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is that so much maybe you should use it is. more leverage you are weakening started and quickly inspired millions of dollars that and the middle east what is the current state of us. tonight on our t.v. police in new york city are getting a little frisky these days with a law that allows them to stop and frisk anyone they consider suspicious but protesters aren't feeling it will speak to dr cornell west and revolutionary karl dicks of all their efforts to stop this rule in its tracks. and get ready for a lesson in protesting students in canada are up in arms over a two wishin hike and they're taking it to the streets they're still paying just a fraction of what american students pay so is it time for students here in the u.s. to use their street smarts to advocate for change. you're not yet ready to say i'm indoors and what you will that's so well as as the line says in the wizard of oz
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all in good time my pretty it will happen for publicans are rallying around mitt romney albeit reluctantly but hold on one candidate does have a big following and a growing number of delegates will tell you why ron paul is still relevant in this race. it is monday april thirtieth i'm christine in washington d.c. you're watching our t.v. . well let's begin with a closer look at a policy called stop and frisk here's how it works so you're walking down the street and a police officer stops you says he needs to check you just to make sure you're not carrying a concealed weapon so you're told you have to stop while he runs his hand up and down your body first few even if nothing you were doing nothing at all was suspect . well this actually happens all the time just last year in new york it happened
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six hundred eighty five thousand seven hundred twenty four times and out of those eighty eight percent were totally innocent but guess what they were like well fifty three percent of them or more than three hundred fifty thousand were black thirty four percent of them more than two hundred twenty three thousand were latino now this is a policy criticized by fowles of people in a few dozen of them took action surrounding an n.y.p.d. precinct station in harlem in protest of more and more than twenty of them were arrested and were charged with disorderly conduct among them dr cornel west princeton university professor of african studies and carl dix co-founder of the rev revolutionary communist party and both of them join me now in our new york studios. i guess dr west let me start with you and we can put a video i think we have of your arrest back in october you know there are countless bad policies out there and i guess i'm just wondering to start off if you could
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tell me why it's this one that you chose to protest to the point of getting arrested. well first i just would have three true to my dear brother called dixie came up with the idea he called me and asked for both of us to issue this call us that i love that work with him and he was he was he was insightful enough to see this is a form of terrorizing traumatizing and stigmatizing young use of color that has a history of course that goes back to slavery goes back to jim and jane cruel and is connected to the rise of the president of too complex it is true when you look at the numbers it's hard to deny that this is. in many cases racial profiling carl outline for me what went on in the courtroom today well what we've done in the courtroom is that we went into court. taking what we had to say on the streets of harlem which is the stop and frisk don't stop crime stop and frisk is
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a crime and we're taking that into the court as part of our legal battle now the judge has so far not been all that favorable to it in fact he has ruled that discussion of the stop and frisk policy is not relevant to the case he has not allowed. any of the officers who were testifying about it to be asked their opinion of stop and frisk so it's going to be a battle but we are intending to bring it in there because look they are criminalizing a whole section of young people and this is something that we cannot sit back and allow to happen you know like stop and frisk serves as a pipeline to racially targeted mass incarceration you literally have millions and millions of people who live their lives in this country caught up in the criminal justice system and stop and frisk in that kind of racial profiling which again we
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saw in the trayvon martin case is how you end up there we cannot allow that to go on we have to hit it we have to go resistance to it and we have to beat it back and from my perspective as a revolutionary this is built into the framework of the capitalist system in this country and it's going to take revolution to get rid of it you need to be building resistance right now though so that people don't get broken by this system and of course as i mentioned it's not just you two there are twenty of you standing trial for disorderly conduct there are as you mentioned police not cooperating what they're saying what they're saying to you when they are speaking they're saying if this law is flawed well then the courts should take care of it dr west what's your response to that. well know i'm going to be you get people from all generations all colors coming together and we recognize that this is just the first step we really
