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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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redefining the boundaries of journalism whistleblower extraordinary julian assange on strikes back with a new sheriff missing to shine a light on the right one touched by the mass media. syrian opposition shows its multiple places as i do a few rallies see removed regular gunfire not necessarily defending their position slogans but strange to. us all supporting stress positions of their credentials a secret memo shows the us was warned against interrogation techniques and crimes.
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forecasting live from the russian capital this is r t i'm kerry johnston. the world's most controversial and polarizing whistleblower to date is premiering his very own show here on r.t. today a program called the world tomorrow during the sounds it's just a few hours away from die hard liberals to want to go tickle storm was a song that promises to push the limits like giving a voice to use an idea as shown by the mass media head about the man whose revelations show even the house tells us he's nor smith what prompted him to go on air. well the wait is. wiki leaks founder julian that still has his exclusive new show is to be broadcast here on r t today tuesday i can't tell you who the first guest is you just have to cheat and find out what i can tell you is that they are all opinion all through this twelve back to say series there are some distance and
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there are some who have very rarely been interviewed didn't network television the first guest is particularly controversial and according to you know when i speak to him charismatic now i'm going to talk to. a head of the broadcast to the program the secret location where he films the show we talk all about the show how he chose the guests because he spends a lot of time himself with the interview with jack he talks about his disenchantment with mainstream media and why he chose in our team to broadcast this but i don't see why he feels that he's in a unique position to make an interview show let's hear what he had to say. this because my thought i would be someone who has been to.
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the polls. so i want to. look. for. why you're. dealing with me. you. know. trying. so i think. because. this is a we could anniversaries. personal and professional it's five hundred days based week since the investigation into the allegations of sexual assault in sweden began he has been under house arrest good chili for looked at that time and yet still new
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charges have been laid against him formally we did see the case in the supremes coolest finish on the second of february already so it's nearly ten weeks since that case finished and still no verdict has been handed down by the supremes court is also five hundred days this week since bank accounts were brazen and that's of course made it very difficult for them to raise any funding and really the whole future of the wiki leaks operation under threats this is why this is so unique it was conceived. during this incredibly difficult time in his life when he was under house arrest as he still is having to report to the police station every day he told me that he's somebody who's always travelled you know he's always next to look to people and then he found himself in a position where he couldn't go to people so he wanted to find a way of making people come to him and that's how they say well the restriction my
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freezer. now are four hundred sixty. was used to go around the world that's the place. where. the greatest number. so it's quite isolated. from the. bring me so. well the whole of that experience coming your way in about twenty five minutes shorter be around the turn thirty g.m.t. today we'll be airing the first episode of the well tomorrow with two in the such. hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact.
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to the source material is what helps the reason we. we want to present. something of. the u.n. human rights what he has admitted that violence is dwindling in syria after a cease fire came into force last week says violations are still shaking the fragile truce and hostilities give way to mass rallies there are fears that some activists will just about calls for freedom and democracy are being discredited by the armed militia. some of the images in the excitable i can report disturbing. this is the media face of the syrian revolution and shaven man with kalashnikovs appealing to the international community to stop the killing of children baby blood thirsty as army. doctors a few weeks later the same man this
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time closing the soldiers are going around holmes knocking on their doors and it is the people. later we see them again already dad shown on you tube as civilians were savagely killed by troops. yet still western policy makers insist on calling these people freedom fighters rather than charities united states of america. and the definition. for america. and who are fighting with. and if you. talk about. we have. no. organization of course this is also the syrian opposition but they face goals and
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ways of achieving them are strikingly different these purges freman are against the entrenched discrimination of their ethnic group others in the crowd call for free elections and stopping arbitrary detentions still the main slogan there rolling under is for peaceful change we think that bashar al assad has to step down but we are totally convinced it can be achieved through nonviolent means the only way for this democratic revolution to proceed peacefully all size has to stop the violence small rallies like these are almost the way clear currents in damascus time even syrian state t.v. came to fill my arms rebels grab attention to syrian opposition has many faces and there's a growing concern here that the radicals may be hurting because of the more moderate forces that gun fire has essentially drawn down more legitimate calls for
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democratic change while the organizers of this rally received a permit from there it didn't last long an hour into the protest a group of assad supporters appeared from nowhere sending demonstrators running on this occasion nobody was hurt and getting. democracy is about the rule of the majority and the majority of the people support bashar assad these people may be curious or grams but there are different from guns force that supporters there is indeed little difference between peaceful protesters and the rebels and it looks like the west is making the same mistake by betting on the armed opposition international powers make activists like these guilty of association with the gun charging militia when people start seeing violence. it gets much much worse and there are a lot of start to come in as i see all the girls is just not promote democracy or
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quite the opposite chaos and even reward in the long run. syria has long prided itself on tolerance but when it comes to politics the gloves come off very quickly not only a syrian city have to agree to disagree but more importantly they have to learn how to do it in a nonviolent way and the workers are the democrats because syria. and danced a team of u.n. monitors or started a mission to stabilize the troops u.s. based professor of middle east studies at all sure learned this says the operation will provide the world community with time to the side of the next diplomatic steps in syria. it's not clear what they can do they will report back to the un security council and the opposition has been calling for a timeline they want this to be referred back to the un almost immediately they they they have they're claiming that it's not working and it's falling apart but i
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think the international community doesn't know what to do next and they're likely to give this more time and hope that they can they can prevent to bring some calm to syria and there were reports that opposition a number of free syrian army people have talked that they're going to try to use this to rearm get guns in and antitank missiles some of them are saying from iraq and really whether the two sides can be brought to the figo shading table that's going to be the important thing is if there is any will from either side to negotiate an outcome of this rather than hope for a win. but i still had few later this hour crying tears of anything but remorseful braving the deaths of seventy seven people some of us of norway and some emotional reminder of the extremist ideas. and web users kick off a week of protests hoping to stop a new cyber security it's up to debate in the u.s.
