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we want to present. something that. the u.n. has said to unleash a massive observer mission to syria a last ditch attempt to prevent all out civil war. this is a time in france after final appeal to voters are made by tea and presidential hopefuls i doubt the top job hunter you've written by social divisions record unemployment. plus the chinese economic powerhouse sets its sights on the arctic aspiration weighs in for a slice of the on tabs of riches there. this is r.t. coming to you live from moscow and the u.n.
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is expected to stand hundreds of observers to syria after a security council vote on a resolution later on saturday russia wants the monitors to fly out of once as the violence in syria grinds on the spy the u.n. brokered cease fire. has the latest from new york. there's been a combination of two resolutions to drop resolutions that were submitted to the u.n. security council one was submitted from russia the other submitted by the your european union now odd combination of these resolutions calls for the view and observer mission in syria to expand. the ernie arm of the third verse to a trial of angry hundred unarmed observers to go to syria and continue monitoring the ceasefire that was implemented on april twelfth between cannot ask any opposition group this is of course one of the many proposals that were laid out by
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mr kofi annan on joint on boy four for the syrian president syria conflict so he laid out a six point peace plan and so this observer mission is one of many things he has asked for to bring about peace in syria another element of this drop resolution that we're told is that it calls upon syria to commit to its responsibilities and its pledges meaning the syrian government regarding all its obligations are courting to kofi annan at six point peace plan so it seems as though we're going to see another consensus across the board in the security council can turning syria this will be the second saturday in a row where another resolution would be adopted the vote is expected to be held on saturday and it is expected to be voted upon and adopted and this would clearly show something that we haven't seen for thirteen months because the security
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council has been divided for so long on how to approach syria and clearly receive a consensus across the board among the international community. war is a year of violence in syria is said to have killed around ten thousand people amid concern the country's on the brink of civil war are jesus not avoid our reports from the city were the uprising began to ask people whether it's been worth it. i they call it the cradle of the syrian revolution when a group of school kids was arrested and got a last spring for painting and the cd protesters took to the streets for days on and. the syrian military responded but all the mean it's tanks given a year later the chief security officer in daraa is unapologetic well those demonstrators were backed by a gunman who was shooting at civilians and of course their intention was to put the blame on the government and those kids the rebels give them few food and made them read those things. but even among a south supporters it's not
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a view shared by everyone to protest in daraa and being seen crackdown by the military to the turning point for syria and in hindsight some syrian officials now wish they handled it differently. we made a mistake when back in the days we didn't give a chance to syria based peaceful opposition to express itself more freely some of them truly care about the nation and now we have to deal with the armed rebels the council in its stamboul and then you have religious sects like the selfies or the muslim brothers. which rallies no longer bound to your emergency law lifted the syrian authorities are now trying to give the media on their side people loads more foreign journalists into the country to collate it by the annan plan and eager to show the world what they call the real picture. but the bola tell the realities on the ground put their own spin on any p.r.
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effort. as the news of u.n. monitors and foreign journalists spread around that are rebels intensify the attacks on the army units forcing syrian officials to abandon this we talked to her journal is back onto the bus as the government's we are implementing the ceasefire but terrorist groups. any of these it beats international monitors to force the army to respond to the. well deaths of government inability to find the right balance between freedom and security may have allowed this conflict to take off many analysts believe that there are any how to do it is also crucial for its resolution president assad has long spoken about reforms he's been a popular president for most syrians for a long time because of his so-called reform i think this protest in syria actually helped us because you know there are people within the syrian regime who don't
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really want to reform their the hardliners so so this is actually helped sort of you know the reform minded members of the regime in government. you know their reform a lot more quickly a year into the uprising still one of the most turbulent cities in syria despite checkpoints all around the store is breached on an almost daily basis and here people are just as a great to talk as their freight. protest in daraa had been called the spark that ignited the syrian flame which over the past year or scourged a sizable part of this country and while some syrian officials may now have regrets over their way point was handled that's not nearly enough to extinguish the fire so what car see syria. to get more news and analysis of the situation in syria on to our website our team dot com and here is what else you can find there right
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now. the american plan b. for iran to find out the full details of what it is as tomahawk missiles are reportedly put into place. and also online a major highway in bahrain is in flames as tens of thousands of anti regime protesters rally to demand the cancellation of this weekend's formal long graham freak so watch the video website r t dot com. france goes to the polls on sunday to elect a new president and this will be the first round of elections the second round will see a runoff between the top two contenders next month ten candidates are vying for the job and they make up a colorful mix of policies and promises actually says are still your brace them down for us. i wanted to go before the friendship one for voters still haven't made
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up their minds yet top of the french people's concerns are jobs that money in their pockets especially at a time when unemployment is around ten percent of an all time high that's about three million people on the board so who can take the top job and solve the french people's problems according to the latest poll socialist party candidates all along it is taking the lead in about twenty nine percent of the tension builds the model was targeted as a lot also causes me to go shake it is the discipline to not just include hysteria but also how the world measures which is criticised for this why are some not experienced the feeling the us was on the loss of. the impossible love peace and pull the courage of the most popular president in history of this presidency is it more one cause of the other. the eastern half of.
