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interview show later on tuesday julian assange gets to the heart of the arab spring or evolves in his interview with tunisia this new president. time for part two of the alona show stay with us. oh ok it's time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to my brilliance engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you tube so you have something to say i listen now first i want to share some of our viewers comments from our interview last week with the young turks and his spirit about what to do about the growing student loan debt problem mr roboto commented on you too how about this don't take on loans you know you can't pay back interest rates will drop like crazy mountain man twenty three comment that simply not making education more expensive is not enough the banks got bailed out g.m. got bailed out the students should get bailed out too and last but not least
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a viewer who's name is very hard to pronounce said do what i do just don't pay them back expletive them now you know i wouldn't recommend that last comment but the point of reading all of those is that most americans have rather strong opinions on student loans that really run the gamut from loan forgiveness to ending federal loans altogether student debt as a political issue is finally having its day in the sun so now let's just hope that it actually stays in the conversation past congress stepping in to stop that rise in interest rates because that's just a band-aid and it's not going to solve the problem and finally i want to share with everybody a fun little conversation with them playing out on our facebook page apparently some people out there think that i neglect it off our garri posted on facebook alone and never responds or applies to you probably doesn't even know of this page and the conversation ensued and john jeremiah smith said some staff member just checked the f b. b b facebook pages alone to show is a band of women alone is the band friend jenny is
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a big chunk of the brains so are you going to clear it up i do know the show's facebook page exists and i do respond to the commons hence the segment right. the producers on the show also go through and also read the comments including but not limited to the brilliant jenny churchill but i will be honest with you that i kind of hate the new timeline it's made navigating and reading your comments a little more confusing and difficult so facebook if you're listening timeline sucks for today's rantings but i'll be back with more later in the week. was there a lengthy investigation into google's harvesting of americans emails passwords and all kinds of other sensitive information that was gathered through their street do you project the f.t.c. found the google had violated any laws they did say that they obstructed the inquiry and made them pay a fine of twenty five thousand dollars however that was two weeks ago but google is now fighting back for not fighting the fine but the f.t.c. has claimed that they didn't cooperate and as part of that effort google released
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a heavily unredacted version of the f.t.c. is report excluding names of employees and that's why the story gets interesting in that report it turns out that several employees and at least one senior manager did in fact know about the data gathering which is the opposite of what google has been claiming so this means that three government agencies that obama just the f.t.c. and the f.c.c. have all now decided that google did no evil maybe all the hobnobbing here in washington is helping the tech giant out so joining me to discuss is declan mccullagh chief political correspondent for c.n.n. dot com thanks so much for joining us tonight and i guess for starters you know what's your take just on the f.c.c. this decision here in terms of a twenty five thousand dollars fine saying that google didn't really help out with the investigation by finding that they didn't violate any laws that kind of a slap on the wrist. well see it's not even a slap on our wrist i mean twenty five thousand dollars that the f.c.c. thought get google really did something wrong about twenty five million dollars
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find something to make them pay attention but twenty five thousand is more is the f.t.c. saying we can't get away with anything more it's a weird outcome and i think the f.t.c. just trying to justify spending a lot of staff time on this so what do you think about this now unredacted version of f.a.c.s. report that google put out there right when have it's really interesting if f.c.c. want to cover some of this stuff up at the same time you have google who is exposing themselves as liars. well i don't know if i'd go that far i mean if this was a nobody in a in a position of decision making authority approved will. capturing a few snippets here and there of a wife on a conversation that when this was this was an engineer is ready and it actually is kind of a little technical idea if any if this was a policy of the company the d.o.j. what is the lamb that was nothing more than a twenty five thousand dollars fine that didn't happen googling
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a google defense if if there is one is to have is to give a lot of authority to engineers and maybe not enough oversight but so you think probably there were no real privacy violations that they didn't violate any kind of loss of google has been a lot of trouble of what this around the world right we've seen a lot of other foreign governments go after google we saw a judge here in the u.s. role that google can they can go after them if they violated some of these laws and yet when the d.o.j. and the f.t.c. and the f.c.c. all come up with the same conclusion do we believe them. you know probably i mean you've had the world's governments looking at this for a period of many years and they've got three years and so even if there were news there there we would have found out about it there's been something more than twenty five thousand dollars slap on the wrist if that fine i mean think of what actually happened during this this is why fi issue what happens if that is the
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streets you cars went around in and there were capturing small snippets snippets of an encrypted wife by transmission i mean is there any difference between you know that and you know you're walking down the street and even hear walking down things apartment complex and you overhear what some one thing i mean you know i mean it's it's a little tacky but is that is that should be illegal should it be illegal probably not ok i'm curious though if you think that if we want to go back to this twenty five thousand dollar fine we've seen facebook before when they were again being investigated by the f.t.c. get away with a lot of people considered to be something that was way too lenient and we also know that silicon valley has started investing more money more time and effort into lobbying here in washington d.c. into hiring perhaps for regulators to be on their sides they know the inner workings so you know if some of that's about maybe a more cozy relationship now between silicon valley and d.c.