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congress bring it up online privacy. waterboarding and stress positions just two of the torture techniques used by the u.s. against terror suspects a secret venue has been leaked which grounds them crimes and shows the bush administration was warned against their use in his report not explains many feel the presence of obama isn't doing enough to make up for america's past mistakes. america's so-called war on terror produced images and accounts that ignited a world of questions about torture and the u.s. treatment of suspects american people need to know or using techniques within the last. two years after george w. bush left the white house. the former commander in chief it made it his stamp of approval for the use of interrogation techniques like waterboarding dubbed inhumane and illegal under u.s. law and the geneva conventions well as waterboarding legal in your opinion it's
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a lawyer said it was legal to go with them to get. into the churches to judge whether people were going to do the bush administration also chose to disregard the judgment of a top adviser who warned that the cia's interrogation of terror suspects equated to felony war crimes according to a secret memo obtained by wired magazine in two thousand and six state department counselor philip zelikow warned the white house that controversial interrogation techniques such as waterboarding stress positions and cramped confinement are prohibited under u.s. law and under american law there is no precedent for excusing treatment that is intrinsically cruel even if the state asserts compelling need to use it i think there needs to be an accounting in the united states of what was done over the last ten years in the name of america there is a president after the second world. united states actually executed japanese
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soldiers who had. used torture. against american prisons they took action against the japanese what made the u.s. has been on record as opposing want to talk countries so there is a clear legal case to say that you know action must be taken. two weeks before taking office u.s. president barack obama clear steered. of saving america's historic commitments to international justice. and don't believe that anybody will support the law on the other hand i also have a belief that when the bill for as was as possible of working backwards last june obama's u.s. justice department dropped ninety nine out of one hundred one cases against cia interrogators over the use of torture i'm not afraid the curly administration wants to keep those options open and you don't want to leave all these techniques just as
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far as your torture because that would prohibit them from using them by weaving that we will definition however slight we agree we shall be optional plying these techniques once again and there is what is frightening here scholars attorneys and human rights experts around the world have called for the prosecution of senior bush administration officials who designed in order torture tactics however critics say the unspoken agreement within countries proclaiming to pioneer democracy is to never turn on your own the problem is that in the west we you know we make great claim about our great democracies but there is a kind of stepped up between the. parties but they will not press charges and they will not take legal action against the crimes of previous administrations through the use of torture rendition and secret prisons out there oppose world position around the world has are undoubtedly shifted and all the us will likely continue
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working the details of freedom and democracy critics say the more important question to ask is who is even listening anymore work i.r.t. . head of november's u.s. election or to special report looks at the accuracy of the country's a voting system that's coming your way next hour. for the. always add by one vote for kerry. so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right buttons. if not well then he took. the trial of a norwegian mass a killer and this brave act has been adjourned on its second day that's due to request from the lawyers on all sides to dismiss as they judge for writing on
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a chat forum braving the death sentence pelting which is banned in norway during one of the trolley we will have seen smuggling salute and telling tales of the anti islam propaganda video pick killing people in last summer's. and the shooting spree at a youth camp outside the capital where he's pleaded not guilty saying the attacks were an act of self-defense to protect it's not fair that the blanket coverage of the trial showcased. a concern shared you want. that is the way you would with justice system work seen in the european union in norway he he will clearly i was offered to express his own views one just hopes that the overwhelming majority of people will reject him for what they are signs of if you want to a man who is deluded and and
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a racist this is something that we've seen across the european union. in germany in france in the united kingdom as well as in norway he was particularly successful but i think he said he's one of. many maybe too strong body is certainly not unique in amy's whatsoever and least groups are actually working together to promote these kind of lone wolves in many senses follow the same pattern loosely as some of the muslim fundamentalists. where you can find all the latest updates on this disturbing story or track it back to its very beginning on our web site. it's also . all day try here's a taste of syria right now a british and order suspended from the native part of a traditionally setting a ten million pound bounty on the heads of presence of george w. bush. in russian culture vultures become prey themselves from it from six o'clock knows to spending
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a few thank. the close up team has been to the spirit last resort. where blacksmithing has developed from a craft into an industry. now archie goes far north. where returns to good roads and rail are a battle against the elements where the culture is the only transport for medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the people will come to the. autonomy area russia close up are to develop for bush. and bush always adds by one vote for kerry but for kerry so the people that are
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going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right buttons. we can look at both. the be. the. the book. the but.
