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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour there's a is stirring link between big business high powered lobbying firms and our politicians just to get it reportedly functions in just a moment break it all down also going to tell us the scary enough but what does new
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research suggest about a link between going to the dentist and you know up with him and finally representative allen west says there are eighty or so communists who have taken over congress and while he's running our congress in congress he's not far off when it comes to other radicals in congress i'll explain it tonight still a chick. in screwed news the next few months you'll likely see a flurry of political advertisements touting paul ryan's republican trickle down austerity budget and the members of congress who support it these ads will be brought to you by a group called ending spending which recently purchased three hundred seventy five thousand dollars worth of advertising and dean's spending is just the latest super pac creature born out of the supreme court's citizens united decision and like all
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the other super pacs there's a disturbing link between big business high powered lobbying firms and our politicians joining me now to expose these links and for most of all what else we need to know about the corporate buyout of our government is leaf on estimated were reported with united republican republic report we welcome you as great glad to have you back with us lee so what's the deal with this ending spending organization . well as you mentioned there are a lot of groups coming out. and support the poll ryan plan which you know how it cuts taxes on quote operations slashes in title months of privatizing medicare we saw this actually the beginning of this but a year ago we saw a lot of really shadowy right wing groups airing ads promote it and that deal to. it last august and people were talking about the deficit they were running ads
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and because they didn't mention the candidates name they never had to register but millions of dollars from were spent out promoting. big cuts to the federal budget and this group is no different however like the groups back then it's a fire one seat where they don't have to register or report their donors however we did see that they shared their office with a corporate lobbying firm so that suggests that they have some relationship with k. street so a lobbying firm is coming up with a front group organization and in spending and they're buying ads basically what congratulating right wing congressman are talking about how wonderful paul ryan budget is this is the sort of thing well this particular ad promoted the republican field and calling for that for them to support. policies like the paul ryan budget in underwear if you go to our website it's all about promoting the ryan budget and encouraging both democrats and republicans running for president to endorse these
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ideas but other than that they don't get many details on what their exact plan is it's pretty much just a paul ryan promotion group amazing you also have a story up over public report now about the business roundtable what do we need to know about the business roundtable and their access to our lawmakers but this is a very powerful lobby group kind of like the chamber of commerce they've got tens of millions of dollars they spent a lot on lobbying. berenice it's bringing in c.e.o.'s of fortune one hundred companies you know xerox j.p. morgan besser think wellpoint and bring them in to literally need with legislation they want to lobby against the volcker rule which is their big priority right now for lobbying for more corporate tax cuts and specially tax cuts on call on profits made overseas this repatriation issue when he was this is were not on table is bragging right now and saying that they can arrange and they do a range one hundred meetings with congress
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a year so i think that that number is very significant because the business roundtable has been around for a long time but this is this is more meetings than is reported before and and just think about just the regular you know average american how many meetings they get with their member maybe one if they're able to fly out there and wait in line or you know if they have a big check maybe they can arrange one meeting but and you know this is you know john snow in the reagan administration was the former president business wrong too . right and the current head of business roundtable is john engler the former governor of michigan so you know they use the revolving door they use lots of campaign cash and i think it's likely we might even see them running ads this year because you know because of citizens united groups like the business roundtable and now engaged in electioneering amazing white lobbying be and out moated form of influence now thanks to citizens united i mean instead of spending millions of dollars lobbying can't corporate interests just threaten politicians and not
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actually even have to buy them dinner i mean they could just make a threat and if they if they take down maybe one or two politicians ten or twenty will be terrified will do their bidding on cost and that's exactly how the new game is played there's a very powerful lobbyist in two thousand and ten odd name scott reed he basically as i've heard a lot of said you know i'm going to get the banking industry health care and energy firms to give me a lot of my it's my super pac i'm going to go around basically writing members who don't agree with their agenda that we're going to you know dump twenty five million dollars worth of ads and i districts that's lobbying it's just a new ballgame now well this is jumping twenty five million dollars into a congressional district i mean you know there are many rational districts in the united states that historically turned on you know an election that cost way less than a million sometimes less than five hundred thousand dollars given that the congressional races and particularly state races typically are low budget things is this