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calling for the fundamental transformation of the system as a whole but what we're talking about as a group of young people who tend to be social neglected economically abandon levels of unemployment and underemployment out of control dilemma but they did housing and disgraceful school systems so they have very little alternative in terms of allowing their lives to flower and flourish and so it's a matter of acknowledging this repressive element but connecting it to the call for fundamental transformation of the system and so you both seem to be saying this is just one small symptom in a really diseased system in this country of what's going on i guess i'm wondering carl this is your idea what do you see as sort of a success in terms of what comes out of this. well so first off we have already been successful we have taken the issue of stop and frisk we have made it front burner for a lot of people in society we've told people who get hit with stop and frisk all
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the time you don't have to suffer this in silence there are people who want to fight this that you can get with we've also told people who didn't know this was happening hey look at the injustice is being perpetrated in your name you cannot stand by and let this happen we want to connect this to the problem of mass incarceration overall build greater awareness of that problem and greater resistance to it because if you let this go unchecked we are on track but what i call a slow genocide with millions and millions of people's lives being circumscribed him demand by the criminal justice system in a slow genocide that could become a fast one so we have to stop it now stop it and roll some of this back and that's what we're looking forward to in the future but i already feel that we've been successful because now people have to talk about stop and frisk people who didn't know about it know about it and are beginning to feel
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a challenge that they need to decide where they stand and those who felt like they had to suffer it are beginning to dare to hope that something could be done about it and i want to realize that hope that something can be done about it that's what we're working on and i'm wondering i mean i think dr west it was you that mentioned that this is a problem this is a system that that people are a little too familiar with i think you'd be hard pressed to find certain people who would say you know what yeah the police stopped me. it was the third or fourth or eighth time a lot of people are used to and i'm wondering if either of you have spoken to anyone who was just absolutely shocked that this happened to them. well not really because most of the young people we know of people who have been through it a number of times one of the brothers who were to jail with the story in this morning brother john talked about it being fourth fifth and sixth time but my hunch is that there's a lot of so-called mainstream americans who still have some sense of conscious and
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don't really believe that this thing is as systematic and chronic as it really is so as it as we bring it to light it does have an impact on them a shocking impact on them in though they may not call for a fundamental change in the system itself they know was wrong it's just it's immoral and it's deeply riches and as we mentioned according you know to these numbers you say deeply racist eighty five percent or more of those stark and frest are black or latino and ninety percent of them almost were doing nothing wrong when the police stopped them i guess i'm wondering if the police have answered for this if they've given a reason why that's the case well what they give you is that this is bringing down crime this is helping us get guns off the street the problem with that is they are saying because it's happening at the same time that crime drops it is having bad effect and you can't make that connection because.
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look it might be the case that it stopped raining when i did a dance and i didn't stop the rain that's right you got to actually look at that and what they are doing is indiscriminately targeting black and latino youth as criminals how does that reduce crime what it does is it criminalizes black and latino youth that is very clear and on a certain level that is their intent because commissioner ray kelly told three black elected officials that he wanted every black and latino youth in new york city to be afraid that the n.y.p.d. would stop them when they lose leave their house in the morning what is there except racial profiling and i think it's interesting too that some of the people who have come out to speak in favor of this stop and frisk live believe the mayor there michael bloomberg is one of them also has spoken out against the stand your
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ground law this law that so far has made it so that you know the suspect in the trayvon martin case is not behind bars. is there a difference in your mind dr west in. you know some of these laws and these aren't the only two there are there are countless laws that so many people cite as giving the green light to racial profile. but you know so it's a christie wanted to set things is that president obama has called the new york mayor a terrific mayor. namely over looking to stop and frisk or being candid about his use of drones is killing innocent civilians and the stopping free is that the trauma to stigmatize this innocent young people disproportionately black and brown and we need to dot the i's and make the connection between it come to militarism on the one hand and the racism on the other and in the connection there with president hu call the mayor of new york city terrific when he's under
