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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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breaking news out of north korea u.s. officials have confirmed that the country has in fact all of through on its plans to launch a rocket will bring you the latest. as if the situation and afghanistan wasn't problematic enough the u.s. military is taking fire on two fronts war support on the home is at an all time low the afghan government is trying to downsize their own military force so is there a way out of the flag or will explore this space to the ship you.
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will still speak softly well that's in an ideal world but in reality non-government organizations may have a bigger dog in the fight than you think bill and bloodshed as well as intervention we'll show you the dark side of n.g.o.s. it's thursday april twelfth eight pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching our t.v. . well starting off this hour with some breaking news for you u.s. officials have confirmed that north korea has in fact launched a multi-stage test rocket but now it looks like the launch may have failed and actually broken up in flight reports that it never made it to space but actually splashed down to see that's the latest intelligence coming out of south of that from the south korean government here is a video of it on the launch pad and yesterday the long range rocket was launched at
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about seven at seven thirty nine local time but reportedly broke up before escaping the earth's atmosphere now officials were highly skeptical that north korea was going to follow through on their plans today due to the inclement weather the window for. or the lodge opened up last night now this comes on the heels of international pressure on the country not to follow through on the plans that also violate united nations security council restrictions and possibly a deal with the u.s. in exchange for food aid and if you're a member or a leader this year there were signs that the relationship between the u.s. and north korea may have been warming after the death of long time leader kim jong il and his son then replacing had. but this launch might need to be and of already shaky relationships between the countries further isolation from north korea during this time the country claims that this test launcher was designed to take the
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shining star three satellite into space however countries including the u.s. and south korea see the launch as a cover for a ballistic test missile and now the u.n. security council is planning a meeting tomorrow one can only assume that this launch will be quite high on that agenda we will continue to bring updates as soon as they come in. i want to take a look at now like the role n.g.o.s play and possibly shaping a foreign policy in libya western funded non-government organizations highlighted the bloodshed in massacres incited by the libyan leader moammar gadhafi and it's this information that has helped justify western military intervention and the public that these reports and the by these organizations and the mass media led to support the toppling of dictators and the subsequent caging of regimes but let's get up he was killed what happened was some of those reports were proven to be and correct and it's possible a similar scenario is playing out now in syria so what happens when non-government
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organizations are in fact quite cozy with the government are to correspond a marine apart and i reports that sometimes the consequences of misinformation can be deadly. it was billed as a necessary humanitarian intervention requiring nato warplanes to bring bombs on libya before the u.s. led attack on moammar gadhafi forces. came unconfirmed allegations from western funded non-governmental organizations you know who knew it would use a view when they view this as a big old information. for you who did listen to. these mercenaries. going to have alcohol or two. and kill somebody or a distinction according to a new report by the center for the study of interventionism many western n.g.o.s exaggerated the circumstances in libya to that's the date of the campaign led by
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america britain and france some admitted mistakes after the damage was done. but today we have to admit that we have no evidence that gadhafi employed mercenary forces. unfortunately we have seen. a very close relationship building up between certain big powerful engine goes i'm thinking of human rights watch a ministry international they're supposed to be an object your party which monitors standards equally and of course doesn't take sides we see these organizations as i say entering into an excessively cozy relationship with for example the united states government but also with other powerful western allies over libya and over of the issues. currently the most pressing issue is syria after more than a year of violence critics say western funded n.g.o.s appear to be following the
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same pattern equivalently to like a libyan league for human rights which is called the little basket center for human rights has played exactly the same role they've made statements to the human rights council eva alleged crimes against humanity they call for safe havens and armed intervention in that country and they are quite capable of disabilities who are trying to secure a military intervention against syria along the lines of the one. or at least approved last year against libya in order for economy to be arrested this year this infamous kone two thousand and twelve movie came from california based ngo invisible children it said the film aim to end the use of child soldiers and promote peace. the ugandan civil war but according to u.s. embassy cables posted by wiki leaks invisible children provided uganda's authorities with intelligence in two thousand and nine that led to the arrest of several regime opponents willing. to believe. that was not the one
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time. provided information to the. us what else do we know in terms of their relations with the ugandan government we know that. for the year for. prominent ugandans and politicians. knew which supported their position and from the support. to come here and help promote. the bill was passed it was signed by the president and it would wait for the introduction of u.s. troops. and you are not currently held accountable for the information they publish no matter how much lateral damage. was left on regulated critics believe non-governmental organisations will you be giving away for conflict rather than
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advocating the solution bring up or not artsy new york. but to talk more about how n.g.o.s can almost play the part of the lobby as sort of why the u.s. seems to insist on intervening abroad instead of focusing on its own budget woes i was joined our earlier by russ baker he is the founder and editor in chief who lost by dot com he's also the author of family of secrets the bush dynasty the powerful forces that put it in the white house and what their influence means for america i first asked him how much of a role do n.g.o.s have in shaping the public's view of certain conflicts your sake . oh they play a tremendous role as your package mentioned in libya that was the original source of information or at least allegations of these mass atrocities and we later found out were not true right from the beginning on who well why we were asking questions about where that information was coming from we were we were being told it was
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coming from libyan and human rights groups despite the fact that we've never heard of libyan human rights groups up to that point with syria right now for example there's a human rights watch story that circulated widely in the press i spoke to the researcher for human rights watch the other day i think he's a well meaning fellow but the problem is that they're interviewing people who are refugees and so by definition these are people who left the country and have a particular viewpoint on it it's also very very hard to corroborate the stories they do try to interview people separately and see if their stories line up but the problem of course is it's very hard for them even to know who's shooting at them you know what we're really looking at is it is a war we're not necessarily just looking at a clamp down from one side and so i think that's a defect of our reliance on the reporting from these organizations as we.