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i agree internet users are protesting against a new security bill pending in the u.s. congress and the cyber intelligence sharing and protection act all suspect will make privacy a thing of the past he comes off of the online piracy act was recently halted after a wave of outrage but freedom activist trevor tamer hopes lawmakers will learn from past experience. before when we were trying to stop sopa congress wouldn't return the calls of the civil liberties community they wouldn't return the calls of the tech community they were just trying to shove it through congress without any debate whatsoever once they saw the power of the internet users can organize and really make a difference in the legislative procedure i think they understood that you know they have been more understanding now what we're seeing with this is that the
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authors of the bill are trying to disassociate themselves with soap but they actually took out the intellectual property laws last week which is a good sign unfortunately they didn't go nearly as far enough and we're running a weak one protest this week actually trying to convince congressman to vote no on this bill until they take out these privacy destroying provisions and hopefully make it a bill which can in effect cybersecurity positively but not encroach on the privacy rights of americans. but look now at some other stories making headlines around the world this. really is prime minister says the country will withdraw its troops from afghanistan in the twenty third season yet. he. said the deadline was a move that council one hundred take responsibility sooner the plans we discussed i think nato summit next month will strike me as a. station in the country and it's not a thirty two soldiers in conflicts. u.n.
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report says at least seven people have been killed in clashes on the border of sudan and south sudan it comes just days after saddam don't want brains and discounted border. after it was seized of the sale of fighting between the two countries is escalating since sunset on being independence nostradamus. from the world bank has chosen this about. a physician treating a child be aids this new president. again that developing countries were going to not be mortal and many have criticised decision cues in washington of dominating the mention financial post feels like an experience in the field. where check out the business news now and learn more do in the oil sector creating save for a set of small katie yes quite right it's not my only goal there partner thing
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to deal with america's able to jointly develop allergies richfield in the car a thing now in return for the roster result from my bill well open the u.s. domestic oil and gas fields to russian investment this is for the first times it's a big deal this one crisply but he told us more about the arctic parts. the arctic has it's significant potential too for for a major source of oil and gas in the future russia needs to open up this area ignored or to require secure new sources of oil and gas as existing for a production base go into that one over the next decade similarly for exxon mobil this is the only place on the planet where a company like exxon mobil can also get access to significant new reserves we know that the cost of developing a new york chicken is going to be very significant be exploration phrase alone would be several billion dollars and you told your cost of eventually bring in oil
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and gas to the surface is likely to be maybe even four hundred billion dollars. i can let's jump right into the markets and see the figures for the european markets and how i put. that. and that could mean that kins. others a lot of news reports coming out of the u.s. we've got u.s. housing starts and it just to adoption so investors are really awaiting those rules that another option in which will be very much because the one year old are at record highs of right now but first thing around four tenths of the cent as well as the healthy getting fit look at the rough some markets and see how they're faring if our. trade indeed but as you can see we've got some lines now for the yes on the my facts are rather the of those in positive territory if you look at the ruble is a change of fortunes for the russian car while it's now makes against the current
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is that is gaining get the u.s. dollar losing against the euro this year and so it's very much in the spotlight because of the troubles in the year is that we've got it one thirty one thirty five . if you look at the now getting towards the end of the trading day now china had some fairly disappointing biggest come out as you can see the third of a down. to the six percent of the. why in direct foreign investment from last. month after clients for that matter very much and that uses wiring on the japanese market as bolivar the nikkei did manage to finish up as such a fraction despite strong gains for your size our got more stories up or if you're talking of french supermarket now it's a chain called a son is trying to set up his own bank in wash up commerce the daily news paper here in russia says it wants if loans to consumers itself without paying to the middle bad local information agency info line says russia provided around fifteen
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percent of the sun's global cells in two thousand and ten. all right then so love the numbers now i'll be back in about fifteen minutes updating them for you. ok to more from you later thanks for that. stay tuned for exclusive interview with you when the sun shoots up after the update of our top stories of disappearance.
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something lies beneath. thousands of meters of ice country rock. the love. that is a lure for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it to distance. on him or a hundred them all to live in fear. when by town forty acres and nineteen nineteen three and decided it would be
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a great place to find them both a home and retire. there is here. we have seventy acres here and i can convince them that they need to drill somewhere besides two hundred feet from. meeting the needs of our growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are vital fuel for transportation electricity and manufacturing this is before any problems of the cold of the radical and then change. your flows are not toxic and we did a lot of there's a lot of misunderstanding of what exile in the fluids. of this it get could not here unless you come out here in a matter.


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