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well from the heart of moscow this is article costing around the world thanks for being with us and our top stories tonight israel warns it's a peace treaty with egypt is in danger after cairo says it's terminated a gas export deal over payment prices observers say the rise of consequence of the troubled revolution and foreign interference in egypt. reports a senior afghan official believes u.s. troops could remain in afghanistan for another decade after the twenty fourteen withdrawal deadline follows a deal between the two governments despite widespread opposition the american military presence both in afghanistan. and france's current leader nicolas sarkozy
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did not really loses to his socialist rival francois hollande in the presidential election first round which will see the pair go head to head in a runoff in just under a fortnight now the winner will face a tough job of fixing a faltering economy and record unemployment. i'm staying in france next as the french debate and i said the first round of sunday's presidential election we talked to a member of the socialist party. gives his views on the second stage one often talks about the huge challenges this country is facing right now. today we're joined by a good law he's been a member of the french socialist party since one nine hundred eighty seven he's also been a member of the european parliament from two thousand and four to two thousand and nine and today he's the spokesperson of the socialist party that of french presidential candidate francois hollande thank you very much and so much for joining us today first question with of course on the future of france there are
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two top candidates now socialist francois hollande and income that nicolas sarkozy oh what kind of france are we going to see with a lot of presidency and for probably a front steps a much fairer a much more egalitarian than it is today francois here today is significantly poorer than it was five years ago she's probably lost her influence in the world with for example the failure of the union for the mediterranean she's lost much of her influence in europe and the best example of this is how angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy have agreed on a draft european treaty which is very favorable to german interests and very unfavorable to the interest of the rest of europe. france is mostly very divided as we've heard today the trust for france well and will be to somehow repair rebuild and assemble the french to avoid opposition to one another this is why his political project is intended primarily to address inequality and.
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so you're talking about a redefining or reestablishing france's the role of influence in europe and you bring up the treaty. does want to renegotiate the fiscal part. leaders but how much leverage does he we have he's going to go up against german chancellor angela merkel and let's be frank what she was usually a role in decision making from within his message is clear if the treaty is not we negotiated france will not ratify it and therefore it cannot come into force if michael wants to impose fiscal discipline in the euro zone area we will require a growth measurement of treaty where now there is no we want to make progress on euro bonds we want to expand the role of the european central bank there's no question for us that we would not accept a treaty that would result in austerity measures in france and throughout europe at the same time most of our growth is related to trade with you if the french cannot
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buy companies cannot invest because it was there was a policy is there our neighbors can either buy it or invest because they too practice austerity we believe that merkel is prepared to hear we're simply saying that the treaty cannot proceed only under the terms of germany's economy in fact this treaty does not benefit your talian economy nor the spanish nor the french economy the great regret is that nicolas sarkozy has not offended be interest of the french economy or the economies of european countries sarkozy agreed to sign a treaty to appear a protector of from europe and of the euro zone for simple public relations purposes he signed a treaty that we can see. because it focuses only on a stereotype of course though exclusive with. what we're talking about a steady are you against all types of belt tightening nationals do you not see any merit so we're speaking about growth measures bringing it up what does it really mean by that. we want a real industrial policy based on
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a new instrument in public finance a public investment bank we will develop tools that allow us to compete with other european countries but also with countries outside the european union or your pretty well let's talk about immigration and other presidential candidates such as the national front. and even the. bringing up the problem of immigration by using this as a campaign point what is your view on immigration in france in general and in particular illegal immigration. when you've got quite honestly immigration economic and social problems is primarily a political problem in many european countries people issue is systematically used to say that immigration is a threat to the country. when they talk about immigration they usually do you know arab advocate and muslim this is the way people approach week immigration question in a political debate in france and europe in fronts what
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a president their public setting up with nothing but caricature. it will reach the point where a great number of anglo-saxon newspapers can no longer see the difference between work and nicolas sarkozy sorry about islamic immigration. this is a major setback for france because you see the president today finds inspiration in a program of france's far right. this is a very great step back of the what was saying is that we need to discuss the conditions of economic migration and going to need to different sectors of the french economy if we must add rules to economic immigration we will do so we don't want to make immigration issue used to divide and frighten the french this is a serious matter that must be treated in search and must be subjected to political economic and social responses it should not be a subject used by nicolas sarkozy while a pen to win votes and raise racism in france for five years the french reality is
