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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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hello thanks for joining us tonight is kevin know it here at the studios in moscow where the top stories for you in the first year in observers have arrived in syria to oversee the troubled troops there but damascus says it must monitors movements to keep them safe. about who bombed and shot seventy seven innocent people says he did it in self-defense and was protecting the country from being overrun by muslims the first norwegian mass murderer and his graphics trial is backed up in oslo. but his pole position for a russian oil giant russ neff does it with america's exxon mobil's of the treasures
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of the arctic sea it also gives ross net access to exxon's projects in north america and its know about developing art recovery reserves. next the wiki leaks founder julian assange talks to us ahead of his new shows debut here on choose day tomorrow he explains why he chose r.t. who was guess as said to be. why did you decide to do your own show and become a t.v. host. has two reasons. first of all being under house arrest for sort of long it's nice to have an occasional visit them and they want to learn more about the world and given the conversations we were having a quite interesting one i don't want to throw out of people what's going on that's one reason the second reason is that as someone who's given to what happened to me before and it's been receiving it on a very aggressive new styles i found that i wasn't even much of writing in these
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interviews and all that pretty quickly were just kind of keeps you sort of said the prince of france for instance so people could take them said out of context and i wanted to have a different sort of approach from other people and why that approach has been difficult in some ways i think it is also succeeded you know ways and build sides of very interesting important people that are not normally revealed because they're not dealing with the straining to get through dealing with someone who's under house arrest. and probably for political problems that they can sympathize with. and how he did you find it moving sort of from one side of the desk to the other becoming the interviewer was a lot harder than i thought it was. playing the beginning very hard part went by like everything else that i could ever get from him the constraints of the medium the constraints of time constraints of cameras and the constraints of people
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crowded into an intimate space you needed to know a person really does follow. you know sort of types of conversations that can occur from a direction so you'll see for example when we do a satellite feed in the early got forty forty five minutes actually the interaction and growth in translation of the interaction is much more similar to a consultant where we have a sort of luxury of three hours and having people here. personally is much more time sort of conversation. so so i have more sympathy with these people who remain use real understanding if the constraints of the medium are one of the conditions for it's not the only pollution script there is also the constraints of the will of a station behind me so how did you get to know r.t. and why did you choose r.t. for your political cost of your first program we have seen our teams reported on the attack some human eggs for
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a number of years and that record has generally been quite supportive when we were looking what international broadcaster we wished to partner with as opposed to left liberal costumes we look to see what was the penetration into united states. and he had a higher penetration in the united states are going to zero for a baby seen as the leading contestant but the b.b.c. has been acting hostile towards us so we didn't consider that the b.b.c. would be an appropriate problem cox he aims to provide this kind of alternative view so those ads by the international mainstream channels is your choice of r.t.s. the platform for your interview show your kind of response to that mainstream media but it is or is a response in seems that a lot of the themes that we've been trying to report have not been carried back to me in the mainstream press there are many many fine exceptions but when we look at
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international bit works there's really only two that it was speaking about and that is not to know that there. are other international networks are as far as i'm with you makes issues are concerned are too busy considering your the national agenda now if we had been producing a luminous material about russia perhaps and situation were different but in because we are in at the moment where our major confrontation or in some of the west although we have published on twitter for many conference. is that natural partner to produce the material also of the sort of a very desirable rockiness had greater penetration from its place this is going to be you want to join our team but have you received offers from other channels as anyone else approached you with some things yes for anything for this much on us and we are some licensing insurance and coverage affable curves those are teams that are internet for the broadcaster and sets the scene for you know three things
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instead of. you worked closely with what we called the mainstream media in the past what did that teach you about them. any organization once a growth to a sufficient so is and has sufficient influence starts having to make political compromises and media organizations by the very nature of engage in the political sphere so the editors and publishers of media organizations have to see they are at the table with proper books and they start becoming components battle groups and so we have grown but i'm working with them when we're trying to get out al material through the overheads they should study such as the guardian from real time to the b.b.c. these organizations so sensitive you know tremendously frequent. and in a way which is against a stated ground it's not just looking for help it's against everybody's and in some cases even against the contracts that we have played in terms of conversations and you mention several specific ad publications and channels that what response do you
