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well with the. technology innovation is development around russia we. have. the latest news in that we can review russia recuses syrian rebels are fighting on to bring down the un brokered cease fire as a shipment of smuggled the opposition is intercepted by lebanon. chasing a vote of the far right after losing the first round of the french presidential ballot for. immigration and the euro among the main rally calls. for the twenty people are still being treated in hospitals in the ukrainian city. after a series of bombs exploded there on friday leaving thirty injured. plus a not guilty british. the u.k.'s main suspect a russian m.p.
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was not involved in the murder of a former security officer alexander litvinenko in london six years ago. with a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly. as the violence in syria continues unabated neighboring lebanon has seized a shipment of smuggled weapons destined for syrian rebels the cash apparently came from libya which is backing the opponents of president assad this comes as the rebels step up their assault on government forces for the first insurgent attack from the sea a day after a suicide bombing killed at least nine people in the capital russia says the opposition is seeking to scuttle the u.n. brokered cease fire as the world body steps up its observer mission to syria franklin. the rector of the n.g.o.s americans concerned for middle east peace
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thinks the latest smuggling effort was an attempt at regime change. a great suspicion is that these are armed so were left over from libya the craft was loaded their worst would be fifteen containers but it turned out there were already in fact three that were filled with one hundred fifty tons of weapons the americans almost surely knew about it nato military did the israelis didn't touch that ship this time not this ship seems very clear that with all of the differences and we could name twenty or more between the situation in libya and the situation in syria the fundamental pillar i read. is identical to this ship clearly headed for the so-called free syrian army as other shipments of have come from lebanon into syria design is regime change and that was done one believes the
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overwhelming evidence in support of that regime change so who's got time answer now is washington and certainly brussels with nato of the world what they know about about that ship if we follow where the facts lead in the coming days i think there's going to be a remarkable. result in investigation of exactly what's going on. the syrian conflict balancing on the brink of civil war is also costing the country's economy dinny alleged terrorists are destroying industrial sites under the pretext of fighting against president assad. has more from the syrian city of aleppo. a lifetime of work burned overnight. this is one of a growing number of businesses in syria destroyed by those claiming to advance the cause of that revolution this factory was a classic example of syrian interpreter one hundred fifty employees producing
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textiles for furniture it was never churning out a lot of profit but provided a distant living for its people all of which is now gone no sprouts no warnings one evening in fabry a group of young man threw molotov cocktails into the building the owner said they had just enough time to evacuate the workers to safety but the rest of the evening he just watched his entire fortune go up in flames. so much pride and textile machines they've bought from spain three years ago had to be sold for scrap lost in place lost their only source of income and i do think it was a personal attack against me i'm not a political person i think the people who did it to me seeking to undermine the industry as a whole to terrify people into supporting them. aleppo is syria's largest city and its industrial capital prior to the uprising it was enjoying some of the highest
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growth rates in the region. this industrial park alone housed more than three thousand small and mid-sized factories in the past six months some have gone out of business because of the economic sanctions while others because of industrial terrorism. they had of the local chamber of industry sas it's almost impossible to distinguish between attacks reach out politically motivated and those that are outright criminal we witnessed kidnappings we witnessed. attacks on factories. that are being robberies of trucks carrying the raw material or finished goods. threats putting people on hit lists assassinations of course all these activities criminal activities are taking. on the the cause of supporting the revolution what they call it here's advocated engineer for us our shahabi says many
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in industry side with the opposition when it calls for fighting corruption and liberalizing the country's economy but they couldn't disagree more with the means of achieving it. the first thing that tell them support us. we will kidnap your son or your kids. because you. and you didn't pay for our. cause peaceful cause and i wonder how can this be peaceful if you are getting money like. organized crime and there are many who said to the racketeers to keep their business afloat the owner of these textile factory had to fire half of its workforce after one of his production shops came under attack he says he now hands over thirty percent of his profits to those who claim to represent the freedom cars at the i've been receiving threats to stop working on my
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people to demonstrations we had to pay the money so that they leave us alone while the support for lepers businesspeople is seen as crucial for the survival of assad's government even the most liberal of them now want nothing to do with the militarized position dealing with corrupt officials may be frustrating but it doesn't compare to losing your entire business to the revolution and wreck it tears some boycott art see aleppo syria. to get the latest updates on the situation in syria log on to our website dot com here's some of what else is waiting for you right now. america's most of the bugs jet fighters are the ploy to southwest asia but how many and why i don't know if you don't call. in the next edition of julian assange his controversial interview show will be airing here on r.t. on tuesday while you're waiting or going to our web site to watch the previous programs in full.