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the rights of intolerance and violence is perhaps more racist now than it was five years ago yes there's discrimination in hiring and yes there's discrimination in access to housing and yes there's discrimination in access to leisure it depends on whether you have a white face like mine again anyway in a position like mine with a socialist party all your name is code year of arab or north african origin or omar from earlier but i think in the previous. talk about nato and air france's. campaigns in various countries are far far larger wants to withdraw more troops in afghanistan earlier than planned however he doesn't want to withdraw pull out france completely from nato but. may regarding nato we want to evaluate the decisions made by nicolas sarkozy to rejoin the integrated military commander of nato we're not sure that our reintegration into the military command has had the
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expected results above all what we regret is that there has been no strong initiative of france in favor of a genuine european defense system for five years we do not believe today that european defense and protection of the broader strategic interests of europe and european union can be supported only by nato. we consider it necessary to develop autonomous structures that's why we insist on developing a european defense we will evaluate the benefits and drawbacks involved with a return to the integrated military commander of nato and as you said in connection with our allies so as not to destabilize nato in afghanistan we will withdraw our troops from afghanistan before the end of twenty twelve. ok you want to reassess their francis professor patient and foster or loved ones cooperation on this new european their defense system however while pulling out troops in afghanistan earlier than planned when i got
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a solid relationships with britain or germany for example who are busting a lot in that effort. our analysis is that our military intervention is not able to add a value that allows a peaceful solution to the crisis of the conflict in afghanistan by our military intervention where we lost the ability to act on political and diplomatic levels we want to regain freedom room to maneuver politically and diplomatically in order to find a solution together with major regional players in a conflict that requires to first withdraw our troops from afghanistan where we believe that a military solution is doomed to deadlock. we do not believe that the solution to the conflict in afghanistan requires a military only approach otherwise we would have solved the conflict already the last synchronized attacks by the taliban in many parts of afghanistan will show that there is no longer any area in afghanistan today that is truly protective.
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must find ways to influence the immediate neighbors of afghanistan a larger regional players in order to find a political solution to the afghan conflict a military operation must one day come to an end and we think it is now time for that. with the growth of. talking about political solutions does that apply as well syria for example. north korea syria is on the edge of civil war the proof is that despite being cloned there are still dozens and dozens of deaths hundreds of deaths i want to come to talk about the role of russia in this matter by its place in the security council and through its role it can play by the syrian regime russia is in a key positions unlock the syrian situation and to avoid a bloodbath and civil war both at levels of bilateral franco russian relations and on the level of the e.u. russia relationship we want a rich and intense association with russia we also want to roll on the
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international scene to contribute to stability. we can understand the historical relations of the russian state with the syrian state but today russia is a destabilizing factor in his country but also the whole region we must respond in a concerted and coordinated way between russia and european union france and permanent members of the security council can a military intervention go through nato in syria at this point it seems premature and this is where the plan by kofi annan opened the possibility of a political solution with the involvement of observers in fact considering the number of observers who will go there and the difficulty in verifying whether or not atrocities are committed against civilians should be a strong force in place to ensure that observers really do observe what happened before. france played a very big. intervention. in libya we played two
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different worlds at one point nicolas sarkozy wanted to sell nuclear power plants to gadhafi then he bombed gadhafi when you're a friend of nicolas sarkozy always be wary. completely incoherent nature of nicolas sarkozy's foreign policy i think the intervention in libya was a necessary because gadhafi used his own forces and bombs against his own people. but that doesn't mean that the situation is now stabilized we observe that the movement of weapons in as a whole region is linked to the consequences of the conflict in libya this helps to arm groups like. al qaeda in islamic maghreb or some of the events in mali related to what happened in libya therefore we need stabilization policies growth and development here to france has intervened to help end the gadhafi regime but the french development aid to developing countries fell from not point seven percent to not point four percent of our g.d.p.
