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free. range month free. three stooges free. food free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free video done to r.t. dot com. tonight on r t pushing for peace special envoy kofi announce here in moscow to talk peace in syria as the ways in with more sanctions despite the process to secure a cease fire we bring you the latest also know to war with a rancid protest as in britain and tell of the with warnings an attack on the islamic state would spell disaster while pressure mounts over to rand's nuclear program plus. the military can do no wrong it seems and that's that's the real tragedy there are doubts over whether an american soldier charged with executing afghan civilians will see justice served as his lawyer warns of
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a long legal battle now. welcome this is r.t. live from moscow my name's kevin owen and first to the level here moscow time bringing peace to syria is up for debate here in moscow with the u.n. arab league special envoy kofi annan now due to meet the russian leader this weekend present valid is expected to say how ending the violence is impossible unless the syrian opposition stops being supported militarily and politically from outside well coffee visit to the russian capital comes after talks with damascus on implementing its six point peace plan that includes a cease fire on all sides documentarian access to stricken areas and the start of political dialogue syria's foreign based opposition is just. but it got unanimous
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backing from the u.n. security council at all that the e.u. is tightening the sanctions proves on president assad's family and mideast expert muddiness royer believes some foreign powers are playing a dangerous diplomatic game. you know it states will pay lip service to anything that talks about peace but when it comes to action that's a totally different story same thing with the european union power said you britain france you all talk about it's democracy you may period but as we all well know. they never got involved in syria because of democratic values or a humanitarian interests this is why they support the syrian national army if he wanted peace they would have asked for the syrian national council which is a portion of the opposition to speak to the syrian regime but did they have no pay lip service but i don't think it will be genuine well let's talk about peace efforts in syria further go to kansas city there poindexter writes for the website
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antiwar dot com joel very good evening thanks to god r.t. international though in a recent article you wrote that a mission for humanitarian aid to syria could turn into a foreign intervention why do you think and say that. well i think that's if you look back through through recent history that's what we've seen my referred to operation restore hope in that piece the humanitarian aid mission in somalia that within a year turned a catastrophe we had hundreds of people killed and in the end it really saw to nothing there's still an issue going on over there comes twenty years later but of course you can argue nonetheless that syria needs urgent humanitarian assistance now and i think that's true but whether we need to do that with with armed troops i think it is a very touchy subject well how are you going to get it in. well a lot of it can be done through organizations like the red cross volunteer organizations. the idea that we can have the military go in and do that i think is
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a dangerous idea because of mission creep where it starts out with one one objective and it slowly cascades into something much bigger and much worse got you to think about kofi and latest mission his for his six point peace plan. i think it's a well intentioned and i hope that it does work out i do agree that both sides in order to have some kind of peace they're going to have to lay down their arms at least to negotiate it it's hard to get anything accomplished when one or both sides want to start fighting you know it's a very optimistic we all know just because it seems that there's well intentioned as these things go they often don't don't turn out as well as they should but there is there is reason for so much and as a man we could see something turn around here soon joe the u.s. is continuing is going to insist that president assad's got to go how's that affecting peace effort still underway these peace efforts we're talking about. well
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i think it puts a new pressure on one side and it provides motivation on the other it's not really an objective. viewpoint or something like that and so i think that can tend to. prolong the i don't know if you want to call a civil war but at least the fighting could go on and the u.s. also said of course that the vote anyways no plans to intervene in syria but the peds again is saying it is reviewing all potential options now if kofi annan mission fails what are the chances do you think of u.s. military action there. well it's certainly possible and we don't really know exactly what's going on in a country now there's been you know most of the reporting that we're getting is you're coming from the state media or it's coming from the activists that are there uploading videos to you tube and facebook. but it certainly could happen i know the u.s. defense secretary leon panetta mentioned that they would be providing non-lethal
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aid which you know who knows what that is. but let's just briefly look at what russia has been doing some pretty huge efforts in to try to mediate try to get people to talk here to pay to be called on western countries backing the syrian opposition to use influence to get them to begin talks with the government but despite all that so far all we've heard is of pledges of support for the rebels and calls for the syrian leader to step why it is happening well i don't know i think there's obviously different motivations going on it's part of the issue is that we have i think close to one hundred different we're going to that are considered rebel groups we don't know a lot about their alliances and where they're getting their support. and so even if they were to put pressure on one group it would necessarily help with another it may not be aligned with missing them organizations joe thanks for your thoughts could have been a program job point thanks to their blogger and author for the website antiwar dot com it. now antiwar activists held the day of action in key british
