. you know as long as that other european countries the ok with that basically. i mean they were tallied up enough times it is about having
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a bailout and other countries say artie's resident new yorker gauge his opinion on whether billions can ever stop the wrong. here presidential front one of the dream of putin's reaffirmed russia's position on syria insisting moscow will not bow to any western pressure the premier said the kremlin will plow on seeking a balanced solution involving all sides in syria but it's not the only issue over which russia is prepared to low corners with the u.s. either as artist peter oliver explains. he was really addressing his standpoint on key foreign policy issues of course that election for president is coming up in just over a week's time and he was saying basically where he stands now with regards to syria he said that russia would not play along with anybody that they wouldn't just follow along with the herd when it came to opinion on the ongoing crisis in syria but it wasn't the only issue vladimir putin was addressing for a little while now the major fly in the argument between relations between moscow
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and washington has been the united states proposed missile defense shield in eastern europe now to me a puritan very strong words for him from the prime minister here saying that the united states needs to realize that russia had the strength that they are the united states should be looking for a more constructive approach to finding a solution to the current impasse iran was also on the lips of the prime minister vladimir putin saying this the allegations that iran was developing nuclear weapons was being used as an excuse to try and initiate regime change in the country and that russia's relationship with iran was different from other countries and so this is really just over a week before the elections now let me approve an outlying his stance on those key foreign policy issues. are all over in moscow for us two u.s. military officers have been shot dead at the afghanistan interior ministry in kabul amid a fifth day now of nationwide anti american protests nato is ordering all its personnel
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to leave afghan ministries to avoid further attacks dozens of people are being killed and wounded in clashes during the week which was sparked when burned copies of the qur'an discovered at the u.s. airbase washington admitted a mistake had been made with both the white house and nato officials apologizing to kabul. director neighboring pakistan says he thinks the u.s. led alliance will be hard pressed to restore its reputation after this. in the decade that the u.s. military has been in the but it's time for the first time and even in smaller places and provinces and towns wherever there is a u.s. presence ordinary afghans are laying siege to these places until now the americans were facing the various insurgency resistance groups the up gun taliban but now after this incident we're seeing the ordinary of first pitched against the u.s. will be present but also u.s. trained police men and he was training soldiers now an ordinary american working you know what it's done today he doesn't know whether he should expect
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a bullet from afghan taliban and al gun policeman or not gun soldier and then he might have trained earlier even after ten years it seems the americans don't know who they're dealing with they don't know the get on very well the u.s. military are increasingly treated into what i would call anti islamism they're constantly sort of indoctrinated into into into treating islam disrespectfully i sailed to see how the u.s. military personnel and the of the east end of gun or army personnel would be able to restore the level of trust that existed let's say five days or six days ago. this is a seat on the way tonight with me kevin i was making a buck by ramping up the face of. ita ignorance. most people don't understand the problems with computer and data security people in
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washington don't understand it specifically most people in congress don't understand therefore the quote unquote beltway bandits position is to create the problem to state the problem. more that surely more world news right now in brief bomb attack on the presidential palace in southern yemen has killed at least twenty six people the country's new leader president hadi was a sworn into office self to being the only count. did in the running how he was vice president on the ali abdullah saleh to step down after thirty three years ending months of violent protest is the fourth arab leader to be pushed from office by the arab spring. a corruption case against former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi's been thrown out because too much time with him before the action was brought but a scone he was accused of bribing his u.k. lawyer to lie in court to protect his business interests back in the one nine hundred ninety s. he denied any wrongdoing claiming it's a smear campaign but a scone he's being tried separately over tax fraud and sex with an underage
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prostitute that an attack on a police headquarters in the nigerian town of god has left twelve dead and five others wounded a prison was also targeted there now was admitted responsibility for the attacks but the thought to be the work of the radical islamist group boko haram is claimed and blamed for the killing of over three hundred people this year alone as it fights for impose sharia law throughout the country. after a wave of hack attacks took out several u.s. federal websites officials have been quick to point out there's a new terror battlefront now and that's the internet the worry from data experts though is that the threats big blown out of proportion by those making big bucks by playing on people's digital distress lucy catherine off reports. it may seem like a quiet day in america but it's the scene of a raging battle invisible to the naked eye while there is war underway right now on
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the internet this is cyber war is the u.s. ready for a full scale cyber war a question asked at the highest levels of the u.s. government stoked by fears of a new type of wm d. a weapon of mass disruption in a world where acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists in suicide vests but from a few keystrokes on the computer the f.b.i. warns that those keystrokes could soon be more dangerous to america than terrorism itself the cyber threat well equal or surpass the threat from counterterrorism in the forseeable future a future that's got the world's military superpower preparing for the fight ahead of the next pearl harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our our power systems our grid cyber war cyber pearl harbor frightening language for a hypothetical scenario one that could happen but hasn't yet and some security experts like jim harper warned that it never will no chance whatsoever that nuclear