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his leadership we get this kind of harassment and repression certainly an interesting thing we do appreciate you both bringing this to light work heaping our eyes on what happens but i think it's something that you're right a lot of people don't know about and need to understand more that this is happening every day carl decks with the rest revolutionary communist party also dr cornel west author activist and professor at princeton university well today marks day seventy seven of a student strike in come back canada and the students anger over the last week or so has turned into loud and in some cases violent action. these are pictures from last week when the protests really started heating up so does their angry over a plan to raise school fees as part of a government effort to get the budget deficit under control on friday convex prime premier. made an offer to students in an attempt to try to reach
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a compromise saying that three hundred twenty five dollars per year increase over five years could instead be spread out over seven years to make it a little less. also said more longer be available to students and offered a plan to make repayment of loans after college proportional to income but it's clear to students there that this is not simply about a number what this signifies is a shift in ideology of education for decades they're being seen as a public good worth funding and supporting students have rejected the packaging of call the offer insulting so what's next for these protesters who are starting to number in the hundreds of thousands well for more on that i was joined earlier by citizen journalist bernard gonyea he laid out for us just what these students are asking for. well basically they're asking for a negotiation and negotiations are not taking place right now. the students even proposed mediation and the minister answered the minister of education answer that
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she wants two students first to vote on her proposal for you just described and she's asking actually for a secret ballots so she keeps. asking having some requests as this if it requests for students but one student dimension on the very popular t.v. show that on the weekend the minister's own party the liberal party when they have assemblies they have votes by show of hands so the minister is just trying to play the teacher here and trying to teach students a lesson in democracy and i don't think she's in a very good position to teach them democracy right now and right now those things are voting and. show it looks like they're not going to accept the minister's proposals yeah like i said a lot of them even call that insulting and looking at these pictures here are not i
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mean this is a very big protest you have the majority of quebec students saying you know delhi spanish they're semesters but more than one hundred thousand are refusing to attend their classes but you know here in the u.s. and it's a little mind boggling to a lot of people three hundred twenty five dollars a year most students here wouldn't even notice that kind of increase talk a little bit about what the bigger picture as for the students yes the bigger picture is that all those protests of cure. fast allegations of corruption and mismanagement by the government so what the students are saying is that before charging the students more to attend university the government should story putting its own house in order and what i can give you a couple examples of that. it was just last week on c.b.c. which is the can even broadcast broadcasting corporation there was. reporting there was a report about mismanagement that led to overspending by four hundred thousand dollars
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in a very small project and that was an example of what the government is doing and mismanaging univers. money in university now is a project for universities and so the students are saying is that there is a lot of overspending in universities. people in the directors of the university are paid huge salaries and it seems i think this is not acceptable another example would be that the government around two thousand and three when it came in power. subsidize hydro come back hydro comeback kid state owned corporation that produces an electricity back at a very very. adventurous rate for citizens and for companies who for example make aluminum and that company sold it boils. and
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that man that means right now that about thirty billion dollars not thirty billion dollars thirty billion barrels which is three thousand billion dollars worth of oil as slipped from the hands of the public company and will be basically making people who are already rich even richer and so students are saying if if before we start having to pay more for three shouldn't we should story by recovering the money that should be the public's money that's very interesting i'm not i'm wondering i mean we're looking at pictures right now just so many people in the street thousand people waiting i mean is it possible that the violence at this writing will actually spill across the border. oh no no no first of all the violence has been in combat. have been very intelligent as i said as i
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mentioned earlier they were on that very popular talk show over the weekend actually the most popular talk show of the french t.v. network of the c.b.c. these are scoring a lot of points in the public opinion they don't need to be violent they have a very good website where you can see videos where the explain it's all in french but the explain why why they are asking what they're asking them about the same questions you just asked me and so they don't need to be violent at all and they are not basically the violence was from the police first of all and from a small group of protesters who probably were provoked provoked. agencies just used by we've seen that in the just use by the police to turn things into a nightmare and i know we just heard the come back liberal party has decided to move the location of its scheduled general council meeting that was going to take place this week and then moving it out of town and what i think is party leaders