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ultimately just a complete corruption of our democracy. well of course and then national add that this guy scott reed who had just very successful campaign in two thousand and ten using that corporate money is now the political director of the chamber's ad campaign this year the chamber of commerce. actually actually liked what he was doing and promoted him but this is a fundamental source of corruption when people talk about you know obama had to support his own super pac you know just so he could compete at the end of the day it's going to create more corruption because house is going to encourage corporations that don't exist to attack there are consequences that corporations give mind expects something in return on the other hand if he didn't lose the election that's very true. because there's that's what is are all this is this this is just this absolute destruction of democracy brought to you courtesy of five guys on the united states supreme court who who frankly my position of it even had the power to make that decision any a leaf thanks so much for the great work you're doing thank you tom if you didn't
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check out the latest report on corruption in washington d.c. by going to republic report dot org. now i want to move on to address something that i said on the show last night one of the things important to maintain a high credibility program is to make sure your facts are right and when you get them wrong to point it out even before anybody asks you to that's not i got it wrong when i said this. why reporter is part of the watchdog dot org network which is run by former koch operatives in the franklin center one of the many right wing front groups that folks helped so here we have a partly cofounded chamber of commerce running an ad portraying republican linda lingle as a moderate using as evidence a campaign press release by little linda lingle that appeared on a website run by koch political operatives. all all of that was right except the very end there were it was a web site owned by coke operators but why a reporter isn't owned by coke operatives and their public reports story that was the source of my information didn't explicitly say that it was i got that wrong and
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reported it wrong in my commentary and i'd like to apologize to the white reporter and most importantly to you for my roni is jumping to conclusions and state is a fact something with us and so. it's thursday so that means it's time to get he science we need another reason to be afraid of the dentist a study released this week in the american cancer society's journal cancer reports that there is a link between specific kinds of dental x. rays and the most common type of brain tumor study found that people with the meningioma type of brain tumor are more than twice as likely as people without the tumor to have had right wing x. rays at some point their lives studying polluted both modern exposures to dental x. rays as well as those early on in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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a time when dental x. rays deliver far higher doses of radiation than today's x. rays do a study compared self reported dental x. ray histories of fourteen hundred thirty three adults who had been diagnosed with a meningioma and thirteen hundred fifty adults who had not same study also found a link between the anorexic type of dental x. rays and the meningioma meningioma tumor people who reported having had a plan or x. x. exam before they turned ten years old were nearly five times as likely to develop a meningioma as those who had anorexia x. rays at any other times in their lives according to the study ionizing radiation as an x. rays is a major environmental risk factor for meningioma tumors and dental x. rays are the most common artificial source of exposure to this form of radiation elizabeth chua the lead author of the study and a professor at the yale school of public health notes that the risk factors for meningiomas are poorly understood partly because they weren't even added to the
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official brain tumor registries in america until two thousand and four show also adds that it takes anywhere from twenty to for thirty years after exposure to analyzing radiation and other environmental triggers for meningioma tumors to develop and then go on with tumors well often benign and become as large as baseballs and can cause vision problems at aches and loss of speech so i guess you can add brain tumors to the list of fears associated with going to the dentist. what is the alert was that in the mail in response to the republican war on women that is taken over washington women who all over the country are sending their congressmen special presents crocheted bags pouches and other decorations in the shape of female body parts as right knitted ovaries vaginas in utero are filling the mailboxes of republican congressman the group responsible for this new unique
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activism is this natural project and they're encouraging women across the nation to senator congressman a little special something a congressman or author mailed unusual things from their constituents hope you know opening of a box to find a knitted lady part has to take the cake who knows if these crocheted crafts will stop the war on women but one thing is for sure the little activism just got a lot more creative. coming up in tonight's daily take representative allen west things communists are running amok in washington while there are any communist walking the halls of congress it sure are a lot of fascists. i've
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months. just. up is the good the bad and the very very
