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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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giving guarantee time to the ignored the world's most famous whistleblower premieres his talk show on r t with controversal news makers who get missed out by the mainstream. and syrian rebel factions admits kofi annan peace plan is the last chance to end the bloodshed russia war and some forces remain intent on stirring the conflict. and america's torture techniques are equal to war crimes the leaks state department memo with great concern over the bush administration's brutal interrogation.
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live from our studios in central moscow you're watching archie with me and he said no way it's good to have you with us this tuesday is seeing the premier on our t.v. of one of the most highly anticipated news talk shows of recent years world renowned whistleblower julian a song just going head to head with a series of controversial high profile figures despite having been stuck in house arrest in the u.k. for a staggering five hundred days or a smith has more on the first edition of a show that promises to give the floor to those mostly shot by the mainstream media . it's an interview with someone who's only very rarely heard from in the west's last time with six years ago the millions he's a freedom fighter but for millions of others he's a terrorist it's a highly controversial leader of hezbollah has right now for i phones and not three little tape or a range of issues to do with his areas of influence including the israeli palestinian conflict and hezbollah its role in the international struggle over
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syria now for the revealed for the first time that has contacted the opposition in syria to urge them to negotiate with that regime they refuse that hezbollah will keep pushing. what we call from serious negotiations dialogue reform after the reform is to be carried out because the alternative to the no one cause of the first season inside syria because of the sensitivity of the situations in syria also that just because they lead to civil war and this is exactly what america and israel want for syria now for that also you pointed to the involvement of al qaida in syria saying agitated counting grazier rice and they'll be followed by more how tight and best from elsewhere in the arab world they he says are try to stabilize syria and turn it into a battle ground elsewhere in the region not really reiterated hezbollah its view that palestine belongs to the palestinians now you can see my house in the garden
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if your house and i go ok somebody force doesn't become mine entrance to your i'm going to it's just because i'm stronger than you are right here the name of the ok well you have that doesn't give me it doesn't legalize why i should leave your house now i want to talk to us all ahead of the broadcast of the program at the secret location where he films the show we told all about the show how he chose the guests of course he spent a lot of time himself on the other side of the interview with death he talks about his disenchantment with mainstream media and why he chose in our team to broadcast the first show and also why he feels that he's in a unique position to make an interview show let's hear what you have to say. the majority of what they have said to me they could not say. it's from people that work. in dealing with me they understand that in order to deal with a host of historical records i'm doing with someone who has been sort of very
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trying very intrusive difficult for medical situation so they can speak from a degree as equals because of the story and. it's not too late steve the whole said it will be broadcast here on our t.v. every two hours through tuesday to catch it. where next showing that they view additional joining us next hour right here on our team don't miss it. in other news a syrian rebel group admits that coffee on its peace plan is the last chance any side has to end violence and after talks in moscow with opposition leaders russia warned that there are still those intent on stoking the conflict here's our tease alexei yourself. this meeting comes exactly a week since the syrian foreign minister was in a moscow to hold talks with sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister now members of the syria domestic opposition the national coordinator come e.t.i. here and they've already said that the un brokered cease fire plan proposed by
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coffee and on is the last chance to bring his still it days in this country to an end now lavrov basically reiterated moscow's stance that despite this plan seemingly working out so far certainly there are some forces which are willing to disrupt this rather fragile peace. there are countries interested in the failure of kofi not planned from the outset they predicted the failure of any political agreement in syria and only demanded regime change we have information that even today those who have such a stance are doing a lot to hamper the plan by providing arms to the opposition and instigating violence by militants i hope that all who have some influence will pursue the interests of the syrian people and security in the region and not their geo political ambitions. the members of the national coordinator committee from syria played along saying that the biggest difficulty in maintaining peace in syria is the lack of unified international stance on the show they're also happy that most
