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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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welcome to the capital account i'm laura mr. mayor. welcome to the alona so we'll get the real headlines with none of the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and for what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. . is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like.
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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to u.s. . art and so when sell on tonight's program now earlier this week we told you about the case of francis grady that's the man a tried to burn down a planned parenthood center in wisconsin he's facing jail time but he's not facing any charges of domestic terrorism whereas we have seen people get that charge just for translating documents online so we want to know if you thought that there is a double standard when it comes to domestic terrorism charges go to producer for treason to send you to find out what you have to say. i'm of the streets of d.c. to tell people the nation's capital what our viewers had to say on twitter facebook and you tube and see which promise we should keep or delete them. but.
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is there a double standard on what counts as domestic terrorism in a first read your response from he said the label terrorist is only used when people want to score political points nothing more. i think a political element is great do you want to keep that comment and i believe you should. because you have been so often i mean sometimes that yes. well they believe that there is is there a double standard on what counts as a massive terrorism i'm going to read your response from joe on facebook he wrote in to say any threat or use of violence to get what one wants politically is terrorism do you want to keep it or delete it delete it if you're brown or black in this country and if you do something about nature it's automatically going to be. terrorism if somebody calls being motivated by being a being a fundamentalist moslem or being motivated by having a very. strong view about abortion. i don't i think it's
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a double standard you can use violence to get a lot of things and it can be looked at as to us terrorism and i read your response from clarke on you tube he said he feels that anyone who attempts to bomb an abortion clinic is just as much as a domestic terrorist as someone who attempts to blow up an airplane or a passenger train in the name of their radical religious or political beliefs do you want to keep that comment or delete it to be crimes or crimes you kill a lot of people that's a really bad crime i don't see how calling it a terrorist crime makes it worse it's a horrible crime is there a double standard on what counts as domestic terrorism so many of you out there say yes there is. a. sense of. well thank you very responses as usual and here's our next question for you coming up next we're going to have a discussion about the revelations the wal-mart was bribing public officials in mexico possibly in violation of the foreign corrupt practices act and they were covering it up but some people aren't so sure about this law being on the books in
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the first place so we want to know if you think that american companies should be able to issue bribes while conducting business abroad make sure to stay tuned for our interview on the subject so you can find out more and then let us know you think on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows the response just might make it on their. our let's look at the latest from bradley manning's pretrial hearings at fort meade in maryland now today was the third and final day of hearings this week we told you yesterday that a military judge colonel denise lind denied manning's lawyers motion to dismiss this trial because the prosecution concealed exculpatory evidence however she did order the prosecutors to give her this evidence in question so-called damage assessment reports and she's going to privately review them to determine if manning's lawyers have the right to see that one hour early this morning linda denied more defense motions to drop or combined charges she ruled the prosecutors did not indict manning with an unreasonable multiplication of charges and she dismissed another motion to drop the drop the charge that manning wrongfully and
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wantonly caused u.s. intelligence to be published but was later today of the most significant development happened the linda ruled against the defense motion to drop charges of aiding the enemy as we've discussed many times before on the show this charge sets a very dangerous precedent of manning is found guilty of the charge and the soldier is printed criticism of the military could be interpreted as aiding the enemy not just that but it puts what journalists anybody publishes into question right let's not forget the technical enemy here is al qaeda and they were aided just by being able to view this material on the internet and judge lynn told the prosecution that will have to prove the manning knew that his disclosures could be accessed by al qaeda which let's admit it anybody who knows how to use the internet knows that anybody can access the things that you put on the internet so it doesn't really seem like good news for manning and as the a.c.l.u. pointed out today the ruling could complicate the fact that the military actually encourages active service members to block and there are over