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the nation the number down or something to the top of the security was. the stuff is also taken on a more positive policy he pulls in france sees its budget contribution to the budget and currently in third place according to the polls is a bit of the national party as she does but sticking to an immigration law allowing to cut down the number of legal immigrants ten thousand here and south of about one hundred eighty thousand at the moment and she has also said that she wants france to dump the euro and go back to the french currency the french franc what's being called the big surprise this french presidential campaign is the middle shot of the left right now his numbers are doubles as genuine from a sense of a perception now about fourteen percent. mincing no words to stop this insurrection to shift its analysis of actual scepter and he also shoves the new fiscal habits. i
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was draw from eat a steak not a very strong hard line approach these are the top four contenders right top job in france now based on the rhetoric the big news if they can make france's neighbors as well as our partners understand that the bank takes on the presidency it would be disruptive to any form of continually they may be expected it's just a matter of to what extent these changes will impact the relationships as far as french people are concerned because more hours left to make up for us to start the reporting now investigative journalist and author michelle kwan says that while the presidential race is between main contenders sarkozy an alliance neither of them are up to the job. is seen as a liar and a crook and also. the first thing he made when she was elected he's too good to the most famous and selects a restaurant in paris. to make their celebration with all the richest people frauds
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and he sure. it's actually the problem is a celeste has promised to make all the rules the same economic and social policy that's crazy your loans as mythical or asians in great britain and investors should not be afraid because she has more so the same policy stuff because you have taken the mic and social front of you he's no sir no sir and you've actually. now you what you are if you live from moscow still tell us our harsh lesson for canadian students rally against the steampipe intuition these but came in for some rough treatment from dr police the full story is just a habit. i just weeks to have of the postman bart presidential vote in egypt hands of thousands have once again fill cairo central square in protest and the strangers want an immediate end to military rule which they have lived under for more than
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a year military approved his father cation of nearly half the presidential candidates this week sparking public fury at the leading political forces accuse the generals of trying to cling on to power by their pledge to stand down by july protestors also want for them barak officials out of politics and on trial based alice jake former thinks the revolution has been hijacked. obviously things are moving toward a collusion here the military doesn't want to give up its privileged position in society the protesters want a genuine democratic system where this thing is headed it's impossible to know you've got this complex force taking place you've got the military dictatorship funded by the us doesn't want to relinquish power you've got the whole radio protesters out there with diverse interests that you know i mean say we won a genuine democracy in this country the question is who is ultimately going to
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control the rate there were a new power here and the military is making it very clear that this isn't just a temporary transition to civilian rule they've made it very clear we're here to stay we're the ultimate power we will permit elections to be to the head but under our ultimate control we maintain the ultimate power in this society how is that a genuine democracy protesters are realizing it's not. china's new political ambitions are seeing and you're the. fight for the vast energy resources of the arctic i visit to europe the country's prime minister is expected to look for backing from nordic states forby jeems bid to gain a foothold in their region as a first out the world's biggest energy consumer it is seeking permanent observer status on the arctic council currently it consists of eight countries with stakes in the arctic the shrinking of the polar ice cap which makes the region's vast mineral resources more accessible stirred up territorial disputes that there are
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gang chan research fellow at the east asian beijing has a real chance of securing itself slice of the town right. chinese rising rising very quickly also politically and economically somewhat western countries actually sure they're cautious as to was trying to survive actually hesitant to give china this kind of status in the uk the council by the interest of china will use always diplomatic skills to try to gain more support from the not a conscious which are also friendly towards trying in this region another problem another that you see is a trying to we're also us is we not only were each being the supports currently the rest is you know prices. for example i sir and i think china will use more of the well was. supporting the research. and i still have
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a sour artie's resident asks whether genetically modified food is a welcome reality or and i'm wanted words. i do think a lot of it is corporate driven here. it is related to money unfortunately. food is totally. controlling to want to take this suit through the sources that will make i'm sure they can be secured which obama's vidal what others in new york think about that as you watch the residents of about ten minutes time also. the rivers and drove rushes far north provide two things that are vital for the people that live here reindeer and fish come and see how long it revolves around just a few minutes on three. in canada riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of students protesting outside a government building in central montreal's at least two demonstrators and two officers were injured in the violence and seventeen people were arrested students
