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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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if you just joined us a very warm welcome this is the weekly here on our team top stories now the french decide their future with voting in a presidential election well under way ten candidates are in the running including incumbent nicolas sarkozy the next leader will face a tough job of fixing a faltering economy and record unemployment. the u.n. resolves to deploy a three hundred strong observer mission in syria to monitor the fragile truce there but despite a unanimous vote in the security council some members are accused of undermining the peace effort. bahrain's controversial formula one grand prix goes ahead despite widespread protests against the regime and a brutal crackdown park police that's left one dead tens of thousands have been out
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in force demanding immediate democratic reforms. and the thirty minutes that gripped the global attention. only to be shown on our t.v. this week giving voice to those ostracized by the mainstream media the show has sparked a range of reaction from praise to his styria. well the french head to the polls today in the first round of the presidential vote forty talks to one of the leading candidates that's in our special interview next here on alt. today we're joined by the point young he's a presidential candidate for the upcoming french elections founding his own party called their complete centering around the platform of sovereignty for france thank you very much mr decline after joining us today the first question would be when
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you talk about french sovereignty what exactly do you mean in the context of today's globalized world france is not free anymore because the whole leaders. are a limited by. the european union which is the not elected by anybody. it's none democratic. or poor and i want to restore democracy in france i want the president the new president can be good or to decide for french people or. restore civility to restore a fight against an opponent to the decider for control done with me like you know all the country in the world except europe european union countries. if europe is going so wrong and spain greece italy
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and france is this because the pour has been shared between menu two regions. the poor is. separated there is no. global police and we lost our capacity ability to change things so the french people is very upset because nothing change i can take an example security we have no any more control or border. you know border. control so our arms are in a free country there is many murder in the south of france because we don't control how border since ten years it's not possible in russia you control your borders not in france anymore i want france to control this territory does
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that mean you want france to be isolated if you want that kind of sovereignty for your country no we can be free to the work with the whole france. britain germano the swedish people all of us know you pull on as no europe indian there's no europe and it's a part of the world. i want just friends to restore it's a suffering i want french people to decide for himself. i had many successes when they decide friends decide for yourself based on what you're saying do you want out of the year or do you want out of europe are together for me europe can change europe i like europe france is not able to do everything i want to cooperate so i want this europe but they want i don't want
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a europe where there is twenty person. who are not. like in soviet union before exactly the same mind that they know for people. middle militant. they are often. under the influence of for financial interests is a decidedly thing it's not possible anymore and now you're arguing against study evils of the free market so to speak but the world has moved forward in terms of globalization you think it's a bit too late at this point that it's moved to progress there forward a little too much to take that step backwards as the world is globally global there is globalisation but you know clearly. jap and argentina brazil. are open of the world but the defense
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and said. russia has its own policy and the never accept the russian people will never accept that its interests its own interests can be decided by somebody outside the country will do nothing that france benefit at all from the free market i am not against the free market i am against. the free market with a system which is forbidden to defense of self i am not a gets free market but in the free market we need to have a strategy it could be something strategic in france as no strategic france is. we cannot do anything because we need to ask
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brazil but who is brazil i'm nobody. you will never accept the russian people will never accept to be different like we are from here also for withdraw from nato or you're not worried that in the interest of france need any help you may not be able to rely on your current partner safin do so i agree. i dance i will i want to stay in the ions but they don't want to see how force the american decision we have an interest in africa for example i don't want to be in afghanistan because the sainted troops in afghanistan it's a failure it's a dramatic failure. i want my country decide where to go in. was a great president and he refused to go in iraq. he refused and he was right. i
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want to be free as a people french people to decide where we want to go up against the sides distant system it's a crazy thing i know you agree with. we are we are all nuclear decision. and we need to keep it and i am against this american defense and any size i think we have to work with. because the the we are very complimentary between russia france germany and we are to work together instead of the european continent and just looking at your background you were a part of the system so to speak you're a member of the union for a popular movement or you were paid the ruling party so what does that say about your credibility you're now denouncing the system that you were part of it at some point oh no i was elected i was member of the party and i always fight the
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street and i fight the euro system with. the european constitution and we won the french referendum in two to five so i was always in the same so i tried in the system to change the system. i tried to say people french people we should resist we should have to all in policy. i couldn't do it in system so when it was this was for france i said. i cannot accept that. left this party you know create in my party and let's talk about what happened to lose the government had killed seven people there he is an immigrant said background what do you think this incident represents it represents