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spagna coal is slowly ugly the good san francisco city council the city's board of supervisors voted unanimously tuesday to call for a foreclosure moratorium in the city so federal and state protections against foreclosure fraud are established supervisor john availe is who introduced the resolution said every day families seniors and children wake up with the fear of losing their homes through foreclosures earlier this year an audit of foreclosures in san francisco found that the majority of foreclosures and legal problems or suspicious documents associated with this time cities and communities across america and san francisco's footsteps and help the victims of predatory mortgage companies stay in their. bad virginia house speaker william. group progress verbal v.a. progress for ginia recently released a report discussing the legislative influence of alec on the virginia legislature
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report noted that the state had spent over two hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer money to send legislators to the annual alec koch brothers sponsored conferences well today speaker howell attacked the report calling it inaccurate and mocked the executive director of progress v.a. and a shoulder it was. just curious about which tire they're breaking down to beat and the part where you say they got two hundred three thousand dollars if you spent ten or thirty thousand dollars seconds legislators out of this i just i'm not speaking in the words you see what i'm trying to the i'm a smart girl and i think alan to the university of virginia it's ok if you could figure out the words multiple syllables of cats i'm. sorry speaker how attacking the intelligence of the shawl probably wasn't the best idea considering everybody realizes your party is doing everything it can to close it's war on women and the very very ugly buster freeze freeze the billionaire conservative who single
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handedly backed the santorum campaign made a joke last night about an assassination attempt on president obama during an interview on fox business for he said there are things that haven't been hammered out because rick and mitt have been going at each other oh they've trained their barrels on president obama has teleprompters are whatever reasons corrupting our democracy with billions of dollars and now he's making jokes about killing the president as states both are things frankly have no place in american politics and are very clear. here's a message for congressman allen west there are no communists in congress but there are a heck of a lot of fascists including yourself this week republican freshman representative
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allen west from florida said this to his constituents during a town hall meeting. he he. said . west was referring to the congressional progressive caucus with eighty three members that recently introduced the budget for all sensually their blueprint for the future of america congressman west thinks the budget for all eyes will be renamed the communist manifesto so what exactly is in this budget that has a right winger like west so it's terrible well there's a two point nine trillion dollar investment in rebuilding our infrastructure so if that's communist and president dwight eisenhower who invested a massive amounts of government money to build the interstate highway system is also a card carrying member of the communist party how could joe mccarthy of missed that when the progressive caucus budget also ends the bush tax cuts for the top two
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percent wealthiest americans and proposes new tax brackets for millionaires and billionaires having them pay a top tax rate of forty nine percent still well below what the super rich paid under the administrations of roosevelt truman eisenhower kennedy johnson nixon ford carter and even the beginning of reagan's administration are those guys communists not only that a big majority of american people support taxing the rich at a higher rate as a recent c.b.s. news new york times poll showed sixty five percent of americans are in favor of this proposal so are most americans communists congressman wants a progressive budget also creates a public option giving americans an alternative to the for profit private health insurance industry. a two thousand and quinnipiac poll during the height of the debate over health care reform found that americans by a two to one margin supported the public option sixty one to thirty four percent and a communist two zero zero and the progressive budget and star wars and last i checked
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my distaste for war is not a central tenet of the communist party so it would be useful for congressman west understand what a communist really is pretty karl marx himself as he wrote in his book the communist manifesto the theory of the communists may be summed up in a single sentence abolition of private property and the encyclopedia brittanica builds on the definition defining communism as a political and economic doctor that aims to replace private property and profit based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production lines mills and factories and the natural resources of a society so under this definition for either of those donations there is no private business there's no profit there's no free market and he's wal-mart i.b.m. exxon mobil g.e. you name the company even my small business which produces the show would cease to exist and i haven't heard one person in congress call for that for that scenario
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for a living nation a private business or private property one there is a communist political party in the united states c.p. usa one that has moderated itself considerably from marxist communism but also has yet to achieve any real significant political representation they don't have a single representative it's far as i know in any election anywhere in the country there are no communists in power of power in america congress in the west the true extreme left the commons have no political power but the communist counterpoint extreme right what we've historically called fascists they do have political power in this country. in fact right now the fascists have control of the house of representatives and they just passed a budget for america they've got the vote of nearly every single republican member of the house according to the american heritage dictionary fascism is a system of government that exercises
