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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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israel warns its peace treaty with egypt is in danger and cairo says it's terminated against export deal over payment and prices. started causey's slipped the french president failed to convince enough voters now only losing to his socialist czars rival the pair now go head to head in the second round. and syria's opposition keeps the calls for military intervention despite the un troops observing mission but their pleas finding little public sympathy you can see in the country. so much in our line from moscow where it's six pm on new sanaa with our top story
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the middle east peace is taking another battering this time as egypt terminates its twenty year gas exports deal with israel both countries insist it's just a business dispute but observers in israel warn it's putting their peace treaty on the line for firth is and kyra. well the head egypt stating gas company has said that this is a trade not a political issue and that the terminations of that deal with a verse and form of payment is another false reports of the coming from egypt that it seems some people in israel have interpreted that as a possible violation of the count david peace treaty that was signed between the two countries in the one israeli opposition figures come out of one of the crisis in relations between egypt and israel and called on the us who is the sponsor of the gas deal between the neighboring countries to intervene and i was called to be said that a very controversial here in egypt
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a very unpopular amongst the egyptian people who view it as a deal which denied egypt a fair market price on the gas provided to israel and also very much seeing as representative of the much normal relations between israel and egypt that were formed under the former president hosni mubarak said not a popular little it's certainly been a target for resentments recently for the first time egyptians have being to dating egypt's relations with israel quite publicly now the current rulers and the islamists in parliament has vowed that they're going to uphold international relations there so there's been a feeling here in cairo a lot of people that you could buy a house in the run up to the elections be about to see a rocky a period in relations between the two countries as three front men currently for the presidential spot have pledged to they're going to respect the peace deal of the nearly every single one of them has said that they're going to be looking very
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closely at the fairness and appropriateness of this very unpopular. but israeli journalists. gastro is a consequence of the troubled egyptian revolution. right now it's in flux it's in frances and nobody knows exactly when. the new order in egypt will emerge we need geopolitical patience in this regard what we're witnessing right now in egypt and the sinai peninsula is a microcosm of this war with the same people with the same political twilight we understand what we were parting with we do not know what were approaching. and this is truly how the americans view the situation in egypt. many in washington today as far as we understand regret the haste with which america helped. and his regime leave the scene but that is of course one water under the bridge.
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turned itself from an emerging market to higher was the economy one where no foreign investor can assume signed and written statement on the part of any gyptian interlocutor is worth more than the ink with which it is. in other news there is that tight fight for france's top job with president sarkozy now running losing in the first round to his socialist rival francois hollande they've now got two weeks to win over voters before the run off paul bargee says are silly it is across the election in paris. right now if you look at the numbers it is certainly neck and neck of the a difference between at the top two candidates is very small on the right now it's a one appointed differences so the question that people be asking is which way will the voters who have voted for the other candidates how will they vote in the second round will be will it be all laws will it be so close enough for nicolas sarkozy that he will have to try to get the voters of money in the pen who is on the far right from the national front she had managed to get seventy point nine percent of
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the votes according to the exit polls about half of her voters may go to nicolas sarkozy but again these are just estimates and as far as a lot is concerned he will have to get a jaundiced michelle from the left front his voters who have been a very a very i creating a lot of noise towards the end of this campaign while ninety percent of voters from that side say they will vote on a lot but still there are a lot of factors that could affect that swaying of the vote in the second route not least of all the pessimists event the lack of enthusiasm of the french people they may have come out to vote for the for in the first round at eighty percent but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll do the same in the second round another factor to be considered but let's get more insight now on from our guests today mr john locke lead from the institute of democracy and cooperation thanks very much effort being with us today with regard to the the higher numbers that many in depend of the far right had gone there's a lot of reaction here from the french press that this is a surprise to them what significance is this hold and how will the voters of marine
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le pen do you think voters it's an absolutely incredible result and it's definitely the biggest story of this of this election how will the voters behave we don't know that is the big question marie le pen has said she will announce her choice on the first of may but. a boyfriend the head of the former sort of political too in the question of who we are you said he will he will cost a blank face on the first of may so what does that mean though in ideology and what it means is that there is no certainty or tool that the fullness of the voters will vote for the right wing candidate because of sarkozy on the contrary one. the main reasons why running that had was done so well is that that electorate hates nicolas sarkozy for various reasons not least because they felt betrayed by him after having voted for him in two thousand and seven when i tried to follow up on again as the campaign ideology is a bit busy that has been put forward how will the next president whoever he is be able to meet all the demands from the far right who are anti immigration anti euro