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a danger but i was the i left it for ten years. so the french government we need to control our borders so you're saying it's a problem of immigration no it's a problem of security because you have many french people who are coming from missing in country were very crime. so many soldiers in afghanistan died and they were from the integration so there is no problem a feeling. if we have a state controlled things but they don't accept that. in the immigration system there are some people who don't respect the french will insist it will have been. exposed. to french in their country but the government did nothing in ten years and now they discover the program so we need to integrate people with friends and we. don't respect to go back and we were taught people from
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the french suburbs many of them feel that they are rejected by the system many of them are from immigrant backgrounds and all feel part of france how do you propose to address this problem of course because because unemployment in the school which is not enough. for them stretch unemployment but school and you have the result. we need to go the french work we don't need to separate work and we need to control our borders to restrict immigration of course but just to clarify when you're talking about integration you're saying that it boils down to dealing with unemployment and education of course not not that we can accept immigration and when you have a job in your country you can accept me question if you as a if you have a good school you say to young people you're french and you're going to learn
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french but. if the school is not good is there is no job it's crazy to accept more and more people it's not a question of people it's a question of what you do in your country it's a question of balance i need balance and it's not about the french elections do you think that the voters now in france are gearing towards the more extreme of the political spectrum perhaps getting tired disillusioned by centrist ideas and therefore are looking to the far left or to the far right of course of course because if fairly they govern given thirty years social is probably right partly always the same policy the european. quickly put it so french people say we're going to the rest extreme a of extreme right let me. rephrase in the system but i am saying to french people we can create
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a patriotic. political force which is not extreme we can reject we can reject the system but we can do a nice bridge put it like google do it it's possible you don't need to go to extremes to change france we can change for it to be. reasonable all right thanks very much mr deprived africa time thank you. one. hundred. fifty years. clean five forty acres and nineteen ninety three and decided it would be a great place to find myself
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a home and retire. there she is what. we call it our new neighbor neighbor guy knows that. we have seventy acres and i can't convince them that they need to drill somewhere besides two hundred feet from. the needs of our growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are vital fuel for transportation electricity and manufacturing for any problems of this before we do the right people and then mr cheney. you know our flaws are not toxic and we get a lot of there's a lot of missed understanding of what act is actually in the floats. trying to say you cannot hear in the way of you come out here and live in my house for a week. i have no rights. to.
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top stories this hour on r t the french decide their future with voting in the presidential elections of well underway ten candidates are in the running including incumbent nicolas sarkozy next leader will face a tough job of fixing a faltering economy and record unemployment. the u.n. resolved to deploy a three hundred strong observer mission in syria to monitor the fragile truce there but despite a unanimous vote in the security council some members are accused of undermining the peace. range controversial for a long drawn pre goes ahead despite widespread protests against the regime and a brutal crackdown by police that's left one day tens of thousands have been out in force demanding immediate democratic reforms. and also the weekly
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this hour for thirty minutes the group's global tension present its own interview show on r.t. this week giving voice to those ostracized by the mainstream media showed us what a range of reaction from phrase to history. but with all those stories and fifty minutes from now the mean time poll is next with the latest poll. thank you very much but welcome along to the world of sports here is what we call coming up keeping the dream alive to my must go secure i crucial way and i haven't god in siberia now just trail three two in their best of seven series. going for gold south african athlete caster semenya booked our place at the london olympics after running a qualifying time for the eight hundred meters. but let's start with the russian
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premier league right another moscow of the only thing that stands between them in some places and their second consecutive russian premier league title that's after spartak lost three male homes angy to end their slim title hopes and respect in seventh place and looking for a europa league spot next season the big spending spend is top star sunday letter i broke the deadlock six minutes before hard time after the break to show me a lucky i love double the visitors need ten minutes after that i was schooled there in the goal of the game but it was at the wrong end as nicklaus public defender send the ball into his own net three nearly done with ranji leaving the muscovites in. well earlier on sunday and relegation groups had a grozny suffered a potentially damaging defeat as they went down one nil down. from mikel i mark off midway through the process was pushed on for an equaliser brought to no avail defeat to the group leaders these tara just one point about the relegation play off
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license. really are sort of soft remain in the bottom four despite back to one win a home tossed off the victory leaves them level with the visitors while in the championship group lokomotiv can enhance their chances of champions league football next season let me break through the second half of their game with rubin. and it is currently gone lefts. now to the english top flight where the race for the title is less clear cut after manchester united missed a chance to open up an eight point gap at the top on sunday this after a phenomenal pull for britain it's an old trafford the visitors that took the lead in the first half in the kitchen yellow rich and if united to school got into a full team me the goals and steven pienaar under another yellow bird strike completed an unlikely comeback plans for sitting close the gap to three points with a win of bottom clubs movies it's into the final seconds they need to nail him out one more the final whistle is also imminent in the game between little paul and west brom's which i can tell you that must be made on the federal five gold medal