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a thousand who do but it's highly unlikely the most of them will ever be charged as long as they tow the military line and the same goes for the unnamed high ranking sources that leak information the likes of peter bergen bob woodward david ignatius i'm so with no end in sight to the war on terrorism are likely to see no end in sight to the war on whistleblowers much to the detriment of civil society but like i said this is the end of hearings for now the next are scheduled for june six to eight so be sure to bring you all of those details. now if you've been reading the headlines lately even you know that wal-mart is in the middle of a huge bribery scandal in mexico now the company allegedly paid government officials as much as twenty four point five million dollars to provide faster access to store building permits and an internal investigation was actually found to have been squelched by the company but why does the u.s. actually care about what wal-mart is doing in mexico that's a question a lot of people have been asking these days so we thought we'd take a good look at the foreign corrupt practices act was passed in one nine hundred
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seventy seven post watergate scandal and it bans individuals and companies from by bribing foreign government officials to win business or influence their decision making and it lay dormant for a while was rarely used but the number of cases brought by the d.o.j. against corporations has more than doubled in the middle of the last decade or so the biggest cases you may have heard of that include halliburton they paid five hundred fifty nine million dollars in two thousand and nine to settle charges for bribing nigerian officials and then german company theme in that paid eight hundred million in two thousand and eight and in fact currently there are eighty one public companies under investigation by the f.c.c. but a lot of business groups out there complain that this puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with other companies abroad so it's ask if enforcing a code of ethics on business abroad makes sense here this guy with me is michaela the labor journalist and staff writer for in these times mike thanks so much for joining us tonight. what do you think i mean do you think that it's ok to hold businesses to these kinds of standards or tell them you can't bribe officials in
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countries abroad where you're trying to do business even if that's the way that everyone else does it i think it's probably important to do that look we have to play by the rules and when you look one type of corporate behavior that she legal get away the minister do another thing she have environmental ways that could still be legally you have unions that get busted illegally in some countries like colombia trade unionists killed. american corporations to get away with breaking one group wall overseas then you start then you open the door to break some other laws. but the interesting thing here like i mentioned right i think that the biggest settlement which was around eight hundred million dollars was seen as it was a german company and so it just happens that if you have any kind of transactions going through american banks you have a branch here in the u.s. any business that comes through the u.s. they can even go after foreign corporations it's not really fair i think it is i mean i think in this situation that if you're breaking the law and you want to do business in the marriott america you want to sell your product you know goods in this market that you should be able to do that you know the u.s.
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used to be a city upon the you know the brake shining light to guide the world and so what if we penalize companies a little bit more we're supposed to be the standard setters and it's good that we have these kind of tough laws well that's interesting though if you think back to you know the seventy's when this law was actually passed it was because there was so much corruption we weren't really being the the bright city on a hill quite the opposite there was a lot of graft going on and so there was this national mood a part of the reason to i call it a cold war era feeling was that they didn't want capitalism to seem corrupt and didn't want the idea of communism you know to whip out and say that capitalism is a bad system but have has our mood changed a little bit do you think that we don't care as much i mean i do believe that we don't care as much people say we shouldn't drive people overseas but i think the real issue here that hasn't been talked about people like richard trumka the president if l c o brought up as it is in the foreign corrupt practices act we should be thinking about necessarily we should be thinking about nafta why was wal-mart in mexico it was in mexico because they could bring all the profits back
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to from mexico free of duties free of any kind of import tariff so this was an incredible incentive for wal-mart to go into mexico to use illegal bribery to force could retailers both small businesses and all kind of other people and so what i think we really in the congress need to look at is just not making sure that we prosecute wal-mart which we should but also looking at the fact that nafta allowed this and it's the same kind of effect you know the. you could not only point to mexico two you could also point to china a million other countries out there which is that wal-mart is also now i believe probably one of if not the biggest employer in mexico i mean there's still this argument that now people get cheaper goods and they get them a lot easier and so you get cheaper stuff and people actually like that well i think people like that but why do they like that and i think it's because of the other laws that you know wal-mart is often breaking which is labor laws i mean in this country they fire workers all the time for trying to join unions despite it