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go also willing for a democratic and peaceful change in syria now lavrov also said that. large scale server forces syria is crucial to bringing the facilities to an end in this country and we understand that while this plan seemingly working out so far with rallies renewing in the country certainly the off feel that calls for democracy and freedom in the country are being disrupted are being destroyed by the armed militia in the country now my colleague on a boy who did a report on that and you may find some images in this report very disturbing this is the need to face of the syrian revolution and shaban man with kalashnikovs appealing to the international community to still the killing of children by the blood there's the assad army. a few weeks later the same man this time posing as soldiers and going around homs in the course of missing people
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. later we see them again already dad shown on you tube as civilians were savagely killed by troops yet still western policymakers insist on calling these people freedom fighters rather than charities . so far. and the definition for. united states of america. and. this is the case. we have. and of course this is also the syrian opposition. goals and ways of achieving them are strikingly different these kurdish women are against the entrenched
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discrimination of their ethnic group others in the crowd call for free elections and stopping arbitrary detentions still the main slogan there rallying around is for peaceful change. we think. it has stepped down but we are totally convinced it can be achieved turn on violent means the only way for this democratic revolution to proceed peacefully all sides have to stop the violence small rallies like these almost the wicklow current in damascus this time given syrian state t.v. came to fill my arms rebels grab their attention the syrian opposition has many faces and there's a growing concern here is that. because the last may be hurting because of more moderate forces that are has essentially drawn down more legitimate calls for democratic change while the organizers of this rally received a permit from there it didn't last long an hour into the protest
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a group of a. parts of what he said period from nowhere sending demonstrators running on this occasion nobody was hurt we're getting. the markers he's about the rule of the majority and the majority of the people support bush are all of these people may be carrying slogans but they're not there for him from go security with guns force that supporters there is indeed little difference between peaceful protesters and the rebels and it looks like the west is making the same mistake by betting on the armed opposition international tourists make activists like these guilty of association with the gun charging militia. violence. doings it gets much much worse obviously a lot of will start to come in as i see all the girls is just not promote democracy good. chaos and even promote in the long run.
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are tolerated but when it comes to politics the gloves come off very quickly not only a syrian city have to agree to disagree but more importantly they have to learn how to do it in a nonviolent gray and work of art see them ask syria. the team of u.n. monitors has started its mission in syria to ensure that both the government and opposition respect the terms of a truce he was gross professor of middle east studies joshua landis says the operation will take some time before the country achieves a new stability. they will report back to the u.n. security council and the international community they're likely to give us more time and hope if they can if they can begin to bring some calm to syria there were reports that opposition a number of free syrian army people who talk that they're going to try to use this to rearm get guns in and and and he tank missiles some of them are saying from iraq
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and really whether the coup sides can be brought to the figo shooting table that's going to be the important thing is if there is any will from either side to negotiate an outcome for this rather than hope for a win. coming up later this hour here in aren't see the u.s. government just won't quit when it comes to tightening the noose around the net it's a bill that would let officials take but they want when they run with your private online data and there's the week of furious protesting ahead because of that. he says he killed seventy seven innocent people as an act of goodness but his mental state is still yet to be determined to bring you the latest on the anders breivik mass murder and terror trial. something the law ease beneath.
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thousands of liters of ice. wrong. that he's a loon for many. but dangerous even some of those who keep it to distance. it's. just so.