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and the regulators over here. i think you may have put your finger on it i mean the big question is not the skirmishing over why fine st louis is just a sideshow the big question is whether the federal trade commission is going to file a broader antitrust lawsuit against google this is this is what the obama administration really wants to do at least at the staff level the beauty came close when there was going to be that yahoo google deal the deal geordi extract of a half a billion dollar fine from google over pharmaceutical ads and so you know you just know that some. bureaucrats are going to try to make their careers out of this i mean this is you could be going to if you pay the d.c. tax cap and i.b.m. it happened in microsoft it's happening now to google next it's going to be facebook in the crosshairs and so that that's what i think the dynamic is what do you think about the fact that we've been talking about the white house correspondent dinner and all the parties here in washington the whole show and google had quite the appearance this time around right eric schmidt was all over
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the place that the dairy he was a bunch of the parties google even had its own party that it through on friday night and so does that tell you because i feel like the tech world has at least tried to stay out of this weird bizarre you know singular social weekend here in washington d.c. until now well there must be a little of the microsoft antitrust trial is over to a wired in one nine hundred ninety eight and you saw microsoft's political involvement or any measure of lobbying the amount of political campaign contributions from its employees has grown ten fold in just a few years and now i think the same thing is happening to google it so it's a defensive measure because what happens is if you get big enough for washington d.c. comes around kind of the mafia approach a nice internet company and they're sure you have something happen to it and if you would give us some money you'll be left alone that's not exactly how it works but that's a way to think about it and that's what google is doing it's defensive you can't
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blame love reading the same thing facebook is barking up an apple could be could be next steve jobs is gone and nobody in d.c. really want to take on steve jobs he was a beloved c.e.o. but he's by his customers maybe those employees that but now he's gone they're going to wind up. well thanks so much for joining us tonight and yes it will be interesting to watch you know i would hope that we hear a little bit of that pressure coming from companies like google or facebook or the apple's whoever's here is well when it comes to government officials to say nice little cybersecurity bill you got there but you know you should listen to us on some of the technicalities thanks so much for joining us. thank you. i we've got one more break tonight but full time next and shockingly a politician is trying to walk back statements that it's time for happy hour.
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to a substantial degree and one problem or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the shadow is encroaching upon the front. of the early twenty first century military bases the network of military bases all around the forms of the empire that the united states is trying to build that's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around us. we don't have foreign bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases of there are the noises i would ne it doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for
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other people it's almost like a cancer here for these people. since the end of world war two the spaces i've been . working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions the i think else you get everything you needed. least six. subsists. sit ups are.
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joining me on a journey to the heart of the problem to a place is hidden from the tourists you going to meet some real criminal insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. . look. at least.