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power plants will be hacked that electric infrastructure will be hacked and taken down for any six significant period of time so the worst we can expect is disruption that's not war it doesn't really terrorize so the threats are serious but they're not to the level of war or terror yet some of the key leaders in the war on terror are now in the business of cyber war michael chaired off once ran the department of homeland security he now runs a cyber security consulting firm you could have a cyber attack that would be as consequential in terms of the economy maybe even in terms of loss of life as things were to prepare yourselves here with more friends once america's top spy chief mike mcconnell now oversees cyber operations for defense contracting giant where the most vulnerable nation. on earth to a cyber attack and anti-terrorism czar richard clarke went from advising presidents on cyber security to publishing books about the coming cyber war for once it would
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be nice for the united states to be able to get out in front of a catastrophe to be able to prevent that catastrophe we know how to do it we just need to spend the money and the money is flowing the u.s. government will spend more than ten billion a year on cyber security by two thousand and fifteen you know worldwide market that's estimated at eighty to one hundred forty billion dollars a year the budget that we're releasing today it's one of the few areas where the white house plans to increase spending despite other defense cuts and that some say is the problem it's going to be even more tempting for folks in the you know the defense contracting community for example to hype cyber threats because that's one of the used time that money you know sort of still exists forbes magazine contributor shawn lawson is an expert in cybersecurity it's a classic case of an attempt to sort of motivate a response by rally the troops by appealing to fear uncertainty and inside the
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beltway fear and uncertainty can lead to big business and big bucks most people don't understand the problems with computer and data security most people in washington don't understand it specifically most people in congress don't understand therefore the quote unquote beltway bandits are in a position to to create the problem to state the problem and offer their own services as a solution. at battle does rage here invisible to the naked eye a war for money contracts and power to seek out our t. washington. take a look at a couple stories i got lined up few this weekend at r.t. dot com three in fact between a rock and a holy place gas and stun grenades used against overflowing palestinians in jerusalem's flashpoint the mosque calm of religious tension reaching a peak there we've got the latest pictures online want to get up to date with our also been getting updates going back in time welcome to moscow's market museum
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there we are diehard apple addict opens up his twenty year collection of computers gadgets and rarities but dusty but worth a look nonetheless and winding up winter with a pancake pageant russians welcoming the upcoming spring with the annual muslim it's a festival put sort of calories though no more about that at our tea dot com as well if you fancy. a pickle thought the world's biggest ever debt swap is underway as greece scrambles to get it finances back on track banks and bondholders are now set to lose out to the tune of at least one hundred billion euros because of it now r.t. gets the view from the street than the asco deeply people think we should dig into our own pockets to save a nation deep in debt trouble. greece
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is getting another bailout one hundred thirty billion euros is that a good idea this week let's talk about that do you know what's going on in greece right now. you know idea you've got the wrong person giving a lot of people know what's going on in greece no greece you know iowa got more g.o.p. g.d.p. then then greece their butts out so what's greece is going to do to us i mean whether they bail or are there save that money matter to foreign is the third largest. g.d.b. in the world i mean got to worry about greece they only got good greek all of i'm from germany and we have a strong. will and the greeks have a weak you and so we should help to get it you're ok with that you don't feel like there should be responsible for themselves they should be respond we should help
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them if it was coming directly out of your pocket would you still be in support of the bailout no not out of my book. so as long as that other european countries are ok with it that's really nice day out i mean they will tell you to have enough time as it is without having to bail out another country so i think we have to start to think globally and we all have to believe other out and try to get the same back on track so that means shouldering other people's responsibilities are you ok with that. yes and no you know part of me says no i work hard i do what i'm supposed to do i've done how my parents raised me and work hard pay my taxes and all those things but if that goes then that affects me and affects my children too so sometimes not to quote hillary clinton but i guess it does take a village the bailout with the u.s. car industry sort of had an ok ending and i was skeptical about that so i don't know i don't think i'm quick to really say actually that's
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a good example though because you hear bailout and it sounds like you're getting something for nothing but it's an example of one that worked so maybe this will work whether it's a stepping in a european union or whether it's going to be someplace in asia except in public china china will invest in them so is that a good thing i mean now that we're all globally tied in and we see these kinds of situations arise as the global economy and good progression. it was a natural progression it's not as if anyone could stop it when you have free trade way was i mean it's going to happen this way you have more interdependent countries at this point whether or not people even know what's going on with the greece bailout the bottom line is it's happening let's see if this one will make it different. stay stateside in a few minutes to rough washington d.c. in fact with a couple accountings gearing up to debug the smoke and mirrors being used to mask some country's beleaguered finances more on that shortly stay with us.
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