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and on the left who are anti capitalists and you know so all of these ideologies the striking thing about this campaign has been precisely the extent to which many lappin has run a leftwing campaign and he capitalist anti free market in favor of protectionism and so on most of her voters are young people and people from the working classes this is not a classic right wing or least bush electorate. on the immigration yes there is a right wing to school so i agree lauren holder is also a right wing issue but her appeal goes way beyond the simple left right prism for swallow and might be able to reassure those as it were left wing for the sort of voters while sarkozy might be able to seduce the as it were right wing ones but we'll have to see right well thanks very much seven o'clock and for joining us well there you have it still a lot of topics issues it to be put in the political debate a lot of cycles he will have
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a one to one and this could also assuage the voters depending on how they do want that debate so we're looking forward certainly to the second round of the presidential race. still ahead for you this hour here on r t the war games held in a more than sensitive region as russia and china hold their first joint naval exercises and we go see we explain what the political plans are selling for. the second episode of whistleblower julian assange just hard hitting interview show airs here on tuesday to look ahead to what's in store later in the program. despite a record increase in the use of prescribed antidepressants by u.s. soldiers military officers see no reason for panic seen as a way to help service personnel survive their brutality of war there's concern that drugs merely mask the deep psychological damage suffered by troops in combat and she's going to can reports. a record number of american troops are on
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antidepressants according to the u.s. army surgeon general more than one hundred ten thousand active duty service men and women are taking prescribe narcotics sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs that's an eight full of the increase since two thousand and five michael brown served as a marine in iraq up until two thousand and six he started taking anti-depressants after he returned from war when i was a. progression of. my. greatest importance. i mean i. be able to make a decision. or you know me or whatever and where. just. michael says
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while he could see about a third of his fellow servicemen taking psychotropic pills to get through the day. some suggest the current increase in suicides and homicides in the u.s. military is not a coincidence although the link with the use of drugs has been proven in court only in a handful of cases american soldier david lawrence was charged with murdering a detainee he was guarding in afghanistan his sentence was reduced to ten years it was proved at the psychotropic medication that he was prescribed made his mental condition worse the fact that our military is saying oh if you just take these pills he'll be fine and go on back out there and give these people guns this is crazy and now we're seeing this terrible combination and reaction of these these medications next scene and and a lot of the soldiers self medicate with alcohol and those don't mix military
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official see no reason to panic saying the use of psychiatric drugs this comparable to civilian use if you were a civilian. spoke to a psychiatrist and said i have trouble sleeping and i have anxiety problems and i have posted stress disorder. they wouldn't give you a gun and send you out you know to face danger i mean you're even supposed to drive if you're taking some of these medications michael says when he complained of depression he was given drugs before he even had the chance to talk to a doctor. sitter. seemed. kind of first and foremost. you would ever hear of this prior to the iraq war soldiers would not go into combat psychiatric drugs but the stress of combat took its toll. in order to keep the ranks or maybe less
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depressed the u.s. army started handing out more pills but what seemed like an easy solution has become a problem all of its own i'm going to check our reporting for last r.t. . over more stories you can always head to our t. dot com there you'll find a swedish online piracy region religion i should say seeking a visual recognition in the u.s. a computer based creative the so-called complements has already been officially recognized in the scandinavian country but now it wants to go on a worldwide mission. and moscow joins cities across the globe marking international earth day as thousands of lanterns candle lit by capitals might start to shine a light on this and much more at our t.v. dot com. south sudan's trying to get china's help to supply the african states lucrative oil to eager customers all its pipelines
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currently run through the separate country of sudan and that's a major problem decades of turmoil saw the south eventual east but from its neighbor last year and declare independence but border fighting is now threatening full scale war beijing has offered to help mediate for peace between both sides and it's a welcome development which offers hope says world affairs analyst dr chaldea. and typically that is a conflict like these you know it's usually washington not a european company that's getting in but here's a gordon chancellor you know asian powers emerging economies to make you know an important market intervention that will show that you know the world order is changing otherwise if you leave it in thought if you go back to the security council where you know again france and britain and the us out of the farms i'm going to reserve lucian against one on the other side it's not exactly sure and for violating sovereignty it's back to square one and whether it's china india or malaysia could become not but engine even jointly do something to end this conflict