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cities to warn the authorities against a potential attack on similar rallies expected in the capital of israel too which is leading calls to strike over to iran's nuclear program campaigners fear the mounting pressure could escalate into war the effects of which would reverberate globally. because the rhetoric that's building up in the us because of the breakdown of the relations between britain and iran and because of the deployment of naval forces from most western countries in the gulf at the present time and the danger that comes from that we need an aspiration of peace and understanding in the region israel has the capability of bombing with nuclear weapons iran or indeed any other country in the region isolating iran allowing israel to continue with these threats it seems to me a very very dangerous development indeed think of the consequences for the western economies the whole world's economies of the world with iran think of the incalculable loss of people all over the region if we let slip the dogs of war we
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will all live if we do live to regret it term we call them spring to a bit earlier on a few minutes from now on our t.v. moscow a look at spain the scrapheap generation the young people the feeling the pinch is the jobs dry up amid the eurozone with a record of these we've got those stories also two. big oil companies don't want to hear that so if you're traveling in money it's a lobby is there don't want to hear it. and we are here about it so much are we headed for doing. what we all do the view from new york or how to stop climate change from slipping off the radar. next the teenagers being shot dead and dozens hurt in more clashes between police and football supporters in egypt portside fans rioted after their club was suspended for two years over the fears of violence sort of match in its stadium last month when seventy three people died among those who'll stand trial for the disaster is the security chief with many
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egyptians blaming lax policing for failing to deal with the violence of more of the story so talk to lawrence davidson professor of middle east history at west chester university good evening thanks for being on the program. we've witnessed again another death over football but let's look at the wider issues see a lot of pride the response solve the country's security forces to this incident and others both at the stadium and the protests in cairo where people also died this year begs the question are the army free to kill it will visit. well armies usually are free to kill at will i mean i think the. more general question the more general answer to your question is that egypt has no no standing law and order actually. that has stated things that are such that the government is not going control the army is.
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not going to come out of its barracks unless confront to in a very very large way and so popular as it is essentially on its own and that means that when unpopular decisions are made you're going to get this sort of spontaneous kind of outburst of anger and there is no capacity to control it nor is there any capacity to actually prevent the reasons for going. there's no central control in egypt now. lourdes it is it is just going to change it may mean that the military as you've been intimated has been dominating egypt politics for decades is the way it's been go it will the general stand off there a new president is elected it may no i don't think it's. the only way that the generals that will stand down it as such his if they are granted tanami
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from the government itself that's really what they want they want an independent budget and they don't want any responsibility to a civilian government. that seems to me like that's that's going to happen because they have a monopoly of force the state has no way of challenging the army which is. now a higher part not a part but part of the state from the state another news line to get your thoughts on today liberal m.p.'s are only today withdrawing from a parliamentary vote to choose a commission that was going to write a new constitution they say there's no unfair balance in the panel is saying it was already is the missile being charged and i have a fair point what's your thoughts on that well i think i think they do have a fair point but the problem for the vendors that they had that they lost for round
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. in the elections and the elections were more or less fair and square so how much influence sure they really have but it's it's indicative of course. of action that can't solve anything. i mean. even if you get a new constitution if the army stands apart from that constitution if it's got autonomy then what does that state represent i mean how does it can sure how its own. basis of force. there's still a lot of play out here i mean. when we look back at the history books and. if a some predict the egypt turns into an an islamic state with strict sharia law i wonder will western nations be happy with that result the result of the revolution
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they supported in the first place well you know you can look at syria i mean you know the western governments are supporting the rebels in syria right now or. what who are the rebels in syria some of them are very peaceful people who want more live a little more liberal regime but some of them most of them i assume one sunni islamic state. american seemed to be. sort of you seem to be back to the army ground so i don't know why the western governments are very opportunistic in the very sure they don't know what they're doing with the thanks you saw on the program lawrence davidson professor of middle east history at west chester university appreciate it ok thank you. american