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because of course he has been running support after losing the first round of the presidential election this week to force wall and the current leader is reaching out to far right voters ahead of the may the sixth runoff standing by his pledge to cut immigration as a seller explores the issues dividing french society. they say it's better to travel than to arrive but for european unity the ride has been bumpy to say the least and where could it be headed and nor will the eurozone will implode a considerable number of economists admit as well the french of four and that the
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eurozone is already dead it will collapse. so says the candidate who surprised france by securing almost a fifth of the votes in round one of their presidential race all the other candidates without exception regard the european union as part of the solution or is the main solution she has identified in her campaign the fact that it's actually the course of the problems much of the french press for talks are completely wedded to the euro project they cannot conceive of a foreign policy or domestic policy which is deeply. rooted in the whole european project one that finds itself in ever more shaky ground the second agreement one of european integration sacred cows allowing border free travel across the e.u. is under fire. germany and france want member states to have the option to bring
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back those internal borders for thirty day period if there's a threat to security and public order there's a danger and more and more people are also going to start attacking all the good aspects of europe and divisions within the union don't end their amnesty international's recent report documents examples of prejudice in the block against muslims in education and employment ideas that were once very much on the fringe of the through the political spectrum and on all being really mainstream in the right so to me it was sort of sort of someone on the left would kind of see that people are more racist certainly not but there has been some sort of. a wider or fortunately for people to express their hate and to also indulge into violent behavior so where does that leave europe even the people who are against this kind of europe and against the euro in an idea that say they want
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a different kind of europe the e.u. may be trying to say a path that's to achieve its vision and version of here are the obstacles are getting bigger from voters rallying behind brussels candidates to oppose also putting back border controls some e.u. leaders have dismissed them as populist threats but the question is are they merely still threats or is this growing resistance already the tip of an iceberg. sylvia r.t. brussels the eastern ukrainian city. is slowly getting back to normal after its residents were left in a state of shock by series a bomb explosion on friday thirty people hurt ten of them children well doctors are continuing to treat the injured police to sifting through c.c.t.v. footage of the blast sites. the reports. for some residents of new bit of skin ukraine their regular tri majority through the city was cut short because of clear thought i just got up from my chair when i heard the
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explosion of the dogs was smashed the windows shattered. remember when i got up there was smoke and dust everywhere and women were crying. i was selling tickets when it came out of nowhere i grabbed my knees trying to hold on with you there was blood all over i got out sat down on a bench and blacked out it was a powerful blast the trousers i was wearing were all covered in holes i couldn't see if my legs were injured but it's a horror of previously unseen in ukraine's third largest city for homemade explosive devices hidden in trash cans detonated one after another a tram stops even doctors admitted they were startled to see so many seriously injured. it's mostly splinter injuries to the back chest or face i'd like to show you some of the splinters be extracted from the victims' bodies sadly one man had his arm ripped off in the blast and we failed to save it he had some serious
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injuries the worst of all the victims we treated. for many hours the city was gripped by panic people stayed in their offices fearing more blasts public transport was suspended cell phone connection was down twitter was flooded with messages of not four but explosions which proved to be mere speculation given a well coordinated nature of the blast authorities had no doubt this was a terrorist attack. the system only it's another challenge for us for zero country so we're going to think of a proper response to it which will find a way to tackle it we'll have the best investigators working on this case ukraine is not known to have any terrorist organizations operating on its. soil and all explosions in the past were treated as acts of hooliganism by authorities and the timing of this attack just could not be warse not only the country is going through