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count. how. well i think they're not held accountable at all i don't recall a post would say libya anybody being held responsible whether they were human rights organizations or do these organizations for highly effective reporting and of course that reporting ended up resulting in creating a kind of a consensus to ok massive. gauge made by foreign powers in that country i think that may be where we're headed again with syria i think there's no question that there's that agenda today. larry clinton made a statement she said she supported the ceasefire but that she said assad has got to go watch that very clearly is an agenda to do united states government that they want this other government to get out you can bet that united states based human rights organizations although i think will be to get a vigil we are under tremendous pressure to conform with that viewpoint so you're
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saying in a way it is organizations can be used as a tool to push the government's agenda. i think they can be because the issue is even though i believe the individuals on the scene working for those outfits by and large are trying to do their jobs what can they do they're all outside of the country and i have to say the numbers i cheated syria seem to be way excessive because of those kind of numbers if true would actually be that the syrian army was just willy nilly massacring large numbers of civilians and i don't see the practically any military doing that i thought was are people who have family members of the country a lot of them may have fixed feelings and we have to remember that the opposition is heavily armed as well and so how much of that is actually just shooting back and forward between essentially two armies rather than one army as as human rights groups are for the proprietary. civilians i don't know. i want to bring
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attention to this case recently case of a man named. high not sure i'm pronouncing that correctly but he is an american charged with working pretty high ass i mean pakistani interservice says intelligence that he was charged for influencing american policy on cashmere so we should imagine that he is very or again he was recently. here is and so here he is facing time but how is this different from people in organizations in the west attempting to shape foreign policy. well you know i mean i think we have to ask ourselves what any of these entities are you know the democratic party the republican party both of these institutes for democracy and these human rights organizations they all have very large budgets and i think there's very little looking at where that money comes from by and large most of these entities are
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supported with funding from large corporations and we can be sure that those corporations are focused primarily on their fiduciary duty to their shareholders which is to maximize profits and not to create a humanitarian foreign policy so you know i think that in these situations even the human rights groups which by and large mean well need to be scrutinized bunch more carefully and i do think it's very very dangerous when we're depended entirely right now on this this sort of so-called eyewitness reporting i covered the former yugoslavia. and as we said more recently libya and again and again and again we see the consequences of rely too much on anecdotal reporting chik you literally what it goes through these these western organizations which are not able somehow to get in and verify for themselves what really is going on all right thank you very much for coming on the show respect that was rest founder and editor. why dot com and
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her family have secrets. powerful forces that the white house. well another blow to the u.s. is military strategy and afghanistan it turns out that the afghan military is too broke to sustain its current size so afghanistan has announced that they will cut about thirty percent of its force this will happen after nato is mission there and in two thousand and fourteen and this announcement comes as the approval rating for the war is at an all time low let's take a look at the ratings over the years back in two thousand and seven fifty six percent of americans said that the war in afghanistan was worth fighting while forty one percent disagreed and support for the war went up significantly back in june of two thousand and eleven just a month after president obama announced that a navy seal team had killed osama bin laden but that support was pretty short lived
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in march of this year we saw that number dip down this was right after hundreds of afghan civilians began writing and protesting american occupation of the country that was all in response to an american air base burning copies of the islamic holy book the koran and today a new poll shows that american support of the war in afghanistan has taken yet another death reaching an all time low with only thirty percent approval rating it sixty six percent of americans not approving of the war now that's even lower than u.s. support of the iraq war at its lowest point. so with most americans unhappy with the way things are going in afghanistan and in the wake of this recent announcement we ask does the war ever sustainable i was join earlier by retired u.s. marine an artsy blogger. so i asked him why americans are so unhappy with the war today take