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are angry at a planned seventy five percent rise in tuition fees i have been demonstrating almost daily since they are boycotting classes over two months ago where the government refusing to back down citizen journalist bernardus in years says that the situation is getting more violent and that the police reaction towards protesters is too brutal. what is going on is that the students and not only to students but many citizens are mad that the attitude of the government he doesn't want to discuss it at all about the raise of student fees which was decided actually were according to the prime minister here ago and they don't want to accept this because they feel that it will prevent a lot of deserving students to attend university and to eventually get a degree and find out. and the prime minister he said. with a laugh he scored his students he said that he wants to give them
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a job as far north as possible so that to ensure you a lot of people and there were violent clashes between police and protesters in the streets and also yesterday and the day before yesterday massive arris there are hundreds of people were asked to give the jewish lines four hundred dollars fines for just walking in the street it's very very repressive the climate is very is the parading by the hour right now. over a million people in india are diagnosed with cancer every year ninety percent of treatment drugs are currently imported and they don't come cheap that could be about to change what i knew a lot of means a lifesaving drug can be manufactured locally. reports. she one of the he is one of the two point five million people in india dying from cancer while she spent three thousand dollars of her money and traveled for three
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hundred fifty miles from her home to get proper treatment she believes there is no hope for her. and the magazines of the stores are experiencing and have come from so far so there are times we don't have money to burn. but now there might be a chance in a revolutionary move india's patent office has decided that they're a german pharmaceutical powerhouse with its exclusive rights to manufacture a lifesaving cancer pill that i use was absorbed into the heart you can if you can manufacture of some of that order and soon it was an affordable vocalisation now a compulsory license would be given to a local indian pharmaceutical manufacturer that could make the exact same drug buy cheaper if all of a sudden. a hoard of medicine and one of the you know the good the going that it's news but i'm
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a perfectionist but i guess it's all possible because of the revised trade and international property rights agreement passed by the world trade organization known as trips picture it's agreements ok it's to provide medication to all people in developing countries that means that global pharmaceutical companies are required to sell a life altering medication at a reasonably afford a right to people in those countries if they don't do that patent offices in those countries can ask these global pharmaceutical companies to provide compulsory licenses so that a local manufacturer can benefit make those drugs the idea is that the global pharmaceutical companies would then be stripped of their monopoly on drugs in developing countries. harry has said in statements that it is quote disappointed in the ruling and is looking for ways to challenge it this is a slow death of water moving through the broken corridors. you know
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what i've seen and all the things you know we didn't give them a chance to live and a chance for india to stand up against domination from the west preassure either r t new delhi india. and some other stories from around the world a twin explosion has rocked northern baghdad killing at least three people and injuring a dozen it comes two days after al qaeda linked militants carried out a series of assaults across the capital there was a chance left at least thirty people dead and nearly one hundred wounded. five suspected militants found with ten tons of explosives have been arrested in kabul security officials in afghanistan say that the man were plotting to assassinate the country's vice president the news comes less than a week after a taliban government carried out an eighteen hour salt on the capital's diplomatic district thirty six militants were killed in the battle and. fighting continues we
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see africa where south sudan's troops continue to occupy the sudanese oil town of headley the conflict have been expected to and on friday when the government of south sudan announced its troops would withdraw from the disputed territory within three days south sudan broke away from the north last year following a long running civil war of a claim for the lives of more than one and a half million people. out for the latest edition of our russia close up series and today we're handing off to the country's remote north. northern russia is known for its vast dry and harsh climate a tiny population that lives in this area is completely cut off from the rest of the country artist hobart explores what this distant land offers its residents. an icon of the north and yet some of the native northern peoples follow brazing
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reindeer wherever they go their routines revolving around the animals the life of the reindeer herder is usually hot and isolated but occasionally they gather to share their world and compete in the skills they hone in on the tundra and i'm about to join the celebrations. last seen throwing. stick wrestling. and hurdle jumping all cause for competition but the main event is rapidly approaching. reindeer races bring teams from far and wide from the competition is tough i feel a bit nervous that my rivals get better every year even though i won last year this year the younger ones may compete on a par with me. and perhaps he's right to be a bit jittery it seems getting started is the trickiest moment. it's.