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it's. coming. right if you remove the sun from the sun stupid parachute. starts on t.v. don't come. with our to you live from moscow it's coming up to fourteen minutes past the hour no
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regrets or repentance from norwegian mass killer anders breivik who says he would have done it again because during his testimony on the second day of his trial which is only being published in sort of broadcast breivik admits last summer's bomb and gun attacks in oslo which killed seventy seven people but pleads not guilty saying it was in self-defense to protect our way from islam tuesday's hearing was delayed after a judge was dismissed for commenting on facebook shortly after the tragedy that breivik deserved the death penalty banned in norway the judges views may be disallowed but breivik still publicly held his massacre as the most spectacular and sophisticated attack on europe since world war two for many products getting exactly what he wanted a platform for his extreme ideas. that is the way through all the justice system works in it in the european union in norway he he will clearly i was opportunity to express his own views one just hopes that the overwhelming majority of people will
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reject him for what they are signs of if you want him. who is deluded and a racist those under focus is something that we've seen across the european union. in germany and in france in the united kingdom as well as in norway is just he was particularly successful but i think you see he's one of. many maybe too strong he's certainly not unique in amy's whatsoever i'm least groups are actually working together to promote these kind of low wall the su in the only sense is follow the same part of loosely some of the muslim fundamentalists. if anders breivik is ruled as saying the maximum jail thirds he'd received just twenty one years but that could be extended if he's considered to still pose a threat to society if not then it's three months in prison for every person killed him i don't argue that come to think of prison which may house brevik and where the
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mass killer could spend his uninterrupted days behind bars. several torture techniques used by the u.s. against terrorist suspects have been labeled war crimes it's a little secret state department officials memo which also reveals a warning to the bush administration about their use as miniport and i are now explain some believe president obama is turning a blind eye to america's past. america's so-called war on terror produced images and accounts that ignited a world of questions about torture and the u.s. treatment of suspects the american people need to know or using techniques within the law. two years after george w. bush left the white house. the former commander in chief admitted his stamp of approval for the use of interrogation techniques like waterboarding dubbed inhumane and illegal under u.s.
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law and the geneva conventions was waterboarding legal in your opinion. that it was legal it's a good thing the get get a court tracked. into the churches to judge people where you and i view the bush administration also chose to disregard the judgment of a top adviser who warned that the cia's interrogation of terror suspects equated to felony war crimes according to a secret memo obtained by wired magazine in two thousand and six state department councilor philip zelikow warned the white house that controversial interrogation techniques such as warder boarding stress positions and cramped confinement are prohibited under u.s. law and under american law there is no precedent for excusing treatment that is intrinsically cruel even if the state asserts compelling need to use it i think there needs to be an accounting in the united states of what was done over the last ten years and name of america so there is a question of the second. united states actually executing japanese soldiers who.
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used torture. against american prisons they took action against the japanese what made the u.s. . as opposing. other countries so there is a clear legal case to say that you know action must be taken we're still evaluating two weeks before taking office u.s. president barack obama steered clear. there of saving america's historic commitments to international justice. and i don't believe that anybody is for the war on the other hand i also have a belief that we need to work for those laws as opposed to look looking backwards last june obama's us justice department dropped in ninety nine out of one hundred one cases against cia interrogators over the use of torture i've read the current ministration wants to people's options open they don't want to leave will be used
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techniques just as crimes are torture because that would prove that it really is you know by weaving that legal definition however slightly grilli believe themselves the option of widely used it nukes once again that is what is frightening here scholars attorneys and human rights experts around the world have called for the prosecution of senior bush administration officials who designed in order torture tactics however critics say the unspoken agreement within countries proclaiming to pioneer democracy is to never turn on your own but will be. in the west we you know we make great claim that we should promote our great democracies but there is a kind of stick between the elite hockey but they will not press charges and they will not take legal action against the crimes of book previous administrations through the use of torture great addition and secret prisons out there oppose world position around the world has are undoubtedly shifted and while the u.s. will likely continue barking the beacons of freedom and democracy critics say the
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more important question to ask is who's even listening anymore for an i.r.c. . well another cyber security built on its way to congress in the states with liberty groups they will let the government harvest any on line personal data whenever it wants they're launching a week of protest against this spot after the success of the railing the notorious stop online piracy act well freedom activist chapter ten thinks it's time bomb makers. before when we were trying to stop sopa congress wouldn't return the calls of the civil liberties community they wouldn't return the calls of the tech community they were just trying to shove it through congress without any debate whatsoever once they saw the power of the internet and internet users can organize and really make a difference in the legislative procedure i think they understood that you know they have to be more understanding now what we're seeing with this is that the