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soldier accused of a village massacre in afghanistan has officially been charged now with twenty nine counts of murder attempted murder and assault if convicted staff sergeant robert bales could face the death penalty but his lawyers say he remembers nothing of the killings while legal experts warn of a long and complicated legal process ahead that could of course provoke further anger among afghans after what signals the worst atrocity but american in this decade long war john glaser from antiwar dot com told us clearing the military of wrongdoing is something that's deeply rooted in us society. throughout the media we've heard. justifications for bill's apparent rampage and you know they go through things like he might have had a concussion he was having trouble at home or was stressed from you know who or but you know people that are outside outside of the u.s. military to commit these kinds of crimes simply don't receive that kind of sympathy
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. in the new york times about how he's you know he's a true good man but he has problems and so on and so forth is an extended effort to try and paint him. as a generally good man who whose crime can be excused what is a about a society that idolizes in fairness rises. a commitment to kill on the orders of politicians in washington that's that's not that's a strange thing to admire except. it's widespread throughout this culture and there are many atrocities that have been committed comparable to this one in the past in iraq and afghanistan that get papered over after the controversy settles in the dust settles. these soldiers in their military trials kind of get off easy the military can do no wrong seems and that's that's the real tragedy interest. in the military robert bales was in the finance industry but left under
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a cloud that is something because to report on this channel gets his teeth into just bit later on this hour. staff sergeant robert bales was previously a stockbroker for it from one thousand nine hundred six to two thousand and he enlisted in the army shortly after federal financial regulators found he engaged in fraud breach a few share your duty churning unauthorized trading and unsuitable investments the perfect training to become a slaughtering out of control maniac with a gun in afghanistan. brokers all about slaughtering people you know we don't call it forgetfulness the term in the industry is called selective amnesia so you want to be able to selectively i mean about certain things that were somehow impact their bottom line the stuff that gives you more money of course you remember full detail but the ones our insider trading. they don't remember.
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more than about fifteen minutes time so as washington reels from the after effects of a soldier's deadly afghan rampage americans are arming themselves at an increasing rate it appears new guns and ammunition is a hitting the shelves feeding an addiction of. it's all the name of freedom. for ports notes from virginia where gun laws are about to get a more lenient make over. just across the river from the nation's capital virginia a slice of traditional america green spaces and triangle farmlands offer a refuge from urban life a place where red white and blue is displayed with pride but here the symbol of liberty isn't just a flag it's this. that it definitely is a sign of freedom you know to be able to one and until now one was all you could buy in virginia every thirty days the law was supposed to curb gun trafficking but many here felt it curbed freedom instead it's not anyone's business how many guns i
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own or our bible. or bible from really we have the second amendment or is a. virgin you repeal the one handgun permit law in february and come summertime the right to bear arms will mean the right to buy as many of these. as you want but there are so many different makes models and brands you know got to have a more it's a victory but for much of the worlds this kind of freedom may seem bizarre to young man apparently dressed in a long black trench coats open fire across the globe guns are associated with tragedies. or bloodshed in battlefields of war. but for gun owners like jim hansen and guns belong in the hands of american citizens the safest person in the world is someone who is legally carrying a firearm america is a country that was founded with a basic understanding that guns are bad that you see in this world there's two kinds of people refer. to crime. as the
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most heavily armed nation in the world there are few diggers to be found in america as of two thousand and seven there were an estimated two hundred ninety four million guns in this country and that's nearly enough to arm every man woman and child has come it's a lot of progress but you know immediately and in virginia gun shops like this one people just can't seem to get enough whether it's handguns assault rifles or shotguns sales are better than ever they are booming they are definitely through the roof are a nerd. and in a place for guns mean freedom that trend isn't likely to change an armed society is a polite society you know we are here because of guns as bad as i may sound we've defended ourselves and we are of a free nation and we are because of the. book thirty years after a powerful gun control movement the nation and are returning to their roots raising the idea of opening and carrying firearms like these with unseen since the days of
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muskets and malicious for many freedom is symbolized by the barrel of a gun its democracy locked and loaded party on loose and tough enough in virginia but more news and features in our sites loaded and ready to go on our website r.t. dot com for you to discover tonight this satellite shocker for the space station crew really hit high speed fragment at one point they were told to go to their skateboard jools they did for a bit but it all passed. away unscathed you can find out how they do all just the website. you got to give it to these people they kept a straight face till the end when the smiled the song slip up seeing classic stars athletes receiving their medals to music for the tories comedy movie. instead of the national anthem. mix up. dot com. atomic clouds. its intentions.
