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the in. this industry still cheap cheap cheap but now it's time to feel. some good songs and. thanks for being with our t. about that's the hour and parents are all changed and these are your headlines north korea launches its controversial long range rocket plunges into the scene moments later but still provokes top dog out the united nations russia says the route means resolving through diplomacy. u.n. security council sets its sights on syria with a draft resolution on the table to force the fragile peace deal and send in observers a u.n. brokered cease fire came into force on thursday but officials say it's not being
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fully implemented made reports of fresh cautions. incensed over immigration and enraged euro france's far right against their own to the presidential race amid their public rallies against multicultural culturalism the country's own for a conservative national front party is seeing its highest ever poll ratings the. next step on a scale out talks kids could tour and how the performing arts are encouraging children to fulfill their potential. hello and welcome to the show mr spragg and the reason you look at russia for children why well because it's now
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a huge developing market here and russia from magazines through the stores would be surprise i mean in the capital like a said just fill them and this group of girls here are taking part in accounts work with all the superstar skills they will need. to strike a pose will they normally associate with children are younger friends to play a pause in the fashion industry and is the future models of tomorrow strut their stuff in this room it's clear some of these are snuggles house what it takes. but you see here shows the girls how to counsel the correct posture to shoot just just a heads up the back straight and gaze comfortably into the distance. my field of glass is that it can engineer the. most i like it when i close the show and i'm the last model on the catwalk then all eyes are on me. with the international success
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of russian models says his computer but about millions of young girls dream of becoming such stars and how they dress is an important part of as a valid thing personalities next up the jackie monkey children sky high end shopping experience disgusting to some delicious to others you can find all the typical names here from baby to york to online junior to still prides themselves in stating that it's the first kid's luxury trade house in russia was presented as a full concept store. the fact that children might grow out of the clothes of the most is beside the point in the land of new opportunities and. you wealthy russians style is everything no matter how much it costs. we are trying to bring the best of. luck for brands and treasure for kids clothing except accessories and jewelry. and it's toys etc. we're working with them
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major luxury brands all with the royals right there money like they're a great right i've got to go back and there's there are dozens of rooms inside this massive shot of the amounts of commerce clothes success stories will keep children entertained for hours and it will go straight to becoming a designer princess can be achieved here for many though they consume time into a nightmare for the parents bank accounts. ahmadi junior very nice for the documented children's gallery here is exclusive to say the least expensive is the word as well as the moscow fashion week for the store he organizes catwalk shows for kids and they all very popular of course this is just the highest part of the spectrum most other people millions of others action by the cards inside markets or high street chain stores but it is a great example to showcase extreme lifestyles here in the russian capital.
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there are dozens of fashion magazines in russia many of which feature articles on clothing for children for the ransom that many that completely devote themselves to the subject of children well this next magazine place the only story gap in the markets and several issues in jeddah cater to the theme of kids fashion and to talk more about the subject let's meet this week's guest a latina you know your very very busy thanks for your time so tell me about the magazine here could see only you know the history of the magazine the russian market now. for years and there are you know that we publish the can be sure the kids union being issued. truancy should be out here because you know. we have got the core of the russian market and we're. going to do all continents for. especially for a russian market and with that our position is that our point of the children boiled the children fashion and we have. children issue twice
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a year for a season of. summer but who buys those magazines pat obviously not the children yet you know the russian market is really important for all the wall because maybe it's because children market. parents they're so crazy they really do have a passion in fashion and brands and sometimes that. buy the very period for children whatever the price because they are expensive you know they're expensive but the children deserve the same things like. gold people interesting stuff will thank you very much and then good luck on your on your future. to collect your magazine has it school for two novels called i'm dealing boys and girls from five to forty years old a ten cost is three times
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a week given by the industry of professionals and to design is just stylish models of the car and the first. of the year model in the family it's not cheap one month of classes cost fifteen thousand rubles around five hundred dollars and the recommended period to extend them is no less than a year. the school here trains kids in all aspects of the performing arts and it's a great way for them to build up that confidence team skills and social awareness in regards to fashion many of them appear in local fashion shows i don't think it's up to whether it we're talking about posture or behavior part of their success comes from the skills that are taught in class. to the rehearsal room now we've arrived at the projections a performing arts school for children here the stars of tomorrow train the author singing dancing drama the children range from between four and fourteen years old
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and the school also has a successful modeling and television agency attached to its. not just something which we have fifteen various classes singing graffiti acting foreign languages. and others. position industry the children that are well paid by attending drama costs like the ones here children can focus very much nation energy. eat eat eat. microphone and hands this young girl singing in english so it's very comfortable the kids in this cost around five years old music and instruments are used to educate and entertain them. back down. many parents say they notice a huge difference in the child's development issues when i brought my daughter to
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this school she wasn't even three years old but i realized that i had found a place where my child could feel comfortable find new friends and acquire a lot of knowledge. for those who want their kids to have beautiful and stylish which is the face you studio call cross-post provides everything that's needed for a professional photo session parents have different aims some want to make money on their kids others do it because their children enjoy it ask them themselves to be involved in bush and some parents just dream of their daughters becoming famous i want my children to self confidence not to be afraid. if the camera can go to show of herself go to communicate with others and not to be shy that's the main thing not to be shy and spacious schools with various sets top notch counters a lighting equipment and creative stuff could help make a great portfolio of your child. a top secret muslim school for kids office such
