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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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mass killer on there is a brave it tries to defend his sanity to give credence to his murderous extremism but fears that his anti islamic ideology has taken root elsewhere in europe. could russia be joining the international anti-rape in r.t. has an exclusive interview with moscow's top general electric nuclear threat the problem tough problem. syrian border security reportedly repel could tare and saudi backed extremists filtering from iran as the peace envoy strengthens calls for an emergent expansion of the un monitors squad. and russian m.p. on the lugovoy didn't kill the former security officer and example go that's according to a lie detector test by a british organization in
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a case continuing to drive a wedge between moscow and london. another big deal is done in russia's baltic energy. rules signed the deal with eight days and they join me in twenty minutes time i have all the details out more for you. thanks for joining r t with me karen tara it's six o'clock here in moscow welcome first mass murder on those but i think has used one state's testimony to try and convince judges that he was same when he killed seventy seven people last july the right wing extremist wants his ideology to be taken seriously rather than consider the ramblings of a madman but as ivor bennett now reports the worry is that his message is already resonating elsewhere in europe. this is looted was considered the breeding ground
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of far right extremism in the u.k. so to a large muslim community and also to the english defense league who are now considered one of the most dangerous groups of the global counter jihad movement it started as a gang of football hooligans and in just three years its ranks have swelled to more than seventy thousand all united against what they call the threat of islam the same ideology inspired norwegian mass murderer anders behring breivik and now it's on the rise according to a report by a u.k. anti fascism group a worldwide counter jihad network has surged since predicts attacks with over one hundred far right groups in europe alone it names e.t.l. leader tommy robinson a key figure given that they just some far left organization again hate say things that when we express how we feel we're called far right extremist so you say you're not far right well not for right now i'm not for any right none of my views of.
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follow islam is for islam these it is responsible for thousand nine hundred terrorist attacks of september eleventh there were about one in one man brevik praise the deal in his manifesto calling them a blessing campaigners fear these views could inspire a similar attack in britain if the government doesn't crack down soon matthew collins is a former far right fascist who's now switched sides we've being or the government for two years for separately on the so you must you must view the deal as we do the radical islamic groups the problem is that they inspire people they organize people they fill people's head up with people in the deal who actually do think they are some kind of religious crusaders often extremist groups can be the trigger for somebody to do something something quite unpleasant quite nasty britons can. the hotbed of far right extremism with sixteen anti islamic groups operating
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here the report classes the british freedom party is one of them its chairman paul western it was another cited by brevik highlighting a blog that claimed the west is fighting a european civil war against islam but i'm not saying go out and commit violence and the most astonishing thing about this for me is is the whole breivik thing has been picked up picked up on by the media with no documentary evidence of any so-called right wing movements say. whereas when the islamists tell you that you'll blog posts as an inspiration to him amongst other several these are these are simply that they may well be an inspiration to but we cannot do you know we cannot say nothing simply because there might be some psychopath somewhere in europe groups like the british freedom party and the e.t.l. still aren't considered far right extremist by the or thora sees the two recently
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joined forces and planned to run in the next round of local elections the worry for anti fascist campaigners is that they could attract support on the bennetts r.t. luton. and it's a clash of far right and left in the second edition of joyousness interview shell here on r.t. you can head to our website to watch the program that's got the world talking. just joining our team at is five minutes past the hour and syrian border guards have reportedly clashed with extremist fighters flowing from iraq and independent
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newspaper in syria suggests the armed group is funded by saudi arabia and qatar and include mercenaries linked to killing civilians peace envoy kofi annan is calling for a speedier deployment further u.n. monitors to try and quell the violence as guy in a chicken now reports. kofi annan has expressed particular alarm at reports that government troops entered the syrian city of hama firing automatic weapons and said eve confirmed the firing is unacceptable earlier the spokesman for the envoy said the syrian government is not fully complying with the plan which was generally supported by the international community in which the syrian government claims it remains committed to the plan stressed the need to withdraw army tanks from populated areas and according to the un envoy they have satellite images which show that the tanks are still on the ground and that is seen as a violation of the six point plan but in order to get a full picture of what's going on satellite images are not enough and kofi annan