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sometimes for a cameraman to. look you're. just after the festivities to sit down to eat some reindeer of course but also that other russian arctic speciality fish in this nearby factory they're preparing fountains of none of these a c three all having been caught quota from local rivers and i'm told command is booming the fruits of the arctic. here isn't enough of our product even to cover the domestic market europeans find our products delicious and into logical if you were but so far with simply haven't enough of them to see where all this comes from we caught up with andre he's been fishing since he was a child on the hope today on the river shark pike like his catch. dres a true russian oil than a year from what we can say for fishing in the south it may have as advantages as
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for me i love to fish right here in the north when it's frosting yaris fresh and the sun is bright it's great it's ten point later andres off to prepare his dinner and we have a small insight central importance of these animals to the lives of new ones. without the fish and without the deer. and the lives of those who live here would be very empty indeed. and from the healthy fare in the russian our day to food which is canonically modified well next hour our own resident in new york laurie harkness asked people in the streets whether anything g.m. food is safe. are you concerned about genetically modified or enhanced foods or is it just an
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overblown issue this week let's talk about that do you care if you eat them obviously not. why because less processed foods in europe that's for sure yeah i do think a lot of it is corporate driven here and it is related to money unfortunately modifying genetically food is totally. controlled and they want to take this food sources over mankind so they can basically us so why are americans ok with that i think is the knowledge they want to get information from regular t.v. . just being in thirteen did you know that coca-cola with is made with high fructose corn syrup in the united states but everywhere else it's made with pure cane sugar i didn't know that but it was. so what is that why don't americans demand better things in their food. they don't want to pay more money for their food needs a used to what they're eating but i don't care as long as they're comfortable it
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doesn't matter but would be my guess i think our country is run by greed and money and there's a lot of issues here so. is it fair when the greed is so strong that it messes with what people eat. i think i think you just answered that question with your question do you think that because the population is growing and growing and growing that we're bound to eat things like bait in petri dishes and those kinds of extremes probably yes there's this website i don't remember the name of it but supposedly you put what you we in a week and he told you how many earths we would need for everyone in the world the same amount but you know i mean when i was watching it and it turns out. there really to be six earths for me i know i'm a you know decent sized to say the least but you know you're desperate but if american stocks by janick we modify food rather you think that they'd stop making at all that's one hundred percent yes the plant and i'm going to demand dries up
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the supply dries up to date need to start putting that on labels that everything at them eh right absolutely and more people are getting wise to labels now i think when they're in the supermarkets and the shopping they'll see the signs you know the stunt to read more than pick it off the shelf or put in a basket i think to slowly get the idea through media but i think in these to go more useful further but they're not you concerned about genetically modified foods the bottom line is if you live in the united states you're probably eating a lot more of them than you realize. stay with us for the headlines and the latest edition reporting that sam. thank.
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you. wealthy british scientists i took some time to. market finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or run no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cons a report on r.t. . the close up team has been to the sverdlovsk region. where
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blacksmithing has developed from a craft into an industry. if. now our team goes far north. where returns to good roads and rail are a battle against the elements where the culture is the only transport for medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the. locals in the. area russia close up. the mission free accreditation free zones for charges free to make terms of free risk free student free. zone free blog can plug in video for your media projects for free media and on to our teeth dot com.


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