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hi guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and this evening the honor goes to the republican party's wonderkid congressman paul ryan and paul ryan has won
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a number of tool time awards in the past few weeks there are the tool time museum run to be on pays to have his own wing and in fact his latest gaffe is directly related to his last two all time ward when he responded to criticism of his budget by the u.s. congress of bishops they have that point ryan had said that the body doesn't speak for all catholic bishops when in fact that's exactly what it does so last week ryan told another bald faced lie when he tried to bolster is that the credentials in a softball interview with the national review ryan trying to distance himself from tea party hero i rant the godmother of libertarian philosophy now the congressman called his intellectual love affair with the author a quote urban legend saying the following he said i reject her philosophy it's an atheist philosophy it reduces human interactions down to mere contract and is antithetical to my worldview if somebody is going to try to paste a person's view on epistemology to me and give me thomas aquinas don't give me i'm
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rant what's an injustice right why would you dare paste iran's world view to paul ryan there must be some underhanded beltway operative behind this whole effort in fact we know who is responsible and we have evidence of the nefarious part of an idealogue at work take a look at this check on democratic rules on the individual issues freedom in america is the attack on the world foundation of america you know i mean really when anyone else is interesting but explain the realty of capitalism the reality of individuals in this to me is what matters most i grew up reading and really and it taught me quite a bit about. what my value system is or what my beliefs are inspired me so much that i reach required reading in my office for all my interest in my staff the reason i got involved in public service by and large the head of credit one thinker one person it would be i mean. so it appears that paul ryan's worst enemy in this case is himself i don't notice of the congressman didn't name thomas aquinas excuse
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my earlier response fusion as the one thinker who inspired him to get involved in public service which is probably good for ryan this tea party supporters jay bookman journalist for the atlanta journal constitution pointed out that quite as one said the following man should not consider his material possessions his own but is common to all so as to share them without hesitation when others are in need that's funny right where the stuff about gutting social programs and giving fat tax cuts to the wealthy but we're not here to split hairs with paul ryan over thirteenth century theology what's ridiculous is a wry went out of his way to distance himself from iran even though he was repeatedly gushed over before and on camera not to mention that so there's been some speculation the riaa is trying to act as more of a centrist to be a more electable vice presidential candidate what's more likely as he's trying to distance himself from an atheist philosopher here as to pander to the religious right proving that if he's going to be forced to pick a side he's going to go with the religious right over the growing libertarian wing
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and whatever the reason i think this move can only harm ryan every politician flip flops just look at the trail of broken promises left by president obama but with this interview ryan bent over backwards to alienate his libertarian core while further undermining his credibility and unfairly earned image as the adult in the room why would he lie about integral part of his identity well lying while accusing others of it something of a bad habit for ryan so for adding yet another chapter to his gospel of lies randy an apostle paul ryan begets tonight's tool time award yet again. ok it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening alone to show producer jenny churchill and star in dayton republican strategist and finger communications strategist at new media strategies thanks to you guys i hate that i have to say the
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word strategy like five times. it's a tongue twister. ok but let's move on right tomorrow is made a we're going to be doing a lot of coverage about it but if you want to talk about workers rights of the things that are happening all over the world there is this a new policy in canada well where employers are now going to be allowed to pay for in temp workers fifteen percent less than the average wage and here's a few more details about it. labor groups aren't happy that's because the government is allowing employers to pay for and workers' wages that could be fifteen percent lower than average manitoba federation of labor says that will force canadian workers to accept lower pay too or lose jobs to foreigners. i thought well first of all are we going to strike tomorrow because i'd love the day off so i don't know is there i mean a lot of show tomorrow it's a good question but we have to report that who is striking. we have to inform the
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public. why i don't mean to be a person i'm actually a canadian citizen and i have family in alberta that explain this to me a little bit more and what's going on is there's labor is so scarce in the oil patch i mean there just are people who work the jobs they're paying and. they're paying people working in mcdonald's twenty five thirty bucks an hour to flip burgers and so it's actually there's a real labor shortage that they're trying to address here but if you want to do that you want to attract more foreign labor to fill that gap then why would you say we're going to pay you less. the meantime what they're doing is they're saying if you're willing to call me in because currently there's a law that says that they had to have to pay prevailing wage you know they're saying well we've sort of maxed out that level of people coming in so let's lower more people come in i don't think though that this is really about it doesn't make any sense to me as to why more people would come in if the way just now lower rather than giving them more incentive by saying hey we'll pay you plenty more well
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i think that it was kind of a give or take because what they were doing was they were relaxing some of the other immigration laws while at the same time lowering the rate wage and they were kind of trying to play ball but the problem here is is you know these companies can get workers for that amount of money well then they're not going to hire the people in canada who are required to get paid more will there will the people are required to get paid more always going to live in a lower wages as well as one of the things that workers are concerned about but it's also these are temp workers and i'm curious to know we don't have we should get more details we'll talk about in more depth tomorrow what industries specifically they're talking about as well but it's really landed somewhere yes. they were ok. the pirate bay man the u.k. i can't believe they actually went ahead and did with this but they ruled or they passed a law saying if the pirate bay has to be blocked by. in the u.k. or the high court ruled that excuse me but here some argue till now. quarter u.k.