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difficult political times with some already using the bloss to gain points but is also about to welcome many guests from abroad the attacks on people are still being investigated but they already have very serious implications we are only forty days away from the start of the euro twenty two well football championship in ukraine and poland and the authorities are now under severe pressure to reconcile the hundreds of thousands of football fans who will be coming here. let's see russia ski r.t. reporting from kiev in ukraine. on the way in the weekly this week why caro's iconic central square is still in a revolutionary mood. with less than a month to go before egyptians vote for their next president protests and clashes continue as people demand change we the latest from cairo coming up. taking happy pills to forget the horrors of the war the american army is facing growing concerns over the excessive use of the press and details coming up shortly
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here on r.t. . the first russian m.p. under way look at boy who the u.k. considers the main suspect in the killing of the former f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko passed a lie detector test earlier this week the evaluation was specially conducted by british experts to see if he had anything to do with the murder little boy answered questions relating to litvinenko death from polonium poisoning six years ago however british courts won't accept it as stand alone evidence and xander couldn't go a documentary maker whose idea it was for little boy to undergo the questioning believes the results are valid. even the f.b.i. even every american police station has a polygraph test and if it was so easy to fall why security services would use it or to date as far as they're concerned the examiner as they say that this is the ultimate way to determine if one is lying or telling the truth regarding the independence of the test i must say that is going to be more impartial and accurate
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than it was couldn't be more independent because bruce burgess and his son very renowned british experts they were the first ones who i believe started this business in the u.k. and i think that also really didn't know who they're going to test before they actually met here. less than a month before the presidential election is let me protesters have clashed with security forces in car with one person killed and dozens wounded that really military accused of trying to cling on to power while barring several candidates from the presidential poll the parliament has suspended its sessions for a week in protest against the military appointed government. has more for us now from current. protests nation after the revolution toppled president mubarak egyptians have continued to use people power as a way to force change the sights the sounds of protestors on cairo's tahrir square
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have become a familiar one more than a guess and president of back without the from power with presidential elections just around the corner and the activities here have once again taken center stage but if the last years taught us anything is a revolution alone is not a democracy make this why the upcoming elections appraising so important. as a discussion group focused on a paced arab spring egypt we met a former member of mubarak's regime now a prominent speaker here in egypt says the revolution was a must be it's a great action but unfortunately after we had a lot of problems and the challenges we have to the stairs and do we have to reach a vision. not everyone was a positive one man asked the panel how they'd feel about the outcome if they'd been one of the young revolutionaries there's no quid pulls but he's not given a clear answer. on forces and the.
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administration. after. they get. in their lives in february. live in. food revolution we will we will give the people what you want we'll give you. freedom we'll give you a democracy he told us of the frustration of many people who turned out to tahrir but now feel they've been left represented with a new struggle for power creating many of the regimes old guard which is a democracy is the. source of course is a common complaint within. equally common. but the revolutionary me which can last indefinitely i can say yes i can do it but we will expect to know waves of. people against certain actions we should groom in
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a different way more to the list and to understand that and to this region it's so not only slogans or shout things it's the economy because short of the political i do estimate single thirty in underestimating people is seeing regimes across the arab world who will now leave the announcement of the list of candidates attention tends to the policies as they see might become the next president they'll need to be careful not to allow power to drown out the voices of face who are determined that this time they'll be have some. internet users are bracing themselves for more protests over the new controversial cyber security act cispa that threatens online privacy the bill was passed in the u.s. house of representatives and is now waiting for a green light or veto but president obama approved it would put u.s.
