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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it's true and it just. equally. well a person comes for an intervention and then like vultures non-governmental organizations comes moving into one country after another from libya to syria it seems these western backed payback banks are spending more than ever before to help other nations while millions suffer right here at home so when that n.g.o.s transition from foreign aid to big business. plus a decade after a decade of war and billions of dollars down the drain support for the war in
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afghanistan is at an all time low and now the afghan government is planning to downsize their own military force so is it time for the u.s. to cut its losses we'll explore. and student debt can be hard to deal with sometimes that means taking on two part time jobs or just being a part time student but two college students are facing debt and a whole other way we'll show you their artwork in just a few minutes. it's thursday april twelfth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our team. oh starting off this hour by taking a look at the role n.g.o.s play in shaping public perception of world events in libya western funded non-government organizations highlighted the bloodshed in massacres incited by them live by libyan leader moammar gadhafi and it's this
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information that helped justify western military intervention and the public fed it these reports by these organizations and the mass media led the support led to the support of toppling dictators and the. subsequent changing of regimes but once that audit was killed what happened was some of those reports were proven to be incorrect and it similar of it's possible a similar scenario was playing out in syria the latest conflict in the middle east to capture the world's attention so what happened when n.g.o.s tell their own narrative and what happens when non-government organizations are in fact quite cozy with the government are the correspondent going to pour in i report sometimes the consequences of misinformation can be deadly. it was billed as a necessary kinetic tarion intervention requiring nato warplanes to reign bombs on libya before the u.s.
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led attack are not market forces. came unconfirmed allegations from western funded non-governmental organizations here who move on the audience and via whenever it is friday and saturday we got information that need to get out. the message that we push these mercenaries seem to have particular. political and kill also but here are the distinction according to a new report by the center for the study of interventionism and many western n.g.o.s exaggerated the circumstances in libya to expedite the campaign led by america britain and france some admitted mistakes after the damage was done. but today we have to admit that we have no evidence that gadhafi employed mercenary forces. unfortunately we have seen. a very cosy chose for elation ship building up between big powerful and thinking of human rights
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watch a mystery international supposed to be an objective party which monitors standards equally of course doesn't excite these organizations as i say entering into an excessively cozy relationship with for example the united states government but also with the powerful western dollars over and over of the issues. currently the most pressing issue in syria after more than a year of violence critics say western funded n.g.o.s appear to be following the same pattern the equivalent if you like of the libyan leader for human rights which is called list of damascus centrifuge has played exactly the same role it makes tape. human rights council states alleged crimes against humanity they called state hate and. tension in that country and they are pointing to this.
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who are trying to secure a military intervention against syria along the lines of the or at least approved last year order for carney to be arrested disappear this infamous clooney twenty twelve movie came from california based n.g.o.s visible children it says the film aim to end the use of child soldiers and promote peace in the ugandan civil war but according to u.s. embassy cables posted by wiki leaks invisible children provided uganda's authorities with intelligence in two thousand and nine that led to the arrest of several regime opponents willing to go to believe that that was not the one time that invisible children provided information to the ugandan stories what else do we not know in terms of their relations with the government. we know that they paid for the airfare. prominent politicians they
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knew which supported their position and for the support. to come here and help promote it so called. the bill was passed. and it paved the way for the introduction of. if you got it and you are not currently held accountable for the information they publish no matter how much collateral damage false facts may cause left on regulated critics believe some non-government organisations will be the new building the way for conflicts rather than advocating the supposedly some very important parts of new york. to talk more about how and yes camos played a part of lobby s. and why the us seems to insist on intervening abroad and sort of focusing on its own budget woes i'm joined now by ross baker founder and editor in chief who what why dot com is also the author of family of secrets the busyness of
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a powerful force that put it in the white house and what their influence means for our america. so i want to ask you what world would you say n.g.o.s play and shaping the way people view certain conflicts oh they play a tremendous role as your package. that was the original source of information or at least allegations of these past the trustees later found out were not true right from the beginning we were asking questions about where that information was coming from. we were being told it was coming from rights groups despite thank you. be a human rights step to that. with syria right now for example there's a rights watch story that church related lightly the press i spoke to the research rights was. the other day i think he's a well meaning fellow but the problem is that they're interviewing people who are