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classes and training as cargo faith maker cheetos acting composing for the camera just write the most profitable project for parents is t.v. adverts piece for the kids about high but it's very difficult to be featured in one because things are very competitive with over a thousand children coming from all construction to be chosen for yet. there are several age groups at the school with the youngest one for children being from three to five years old the school and only to patch each of fashion models for the cow walk and magazine covers but its cost is also make children feel confident. several new shopping malls have open the muster over the past few years off the mall here located in the new muster city complex is full of western imposed names eager to sell kids' clothes at lower prices british popular high street store marks and spencer has recently opened in the russian capital import costs customs tax can
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be eighty demian i sims are still thirty percent more expensive than your p.s. but i think it's a taste of things to come here stylish fun and affordable quality clothing for children. moscow now off is one important thing choice whether you're off to sheet oshie dungarees or t. shirts for the little ones allowed to see the somebody have to break the bank that is until they grow up and ask for the real desire to claridge's. dispense a brilliant as a means affordable clothes for children for them for sure. really there's no food hall here that is something i miss from the u.k. but enforcing doesn't listen we have left on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next weekend about.
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culture is that so much of an old if you choose an issue on the more serious eerie silence at least for now at this moment the u.n. sponsored peace plan for syria has gotten mixed reviews but. the close up team has been to the sverdlovsk region. where blacksmithing have developed from a craft into an industry if. he goes far north. where returns to good roads and rail are a battle against the elements where helicopter is the only transport for medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the people
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will go into the. area russia close. down the official see how to make a show on the phone called touch from the choose ops to. life on the go. video on demand hockey's minefield costs and features now in the palm of your. question. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . news to get the maximum political impact. before source material is forth helps keep journalism honest rebook. we want to visit. something up. if
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wealthy british style. time to. market financials. find out what's really happening to the global economy. with my charger there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines going into congress report on r g.
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north korea launches its controversial long range rocket and it plunges into the scene moments later but still provokes tough talk at the united nations pressure said still rolla needs resolving through diplomacy and. the u.n. security council side said sides on syria with a draft resolution on the table to enforce the fragile peace deal and send in observers a u.n. brokered cease fire came into force on thursday but officials say it's not being fully implemented amid reports of french classes. incensed over immigration and enraged that the euro and france's far right gains were around in
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the presidential race amid their public rallies against multiculturalism of the country's altro conservative national front party is seeing its highest honor ratings. stick around sports is next with kate. hello welcome to the latest court on this action packed friday and the headlines blades of glory of god prepare to host another moscow in the first game the best of seven series in the garden cup finals. while aussie reception russia's top full court criticised the country's new western calendar which will see games played in subzero temperatures in december. and shanghai surprise sevens on korea one champion michael schumacher dominates friday's practice head of the shanghai grand prix. as dry socket and the opening game of the twenty twelve
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going cup finals will face off in the iberian city of god in just over two hours then god will host another moscow with both sides fighting to be crowned champions for the first time in their histories well crowds are expected for the first two matches in this exciting contest there are now all the slight favorites out of a white washed constantly to dream team in semifinals and have the playoffs top score at make up and the city has netted thirteen times in fourteen matches however god can boast the postseason points leader in amman jordan for the czech star as perhaps ten goals and it is this so far that the two hours to go there. they're going to get well now the dates the new russian calendar have been revealed and we'll see games played in subzero temperatures in december the season has been also to coincide with the main european leagues to help russians ice before better in european competitions and will kick off on july the twenty second and run until
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maybe nineteenth there will be a winter break from mid december until mid march but it will mean a number of games we play in freezing weather so players including development captain eagles and show off and the need to midfielder roman shock of have been critical of the plans saying pitches in russia are already of a poor standard and the new sharjah will make plain conditions words. what it means i write a resolution that he has criticised the condition of the beaches in poland ahead of this summer's european championships and has ordered them to be relayed three visits to warsaw the country will also host matches in bosnia and writes while which will stage the opening game of the tournament between poland and greece on june the knights. meantime ahead there a break up semifinal dobie with adults in liverpool have parted company with director of football damien comolli who oversaw a one hundred eighty million dollars spending spree on new players though the club's owners say manager kenny dalglish's position is safe the club are only eight in the league but captain steven gerrard still thinks there's time to turn things
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around for. interesting work and personal relationship with him a. sense of community. has been really helpful and every transfer authority that we're going for and everybody that has committed the club in a sense to me has been here because of my choice and. i made the choice and you want to give me a minute away from thirty of you and bring them home and you know all of the interest rates and the league position. and we want to vote for a couple you know i think if this team squad delivers two major court files in one season and seven seasons for success for me while in china former france and chelsea striker nicolas anelka has taken on a bigger role as his current like shanghai action one after lending his star power to the free spending side the thirty three year old forward was named their player coach who oversaw his first training session in shanghai on thursday you can pressure on manager and fellow french mission thing in r.