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expect from the international mass media some of whom you've already gotten outweighs what do you expect the level of criticism to say why of course i mean you're but those organizations like the new york times that we have refused to work with based upon what they were doing back in two thousand and ten oh there we do work we can be regional journalists you know towards individual journalists in other institutions and without problems with. humans that you know remember it very well they were attacked i mean just like they wait any pity competing being a media organisation the reason the big story they always try to get some story and what sort of form that courses are to take it's imagine the sort of obvious one. is doing this on the elite combatant a traitor getting into bed with the requirement on the ground. and interviewing. terrible radicals variable. i think that's a sort of it's
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a pretty trivial kind of attack on the carpet. if they actually look at how the show was made we make it we have completed two real control we believe that all media organizations have all media organizations have a nation on our team is a voice or pressure so read it looks at things from the russian agenda the b.b.c. is a voice of the current government towards americans or worse american government and it is that they clashing all these voices together that reveals the truth about the world as a whole now we see what the moment is that we are in a legal confrontation with the department of justice in the united states as a result there are reasonable regulations which concerned that it's not so it's very natural for in order for us to speak about the way we see the world interesting if we can see the world we need to be part of it or we organize agents that are actually capable of change and unfortunately the majority of the big
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networks in the states are now not capable of effectively criticizing a u.s. military commission from from where you restrained by editorial policies while you are making the program thought seem no not at all we make the program has made an independent coverage of production companies into africa sort of trade centers of attention so at no stage has any editorial control been excited and i was there it was a take a look at exercise but i think i have you found you found that to be true. yes absolutely i think that there has been no media figure it's initial at all when you were choosing the guests what were your criteria. thought through the single biggest criterion something i would come up short. that's quite that's quite interesting because there are a number of guests that we couldn't get in so let's talk about that sort of hidden
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censorship so we're still trying for we he's currently in prison under house arrest in truck he views it in political situation and makes it extremely difficult for him to speak to the media report card khodorkovsky. you know prison in russia. was a was a billionaire we got from his family prince and sort of like to speak for him he's no good and. then if we look at some of the us and so i don't so people who come to the tops of power of some john edwards corporations if we have. indirect personal contact. so some of them say no it's too dangerous for the u.s. government is concerned yes i would i put it up to help you know sort of like some sort of but politically it's just a it was so. then we go to the other groups that we have towards and we did actually there was. so those are. people who normally don't
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get a voice could i mean you think yes that you have got do you think a pair want to mainstream to be an act like some good some couldn't and some have. quite a few haven't. what is faith and say is there a majority of what they have said to me they could not say on a mainstream t.v. network that is not is because of self-censorship because of the networks it's because my style of interaction as someone who has been interviewed by the media million times. i understand the faults. in that format and so i wanted something a bit in the book but that sort of the depth in the situations that they had so a way of. pulling out their story about various situations when they are in the script enough and so i think it would even be a so familiar and in dealing with me ok i understand that the north dealing with
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a host of concealing the reporter dealing with someone who's been through a very trying dangerous and difficult for people situation so they can speak to a degree as equals because they understand that i understand for example most of the guests that i've interviewed and have been in prison at some stage in prison so immediately there's a sort of report that is present there is no president ever doing what do you invite anyone from russia's political opposition to be on your program if say you think like me because what we've invited a number of people from russia's political opposition or the russian election cycle to feel that because of the scale of they will go to the real seat they'll turn up but we're invited nearly all the problem in france now and we're going to invite the people from the russian government as well so i think it's a no you going to use any new wiki leaks takes them for this project we have actually used some of the questions from the. but it is not in general that.