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being illegal because in this country the penalty for firing a worker for trying to join the union is a boss has to put a piece of paper up on the wall so he legally fired a worker now the pony for robbing banks was you to put up a piece of paper saying you robbed a bank we'd all be bank robbers so they've been trampling over this they were the force the driving down wages they were one of the biggest leaders of doing that and so i think you know if you want to get a real settlement i don't think they should just be looking at dollars in this they should be getting some sort of agreement if the attorney general wants to do this prosecution right from wal-mart that they're just not going to pay the us or the mexican government i don't know how the mexican law works than that way but that they should have an agreement that they are going to comply with all walls including u.s. labor laws you know i'm just i'm just curious though why do you think it is that recently we've seen the number of these cases go up i mean clearly wal-mart is probably not the only offender out there like i said there are eighty one investigations now but for a couple decades there there were there were very few investigations and so
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suddenly you know you and i spoke about many of you i don't care about corruption anymore but is there some kind of political motivation do they ever pick and choose who it is that they want to attack why i think part of the reason why these investigations are going up is that you're seeing now after you seeing other kind of trade deals like that so the rate the amount of multinational companies that are operating overseas you know a lot of companies like mexico you know what happens is that the retailers the small locally more regional based retailers get pushed out. market and then they get upset about that and i think that's a big part of the driving forces foreign relations and so many countries have seen their independent retail sectors wiped out there something like two million mexican farmers have been forced off their land since nafta because of all the cheap grain that goes and i mean it's been a disaster for mexico nafta as much as it's been a disaster for us because the free flow of capital so i think that that's the big issue there and you know i think that's where that's really why it's an indication of just how bad the new liberal tree deals have this whole mexico wal-mart scandal
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well we're going to wait and see exactly how it plays out but there is a lot of disagreement out there you know of course the chamber of commerce commerce isn't such a fan of the foreign corrupt practices act because they think that in certain countries if you want to do business there you've got to play dirty just like everybody else but if you want to hold yourself to a standard then let their standard you know let it be there like thanks so much for joining us. are just ahead tonight one congressman doesn't think of the u.s. has enough missile interceptors so you can build more details are told time and unhappy our fox news invites some unexpected guests to the white house and good news for neo nazis now the social media site is for your day to. get a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then. the other part of it and realize that everything is. ok is a big. blow
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to the capital account because laurie lister. but in the alone and so you know there's a real headline with none of the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and for what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those
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stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. . or is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like. russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight we're giving it to a congressman who just loves to tells scary stories but we can is the chairman of
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the house armed service committee and he's one of d.c.'s finest when it comes to fear mongering i mean the man is hell bent on protecting pentagon spending the nukes the wars even of all of this defies all logic and so buck sense is a threat real or imagined against america and you can rest assured that he'll be the first to speak up in favor of spending more money to protect our national security and we get your d.c. politician warhawk mccain wants to make sure that the u.s. is protecting itself from the biggest new threats abroad especially iran taking this clip where he basically says that diplomacy with iran is pointless. i think that. diplomacy if it's if it has a purpose and not just talking for talking sake. can help us but while we talk if we let them continue to pursue their aggressive efforts that we're losing. buck does not like to lose so when his arm services committee discuss
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the pentagon's budget for next year they made sure to set aside money for certain key projects one of those key projects which was publicly proposed by mickey in was to support a robust national missile defense system including environmental analysis for a third interceptor site on the east coast that's right but want interceptors on the east coast specifically upstate new york even though the u.s. already has thirty interceptors in place from two sites one in alaska and the other in california on an airforce base now the committee is hoping that this third u.s. location the planned out by the missile defense agency by twenty fifteen and they even through an extra hundred million dollars in just to make sure the ball gets rolling on this one after all no price is too high for america's security you know i'm really curious though to see where exactly they plan on placing those interceptors on the east coast maybe right in times square in manhattan inside the capitol building here in d.c. perhaps along with sides of the penthouses for the lobbyists over on k.