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a dictatorship of the extreme right typically through the merging of state in business leadership together with belligerent nationalism in one nine hundred thirty eight italy's benito mussolini brought fascism to the world fact he invented the phrase by dissolving parliament the italian parliament and replacing it with a committee to see the ele sione for your great tell you the chamber in english the chamber of the fascist corporations it was a system of government in which the corporate leaders from all across italy were chosen to represent their communities in the government it was not a government to paraphrase lincoln of by and for we the people instead it was a government of by and for the most powerful corporate interests in the nation that's fascism what was going on in italy at the time so freaked out franklin roosevelt's vice president and he was the vice president wallace wrote an article in the new york times in one nine hundred forty four warning that fascism could one
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day come to america wallace wrote if we define an american fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human bein's and there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the united states there are probably several hundred thousand if we narrowed it is that of a nation to include only those in their search for money and power who are ruthless of the seafood he went on to define the american fascist as those who pay lip service to democracy and the commonwealth fair but in their insatiable greed for money and the power which money gives do not hesitate sarah fisher silly to evade the laws designed to safeguard the public from get this monopolistic extortion. looking at the republican budget and the republican embrace of corporate corruption of our government the mouth a list of consortium most republican members of congress in my opinion would fit well with involves his definition of fascism or fascist in the search for more and more money paul ryan and the republican fascists pass the budget that gives
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a three trillion dollar tax cut to the wealthiest americans and the biggest corporations in the search for more and more money the paul ryan budget strips away laws to safeguard the public and keep our air water and food clean so the corporations can maximize their profits while we all choke the paul ryan budget ends medicare as we know it and cuts a huge chunk out of medicaid weakening the role of government to provide health insurance and instead giving for profit health insurance corporations absolute to many over the health care market the united states and one nine hundred forty four times new york times article vice president was also highlighted this interesting tactic of the fascists writing always and everywhere they can be identified by their appeal to prejudice and by the desire to play upon the fears and vanities of different groups in order to gain power it is no coincidence that the growth of
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modern tyrants has in every case been heralded by the growth of prejudice so is it just a coincidence that the same republicans who are supporting the fascistic paul ryan budget are also promoting prejudice against women gays and minorities and standing in the way of equal access to health care and marriage and economic opportunity. now i know that there's an enormous support on the right for the supreme court's citizens united decision which gave corporations unlimited influence over our politics basically allowing corporations to run their own corporate candidates in local state and federal elections you can argue that the supreme court here did mussolini did in italy in one nine hundred thirty four only just under a different name was also enormous support of the right on the hard right for groups like the american legislative exchange council which taking a page from mussolini's chamber of fascist corporations goods corporate lobbyists an equal vote with mostly republican state lawmakers to pass corporate for
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legislation all around the country this is the definition of the rule by corporations which is the definition of fascism and it's also the agenda being pushed by today's republican party and guess who enthusiastically supported and voted for color ryan's fascist budget and plays on prejudices and routinely puts the interests of corporations ahead of his constituents congressman allen west is something really unbalanced with the american political system now and people like congressman west can call moderate policies like tax taxing the rich investing in america's infrastructure and ending our wars communis these policies have historically been embraced by both republicans and democrats as presidents as members of congress as well as the majority of the voting american public and as the influence of the far left the communists has disappeared influence of the far
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right the fascists and the libertarians who want virtually no government at all but corporate control billionaire control it has grown immensely the goober rich and the corporations control of the house of representatives right now we're majority the republicans are multi-millionaires and they're even running their own guy for president in quarter billionaire mitt romney. as vice president henry wallace concluded in one thousand nine hundred eighty four we must not tolerate oppressive government or industrial oligarchy in the form of monopolies and cartels if republicans like west want to call people who support pell grants for college students communists but let's start being brutally honest about him and his republican cronies and policies as the former vice president of the united states of america pointed out repeatedly there of passion. that's in for the big picture tonight don't forget democracy begins when you get out there and get active your state of.
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