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which is not benefiting anybody the west has no mistakes and because the rest of my companies are going out of the game altogether it's watching a bystander because of u.s. sanctions on sudan since darfur and these are the genocide charges and the western emphasis on the want of crimes committed by president bashir there is been total lack of access for western corporations so it's interesting that even south sudan we just created through. western support any intervention at the international level he's increasingly turning to china and your money here to resolve the problem in i'm going to ask you know washington are the europeans for it so i think china i would say historically more will come. than western countries which have looked upon sudan as nothing but you know a piece of land with a lot of oil underneath this island. now in the first episode of killing our son to show premiered here on our t.v. it certainly cause immediate stare and produce strong reactions ranging from praise
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hostile criticism across the atlantic and here commentators remaining in different well until they are actually airs the next episode. gives us a little tough. so tomorrow the second episode is airing we did see a lot of backlash from the first episode but this new program features two people as i was talking to two different people one of them's the slovenians level who's a philosopher. anticommunist distance and now turned communist and also david horowitz who is a former left wing radical it's a distant countries into the black panthers back in the day and is now a radical right wing zionist so from two completely different sides of the fence and when i went to talk to us on this program was broadcast he said this was one of the most heated episodes that he filmed during filming he tried to sort of talk about other stuff talk about a range of issues but the two of them kept on coming back to the jewish question
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they kept on talking about israel and palestine he had to drag it away from that repeatedly and in fact at one point several issues that he says had to be physically restrained even though david horowitz wasn't even in the room he was in fact on the telephone so it's a bit an extraordinary piece of television in the final cut though we do understand that they do talk about a range of issues they they do talk about the palestinians in the nazis they talk about the black panthers and the israelis and they also talk about the american presidential race part of the conversation also goes into europe and specifically what happened in europe after the second world war said the creation of this sort of social welfare state all three of them seem to agree that the welfare state was created in europe is dead now and that in fact it is not all that is supposed to be european welfare. if you put a european love more then i think even united. may be unique period in human history after world war two when for
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a state where so many people live in shark. free dorm and sharon don't do much fun. again you think it's photos we've always was a disastrous spirit europe or europe is a cultural scene it's significant that's what happened that's what your welfare state it just took you out of the. socialist paradise of sweden and i can tell you it is nothing like. when arsenal's talks about his personal experiences sweden of course he's talking about the expected result of his extradition hearing sweden's trying to extradite him on allegations of sexual assault that results is still pending so we still don't know whether our sons will get experience of sweet and. up to eighteen minutes past the hour let's take a look at some more world news for you the u.s.
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could use its military in afghanistan for at least a decade once it takes control of its own security in twenty fourteen pledges part of a new strategic parents agreed by the two countries on sunday u.s. national security advisor stresses that washington will only act with problems approval in what the document describes as being to defend afghanistan both countries will review the plan before it's signed by the american and afghan presidents. those prime minister marc rich has resigned along with his cabinet after the collapse of government talks over austerity measures the junior coalition partner the right wing freedom party refused to agree to cuts and state pensions talks which had been ongoing for a month were trying to slash the country's budget by sixteen billion euro to meet you rules ratings agency fitch has warned that the netherlands may lose its aaa rating over the debt crisis one of the few remaining eurozone states to hold the
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top ranking. norwegian extremist anders breivik has said sorry to some of his victims' families during the final day of his testimony public apologize for those killed when he bombed in oslo government building but not for the massacre of mostly young people on a holiday island he called them legitimate targets and denies criminal guilt in judges the side rhetoric was saying during the murders he faces a maximum twenty one year jail sentence otherwise it will be indefinite sites psychiatric treatment. the un's bolstering its observer mission to syria as multiple reports continue that the teetering cease fire is being violated by both sides the rebels political leaders still want a un backed military intervention but i was on a voyage to reports from damascus the public have no appetite for foreign intervention. almost everyone in syria these days is in opposition to something
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ready to lash out at opponents at any moment and seventy six year old my feet mohammad is in opposition to that he says syrians are so worked up about politics it has become difficult to make people smile but he found the way. i like dancing in the streets and i like the reaction it produces in people i feel free this way. even he can't stay away from politics when i ask him about his biggest concern he says syria should not dance to somebody else's tune. we don't need any countries meddling in our affairs. so here. while the prospect of a levy a style intervention seems ever less likely to militarize the position and their supporters are still asking for arms. and they are always
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going from unknown and the presidents of other countries is that they support us and now because we the rebels want to get armed. all the rebels may have card all the media attention this syrian opposition speaks with many voices it's often faulted for being distorted eyes there for granted but there is a surprising unity when it comes to the issue of military intervention. you through this a position activist says he was detained and mistreated by the security services and while he is calling on bashar assad to leave a serious political scene he says the armed groups should do the same. like him abdul aziz is not afraid to go public refusing to lose he just returned back from moscow where the opposition delegation tried to persuade the russian authorities to put more pressure on their side regime he says not all powers