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stressed the need to increase the number of international observers on the ground to one hundred by the end of the month just earlier the u.n. security council approved the deployment of three hundred un observers the forefront group if you want observers is already in syria and everyone agrees that the u.n. needs more eyes on the ground to make sure that all sides of the conflict are doing their part because the plan addresses government forces as well as opposition forces and you do have people there who don't like the plan the opposition has not come up with a common response or whether they're going to engage in a dialogue with the government to work out a political solution to the crisis and that dialogue is also part of the plan as far as the u.s. washington says it supports the plan but at the same time they kind of expect it's failure here is what secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. is preparing for the potential failure of kofi annan plan to end the violence in syria and will take additional steps against the syrian government if it does
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russia on the other hand sees kofi annan plan as the only way to bring about peace in syria and the you want observer mission as crucial to verify whether everyone is committed to it just this tuesday the rebels blew up an army truck in damascus there have been several attacks around the mass because in the same day all targeted at the security forces several people were killed so you still have well armed militia there who are of course no match to the syrian army but according to the plan they too have to abide by it they too have to stop killing. bolstering peacekeeper numbers may fail to make a difference in syria u.s. based political analyst to smile hossein says washington and its allies have no interest in ending the fighting on the one hand the western powers hello the boy the united states and we disappeared from the arab league and turkey their army training funding. are sending mercenaries also into syria on the
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other hand they say we should have a cease fire and the terrorists are dispersed among population they haven't accepted the cease fire in fact not only the opposition the so-called opposition which are a bunch of terrorists. hears and the secretary of state hillary clinton already talking about the postilion of the ceasefire so this is altogether. devoid of logic it's totally preposterous. coming up this hour a selective opposition tear gas rains down our brains anti-government protesters western governments quiet prompting accusations up selective support for arab uprisings. and irritating the dragon can china's patience hold out as america's military plays a war games in its backyard we report. there
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has always been a threat and russia is keeping an eye on it said the country's chief of general staff when asked about iran and north korea the general's interview to r.t. spotlight show drew much attention in the media saying moscow finally saw the danger of a nuclear attack on archie's town part can clear this all up for us tom can you put this all into context for us. the comments from gen new car of came in response to a question from r.t. about the potential nuclear threat of countries including north korea and iran of course there is a potential threat to the general but he didn't specify any particular country but since that time there's been something of a media for rule with many outlets repeating the general's words let's have a listen to what he actually said. the see this missile shield to protect against iran and north korea does russia recognize that there is a growing nuclear threat coming from these two countries or does any such thread.
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so this really is always conduct a joint assessment with our u.s. counterparts which prove the threat is a realistic one we recognize that it's necessary to set up a missile defense system we said bud's ability to gather the effect that we have agreed to produce such a system implies that we recognize that the threat is there. where our some reports are saying that this is a new revelation that russia has opened its eyes to the possible threat from iran all the reports are saying this is nothing new really and that it's really been blown out of proportion but it does feed into the continuing tense political and diplomatic dialogue surrounding iran's nuclear ambitions and also into u.s. nato plans for a missile shield in eastern europe and corresponding criticisms from russia but that's not being done with enough cooperation with russia you can see the full
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interview with all of the general's comments on missile defense tomorrow on r.t. right tom barton there live in moscow thanks for clearing that up for us tom. i have the job swap that's ringing the changes india long known as the world call center capital is turning the outsourcing tables i work proving on them that americans. a british lie detector test has revealed that the u.k.'s prime suspect in the poisoning and murder former security officer alexander litvinenko is innocent a polygraph has cleared russian m.p. on the gov way who's become the focus of a dispute souring relations for several years between london and moscow which is refusing to extradite him to britain archies laura smith joins us live with more now laura just tell probing was the. well from what voight has said
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we understand that it was a three hour process so really a very sort of sort of resoundingly test it was performed on google voice and misha tive so he was the one who asked for a test to be done and as we all know from lie detector tests a lot of questions are asked and i can tell you sort of three of the most of the most approving ones that were asked one of which was did you do anything that led to the death of a look of was on so was no did you in any way have a pulse in the death of it again his answer was no have you ever had any dealings with polonium that polonium of course we know is the radioactive substance that was used to poison alexander litvinenko in two thousand and six again was no then what happened was that the data was analyzed by this british organization the british public off association they say that from the results of the test those would not and that in their professional opinion he's telling the truth now this was a test that was performed by