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in the finals reckons that much. now to tennis where russia has been knocked out in the semifinals of the fed cup serbia securing a three two win in moscow to reach the final for the first time in their history it was five one a pace that sunday's final day of action things look to be got in the house way when anastasia publishing coverts of the process against an advantage however the bradleys win ten consecutive games taking the match three six six six three that man sat down at his nets about knew she needed a winner before the world number one your lady young convention one down comprehensibly in straight sets six one six four. you know i'm really. excited and feel. believe their final it's historical moments for us. remember those days when we were playing in those lower groups. have achieved a lot but you know playing for your country is also something very special. very
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very happy to so when against russia. meanwhile in the men's game rough around the dogs one monte carlo moss is the eighth consecutive year he's been novak djokovic in straight sets in the final six three six one to reassert his dominance on play the serbian lost his grandfather on thursday it looked to be his usual imperious self spine its first victory over the world number one in eight attempts. is the overall he had a few more mistakes than yours or than there were stolen from the baseline with. no i. know after a few days playing in scheme he was almost forever paradigm today he wasn't. either the better. now to formula one where the reigning world champion sebastian vettel is celebrating his first victory of the season but did bahrain taking him top of the drivers' championship the red bull driver from start to finish playing hard for us in three seconds ahead of like this is killing the right kind of things to make
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room on grow strong finish a further seven seconds behind the second and third place for later sort of thing finish on the podium for the first time this season the man who thought the overall standings heading into the weekend mclaren's lewis hamilton was eight six with the make jenson button eighteen well let's see what was done to the driver's championship the wind has moved vettel top lewis hamilton has slipped down to second in his four points behind the german battles read between my mark webber is these early days like with just the season four races. now moving to the ice and in the kontinental hockey league there now moscow who thinks an album guard to stay alive in the current cup finals having gone went into the class one win away from lifting their mating page else i think something is married with three goals down home ice early in the second period the playoffs top story make out i miss him getting to know my off the mark less than four minutes in this is fourteenth gold this postseason you want it but i know that double the number is made midway
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through the press period before constantine is going to be called to death. anton communal for going back to send the local fans into raptures halfway through the second. round broad stroke of five goals and with almost three minutes to go they were close their goal tied with an outfield player planned by david adams to a degree alexandra that's the last darts gold from long range the two little children aged three to dinner how it ended the muster medal now and from level best of seven series of real peace in the capital one number it's just a good game. you're a good hard situation it was posing for you on. the need to be in the game of the nutrients to wargamers are going to focus. very scalable. i think this was a poor win for us now even the n.b.a. philadelphia have ended indiana's seven game winning streak to edge within one victory of making the playoffs and six is getting a massive contribution from something she says williams the twenty five year old
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was in the business is up by thirteen midway through the second quarter of the pacers were really back in georgia not quite able to win the game in regulation missing the three pointer as time expired williams however was in court in overtime scoring the sixty first seven points of the extra session since with a total of nineteen sixes will go on to concede one hundred nine one hundred six victory needs another win a loss from milwaukee a new key to clinch a spot in the n.b.a. playoffs but eternal life which is the last several weeks previous to that. now call for ben curtis is the man to catch ahead of the final round of the texas open the two thousand and three british open champion has been top of the leaderboard since round two all the while battling the field and the weather the thirty four year old boston dominance on the day karting double bogeys only for us and eight holes he did just enough to live by rolling in for birdies on his way to a one over seventy little straightly plant everything well kept in the mix the
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twenty eight year old up to second despite having to finish the storm delayed second round also on saturday while south korean charlie way and so young they are now tied for third with american john hart the trio lying five shots off the late. track and field affairs were cast as a menu will be gunning for olympic glory this summer the south african runner booking her place at the london games this weekend twenty one year old man you're running against hundred meters faster than the qualifying time of one minute fifty nine point nine zero seconds i think she had already achieved this year before months enough to book her a spot on the national take in so many a rocket is a fine by easing to have made in world gold in berlin in two thousand and nine the total dominance of the rest of the field raised concerns about gender with his hearing test side lining the athlete for eleven months. and finally thirty six thousand runners have been pounding the streets of london on sunday in the thirty first annual london marathon it's the final running of the race before the olympics descend on the city later this year i think runners and those raising money for
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charity lined up to complete the twenty six full length race was won by kenyans wilson kipsang who coasted to victory over three minutes ahead of him patrick not a well the winner posting an unofficial time of two hours four minutes and forty four seconds apart from the second leg is this a gag of a day in one of the kenyan one featuring the women's race with mallika townie finishing ahead of world champions at the blog of how to structure. for that is all the sports for now here on r.t. i'll be back in a little under two hours time to join them. and the media currency crisis. cuts the tragic integration. who will be left standing in the speech. the french election on our chief.
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he'll. move. just simply. just so. come up. the. machines would be soo much brighter if you move all sums from feinstein's passions
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. these food stamps on teeth don't come. much more news today violence is once again flared up if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from childhood for a shelter all day. says. live nation and free liquid intake should be free lives for charges free range and free live free live studio type free live.


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