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so we give weapons but we don't help the development growth and job creation and as we know if there are weapons of no jobs there will be no more instability francois hollande ambition is to focus on stabilizing the margret north africa region because it's a hot bed of potential unrest for europe and beyond including much of the african continent. and. the central. but that are killing innocent. oh i see. this of course and that's never a. moment something that's called still with me i think of it every day. the flyers fired
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from their memories and i assume i saw a long time just here trying. i was sure. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i had been a hero why i got my arm i go. along. with it in the mind. where i went to vietnam how those of portugal. now believe what i was going on what do i think. that i was a good soldier. but now most older on the other side and i think i'm just as good. as she was that so much and there's a huge musician on the market we've got the best sanction of israel movement where
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does it stand on the question of a q state solution of the palestine israel conflict. headlined some r t tonight israel warns its peace treaty with egypt is in danger off to cairo says it's terminating the gas export deal of a payment and prices observers say the rouse a consequence of the troubled revolution and foreign interference in egypt's affairs. reports say a senior afghan official believes u.s. troops could remain in afghanistan for another decade after the twenty fourteen withdrawal deadline. but follows a deal between the two governments despite widespread opposition to the american military presence both in afghanistan and back home. and france is currently to nicholas sarkozy narrowly loses to his socialist rival francois land in the presidential election first round which will see the pair go head to head in a runoff in just under a fortnight the winner will face a tough job of fixing
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a faltering economy and record unemployment. this is art. hello welcome along with the world of sports has what we call coming up dreams attended a spot on moscow's saying of making the champions league for the first time in six years suffers a setback fall in defeat and jean. paul perfection rushes swimming squad for this summer's olympics in london is named following the national championships here in moscow. and back on track after six years without a p.g.a. title four by open champion ben curtis kept his hands on the texas i quit. but we start with football where after a great recent run spot a moscow has been brought down to work in the russian premier league going to watch losing three million homes angie on sunday
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a bit of an upset this one sports are dominating possession. charges who made their limited opportunities count some military the man getting scoring going six minutes before heart on sort of show me a lucky fellow who would double visit his knee surely after the break but really it was a kick off a questionable goalkeeping from start out archer and brad rhodes angie's push for europa league qualification next season was full of the strength in sixty nine minutes in another girl from nicholas player topping off the dismal day for the muscovites remain third and out of the champions league sports. now the premier league title race in england looks as if it will go right to the wire after the weekend's action and all eyes are now on manchester united seeing their link up to three points on sunday the champions involved in a food or thriller outlets in second place manchester city meanwhile taking full advantage of that draw the children overboard the hunter means they could go level with united from the two sides meet in a massive clash next monday at eastlands defeat story clearly an emotional terry
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collins man relegated from the top flight. if i can. in ways you could prove you are good enough to sustain. is pretty. sweet. in the. mission to the rule group. who in the so. start placing sports is going from community to group. of communication is mutual. now while it will be another try i think this year for all sorts of courses kind of a selling star man robin van persie his benign the professional footballers' association of clay of the year the dutch international leagues the english school in charge for thirty four goals in all competitions while england international college will cut what we recognize as the cream of the crop announced he needs rising stars and twenty one year old tom defended my young player for the. reason
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looks because. if your opponents people who are actually playing against we can because it's unusual for you. over the days he began of compliment you hey i can get in i'm really proud of it. for the fact that again every single week and to play against you know against all the opponents and then if they pick you in the end as the best player. it's a message from one of. now there could be a new name on the kontinental hockey league for a free there are none they haven't gotten laid three two in the best of seven series against another mosque i can see it's taking place in the russian capital right now a victory would see the other side crowned the current cup champions for the first time in the history of the second period is now in its final moments and it's not going to plan the o'connor of actually for the house ahead after less than sixty seconds only for martin school at some level for the visitors mid-way through the
