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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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welcome back here with our tears look at the top stories ten candidates face off in the french presidential election with polls radical left and right expected to make strong gains but was both a under way for trend bruising hysterically and sail promises leave voters split. the non-security council united ordering him to pull the i meant massive observer mission to syria but russia and the u.s. are divided over the tales of the move moscow hopes to monitor. brokered peace plan while washington warns of me still take unilateral action against damascus. brain is on high alert to safeguard a formal one dram treaty which is racing as the wave of anti-government protests
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and brutal crackdown this left one debt tens of thousands taking to the streets to demand immediate democratic reform. and a big impact on the small screen the world watches as whistleblower julian assange to stop job makes its debut here on our team giving voice to those ostracized by the mainstream media show is already a range of global reaction. as friends go to the polls today the first round of choosing a new president talks nikolaus you point out one of the leading candidates. he's next. today we're joined by the guy deploying on he's a presidential candidate for the upcoming french elections founding his own hardly called. centering around the platform of sovereignty for france thank you very much mr decline your for joining us today the first question would be when you talk
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about french sovereignty what exactly do you mean in the context of today's globalized world france is not free anymore because the whole leaders. are a community by. the european union which is the not elected by anybody. it's none democratic. power and i want to restore democracy in france i want the president a new president can be able to decide for french people to restore. to restore the fight against unemployment to the decide for control done. like in all the countries world except europe european union countries. if europe is going so wrong and release
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meeting in france is this because it's a ploy or has been shared between two regions. poor. separately there is no. global policy we lost our capacity ability to change things so the french people is very upset because nothing change i can pick an example of security we have no any more control or borders. you know border. control so arms are in a free country and there is many murder in the south of france because we don't control how border since ten years it's not possible in russia you control your borders and not in france anymore i want friends to control its territory does
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that mean you're right france to be isolated if he what kind of sovereignty for your country you know we can be free to work with the whole friends. bricky gerrymander. swedish people all of us know you. guys know europe indian is no europe and it's open is a word. i want just friends to restore it's a suffering and i want french people to decide for himself. i had the main street says when they decide friends decide for yourself based on what you're saying do you want out of the euro or do you want out of europe or to gather from europe to change europe i like europe france is not able to do alone everything i want to corporates i want this europe but they want
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i don't want a europe where there is twenty percent and research were not been evicted like in soviet union before exactly the same mind no four people. middle being elected. as they are often. because they are under the influence of the financial it interests they decide if they think it's not possible anymore and now you're arguing against study evils of the free market so to speak but the world has moved forward in terms of globalization but you think it's a bit too late at this point that it's moved to progress there forward a little too much to take that step backwards and the world is globally is global there is globalization but you knew corey. melusine melissy
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are just. argentina brazil. are open of the world but the difference i'm saying. its own policy and the never accept solution people will never accept that its interests its own interests can be decided by somebody outside the country will do nothing that france benefit at all from the free market i am not against the free market i am against. the free market with a system which is forbidden to defense of self i am not a gets free market but in the free market we need to have a strategy it couldn't extract something strategic france has no strategy france is. with three we cannot do anything because we
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need to ask brazil but who is a brazilian nobody. you will never accept the russian people we never said to be dependent like we are from brazil they are also for withdrawal from nato and you're not worried that in the future france need any help you may not be able to rely. well your current partner says it is so i agreed to be a dunce he will want to stay in the ions but i don't want to see how force american will decision we have zero interest in africa for example i don't want to be in afghanistan such as he sent it troops in afghanistan it's a failure it's a dramatic failure i want my country deciding where to go in charge was a great president and he refused to go in iraq. he refused and he was right. i
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want to be free as a people french people to decide where we want to go in i am against the size distance system it's a crazy thing and you know. we are we have all. this regime. and we need to keep it and i am against this american defense and any size i think we have to work with. because the. we are very complimentary between russia france germany and we are to work to stabilize the european continent i just looking at your background here we're part of the system so to speak you're a member of the union for a popular movement or you were p. the ruling party so what does that say about your credibility you're now denouncing the system that you were part of it at some point oh no i was elected i was
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a member of the party and i always fight this treaty i fight your system with. the european constitution and we won the french referendum in two to five so i was always in the sense so i tried in the system to change the system. i tried to say people french people we should resist we should up to our all in policy. i couldn't do it insistence that. way and it was too good for us for france i said to french people i can't accept that. left this party and i created my party and let's talk about what happened in it to lose a gun man had killed seven people there he is of an immigrant background what do you think this is that it represents represents
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a danger but i was the i left it for ten years. to the french government we need to control our borders so you're saying it's a problem of immigration no it's a problem of security because you have many french people who are coming in from misname country were very. triode so many soldiers and they're going strong who died and they were from the immigration so there is no problem of feeling grisham if we have a state controlled things but they don't accept that. in the immigration system there is some people who don't respect the french law and these people have been. exposed. to for instance their control but the government did nothing in ten years and now they discover the program so we need to integrate people with friends and we need to say. we don't respect the go about how we talk