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mediating the syria crisis are really helping you know. we are supporting. some of the states are not supported. and some are trying to grow some sort of cash. that. prince. and that's what's so you'd. probably agree. with you know people will suffer from much. use of a country maybe a civil war and what does work with lead and iraq just across the border in what is democracies are not held in high regard here even among the opposition while syrians remain highly polarized across political lines most of them agree
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that this allusion to their current prices should be worked out within the country even for the opposition dugald they know it's still better than the demons that now haunt neighboring countries. are seen damascus syria. russia and china are holding their first ever joint naval drills taking place in the yellow sea near the korean peninsula thousands of sailors will take part in exercises which will simulate the rescue of hijacked vessels and to submarine operations and these were all skiers following the war games. i'm standing on board the russian destroyer not ground up and we are now in the chinese port of king doubt it took us nearly a week to reach the starting point for the joint russian chinese maneuvers called mabel corp two thousand and twelve the russian convoy consists of four big warships armed with conventional weapons three destroyers and the flagship missile cruiser but they are basically what we are going to see here in the next few days is an
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exercise in cooper ration between russian and chinese naval forces for the first time were four key areas anti-terrorist missions protection of marine lines of communication guarding of civilian battles and joint supply operations they have the sizes are the fact building on both forces have been doing and the past couple of years in the gulf of aden to counter piracy chinese and russian warships ever supported civilian convoys spoke the coast of somalia and now they'll be learning to make a joint effort most of the chinese ships we've seen here in the harbor look brand new for instance right across the pier you can see the guided missile destroyer harbin which will take part in the joint exercises in the yellow sea both sides stressed that the war games are not directed against any particular country or military blog but there's in the creasing concern and both moscow and beijing about
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the u.s. naval buildup in the asia pacific and that's not to mention japanese and south korean naval forces to close allies with the us we've seen signs of japanese and south korea. on our way to china when our convoy it was frequently followed by nato reconnaissance planes destroyers and submarines hundreds of sailors will take part of both sides supported by planes and helicopters. without you without going on the world markets katie joins us now stateside of course the u.s. markets have opened are both following some of the trends of asa's we're seeing in europe today absolutely nice are they really are they're taking an absolute beating and that is because of the political uncertainty that we're seeing in europe sickly france and the netherlands as well as this data come from china as well the production contract for a six month that's a mess to clean in the u.s. as well kellogg is one of the main stocks is going to be causing problems really
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why they stand down ok but the dow jones there is a mixed view at the moment but let me tell you both those colors should indeed be raids ok so both the dow jones and the last five are down at this hour let's start talking about europe because that's really the time when investors are concerned about europe because of the victory of francoise hollande in the first round i've heard enough from the no capsule says this is because he's less likely to support your ceratin measures needed to deal with the sovereign debt crisis. a lot of political change as a result of the european crisis and if you were to become president probably the biggest change seen so far so far the germans and the french germs in particular have been pushing. on a part of the world already some very difficult economic years i think it. becomes president it will be more of a shift towards. a more spending as
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a way to get out of the european crisis. see how the european markets are reacting at this hour as you can see the first sharp losses let me tell you the cac in france as well as the recent down as well so it's red across the board ok we're going to talk about the euro dollar right now we have got a really well it's not going to tell it's one thirty one thirty the rain i mentioned to neverland so let me just talk about that just for a moment they say that's been causing concerns as well the country is without a functioning administration after the government fell another route of the country's spending cuts if you look at the ruble that is still managing to lose against the u.s. dollar right there and that will be starting to trade very shortly indeed let's have a look at the russian markets because they'll be closing up in less than ten minutes time now and it looks like they're going to end on the back they have managed to get out of the red all day today around two heart centers points down from the
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r.t.s. and the my sex today if we look at the starts to see how they managed to get all we have lou called down because prices are indeed down there's also this village and one of their deposits in the arctic is really causing concern over two thousand tons of crude girls we've got right down around two and a half percent we've got back needs our own nearly two and a half percent so that really bucking the trend for today if we get on so i mentioned the prices are indeed down it's not a surprise when you've got manufacturing in china down concerns in europe as well which all means it's a monster. is perhaps down take. these markets for now in the next hour of the official closing because of the boston markets and. all right kate thanks for that update we'll see you back here next hour looking forward to it and here in our tea in a few minutes as french socialist steal a march on sarkozy caterers talking about how that's affecting the markets worldwide well we've got a party stance on the second presidential battle coming up in two weeks stay with
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