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are concerned about. well because the problem is that the facts will not go away if you can you can fool lee's distributions you can send police in the streets to feed of. peaceful protesters but you won't make the facts disappear and as i said this these protests take place immediately vast allegations of corruption that have been taking place those we've heard those allegations for years and years now and so the whole population of qu├ębec knows that the government is corrupt and is managed just managing the system basically and so even if it starts saying it was the students you have are sure for votes or not this is all an important to the population that knows the facts more and more so i think the government wants to escape to quiet locations because they don't want to have
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questions as to who really does appreciate your insight there from comebacks and your front and center there to all the action happening citizen journalist bernard take on yeah i appreciate it my pleasure all right let's turn now to the narrowing presidential field as we get ready to head into the month of may i mean just about six months left until the election the twenty tough election i think it's fair to say the republican establishment viewpoint as of today can be summed up pretty simply and i'll give the honors to president george h.w. or that it bush i do think for party get behind governor romney and he reminded me kenny rogers showing as time went on them a time when the vote of well i think it's time for people to get on get behind this good man but not everyone thinks it's time to fold them and even those who may eventually throw their support in their political weight behind the quote presumptive nominee don't really seem excited to do so take
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a look. mitt romney is going to be the nominee and i'm going to support the nominee whoever the nominee is period and that's mitt romney well that's what it looks like yeah but i hear you saying you're not yet ready to say i'm indorsing romney but you will at some well as the line says in the wizard of oz all in good time my pretty it will happen well the landscape has changed rick santorum is out newt gingrich is scheduled to back out this week so now that leaves just two men mitt romney and ron paul so what about ron paul and how may things change now that there are just two men left standing well to look further into this i talked with brian doherty a senior editor for reason dot com also the writer of ron paul revolution the man and the movement he inspired. wrong paul going to continue to fight it out to the end as he is reiterated again and again he's going to keep on rocking it almost certainly is not going to rock you know we did deny mitt romney his first big story
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but he's going to signal that the republican party that they have to pay attention to his fans and he's not going to mean a very big republican party moving forward whether mitt romney wins or loses we're going to. remember i do want to put some of those numbers up on the screen these numbers are emerging in terms of delegate count and you know i should mention they're a little fluid but here's what we're seeing right now this is kind of on that road to getting the one thousand one hundred forty four needed the total right now romney's got eight hundred forty seven and ron paul has eighty but now the other guys are no longer running but we do want to do just a few compare and contrast let's take a look at iowa both men have seven delegates in minnesota mitt romney has two ron paul has nine in north dakota mitt romney north dakota mitt romney has seven delegates ron paul has eight and in maine another close one mitt romney has a lot of in delegates and ron paul has nine brian these are just
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a few states here with some close numbers how does ron paul get to a place where the gap at least becomes a little smaller. in some of these our caucus states the process of actually picking who their delegates are going to vote for in tampa is still ongoing so i think all of these numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt right now but what you have to do moving forward remember virginia the state where all the other candidates neglected to even get themselves on the ballot ron paul very well against romney got around forty percent i think you're going to see him racking up numbers like that in many states and in some states like california particularly you can win delegates without winning the state as a whole you can win the congressional district again none of this means that ron paul is going to close that gap and be the nominee on the first ballot what it does mean is he is going to approve of the ability of a strongly anti-war seriously anti-spending. actually constitutionalist force within the republican party i mean they've talked
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a small government game for decades none of them of government except ron paul and i think that he's in there means that those people need to be minded by the political establishment i think it's an interesting point when you bring up the small government aspect that ron paul holds another group does hold that ass like the tea party who we saw did very well in in two thousand and ten something very interesting happen involving both the ron ron paul and the tea party they sort of joined forces recently and alaska and now the new head of the state g.o.p. there. they're both ron paul supporters i think as far as i know this is pretty unprecedented that you know the heads of a state party are both ron paul supporters what's going on here i'm glad you brought that up in the same is true of iowa as well there's two different games that the ball people are playing now one is that delegate game which we've been talking about but more important the long term is the taking over local and state republican party gain which the poll people are also getting very very good at