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to people from the french suburbs many of them feel that they are rejected by the system many of them are from immigrant backgrounds and all feel part of france how do you propose to address this problem of course because because unemployment in school which is not enough. for them stretched an improvement but school and you have the result. we need to go the french people we don't need to separate and we need to control our border to restrict immigration of course just to clarify we're talking about integration here saying that it boils down to dealing with unemployment and education of course not not that we can accept immigration when you have a job in your country you can accept immigration if you as a if you have a good school you say to young people you are french and you are going to be french
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but. if the school is not good it is there is no job it's crazy to accept more and more people it's not a question of people it's a question of what you do in your country it's a question of balance i need to balance let's talk about the french elections do you think that voters now in france are gearing towards the more extreme of the political spectrum perhaps getting tired disillusioned by centrists ideas and therefore are looking to the far left or to the far right of course of course because if fairly the governed do in thirty years social is probably right partly always the same policy the european. police so french people say we're going to the extreme extreme right in me. through freeze in the system but i am saying to french people we can create
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a patriotic. political force which is not extreme we can reject we can reject the system but we can do. it now is the grit put into google do this it's possible you don't need to go to extreme to change france we can change for it to be patriots nick reasonable thanks very much mr decline for your time thank you. one. hundred. visitors. in five forty acres and nineteen ninety three and decided it would be
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a great place to find the belle of the home and retire. there she is. we call it our new neighbor neighbor no seven. we have seventy acres and i can convince them that they need to drill somewhere besides two hundred feet from. the needs of our growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are a vital fuel for transportation electricity and manufacturing for any problems of this before we do the right people and then change. your flows are not toxic and we did a lot of because a lot of the mis understanding of what i was actually in the flow of. time to said you can love it here unless you come out here and live in my house for a week. i have no rights.
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candidates face off in the french presidential election with both laughed and ryan expected to make strong gains with voting is under way konami misfortune of bruising a spirity and failed promises to leave over split. the security council united ordering the deployment of massive observer mission to syria but russia and the u.s. are divided over the details of the move moscow hopes monitors can oversee iran brokered peace plan while washington warns it may still take unilateral action against the mascot's. plus bahrain is on high alert to save guard a formula one grand prix which is raising ahead despite a wave of anti-government protests and of brutal crackdown that's left one of their tens of thousands taken to the streets to demand immediate different track reforms
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. a big impact on the small screen the world watches as whistleblower join the saga stock show makes its debut here on r.t. giving voice to those ostracized by the mainstream media the show is already stirring up our brains of global reaction. knowledge see what's happening in the world sports with united and of course the spanish football bragging rights live firmly in madrid today and you have more and shortly. they're going to be subtle what you just said there yes indeed real madrid beating barcelona home up the new cup it's not a good day to be kept lot more of them really. planty thanks for joining us in this is sports today we have got plenty ahead this sunday afternoon here in central moscow including. champagne on ice right away
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russian premier league leaders meet after way to lift their second successive title following a draw away to come back. rally school secure a crucial win over alpine guard inside bierria to stay alive an ice hockey stick carving cup time. making moves formula one champion sebastian vettel nobs his first pole position all of the year ahead of the current lewis hamilton the controversial ring around. to meet him petersburg's quest to claim the russian premier league title a full five games early has been through or that the owners needed factory out on suffrage to do just that but had to be content with a draw big striker less seen the true way was wearing the captain's armband for the first time and his second half brace so the home side take a surprise in the lead a great individual effort on the hour marked followed by
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a classy error from the ivory in thirteen minutes later but it wasn't defense that the cross the doorman would then show their limitations under shall been. striking within three minutes of each other to obtain a draw so no current nation on the table with a thirteen point advantage at the summit it surely only a matter of time for luciano split these charges. before without missing move which netted the winner indeed on the must was one little darby victory over siesta the in-form pose near midfielder cooley netting in seventeen minutes following a great pass from you signing. one nil if i. score a third win from their last four games fourteen hour enough for the blue and white still leapfrogs for tuck in the second place for no. can pump out right leader on sunday russia's most successful club aiming to keep
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their slender title hopes alive when they host the settings on g. after the encounter its fifth versus sixth with luck motif and kenny would be. all right so where's the beef very much favorites for the russian try and while in spain it's a real madrid's title to lose that's after lost something they haven't done since two thousand and seven beat barcelona the newcomer seven points clear up it's hard not a great way for all round and midweek defeat by chelsea in the first leg of their champions league semifinal are followed up by their first home defeat in fifty four games the score on the night level one one in seventy minutes lexis sanchez had equal i saw micky dear is first strike but they're not pop christiane or naldo for his forty second goal of the campaign to unreality ended knowledge of just simmering within touching distance of a seven league title in four different countries and. for those of us as we finally wanted a stadium which we couldn't crack in the past we feel here during league matches
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champions league super cop and the cult of the last year we even lost five nil here so it was good to finally win one to be a good passer behind us. and we're going to retain the title in the league of course now in the forwards in the champions league or in the semifinals. intermission and focus on this game. tuning in with the premier league battle of london turned into somewhat of a down squid on saturday arsenal and chelsea playing out in millions draw at the emirates in the first of the day seven games the blues with only three starters from the team that beat barcelona in the european cup and wednesday are still with the lions share of opportunities but it was the finish in a steel it's putting to going to show a top four finish in the violence and you counsel i said three points behind arson vaguer side with the game in hand made light work of still winning three in the local fifth syria tottenham though suffered a massive blow to their champions league qualifying dream after one little defeat.