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internet service providers before the site from users as soon as choose founders. peter sunday and correlate have already over six point four million dollars in fines in two thousand and ten for allowing users to infringe copyright. and that is messed up this is where i as peers are fighting here in the us too right when the government wants to put the onus on them to police certain things and here they're just picking out one certain websites blackballing them yeah and i think what's really frightening about this is when you put the onus on the that makes some less has a tent to allow more content and that means that they might then start blocking other sites that they're concerned about so then they aren't going after and i think that what we have the providers being the watchdog that it's frightening to be safe rather than sorry was i don't think the providers want to be the watchdog i think you know this is this is the content companies that are you know maybe they found some nifty trick in the wall but there's
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a guy down there they found the trick of u.k. loves the nanny state there you go you know here we had a debate there was a big protest and frankly you know most of the republicans abandoned the position in support of in support of sopa democrats mostly stayed put actually it was sort of interesting and the content industries threatened. you know over this and this is just the lobbyists sort of you know no you know you were there and they want to know who pulled the bullying the people who are trying to put products out there and it's frustrating for everyone and i know i'm usually not on the side of the internet service providers because i think there are many times evil but in this case you know it's not their fault and they don't want to be doing this but i think that being forced to do this is going to cause them to go multiple steps in the wrong direction to try to save their own butts you figure the content or entertainment industry whatever you want to call it would be saving a lot of that money as they say if they're losing if they didn't spend so many millions hundreds of billions lobbying just if they got
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a figures. they're losing this. pamela geller and her audience is pretty well familiar with with pamela geller so she was holding a human rights conference in dearborn michigan and basically what happened is that the young muslim women said that they were denied entry into the conference and then also were had to leave were told to leave by the police take a look. through the security that you are see you can write. documentation for the event you would allow entry and they know it's one gentleman and based on something they showed him on the phone and they did the same thing you look at my facebook. page. i don't know if the other guys look like. i mean i wouldn't put it past family gallery. i don't see why there's help or. more
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people in the room have the debate which is what she was saying why you know you would think it would help to have a photo i saw some photos she also claimed that she never when she was i said that i was no but i mean she has photos online and there's not a muslim in dearborn you're bored right now. it's like you have these women who want to come in and you're not you know just so i had interrupt you because you're my guide so far and i'm going to i will let you. hear more european while we fixed any technical problem here. or let's move on let's move on to our next story. the titanic right recently there was the anniversary of the titanic thinking and now there is this australian super billionaire really rich guy that actually wants to build the titanic two a replica of it take a look at this clip. it certainly is a big plan and mr palmer says he's the man to deliver the money doing it says he saw to deal with the chinese state owned company to build the titanic two now will
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be the same dimensions as the original top ten at just under two hundred seventy meters long fifty three meters high and it will why more than forty thousand tons. my question about this i don't care how cool this thing looks why would you go on a titanic to something that was billed as a replica of the tie to i mean maybe i'm just superstitious and weird but no thank you i want you to move the movie on the early parts of the movie the part where it doesn't say you can i get to meet jack if i go there you go maybe. i don't i wonder are they going to put enough lifeboats on this one for everybody. replica of the original titanic and we clearly it's a you know it's a money making scheme but we're safe or they're going to try you know. collusion they're going to go out searching for four of the icebergs that are here. ok last story i mean what do we say with this one so. twenty one year old woman is accusing
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the bouncers at her local pub of discrimination because she went out and there's a picture of the girl with her friends to dance and the community was banned from dancing on the bar because she says the bouncer said she was too fat and she says she was told to get back on the floor because she was quote not pretty enough and obviously pregnant. which let me just ok this is the kind of stuff happen all the time i mean every time you try to get into a club and the bouncer doesn't let you win because you're not pretty enough that's discrimination when you were you can't now you can't sue a club for not letting you into the club because i don't know what part of like the bill of rights gives you the right to dance on a table at a bar i'm really confused about this i just don't get it like i understand that you might be upset that they didn't think that you were skinny or cute or not to dance on the bar but why is that you're right i'm sorry i also maybe they were worried about the integrity of the bar and thank god for the story they very much die down
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to and we talked to a goal so you know if you've seen the stories about the state fair. you know with things like. the only one which is probably better way to manage this through true i think i'm going to do we need a government oversight i don't find it hard we enter it in so many places that every time you try to get to a bar you never know i guess i got to wrap it up but thanks for joining me tonight that is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure that you come back tomorrow read we have a saying i made a panel with labor journalist mike organizers kevin zeese and jesse meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alone a show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can catch it on you tube dot com slash they want to show an airplane the videos as well as the show in its entirety and coming up next the news .
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deadly terror attacks in syria killed nine and injured dozens more this is the u.n. warns it's powerless to implement a peace plan unless both sides lay down their arms. to you for accuses the european union of harking back to the cold war as brussels moves to boycott the euro twenty twelve championship in ukraine and poland over the case of jailed ukraine's former prime minister yulia timoshenko more details to follow in a few minutes. wiki leaks founder prepares to take center stage again as the host of his own interview show here on r t. julian a song quiz is the new president of q news yet it was swept to power by a popular uprising all the details just ahead.


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