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a lock and i were pretty much theirs and. california is being worked on in that same regard is pretty much of the strong. as you know the so-called religious right played in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight if everyone remembers pat robertson insurgent campaign for the presidency he did not win but his people did what the rumpel people are doing now their teachers will use their numbers in their passion to sort of swing above their weight in actually taking over party positions and that is going to shape the party down the line it will shape the kind of candidate it will shape basically what is considered serious and real that we're going to run policy problems all year with people just thought sounds interesting but the that kooky outlier when everyone you're seeing at your local republican party meeting or ron paul people you're going to start taking ron paul more seriously and of course going forward it's not going to be ron paul himself but it's going to be maybe rand paul it's going to be other candidates who believe what ron paul believes and the republican party with every one of these ron paul people
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who enters with his positions of authority by definition the republican party becomes more like ron paul and that's going to be great for america in the future i think and one of the thing that ron paul supporters always say and point out is how consistent he's been over the years longer than i've been alive that he's been in politics and really just saying the same things when you talk about other republicans other conservatives adopting some of his ideologies and it's already started to happen in some aspects we see things criticism of the fed criticism of a large government some even talk about bringing back the gold standard but one of the biggest problems and i'm not talking about legalizing marijuana or anything like that what one of the biggest problems is that most conservatives tend to be very pro-military and pro-war you have a lot of them are in bed with the defense contractors how does you know how do people who want to adopt more of his ideologies that seems to be one that's just not going to happen and what do you think brian you are absolutely absolutely
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pinpointed his biggest problem in waiting the action of your basic party right i mean but by most standards ron paul. should have been the tea party's favorite by acclamation he's he's the only one of us with serious plan to actually balance the budget within five years with no taxes already at the as a consistent record over thirty years never voting for a balanced budget never going from work with never voting for more standing yet they've had a hard time embracing them anything for that one of the reasons the foreign policy what he's been very good at doing on the campaign trail is framing other foreign policy issues in the sort of just really conservative way pointing out that one of the main things that bankrupting the country that's causing our fiscal crisis is our ruinously expensive overseas adventurism ron paul and so it has both a moral and a prudential objection to this sort of overseas mentor them i think him and i think the later candidates who are not ron paul themselves might be able to do a better job morning in on the part that a more standard right winger might appreciate i mean when ron paul talks about
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applying the golden rules or foreign policy it's an incredibly brave thing to say and i think an incredibly correct thing to say but it scares a lot of americans to think hey why do people overseas have problems with american behavior a lot of americans don't want to think like that so it might be better you know in the future if you're if you're just trying to be a republican to republican to try to explain to them look we cannot afford this anymore what's wrong coulter says but i think it maybe gets drowned out by some of the other stuff well as and some of that other stuff including you know as ron paul says and these wars are bankrupting the u.s. government they're making a lot of other people rich a lot of other people who have a whole lot of influence so that sort of where the message gets muddled final question for you brian just want to know now that essentially there are two men standing are people going to start paying more attention to ron paul and by people i mean more of the mainstream media. i hope so but i'm not i'm not convinced that will occur i think it's going to be easy for the press to just go ok it's over we
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still got that ron paul guy you know spinning his wheels with his crazy crowds of three to seven thousand kids that he can attract this is very important i've been following paul's campaign for my book from the beginning the crowds he is drawing now or enormously larger than they were two four and six months ago and his electoral prospects seem to get smaller the passion he is engendering in these thousands of people especially young people growing so the ron paul movement is going to be significant way beyond what happened in tampa with november and yeah i was just a university of maryland a couple weeks ago seventeen hundred people filled the auditorium they had to turn others away all to hear ron paul speak for an hour pretty interesting stuff appreciate having you on the show bryant already senior editor of reason dot com he also wrote the ron paul revolution the man and the movement inspired well that's going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash our to america are check out our website our to dot com slash usa you can always.


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