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refugees and so by definition these are people who left the country i don't have a particular viewpoint on it it's also very very hard to corroborate the stories they do try to interview people separately and see if their stories lined up but the problem of course is it's very hard for them even to know who was shooting at them and what we're really looking at is it is a war we're not necessarily just looking at a clamp down from one side and so i think that's a defect of our reliance on the reporting from these organizations and as we saw these organizations can play a very big role and. shaping the way people interpret these about what exactly are they held accountable for for the reports how well i think they're not held accountable at all i don't recall a post would say libya anybody being held responsible whether they were human rights organizations or dues organizations for highly effective reporting and of course that reporting ended up resulting in creating a kind of
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a consensus to ok massive. gauge made by foreign powers in that country i think that may be where we're headed again with syria i think there's no question there's an agenda today hillary clinton made a statement she said she supported the ceasefire but then she said assad has got to go i mean that very clearly is an agenda for the united states government that they want this other government to get out you can bet that united states based human rights organizations although i think will be to get to visually are under tremendous pressure i could form with that viewpoint saying in a way is organizations. to push the government's agenda which i think they can be because the issue is even though i believe the individuals on the scene working for those out. by and large are trying to do their jobs what good they do they're all outside of the country and i have to say the
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numbers i cheated syria. way excessive because those kind of numbers if true would actually be that the syrian army was just willy nilly massacring large numbers of civilians and i don't see the practically any military doing that idols or people who have family members of the country a lot of them may have fixed feelings and we have to remember that the opposition is heavily arc as well and so how much of that is actually just shooting back at forward to tweet essentially to larger use rather than what army has as human rights groups are for a proprietary a slaughter each of billions i don't know. i want to bring attention to this case recently case of a man named. by not sure if i'm pronouncing that correctly but he is an american charged with working for the i asked i mean pakistani interservice is intelligence he was charged for influencing american policy on kashmir so we should mention that
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he is a very or a ged so he was recently sentenced to two years and yeah so here he is facing time but how is this different from people in organizations in the west attempting to shape foreign policy. well you know i mean i think we have to ask ourselves what any of these entities are you know the democratic party the republican party both of these institutes for democracy and then these human rights organizations they all have very large budgets and i think there's very little looking at where that money comes from by and large most of these entities are supported with funding from large corporations and we can be sure that those corporations are focused primarily on their fiduciary duty to their shareholders which is to maximize profits and not to create a humanitarian foreign policy so you know i think that in these situations even the human rights groups which by and large meet well need to be scrutinized bunch more
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carefully and i do think it's very very dangerous when we're depended entirely right now on this this sort of so-called eyewitness reporting i covered the former yugoslavia yet again as we said more recently libya and again and again and again we see the consequences of rely too much on anecdotal reporting chick killer really when it goes through these these western organizations which are not able somehow to get in verify for themselves what really is going on all right thank you very much for coming on the show respect that was rest baker founder and editor. who want wideout hanum he's also the author family of secrets. powerful forces that put in a white house. now another blow to the u.s. is military strategy in afghanistan it turns out that the afghan military is too
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broke to sustain its current size so afghanistan has announced that they're going to cut about thirty percent of its force and this will happen after nato mission there ends in two thousand and fourteen and when that happens afghan afghans will be stripped of a huge amount of its funding that's because the seven billion dollars a cost to cover salaries equipment and everything else is covered by foreign governments so when the west pulls out afghanistan is out of luck in this announcement comes as the approval rating for the war is at an all time low let's take a look back at the ratings over the years and back in two thousand and seven fifty six percent of the americans polled said that the war in afghanistan was worth fighting while forty one percent disagreed moving along although the numbers at that number has kind of fluctuated gun. the longer that we have stayed in that country support for the war went up significantly in june of two thousand and eleven just a month after president obama announced that a seal team had killed osama bin laden but that support was pretty short lived and
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march of this year we saw that number down this was right after hundreds of afghan civilians began writing and protesting american occupation of the country this was all in response to an american air base burning of several copies of the islamic book the qur'an. and today a new poll shows that american support of the war in afghanistan has taken yet another debt reaching an all time low at thirty percent approval rating and sixty cent disapproval rating and that's even lower than the u.s. support of the iraq war at its lowest point so with most americans i'm happy with the way things are going in afghanistan and in the wake of this recent announcement we ask was the war ever sustainable well joining us now to talk more on this matter michael o'brien he's the author of the book america's failure and iraq welcome to the show. so i want to ask you first want to focus on that poor little