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and that has signed what was widely reported as a you pretty have two year deal with shane walk in december. we're going to formula one in next week's bahrain grand prix will go ahead despite civil unrest in the country and fears over security in the meantime miss avies michael schumacher was fastest in something practice for this sunday's chinese grand green shanghai ahead of there is hamilton authorized championship leader fernando alonso was on the tenth we. are the kind of the moment as we sped through so we are working hard on that first the race is. what ours i would communities you know. be made for and we are now. we know that. it's going to be a classic race is now over china for the bahrain saw. the gulf and world number one luke donald has started poorly at the heritage tournament in south carolina after hitting
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a four over par seventy five to thirty first eight shots off the lead on in the meantime there's a story where a tie at the top of the leaderboard chad campbell seen here hit a four under par sixty seven along with fellow americans lost in vaughn taylor and this one right up to the pin for his final birdie looking out all right but if you like the shot wait to see the next one from taylor he sent his ball all the way into the cup from just under one hundred meters on this final hole. needs to finish in the top eight to keep his number one ranking. that's the n.b.a. and the simon so near spurs beat memphis one hundred seven points to ninety seven on home court to end the grizzlies four game winning streak and san antonio were on a mission to avoid a third straight defeats and french when tony parker raced in for a basket to give them a one point leave read way through the water then go sweatshirts a dunk to open
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a twenty seven twenty one lead however the grizzlies work their way back into the game three points rudy gave them ahead by four in the second quarter and they still lead in with third to make this stunning. but in the closing period the spurs managed to grab victory largely thanks to billy and top scoring tim duncan twenty eight points but final score a get one hundred seven ninety seven an entire year and not only one win away from western conference leaders oklahoma city. now it's just over one hundred days to go until this summer's olympics the organizers are denying that london twenty twelve will go down in history as they did in post-war nine hundred forty eight as the austerity games despite the global recession they call buttons they will deliver the event within the constraints of their fourteen point seven billion dollars budget and will do it without cutting corners amid concerns a resurgence of purity costs and the chief executive all of the london organizing committee says this is a huge achievement. because so often described gravity defying
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performance and raising revenue in the most difficult circumstances this could have conceived. you know i think performance overall and this is just local it's the government it's in the other people contributed exam extraordinary success could bring a project of this scale in complexity we did it. and in the meantime russia's synchronized swimmers have already flames in london to take part in a qualifying tournament for the summer games and before they left michael crabtree caught up with one of the countries aren't you at. russia's synchronized swimming team and do it have won all six possible gold medals in the last two games in addition they've also contributed heavily to russia's overall gold medal tally in both the world and european up what exchanging chips but whether or not the challenges of drop the standards in recent times it's clear the current batch of
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russian athletes are being trained hard. we really work out what every one of the training facility mills is they're all shocked that we trained early for ten hours calling and polishing the routine is very difficult and to remember it is even harder to do although it was removed in favor of the team competition for the nineteen ninety six games the jewett is now considered to be the most prestigious event of all russians and of the sea of. the sea a year mark over with a country star at the last lympics but a couple of new starlets in the form of napoleon and. have since emerged showing at least in the world and european championships. it's much tougher physically this time around because in the last olympics i only participated in the team competition and now i will also be performing in the duets competition it's a more individual event and it's of course very prestigious and because of that
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it's more than double the work the discipline requires great strength injurious flexibility and of course precise timing as well as exceptional breath control upside down underwater so training is tough and constant and lengthy girls can train for literally half a day in order to ensure they need to but problem level of fitness. without a doubt the most difficult aspect is. with the physical demands we've got to do at repetitions in the morning and to team repetitions in the evening so it's quite difficult to keep yourself in shape mentally it's also tough yes the olympics are the goal but you try not to think about that because it just becomes that much harder. to work. and so. of course i have to spend a lot of time in the water the surprising story. of the training sessions here in the gym practicing record. it's a long time slowly task with
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a rigid regime that leaves little room for anything else let alone the time ition for insist there's enough time for friends and family if we have one free day a week so we try to get everything done then play go to movies and meet with friends i have a husband at home so i like spending time with him of course but this is part of our work and i just have to get used to it and of course there wouldn't be much of a duet if the true girls can get along with each other. natasha and i get along very well even beyond the training facility but it can be difficult especially when we come back after our day off and have to resume training when are we really want to do is share the latest. shoes election creations will be spy high when they dive in the olympic pool in london in august but it seems they're already well prepared to carry the torch in russia's bid to win gold for fourth consecutive time michael. moscow and that's all the sport for this person
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they'll be more in just under two hours time he's done it in the.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. wealthy british scientists i. sometimes write.


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