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it's we're not using this sort of diversity and we thought of it for occasional this. information about you happens quite interesting i know any of your guests directly linked to what he's information oh yes yes there's. all its part you know information warmer to what extent did the restricting of your freedom of movement kind of interfere with the making of the programs well the restriction my freedom of movement is what caused the programs. you're now i mean over four hundred sixty days the plane without charge and i was used to go right around the world from france the place where the greatest clique was i never explored where we could be at most this is the trend so it's quite isolating to be present since like other member functions are right under those conditions so this
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all began as a way of bringing people to me so we could understand what was actually happening in the world because we need to understand part of running wiki leaks what is actually happening to us so much thank you very much thank you. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm charging
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welcome to the big picture. the top stories the first you'll observe is a drive in syria to oversee the troubled truce but the mask has says it must coordinate monitors movements to keep them safe. the man who boarded and shot seventy seven innocent people says he did it in self defense and was protecting the country from being overrun by muslims the first day of norwegian mass murderer and his brother extravagance wrapped up in oslo. on his pole position for a russian oil giant ross now after the teams up with america's exxon mobile the top of the treasures of the arctic sea it also appears ross net access to it projects in north america and it's no other thing to recover. this is art.
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hello welcome along with to the world of sports here's what we've got coming up testing times to include such a cyclist and then pick hopeful dennis collins ian oil tests positive for performance enhancing drugs and his provisionally from the sport. in the balance rust off to a long one with f.c. crossing guard in the russian funny relegation group as they look to avoid falling into the relegation play off places. and then change out the top rory mcilroy places mcdonald as the world's number one goal for after the englishman finishes fourteen shots behind where the culprits are said in south carolina. but first one of russia's aspiring olympic cyclists finds his racing future in question after failing a drugs test then his gallons i know of has been provisionally suspended after testing positive for blood boosting e.p.o.
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and it's open test last month the twenty five year old has the right to request a b. sample test but will compounding till the russian cycling federation convenes the his case problems on all faces a two year disqualification if the second test also comes up positive he could do to ride around the two thousand and eleven paris brussels event and also not a stage winner of the tour of beijing last summer his teammate alexander cullen i have tested positive for a drug mosque in agent of the two thousand and eleven tour de france before being cleared of any wrongdoing by the courts of all the treasure in the sport at the end of february. palethorpe overstuff a throne one one with s n cross to die in monday's only thanks jeff in the russian premier league it's always rest of three points clear of the relegation play off places the visitors went into the day on top of the relegation great records and safe from the drop the stuff myself comforts however new a would put daylight between themselves and the bottom floor it was the visitors who took the lane to
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see where you are most young planting the seventy four minutes. passed by thanks be heading for second consecutive win but a minute in the scottish times subject to make recruiting time for the whole side level for the first two weeks i. mean while england is one game in the top flight on monday is awful and he said we'll get a win for the visit is with me from the phone five points clear of the drop zone of the town has been smashed third place with a victory kicks off in a little over ten minutes time. now maybe more than six years away recover ations for the two thousand and nineteen football world cup here in russia are in full swing thanks for inspectors have been in the country to see for themselves how plans are coming along they've already visited cross and are on rostov on don as even as a ghostly reports. the first world cup ever to be held in russia is drawing ever near eleven of the thirteen competing cities will be on the final shortlist of
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hosts to be revealed this coming soon camber people are now having a look at each city's plans to find out just how they'll go about creating the best possible experience for players fans and media krasnodar was first on their to do list and the southern russian city seems jeff this is the first test european moeller oversees the two thousand and fourteen two thousand and eighteen and that you thousand and twenty two world cup bid admits he was impressed with the progress we saw the crustal dar stadium will be a new local landmark with a capacity of just over fifty thousand the newly developed infrastructure is it. make that the benefit of the city long after the final whistle is blown on the tournament the regionals ministrations something stark and. everything that is built for the most of the lasting legacy because of the number of development football all the venues will be used extensively and then there's already a demand for certain kinds that will be built. rostov on don
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became the next stop the fief is rushing to work as the delegation couldn't land in sochi due to bad weather here regional authorities several ready pledged over three billion dollars to revamp the city's transport infrastructure airport and build a new stadium clearly plenty of work to be done in that six year period for the forty three thousand spectator new stadium only one part of the task at hand and there's a lot of ground left to cover for the fifty value years as well they'll be visiting st petersburg on april twenty sixth before heading straight the kaliningrad the team will then to look at your in euro slav will and moscow in may finally the delegation will travel to cosign meeting of great some are in volgograd in june right when the tournament countdown clock passes six years under gorski our team now in tennis former world number three iran which has called time on his career
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the crow up powering out in disappointing fashion with the monkey call i'm asked as he went out to patrick even got a construct set six love six three a thirty three year old time professional in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight i was proudest moment came in two thousand and five when he helped price up to secure their first ever though this title while the sending champion know about djokovic sure see the first round bye and will face i think to how best to all andrea seppi and around to. the good thing about schedule this year is that we have an extra week between me and. i will still give me. my i mean sort of into to relax the rest regroup and then you know time here earlier spent already ten days preparing physically mentally for play court season and i hope to star world once a problem now to golf and luke donald has been knocked off the top spot in the world rankings this after the englishman finished fourteen shots behind win a cold practice and a p.g.a.