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support for afghanistan at an all time low this this rating has fluctuated throughout the years but why are americans so unhappy with it today well i really believe it's a confluence of factors number one overwhelming overwhelming factor is the length of time. or war seem to be getting warmer and warmer i mean at this point pardon me at this point the involvement in afghanistan is we're pushing eleven years now which is just. unbelievable we were involved in the second world war for barely for four years. even viet nam which we thought we would never repeat we're kind of repeating it it's far worse than the length of time goes but also when things like things like the korean burning most americans myself certainly but most people they just roll their eyes they're just like you know how can something like this happen . seesmic how can something like this happen then the killing of the sixteen
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afghan civilians a few weeks back. you know it's just it's things just keep on you know they just keep going on and on. so the american people are just you know when are we going to get out what's the point. you know. an american is been killed every month for the last month an american is tired every single day. you know if this were at this point what is the point and it's not surprising at all that the that the what is it thirty percent you know people were getting tired of it you know americans want to see results they want to return on their investment so to speak and you know us the question was it ever sustainable absolutely i think it was sustainable what is soon as we drove through here for forces from afghanistan for the two thousand and three
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invasion of iraq immediately it became non-sustainable unless we replaced them immediately and we never really did and now that question is even being brought even more so it's a light especially after the finance and. product yanis and they have announced that they're going to cut back the size of their troops by a third because they simply can't afford to stay in the size of their own military so what does this mean for the u.s. has meant the u.s. mission there in afghanistan well it doesn't look good there is another or poll that came out today we're. the commander of u.s. special forces a four star admiral has said that they're going to change east we're going to change our strategy and go with much more with special special operators u.s. special forces you a stealth of forces navy seals all the special operations and they're going to be in the villages and towns dealing with the local population which many people i
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know the next army infantry fellow but a lot of military guys i know say that's the way it should have been fought from day one that is the way it was being fought at the beginning before we withdrew to do the iraqi invasion and really when you think about it that's we're fighting a very unconventional war with conventional forces we didn't conventional forces in conventional tactics we didn't learn anything from viet nam and i mean i was a kid i was a teenager in viet nam and you know people you know may roll their eyes and go over yet and here we go again put if you don't you know those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it and we keep repeating our mistakes these are unconventional wars that need to be fought unconventionally so with afghanistan withdrawing you know cutting its forces by a third you mentioned all that money that they're going to lose and then the american. you know this is this isn't jane fonda you know going in north viet nam
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an american is going you know she's a traitor this is average americans on the streets knowing when is this going to stop and you know they've got a point and even when they get less thousand hole out part of the problem now at least for afghanistan is that so much of their funding comes from foreign from foreign country is so how can anybody imagine that when the rathaus pull out that the afghanistan military will be able to sustain itself you know in the end i predict. that when the united states pulls out. there are probably there will be special operators that oracle that are mentioned a moment ago there will be special operators after the quote pull out in two thousand and fourteen so we will have forces they are just like we have forces in iraq to this day but when the majority of our forces pull out i predict afghanistan it's just going to go right back to the truck where it was you
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know it's like i used the analogy in my book what happens to a proto war when you drive through it the water goes right back where it was before you drove through it and that's all we're doing the lives lost the money spent it's going to go right back to the way it was beforehand the taliban will very likely come back and charge again. and you can change a culture that goes back thousands of years of you know relatively overnight eleven years is a long time by our standards it's over night by afghan standards and that what you're saying now is a reality of that is the biggest fear the u.s. that are ten years over at that gate a lot of loss of lives they are and are not necessarily leaving the place any better than it was when they first intervene and we're not leaving it any better we're leaving at the same and but we're leaving the whole situation there we're
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it's worse because now there's this in amman a city of americans now there's this animosity of of the united states. before if you know again hindsight but if we had never invaded iraq things were going very well in afghanistan before that iraq invasion but then if you go back to viet nam. he does exactly the way it was going before the united states ever got involved in the real nine hundred sixty s. because we didn't win with overwhelming force with the mission to win the war and we did the same thing in afghanistan and iraq michael we're out of time but it's a pleasure to have you here in the studio that's michael o'brian he's the author of the bark america's failure in iraq thank you well desperate times call for desperate measures especially if you're looking at them now in of student debt
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and with student debt surpassing a trillion dollars in the u.s. and job prospects not looking so hot some are coming up with creative ways to charge down their debt like these two british grads selling ad space on their face so for a price companies can have these two lads advertising their company logo on their mug and a parrot has launched by my face guard car and their venture has apparently been paying off ad noise and harper founders of buy my face that car joins us joining us now hi there. so i can't really see what what what what are you wearing on your face today it would be dealt with by one face lou. i think that this is a very creative creative way to come up to make money how did you come up with this idea. it was going to be really. sort of scheming with a whole three years university together. ok.