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authors of the bill are trying to disassociate themselves with soap but they actually took out the intellectual property laws last week which is a good sign unfortunately they didn't go nearly as far enough and were running a weeklong hotez this week actually trying to convince congressmen to vote no on this bill until they take out these privacy destroying provisions and hopefully make it a bill which can in effect cybersecurity positively but not encroach on the privacy rights of americans. r.t. dot com a we have mapped out for you the increasing attempts by governments and big businesses in getting its hands on your data and dictating what you can and can't do on the internet while you're there here's what else you're still free to watch freezing these things and thieving americans accused of stealing over two hundred million dollars blockaded cuban funks now there are questions over who else is money on the move. also some arrested art as police on
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russian father and daughter who made millions dealing in fakes draw your own conclusions at r t v dot com. taking a look now at some other news from around the world this hour for radical islamist cleric abu qatada has been arrested in london and told that britain will try and support him to reason native jordan because his advocate did acting attacking i should say americans and killing jews since landing in the u.k. fifty years ago now despite massive public and parliamentary support to kick him out britain has been hamstrung by the european courts which say that would infringe the hate preachers of wright's. angry scenes in
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a cairo court where defendants charged over the deaths of seventy five people the court by football by declaring their innocence confined to a cage they chanted for justice or death right in february broke out between longstanding rival supporters of a local cairo team many face werder trials while nine police officers have been charged with assisting a group in attacking the car that it's. the space shuttle discovery is in virginia having landed for the final time aboard a modified jumbo jet on its way to the smithsonian museum in washington and thirty years of space exploration discovery is now suppose most traveled sato a lot of florida's kennedy space center thousands lined the old landing strip to see the craft cut off for the last time. well time now to take a walk on the wealth and danielle joins us from the business that good wall street opened up or down today for a second day of coca-cola profit in the credits u.s.
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growth of dell's back up over thirteen thousand over three thousand points for a second day though all. seven percent of the argentina dramatically moved to see why people. you know here in moscow boys don't ha four percent lower global commodity prices the drug problems among them was before was often mooted more taxes on the gas industry the new exchange rates the euro's share gives the greenback off to reaching a one month low for the first time the international monetary fund has admitted the prospect of the single currency breaking. president putin's pledge to balance the national budget making some big spending promises in his election campaign really keynote speech he's now pledged to control the budget with the don't cover ups of the speech. well it does seem like a change of weather for the russian economy instead of spending more on state
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project but in a person says the country should save up for the hard times more or less and have a self-sufficient pension fund now in order to do so let a person hailed methods used by a former finance minister aleksey kudrin in the years preceding the two thousand and eight financial crisis which very much help the country overcome this crisis and this means that all the extra oil and gas money and by extra he means anything above the ten year average world price of india all this money should be accumulated into our reserve fund as soon as it reaches seven percent of the g.d.p. only extra money will be going into big infrastructure projects and into a longer term national welfare thought and i'm also a very important point of letting a person made which pretty much spooked the gas industry is that taxation in this industry is very low it's on justifiably low so this is also something to look out . we've been talking about rules newest groundbreaking polish it deal with
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america's exxon mobile sun yesterday at its heart rose and if it's technical expertise and access to russia's go to because we are from troy could i live explains. the arctic has its significant potential too for for a major source of oil and gas in the future russia needs to open up this area in order to acquire secure new sources of oil and gas as existing from reduction base going to decline over the next decade similarly for exxon mobil this is the only place on the planet where a company like exxon mobil can also get access to significant new reserves we know that the cost of developing a new york chicken is going to be very significant be exploration phase alone would be several billion dollars and the total cost of eventually bring in oil and gas to the surface is likely to be treated maybe even four hundred billion dollars. i'm all for you back same place same time next hour thanks dana. stay tuned to r.t.
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you know a few minutes our exclusive interview with julian assange we sit down and ask him questions coming up after an update of our top stories and this short break. the closer team has been to the sverdlovsk region. where blacksmithing has
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developed from a craft into an industry. now archie goes far north. where returns to good roads and rail are a battle against the elements where helicopter is the only transporter medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the. locals of the autonomy area of russia close up on our t.v. . there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact possible. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we talk. we want to present. something else.
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for the past. for. some favor the law is beneath. thousands of metres of the ice. broke. the law. that is a lure for many.


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