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a group of british polygraph is as i say the british public off association they then issue just signed statement and they have links to scotland yard there is to see it isn't recognized by scotland yard now of course but of the background to this case is that new government has almost always been the chief suspect it as far as the british authorities are concerned in the alexander. they have the u.k. authorities have requested his extradition but it has been denied by russia which under its constitution cannot extradite russian citizens there's been no reaction from the u.k. government so far and it's worth mentioning that polygraph tests in and of themselves on not admissible in u.k. courts of law although they are being progressive increasingly used as substantiating evidence in other ways and becoming much more widespread and there's been a lot of things this is just the latest point to avoid not having taken part in the murder of alex on. you know and so many people are now saying even more than they
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were before that it's time for the u.k. authorities to look for another suspect as i say void it was his initiative to take part in this test and he's also offered to participate fully in a a full inquiry into his death that has been offered to the widow of alexander so he's really participating fully and trying to clear his name all right live from london artie's laura smith thank you. in bahrain there are no signs of violence dying down but police firing tear gas at protesters during yet more clashes in the capital manami anti-government demonstrations have been intensifying since the weekend when the world's eyes were on the formula one grand prix race there but as the sports top drivers went home for an criticism of the regime seems to have gone with them artes it even goes to reports. for centuries it has been known as the pearl of the persian gulf but recent months have seen behind lose its
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luster. violence between the country's shia muslim majority population and the sunni minority in government threatens not just to do. but since shock waves through other nations that are heavily invested in the islands of stability such as the united states the dilemma of the us faces and bahrain is a tough one on the one hand washington feels at least a lot to think something about the continuing standoff between the protesters and the police on the other hand behind his home to the u.s. fifth fleet the largest american base in the oil rich gulf region just a stone's throw away from iran and to lose an ally as valuable as bahrain would be disastrous for washington. western politicians wasted no time in jumping on the arab spring bandwagon with fiery condemnations of the regimes in countries like egypt libya and syria yet suspiciously flies below their rhetorical
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radar the bahraini regime is playing a very dangerous game now of course has a majority against its own government and seeing a very sort of the end days many people are expecting now of course there are huge arms deals with american british dealers that the bahraini government will be able to use against the protesters the american government lost no time to criticize russia's interest in syria but to explain why it renewed its fifty three million dollars arms sales contract with bahrain even a year after a bloody crackdown on protesters on the island one cannot deny the fact that this is very important for the interests of the united states that the king remains in power and that there is full of the. by the king and his people to crush any.
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democratic calls for example for the removal of the american bases from this part of the world as any country any sovereign country would wouldn't want braces on its territory when it's not necessary but want to have a foreign base of its shores for years the countries rulers feared iran which laid claim to the islands several times the last being in one nine hundred seventy one having more than four thousand american military personnel on the ground maybe viewed by the bahraini government as insurance from them but for some it's out of date and running out of time the irony about the persian gulf dictatorships is they don't really need to be submissive at all they do have power energy power and the facts of these persian gulf dictators continue to be so. to washington and and even london displays what kind of colonial mentality must surround these dictatorships
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families being left alone to sort out a solution isn't easy but. they at least acknowledge transgression against their own civilians in the ugly scenes between protesters and police was that a human rights violations and behind us the very human rights violations in america there were human rights violations and the thing that are we seeing. allowed. and. we are working. today and what. direction may be heading the west seems to be the other way no matter how high the cost for the silence people. go r.t. . the u.s. and the philippines have staged a joint military exercise storming an island in the south china sea near a marine area disputed with beijing america has been upping its armed presence in the airship sepic region despite growing protests from china asia times correspondent pepe escobar says that it's the latest attempt by washington to
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provoke beijing it's a concerted white house state department cia pentagon agenda and the agenda is confrontational militaristic they're not crazy enough to start a war in the south china sea what they want to do is to keep provoking china because the south china sea not only in terms of being a national strategic interest to china is a very important oil and gas tanker so every scene that includes the arabian sea this china sea in the western pacific which china sees as the. immediate area of influence in the midterm area over the u.s. leave is going to be there and they will be looking for trouble that's for sure. party dot com has updates on analysis on this and other stories also online now