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event in south carolina total you needed a top four finish at the r.b.c. heritage to avoid being replaced as world number one but northern islands were remarkable right place and bunkers shots on the eighteenth helped him finish with a level par seventy one in his final round pattison however started his final round with this twenty four foot putt to move him to thirteen under eventually pick up an extra shot along the way to finish five shots clear of american zach johnson in second its predecessor p.g.a. career title. staying in the usa in the n.b.a. the denver nuggets defeated the houston rockets one hundred nine eighty six on home courts with both sides targeting the upcoming playoffs houston won the first rule so by five points twenty seven twenty two his face could you know the buzzer from behind the arc later the rockets added a single point to the lead at making it forcing nine forty three by hostile with a third period still the host come back strongly are an afro inspired an impressive run for them but finishing the lights as drunks old school with twenty points to
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a loss and he writes these figures also made a big contribution to him his team's revival eventual fifteen point victory for the nuggets moved them closer to six dallas in the rest of the conference. meanwhile moscow has been hosting the general assembly of national olympic committees for the very first time and why annual meeting has been held in the russian capital with the twenty fourteen sochi winter games rapidly approaching and president of the international olympic committee jacques rogge said preparations are coming along nicely. two we are very happy with the preparations and sochi as you know building in sochi in the mountains is not easy because it's never easy to build in the mountains and at times you have to adapt a little bit to the local situation but overall i can say that i'm very grateful for our russian friends because they are doing a very good job and they are respecting that. meanwhile another significant event
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took place at the conference as five countries presented bedmates to hosting twenty twenty summer games among the metropolitan spain who is hosting the olympics previously but istanbul in turkey in qatar in azerbaijan hoping to host the event for the parents first time the final shortlist of candidates is expected at the end of may russia's close is no buzz about john who lost their two thousand and sixteen bit for success this time around. we have just built a wonderful palace for the eurovision song contest in may which can fit more than twenty thousand after that it will be used as a support site last year with built a large eggs addition sensor which we could readjust their lympics if we win the bid we'll build golf courses and other have been useful sports that aren't developed in our country just yet we would certainly build some objects from scratch although we do have a lot of facilities in place to twenty four teams so much experience will play
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a very important role for us we will watch and learn not so much about the building of sports facilities but rather about organizing such issues as security protection transport and so on russia's experience it will definitely be useful. finally organizers of this summer's london olympics admitted the city's transport infrastructure may struggle to cope with them on with just over one hundred days to go until the beginning of the games building work and redevelopment is continuing in an attempt to deal with the increase in expected usage for thirty five new trains buses and even a temporary new tunnel through airports pressure and official say despite the huge amount of investment spent on upgrading the transport network there will be times when it simply can't. there's no getting away from the fact that london movie incredibly busy during the games and in some locations that seven times a day there will be more demand for the public transport network and we're going to be able to cope with thought by planning ahead and making sure that londoners who
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are going about their daily business going to work travelling about change their travel behavior where really confident it will cope during the summer well that is all the school for now there's plenty more like today there were twenty four hour aussie. culture is that so much about taxpayers' money madrid's a shiny new lot of people at area many people are turning to facebook's timeline to share all kinds of experiences and vomits others are concerned about the security and safety of this new.
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