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street and all occasion a concert is a concert my bigger question here is why are they doing this iran's missiles can't get anywhere near the east coast but not to worry we can't declaring that twenty fifteen will be the year that an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the u.s. so just think about it as only three years from now when we take a moment to point out how far runs current missiles that they have can go toward a wired iran's current long range missiles can reach about eight hundred miles so sure that might sound like a lot until you look at a map we did a rough estimate and so if you go eight hundred miles west from tehran you're going to end up in syria and syria is the country right next to iran that's about as far as those babies can currently go so just for fun we map the distance from tehran to new york city that was six thousand one hundred and seven miles now in case you're wondering from tehran the d.c. is sixth out. as in three hundred and thirty three miles so we can wants the u.s. to invest millions at
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a defense sense defense missiles as an excuse me the repair for a missile that does not even exists and is dangerous noah shachtman points out the u.s. is notorious for getting their run i.c.b.m. predictions all wrong first they said two thousand and three then it was twenty ten now it's twenty fifty eight out of that the sixteen u.s. intelligence agencies saying that iran is not nor are they planning on developing nuclear weapons the nuclear weapons which presumably would be on these nonexistence i think p.m.'s that are headed to the east coast then of course there's the un's i.e. a report that came out last year in november which lacked any evidence of the country developing the materials for their nuclear weapons program but who cares about the evidence right we've got money to burn and fake threats to build up again so let's be honest the chances of iran tripling the distance of their missiles much less have the reach the east coast of the us in a mere three years pretty much clinton not a buck does not care he's relying on his guts for propecia waiting the falls and scary notion of iranian nukes which they don't have being launched on missiles that
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they don't have and for wasting taxpayer dollars on a third interceptor for the us to protect that missile it isn't exists against that missile. is tonight's told time where. i did time for happy hour and joining me this evening party correspondent christine brewer chief strategy officer at mission strategy and guys thanks for joining me and i are it's i got a better audience because i started off the show today talking about this and they were supposed to vote in the house tomorrow but then we found out that they were trying to move it up they might vote any minute and it turns out that actually passed the house it got two hundred forty eight votes saying yes more than two hundred eighty. necessary to pass the house now obviously is tossed out of the senate has to go to the president who gave
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a veto threat yesterday but now there's these amendments. that shit man i think it's kind of scary i think a lot of people should be very concerned about this i think a lot of people outside of sort of our d.c. circle still don't know what stands for don't know what it means some people have never heard the word. people are going to start learning what this means in the same way they serve learn fast about what well you know that's one of the interesting things that we brought up on the show is that what really helped. the opposition to it is that they had all the big we had the whole blackout day where craigslist got involved we competed got involved google got involved and here the big tech companies aren't on board with the advocacy groups that are fighting for privacy and for your civil liberties to say safe and you know maybe that's kind of what's doing the damage anyway we'll probably talk more about this tomorrow but we move on to some fun stuff sure thing always always ready for the ok. well the
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white house correspondents' dinner is coming up this weekend a big fancy event here in d.c. and guess who fox news invited to sit at their table take a look at my house correspondents' dinner is on saturday and it looks like it's going to be the most fantastic red carpet of the season well it's something jimmy kimmel will be roasting president obama lindsay lohan will be there with her lawyer whacked and fox news invited kim carr to ashley and kris jenner. yeah fox news also once came crashing in with lindsay lohan at their table mutable you know i feel like every year around prom time you hear of a high school student who writes to like fifty porn stars and invites one of them to come to prom with them they're kind of usually so you know nerdy guy doesn't feel like you today and they always agree and you always hear one of the stories and i feel like i came crashing a porn star i'm calling the white house correspondents dinner the nerd prom and i feel like you know and we. are seeing here is that the nerds are now reaching out