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a very different kind of fashion victim there is very old for in these new t. shirts which have gone on sale jewish groups say they are disturbingly similar to the clothes which the nazis forced prisoners to wear during the holocaust. was a top lawyer or a terrorist find out why u.s. security staff suspected it might be the latter detaining of very young girls for questioning. india may have starring roles and be rated just above junk status by a standard and poor's all wednesday but they're still a help playing hand for america's jobless the country is outsourcing call center and back office jobs to the united states as prius trader explains. infosys is india's second largest i.t. company and has been a pioneer of outsourcing using highly skilled indian staff on low wages working for
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western clients but with recession in the west the boots on the other foot infosys is now one of several top indian firms recruiting in the u.s. with over twelve million jobless many in america are willing to work for less pay the u.s. is also providing tax breaks to indian firms keen to woo those offering much needed jobs there is of course a political pressure because of the high i'm number armond in the u.s. to do and it's companies to recruit again is one of the reasons why we had according there there are incentives for companies to set up operations in the u.s. most states. businesses to come while infosys predicts a quarter of its staff will come from outside india in a decade another tech firm ages already has five thousand american workers and plans to hire ten thousand more in the next three years. are.
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far from that long. with indian companies winning more work in the u.s. using local staff also makes good business sense one of the biggest reasons indian companies are expanding their workforce is in the united states is they're making a lot of money there and focus is generating fixed a five percent of its revenue in north america and indeed outsourcing companies as a whole are generating fifty percent of their revenue there or thirty billion dollars indian i.t. firms are increasing their global operations at a record pace coming from one of the fastest growing economies in the world but the domestic food. him has driven wages higher in india further making recruitment in the west more attractive to some companies while washington has repeatedly spoken out against offshoring of american jobs it looks like the east might just be
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bailing it out from its jobless crisis preassure either r t bangalore india. kadian our business desk katie well two weeks ago we had exxon mobil getting together now also nafta is bringing in another international partner absolutely in this time karen it's a talia and were asked if they signed a deal with its nose and a it involves the companies working together in the or what filth of the arctic and the black sea supposable details on this i'm joined by . thomas live from the royal see if quoth his hi there shone so tell us how does this do compare with the exxon deal that we had a couple of weeks ago i. well katie they're very similar in very many ways in fact to the any deal from adelaide italy's any corporation and rosneft is it based and modeled after the exxon mobil rowson have to deal in both of the deals and he rose
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and exxon mobil will get about thirty three per cent or a third of the rights to the exploration and in both deals the us nafta and of the bargain is that they will be gaining access to exxon mobil and the sites away from the arctic sea now this particular deal. will be working with the us nafta to develop in the barents sea in the arctic area and as well as an abandoned chevron project in the black sea as well now as mentioned. will be gaining a technology access to technology and as well as a third country project in north africa europe and in the united states as well. let's talk a little. about the numbers about two billion dollars has been committed for the research and exploration side of it but it is expected that it will take around one hundred billion dollars to see this
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a project through and that's so for the any deal for a child who has any and russia deal now the exxon deal that's a little bit bigger in scope and the early numbers for that are suggesting that it will take between two hundred or three hundred billion even more possibly to bring that deal to fruition and of course these are all early numbers and they have a tendency to expand as well but it's important to talk about how difficult it is to extract one of the reasons why there is so much money and emphasis going into exploration is that the oil in this region is a very difficult to get to hard to extract and russ have to meads the technology and to partner with other outside ventures to make this happen in fact of the exxon deal no oil is expected to come to fruition for about eight years in that deal as well also kind of talking a little bit about the importance of the deal that was signed today the prime minister vladimir putin and current president elect was on hand to make sure that
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that deal was signed and everything was handled fairly. thomas thank you very much indeed at the wrong headquarters for us all we got time for just now let me just quickly mention that the u.s. markets are indeed posting shop gains for they sell more details in the next bulletin in about fifty minutes time carol many thanks for that update katie our very special report just a few minutes away wrap up of the top stories with me. well
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for the future science technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style. that's not on the tires.
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