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clear through the film. that you thousands of nuclear security summit. on archie. has no rest spiked from anger in austerity hit greece is another protest against budget cuts has ended up in clashes with police the country's been relying on international bailout loans now since may twenty ten in exchange for harsh public spending curbs belt tightening those been met with public fieri and continuing protests and it's a feeling shared by the. people in spain to their the u.s. jobless rates heading for a huge fifty percent bleak outlook because of those severe economic problems and as artists are a first reports the countries want to make their voices heard. using quite this has sparked fears of a lost generation with unemployment at an all time high with more than forty nine percent to sixty four year olds now out of work it's spain that is particularly
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tough and we come here today one of the universities in spain to speak to some of the students here it's really high unemployment figures the what's it like to be a student at this time in the country. toward i truly because you know the the future you can expect unemployment is this high and the. schools are becoming a private business it's hard to tell if you're going to find a job when you when you finish studying if you can actually do some college studies because if you have to be really high price for them you're not even going to be able to go to college at all think of those. people who suffer or are we. children and i think their government have to think that indication is the most important thing because because of us will be create a future so they have to spend money they have to spend money in indication what i
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would like to see would be people massive the going out of the street and protesting big things change people have that power and it will lead them to realize. increasingly that think that he was being students have been doing taking to the streets to protest and measures being brought in by the new government is not just students are disappearing in the last four years three million jobs. disappeared. and now. at least four hundred thousand. more jobs to disappear in the coming months we joined some of the clergy student union says they plan for their next peaceful protests but they tell us that in the government's approach to managing the demonstrations is anything peaceful the government there will be elections on the twentieth of november one month after that they were spending over a million euros on tear gas and other reports meant to repress their own citizens
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on the street one million euros a budget of a county that this has already a really bad economy and weapons to use against our own citizens when they came here to complain about what we are doing to them that's what the new government of spain is doing right now seemingly hardline approach of the nice banished government and managing these protests to prove to be a real problem and when hundreds of thousands of disenchanted he is determined not the case of the mistakes of the past the death teaches there are thirty day. stories making the rounds right now this around the world clashes in northwest pakistan the five five army soldiers and twelve taliban killed the fighting took place near a town notably a militant hub a military operation targeting insurgents and kidnapped two army soldiers a few days ago and later the capital. a bus the lorry of crashed near birmingham in england it's left one person dead and about forty injured witnesses say they were
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foggy conditions at the time according to local reports the bus had stopped a broken down on the m five motorway off the. technical problems police say it's not yet clear what caused the accident. the older brother of the man who shot dead seven people interludes is facing possible charges on suspicion of being an accomplice. being investigated for helping his brother mohammed was previously questioned about sending you from the french city to iraq now the kurds mother who was released from custody without charge on friday and that mohamed merah died in a fire it is to do the part. of for a police see which. most scientists agree that global warming as a daily impact on cities around the world yet the main news outlets appear to have gone cold about discussing it lately we've not had much of a way so that may be out of the headlines but laurie hafen is asked people in new york if it's something that still burns their conscience.
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this year the u.s. saw its fourth warmest winter on record and europe saw record breaking cold why is no one talking about the perils of climate change any more this week let's talk about that do you think it's still a threat to the planet yes over here especially well or traffic. you know we use a lot of cars we like to pollute the earth here in the u.s. definitely you know what can you do i mean what can the individual. person that we can stop using plastic bags and we will turn the lights out we already do we really don't feel like that makes a big difference well no we do yes we do as much as we can but you know it's time to the the government heads world why do you think the world still cares about it because it doesn't seem to be in the headlines as frequently absolutely not so why
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is that i don't know just for government to figure out but they don't want to give us enough permission for us to make our own decisions and i think it's something that you know i mean everyone a lot of people watch you know watch al gore and listen to him and katie remember the name of the movie i can't. find it all we heard about it was. conveniently forgot they forgot why do you think the media has got to talk about it because it clearly wasn't common sense that stops them. because they found something else to talk about i do believe people are working on it and when you talk my son who's in college and his friends i think there is a lot more concern than we have sometimes yeah it's i guess it's you can't really gauge everything but what the media is talking about right right we're going to have snow in june of this point so you believe it's still a threat yes absolutely so why isn't the media talking about it anymore a business. big big oil companies don't want to hear that so again money to lobbyists that don't want to hear it so it's good but we don't hear about it so
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much. are we headed for doom i hope not i don't know if you haven't heard sarah for twenty first so it's well the bottom line is although there are people who are still concerned about the effects of climate change the mainstream media is clearly not among them. this is a head royal revel in the shady secrets behind the financial headlines yes nice cars just a survey of this in a few minutes that before but all right up our main stories from moscow after this quick break.
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wealthy british style. markets finally. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheap.


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