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this is going to go. so i agree. you know the obvious grassroots. so if you don't mind me asking how much money have you made by doing this so far. we've made two thousand pounds. in the last six months to around eighty thousand dollars. wow wow so looks like your business is pretty good what kind of reaction do you get when you go out in public with your face and said well look the really funny at the moment is about people in recognizing us on the street. and your ideas i mean how one guy did a high five bust in the center of london which of course. there was a little bit with people giving. out money so i didn't do you get embarrassed and i
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mean what's it like walking around with a with like a dell board on your face it becomes second nature and i think i get on my face i don't know where i'd be without you kind of define me. really that i see you have a twitter love out there what are some of the companies that you've advertising on your face so we've got a huge range of really really small room we started our project because we started charging just over a dollar a day for our faces and then i built more momentum online we have bigger and bigger companies in both. so many businesses to buy my face dot com it really gets on the on for size. huge company and young everything the. party power. is. a good thing about this every day. for the company it's not one. group.
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it's very interesting and. we have to be back because we both off a paper that being backed. by. you know that's a pretty good part of their what their favorite level you have so far. pretty good and you know i'm trying to. build a quote funny one was. on russell how is it new should be the comedian in britain. the paint also suffer the cost of the dog and do a lot of. the fun of. this is the good news but the underappreciated like this and so it was sounds like you've had all kinds of things painted on your face i think you would absolutely refuse you will not paint on your face will become agreed very early on we thought about so it's
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a little tongue in cheek project but we will draw the line at ending other people for anything that much. i guess we never have to reject the design. looking good and so you launch that there you the reason why you're doing this is the path your student loans are you in fact using all this money to pay off your student loans idea are you seeing your your debt balance back down. to the end of the i mean that was always the high we want to. bring back into the crazy scheme. and so right now it looks like kerry it's your face it's fine my faith by you then expanded by my other body parts are you willing to pay in other parts of your body we've got a lot of requests we're going to keep it very clean. ok. i remember getting more people in both iraq but of people better america going to
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my face for america my website is really clever me and anyone who didn't buy my facebook come from america will see the my face america there when i do not within the next month or so right now it is it is just the two of you any plans to expand and get other people on board and have. that's another thing about what we're doing three hundred sixty six. days about face is giving states of a rarity value and there will never be any more. and they. will pack up and leave. the world. so is this kind of a part time job for you or is this is this is this what you're doing for work right now. this is here your main gig right now this is serious.
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so let's free up a lot of time for you to do whatever you want with well with your faint way with your face time that. evening and sky diving because of an aerial got really come you can buy a place that also trying to make a live in for increases being. made to morrow for example will be going all over london. restaurant. wow well well congratulations to both of you on your successful business venture that was added lloyds and rob harper founder of buy my space dot com. thank you. now that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered you can have on over to our to you tube our you tube page about that you tube dot com slash artsy america or check out our website it's r t dot com slash usa you can also
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follow me on twitter outlaw as well we'll see you right back here at seven. o'clock in the in the show we'll get the real headline with. the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and for what actually matters for those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. .


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