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a listen. well financial crisis i mean there's no way that the united states citizens population you know domestic support can sustain a war effort in any possible way considering all the failed domestic issues i mean we've got a fifteen trillion dollar deficit we've got a. national infrastructure crisis we've god. emerging energy crisis we've got financial woes that the federal reserve the entire the entire system that holds the united states as a state as an enterprise is on the verge of collapse so americans are tired of in their work and work and we cut and it's afghanistan and so now afghanistan has announced that they're going to cut back on their military because they simply can't afford it what does this mean for the u.s. mission there well a couple things first off the afghan army is largely supported something like ninety percent of it is funded by the united states and nato so when they say
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afghans are cutting it back to the afghans are cutting back just whatever tiny and marginal piece of it but i think what it actually means strategically for the afghanistan is that they have succumbed to the idea that the taliban will take over the south and the east in the end which anybody can do with anything about this issue knew that that was going to happen sooner or later so the government is perpetuating to the taliban they're capitulated to the insurgency and they're going to allow them to have the south and the east and the afghan army is going to be largely patrolled the north and the west so as you as you said earlier afghanistan gets so much of its funding from foreign countries. when nato leaves and when the u.s. leaves their troops and twenty fourteen. afghanistan if there is no way that they can bear the burden on their oh yeah that's right afghanistan i mean let's be honest i mean afghanistan is the moon with gravity it is a it is
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a place that has huge mountain canyons caves and illiterate population you know a tribal society that has never been governed and so the idea of propping up being a state being governed with justices and lawyers and this sort of thing was a fairy tale for a long time and the way that the united states and nato was hoping to bring a state about was first building up an afghan security force then second having the regional powers support that effort well the second part the regional powers and pakistan india was never going to support says stable afghanistan and then again you've got the crisis of our fears there not being able financial industry an economy to develop itself from the inside out so this is this is a long time coming and so we're seeing it there and afghanistan is realizing that bad that they can't sustain themselves then why would the us spend billions and billions of dollars building up this afghanistan military that any end wouldn't be
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able to sustain itself well you know there's a lot of conspiracy theories there's a lot of ideas you know some people talk about oil pipelines some people talk about us you know what being an empire some people talk about nuclear weapons of pakistan regional stability i genuinely think that within the united states. our policy leaders have failed to realize we are the crisis that we are again and we are policy leaders when obama was elected thought that somehow surging inside of afghanistan and recreating the iraq that we the whatever marginal success was in iraq recreating those in afghanistan was a good thing for america they lied to the american people they distorted reality and so therefore we are shooting ourselves in the foot all over again so jake what you say about this is another sign of a failed military conflict in. afghanistan and afghanistan going to be any better
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off once the u.s. calls out there before the u.s. and turkey and afghanistan are screwed there's nothing we can do to stop it there's nothing the coalition can do nothing that anybody can do because there's tribal factions that go back for generations in afghanistan that we have nothing to do we can't control we can't stop so yeah afghanistan screwed and you just went into. some of the that the hurdles that have always been in afghanistan and some people argue that it was a war that was never winnable to begin with the. wars that wars have to be won not just on the battlefield with troops and bullets and band-aids not with not just with be the bullets and by this but wars are done by politics and we close it said that war is politics by other means war is an instrument that states use to
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accomplish some sort of political goals the problem with afghanistan and iraq and the whole global war on terror is that there is no political clarity started from the bush administration and carried on by the obama administration we don't have political clarity of what we're trying to do and the reason we don't a political credit clarity or a grand strategy for america is because our foreign policy is it is a a represent. ssion of our failing domestic policy americans and senior policymakers america thinking that by going abroad overseas and fixing that out there can somehow fix the problems here the problems at home are the problem and our foreign policy is a representation of our failures back at home and you said earlier that the you can't solve our problems just by bullets and i have war. some would argue that the taliban is not necessarily a group that you can negotiate with them but you can deal with them for matic like what you can i mean you can negotiate the taliban there's all sorts of negotiations
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that happen all the time and you just give an example so to some people make the same argument about opium trade all that so you just get rid of opium somehow of the taliban you know that would fix the problem you haven't had that work for something like thirty to forty percent of the haqqani network funds come through illicit trade of pine knots that's still pine nuts ok so the war the fire operate of the operation taking place is that the taliban and the insurgency is about they are a political group they want money the same way anybody else is they want power they want all those sorts of things you said to find the resources the negotiations to make it feasible for them people say the same thing about iraq you know that in anbar province all those shakes are never going to join they're never going to put their guns don't shoot it can it just takes time you have to be creative the problem with the united states is that we've run relied too much on the military to accomplish these things we've put too much pressure the wrong places and we've trusted corrupt leaders inside of kabul that's why we can't fix this problem and