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based internet companies to legally share private user data with the american government internet activists and swards explains why he thinks a campaign is a revolt against the bill. the previous bills were about giving the government the power to censor the internet and this is more like a patriot act the internet it sort of lets the government run roughshod over privacy protections and share personal data about you take it from facebook and other providers and use it without the normal privacy protections that are in the law big corporations are supporting this bill especially the big corporations that make money off of violating people's privacy so it's not a big surprise they're in favor but what we're seeing is that the same way grassroots efforts were able to stop sopa despite millions of dollars of hollywood lobbyist behind it. now being able to stop this i mean everyone. this is just a consensus in washington you can do any now even the white house is coming out against incredibly strong language much stronger than they used to get so. we're
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now to some other world news in brief world updater u.s. drone attack has killed four suspected militants in pakistan's tribal region near the afghan border it's the first american drone strike since islam a bad demand the complete halt of the controversial program highly unpopular in pakistan relations between the countries of modern november the twenty sixth when a cross border attack by nato aircraft killed twenty four pakistani troops the u.s. military's intensified the attacks in the past three years as part of its counter terrorism or what's. the sudanese president omar hassan al bashir has declared a state of emergency in three areas bordering self. the motion follows a month of border clashes with the self which separated last decades long civil war that killed over one and a half million people are bashir is wanted by the international criminal court for alleged crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide in the darfur region. and explosions and gunfire northern city of canada killing at least sixteen people
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the blast took place in a university lecture theatre used by christian students for religious services nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack and generally the militant sect because it carried out a bombing in the same city killing one hundred fifty people. the british ministry of defense is considering placing surface to air missiles on residential buildings people in these london have received leaflets their rooftops could be used to house the weapons jury games this summer presents a concern about the safety of the system claiming it could become a target for attack or would show potentially deadly day brief fired official stressed the missiles would only be used in case of an extreme terror threat. the article is. a key focus for china as it's been looking to gain a strategic foothold in the region the country's prime minister is toward europe stopping in iceland and then sweden which chairs the arctic council beijing the
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world's largest energy consumer seeking to become a permanent observer something stockholm supports that's been expelled from this loans as well not all of the nations a key to have beijing on board it is a unavoidable reality. in the key question where that the nordic six explosion the arctic states with china. fighting for resources in the arctic ocean. china never you find going tough because the arctic powers like. norway. we were not one to people would other countries expression a strong china china is now china's. petro the arctic ocean as of now but. that will stop
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china's premier in trying to exercise some diplomatic rich even to the arctic ocean because china now is the second largest economy and it has a stake in just about every economic issue will for europe wallow in recession and china growing at least a year. and china outpace europe economically soon or later maybe sooner and i think the global community. in accepting the emergence of china economic superpower and work with china rather than outpost china. do you solve prescribed antidepressants by u.s. soldiers has reached a record high but the military believes there's no reason for panic the drugs are supposed to help troops confront the brutality of war however many a concern that people with guns should not be on the medication like he's going to has this report. a record number of american troops are on antidepressants
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according to the u.s. army surgeon general more than one hundred ten thousand active duty servicemen and women are taking prescribed narcotics sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs that's an eight fold increase since two thousand and five michael brown served as a marine in iraq up until two thousand and six he started taking anti-depressants after he returned from the war when i was on the. make a rational if my brain was. wider. than my. rate at some point. so i mean i couldn't be able to make a decision on whether. the person that carrying them in front of me. pointing it at me or anywhere. just very well. michael
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says while in iraq he could see about a third of his fellow servicemen taking psychotropic pills to get through the day. some suggest the current increase in suicides and homicides in the u.s. military is not a coincidence although the link with the use of drugs has been proven in court only in a handful of cases american soldier david lawrence was charged with murdering a detainee he was guarding in of ghana sten his sentence was reduced to ten years it was proved that the psychotropic medication that he was prescribed made his mental condition worse the fact that our military is saying oh if you just take these pills you'll be fine and go on back out there and give these people gonz this is crazy and now we're seeing this terrible combination and reaction of these these medications nic seen and and a lot of the soldiers self medicate with alcohol and those don't mix military
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official see no reason to panic saying the use of psychiatric drugs is comparable to civilian use if you are a civilian. spoke to a psychiatrist and said i have trouble sleeping and i have anxiety problems and i have post-traumatic stress disorder. they wouldn't give you a gun and send you out you know to face danger and i mean this was to drive if you're taking some of these medications michael says when he complained of depression he was given drugs before he even had the chance to talk to a doctor i was. told that i might want to consider. it just seemed. kind of first and foremost as. you know with everything else second this prior to the iraq war soldiers could not go into combat and psychiatric drugs but the stress of combat took its toll once were in order to
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keep the ranks or maybe less depressed the u.s. army started handing out more pills but what seemed like an easy solution has become a problem all of its own i'm going to check out reporting from washington. well i'll be back with a recap of today's headlines in this week's top stories shortly stay with us life here must go it is the weekly.
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world for the folks to talk about one name clean machine from university labs to the outer reaches of the stratosphere the russians want to find eco friendly solutions to big city travel take a spin with us and enjoy life on the green side. knowledgably kier on a large chunk of the future coverage. in the news sigrid laboratory to mccurdy was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care watch only on the r g dot com.


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