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elsewhere on the day full on climbed into the top half of the table critically about two one win over wigan both in and swarms a share of the spoils of the reebok stadium as did aston villa on high flying sunderland in the midlands while relegation threatened blackburn but a five game losing skid behind them with a typical win over the canaries in direct church. drop meant already celebrating their second straight down this to get from germany after to know the winner of pretty much england back on saturday you're going club's men plus opening up an almost saleable eight point lead over by and with two runs left to pay the german champions stretching their record unbeaten run this season to twenty six games in the process. of lives that could force moving on to the ice i'm talking concept of hockey league where if you don't the moscow defied alban card on saturday evening to stay alive in their current cup finals went into the clash one win away from lifting their maiden kitchell trophy but remain some in n.
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smen were three goals down on home ice early in the second period the playoffs top score mikaela nice and getting to number off the mark less than four minutes in this is for tinkle of the post-season the republic then doubled in honestly midway through the first period before constantine will be caught the third korean off pulled one back to send the local fans into ruptures half way through the second but often courts. struggled in the hunt to find more balls with almost three minutes to go replace the goaltender with a night field clear out of pay dividends to a degree yuri alexander off having a last gasp goal from long range but it was a case of two the rule to you how it ended most of the men will now into level the best of seven series or three apiece in the capital on monday. on the formula one where world champion sebastian vettel astrid his red bulls first pulled position of the year the german a notch quicker than lewis hamilton a controversial laden bahrain grand prix vettel hasn't been constable in his new
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car this year and how many qualified higher than fifty four barraine put on sunday he was just under a tenth of a second quicker car rival team it marked. the second my current jenson button is fourth ahead of last weekend's winner nico rosberg in his mercedes florrie's follow along to chop malaysia's race to be nine thousand are saving a set of tires for the race despite the ongoing civil unrest in the country f one chiefs are happy for some this race to go ahead but also their pull out because of all. it's a very good cook with a current role and i think we both of us we owe the result today to the team and knows this is good car felt much better all weekend i was quite happy i didn't have this move this qualifying was nearly all think you won here i think you proved and i knew that you know when i get lucky and. then we should be in a better place and great obviously to see that we've just lewis for pole. over the
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n.b.a. philadelphia put together a big big performance when it mattered the most the citrus ending in the end a seven game winning streak on the road to age with on one victory of making the playoffs the sixers getting a must a contribution from substitute lou williams the twenty five year old put individuals up by thirteen midway through the second quarter the pacers would rally but all george not quite be able to win the game in regulation missing a three is time expired williams whoever caught fire in overtime scoring the sixers first seven points of the extra session to finish with a total of ninety six years would go on to clinch one of nine to one of six pick three and needed another win or a loss by milwaukee respond in the n.b.a. playoffs quite a turnaround then for a team with all seven of their previous ten. call for ben curtis is the man to catch ahead of the final run of the texas open the two thousand and three british open champion has been atop the leader board since run
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two all the while battling the field in the weather the thirty four year old far from dominant on the day karting double bogeys on the first and then the holts he did just enough though by ruling in four birdies on his way to one of the seventy three three stroke lead not every mean while he kept in the mix the twenty eight year old up to second despite having to finish the storm delayed second round also on saturday well so i created charlie we in sun ya know are tied for third american john hall the trio lying five shots off the. finally caster semenya will be gunning for a limp a chloe this summer after all the controversial south african runner picking her perth for the london the olympics this weekend twenty one year old so many are running a hundred meters fosterers on the qualifying time of one minute fifty nine point nine zero seconds a feat that she had already achieved this year the performance enough to pick her spot on the national team so many she rocketed to fame by easing tour and maiden
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world gold berlin in two thoughts nine puts her total dominance over the rest of the three response turns over her gender with ensuing test side lying the athlete for that it's. ok. to put on a good day is a good last smallest mission to qualify for the olympics and i think the second step for. where we have to leave the sport thought i'll be back in just under two hours time but weather is next and rain is here with all the news you need the. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has
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been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians room today. and the occurrence of crisis tough cuts. tragic integration years. who will be left standing when the people speech to the french election are to. wealthy british style. market finance can. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might structure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report on our key.
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