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to the cool people and saying will you please validate us in this totally ridiculous way although in this case fox news is the incredibly wealthy knurl to. a lot of gas yeah well i mean i think it's very interesting that they want lindsay lohan and i can crash into sit together certainly that just means that fox news will be in the limelight of every single entertainment news outlet on the planet and any attention to what obama said came crashing in and. they probably got more air time this year than anybody else anyway so donald trump was big last year and. a very uncomfortable i remember that yes. sorry this one just cracks me up too because it's just joe biden please tell me. every time joe biden opened now that it's a gift to the rest of us because that means that we have something to laugh about and so he was speaking yesterday he was defending our that was me today defending
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obama's foreign policy criticizing mitt romney's foreign policy and just let it go could. not was the time to heed the time most advice from teddy roosevelt speak softly and carry a big stick and of course i promise you. the president has a big stick. but it was. so good you know i. you know we found out the ronald reagan had actually been really brilliant and had wrote in all of his own communications almost handwritten notes for years and years and everyone thought he had not done that and it was just all communications people i feel like ten years from now we're going to find out the joe biden knew everything that he was doing and every time he opened his mouth on this and i think he knew he has to know there's there's no way you can say what i think he's doing but i don't i can't tell if he doesn't care or just kind of try thinking you know is everyone going to go they're going to talk about i mean joe been in politics for longer than any of us here have been alive he is not stupid
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he's the vice president of the united states he has to know when to say something and i'm pretty sure the click i'm pretty sure people in the audience started laughing like are you joking with me and it was a joke right but they went over well yeah of course there's always the problem of joking about your foreign policy which is deadpan is what really sort of like i believe in the big stick after that. don't we all. sort of it all or it does about obama's foreign policy and talk about marco rubio's foreign policy earlier in the show let's talk about the paleo diet shall we i think that some people have described it as the caveman diet here's a little tutorial in case you don't know. the caveman diet eating like cavemen did thousands of years ago experts say can help everything from obesity to auto immune diseases like arthritis and multiple sclerosis. all right so i mean the paleo diet is out there right you can you can read about it find out about it and i have to
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anyone who has done it and found a lot of success they enjoy it there you go so here's a guy in north carolina who has diabetes he was hospital hospitalized then he did the paleo diet and he said that it worked for he had lost forty five pounds he started to blog about his success but it turns out that in north carolina they basically want to send to jail for this because he doesn't have a license as somebody who is allowed to technically work or practice diet dietetics or nutrition you know i mean daily every day that this works for me this pisses me off to no end the obesity rate of north carolina is twenty seven point eight percent more than one in four people in the state are obese and here's somebody who took it under their own control lost forty five pounds went off of pills is no longer on the health care system that other people would have to pay for and that's what we're going to that's what the board of dietetics and nutrition of north carolina decided he was loosely connected with the health care summit who knows or
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you just it's so ridiculous we're spending time going after these i mean this is no different than me saying you know i found god and god has made my life better and i'm going to tell you about it and them coming after me for writing about that fact of you know the you know what is right about god or not if you read exactly what i'm not a priest i can talk about got a grip this is a first amendment issue in this is a really big deal and i hope north carolina gets a right i think it's absolutely outrageous that they would they would even ask him to change his blog to do anything i mean that's what blogging is about everyone knows it's a personal opinion i think on one hand it's easy to say that if you have a problem a lot of people do consult the internet they're misled they get sent off to these nigerian scandals and stuff like that but you got to know that when you go on the internet not everything is going to be national and it's what it was too far he doesn't he says yeah i got to wrap it up because we're out of time guys sorry but thanks for joining me and that is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in make sure to come back tomorrow co-founder john perry barlow is going to be on the show to talk more about this funny time to get to follow us on facebook on twitter youtube dot com slash he wanted to find the videos and coming up next is the newest
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. understand it and the. other part of it and realized.
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you know that the real headline with. the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and for what actually matters to those that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like. russia today has an extremely confrontational stance.


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