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now you you you kind of point it's more of a diplomatic solution. that diplomatic solution and answer possibility well not as long as we continue the same process we're going i don't see the united states changing its policy i don't see the obama administration changing for a variety of reasons basically this is what's he. perhaps in the world need to get this in the brain united states is going to stay till twenty the middle twenty thirteen to twenty fourteen we're going to continue training the afghan army and then we are going to leave and then we're going to leave afghanistan to three hundred fifty thousand people that we've trained here and they have a future of iraq and the future of therapy will be with the afghan army and the corrupt government all right jake. pleasure to have you here in the studio i learned something you had no idea about the china going to let me into that a little bit more thank you for your take on all this that was still a very thorough retired u.s. marine and our bloggers well desperate times call for desperate measures
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especially if you're looking at a bow and of student loan debt and with student that surpassing a trillion dollars in the u.s. jobs prospects not looking so hot some are coming up with creative ways to chop down their debt to british grads are selling ads based on their face earlier the dynamic duo ad maurice and ross harper founders of my faith dot com join the show and i asked how they came up with this idea. well really i had been eating for the whole three years. and then about a month well we left and came to me. anyway. i agree and then there is the opiate graduate job really. and so if you don't mind me asking how much money have you made by doing that so far. he's made two thousand
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pounds. in the last. two around eighty thousand dollars. wow so looks like your business is pretty good what kind of reaction do you get when you go out in public with your face pans out. well look a really funny at the moment is what they put in recognizing the mystery. in your ideas i mean how long the pipeline bust in the center of london which of course. it was a little bit weird that people giving. out money so i didn't you get it. i mean what's it like walking around with that with like a billboard on your face to come back and make him our life again. without. really. twitter love out there what are some of the companies that you advertise on your on your phone. and we've got a huge range of stuff is really really small remains top of our project because we
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started charging to save for a dollar a day. and i think the more momentum online we have bigger and bigger companies going in both because so many businesses to buy my face to come it's really good body on the type. huge company. recently got in the. party power in the. club is a. good thing about it is every. company. group. it's very interesting and. we have to be back. both up. pretty good park there what's your favorite love that you've had so far. pretty good and you know i'm painting
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a pretty soft. quite funny one was. good news. comedian in britain. ok and also the cop in the dog ran out of the press room for we were very worried. by. the good news for you the life and so it was sounds like you had all kinds of things painted on your face anything you would absolutely refuse you will not paint on your face will we become agreed very early on we were talking to my father about so it's a little tongue in cheek project but we will draw a line about bending other people or anything that might. be saying. we never have to reject the design. and so you launch that there and you the reason why you're doing this is a path your student loans are you in fact using all this money to pay off your
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student loans idea are you seeing your your debt balance go down. a little bit less . the under the you know the ways that we want to pay off the top of. the crate. and so right now it looks like areas here faced by my face are you going to expand it to buy my other body parts are you willing to pay in other parts of your body we've got a lot of requests we're going to keep it very clean. ok. because i might be getting more people in both of the projects i reply part of america's my my face for america my website is on it's really clever i mean anyone who does it on my facebook home from america will see on my face america what i'm not going in the next month so right now it is just the two of you any plans to expand and get other people on board and have other people pay less there was. a thing about what
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we're doing. we have to. face about this big space of a rarity value and there will never be any more. and then all the way down with will. be. so is this kind of a part time job for you or is this is this is this what you're doing for work right now. this is the are your main gig right now this is serious. so let's free up a lot of time for you to do whatever you want with well went with your faint way with that. being and skydiving because of an aerial gap really something to. try and make a life into increasing the. morrow.


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