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first period before goals from tennis more silos and pretty robot for the hundreds i firmly in control well next. hill added another goal turned out to leave. tonight looks to be going for a seventh and deciding game now to swimming where the russian olympic team has been finalized the national swimming championships and concluded here in moscow and as michael crabtree anchor reports they also doubled up as qualifying for this summer's games in london. although the haven't been many breathtaking results and even fewer records broken the annual russian swimming championships has slowly but surely been picking up swimmers for its olympic charge in london and on the final day it was no different than to see a challenge narrowly beating out hot favorite and already qualified olympian theme of a in the women's two hundred meter breaststroke event it meant she will now also join you theme of a in london winter place this result means a lot to me of both my pradelle infix i'm really pleased that everything starts now ahead of the news event. of course it's an honor to be crowned national champion
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but representing your country at the olympics seems to be even more coveted unlike in other countries the russian nationals championships is the only chance for russian swimmers full of life for the summer olympics and that means it will take a break for a lot of people to take the course of the actual championships as many of the minds of the storm is acutely focused on qualification. in the women's one hundred meter backstroke and us to see as we have a justified her place on the olympic team winning gold and posting the world's best time in the distance in twenty twelve film shows you don't think overall i'm very pleased with my performance at the championships and i hope i'll be able to repeat again in takes. in probably the most closely contested event the men's one hundred metre freestyle. have finally made good after dreadful start to the finals people the whole i came to the championships completely out of form
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which was plain to see i completely flunked the four hundred metres and didn't do much better in the two hundred metres but now i have more last pound my form again i got silver in the one hundred meters and i managed to qualify and i still think that's a success. but it was daniel is a lot of who claim gold in that event he too consolidating his place on the olympic team russian swimming federation president vladimir sound afterward stated there were still areas that need improving but overall was very pleased with the selected batch of athletes. those who've been selected by the national team some decencies is used for in hundred. group. was competing. with each other so. after a short break the swimmers will convene in spain where they will begin the first of many training camps planned in the run up to the summer olympics michael schenker.
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routes where australia has an impact swimming squad have gathered for a training camp although they were without one big name star rising talent james magnussen was missing because of a chest infection infection the twenty one year old is a big hope for team australia at the london games and is looking to become the first australians when the one hundred meter freestyle olympic gold since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight is counting world champion in the discipline and has already swung the fourth fastest time in history. the book is disappointing for everyone james is a big character. in the realize and. he'd be very disappointed that he's not here is. a bit of a chest infection and we're just normal it's likely wrists now it's been a good weekend for ben curtis over on the gold greens with the american winning the texas open for his first title in six years curtis going from holding up the british opens clarett jug in two thousand and three twenty being able to enter for p.g.a.
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events this year he would roll in one of his three day on the seventh hole not every state in contention by sinking three birdies in a row with a final effort coming on the sixth down how they finished tied for second with every curtis held his nerve to call the purdy on the final hole and secure when they would start paying dividends for curtis in a two stroke picture. i don't know how i do it but there are. some. you know last couple of years this you know just fighting through it very positive that's all you can do and you know like regular good support. now finally in n.b.a. the rockets hopes of launching themselves into a post-season play off place and been passed by miami bron james coming to the fore in place of injured teammates to wayne wade and chris bosh making sure sister missed the playoffs for the third straight year the rockets by seven at the end of
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the first because shane battier travelling down to five with a possibly shot to win the king. james lies put on an electrifying one man show once again finishing the night with thirty two points eight rebounds and five assists will therefore finish the year with twenty eight wins in five losses at home the best such percentage in the franchise's history ninety seven eighty eight the final score on the night. well that is all the score for now a lot more for you in a little under two hours time job back. well for. some it's technology innovation called the list of elements from around russia we've got the future of coverage. wealthy british scientists
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sometimes the type of. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our team. move.
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