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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2012 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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this is r t coming to live from moscow one pm and their russian capital and marina joshie voices from across russia's political spectrum are being heard on the streets of the country on may day over one hundred thousand people are marching with trade unions and the united russia party to mark labor day a date for workers demonstrations around the world for over a century artes or an english girl is in the center of moscow. we help more than one hundred twenty thousand people out to stop it this is one of the main thoroughfares in rushing down to tell me the name and the ability to. make coal to be. a rather good. labor unions to think. that this is a word they're calling for the retirement age not to be raised and for better
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conditions for workers over all they get out of there in the united. workers they can either to labor unions and went on strike new order to demand that or a war in conditions from the united states. europe comes across a muslim militants illegitimate big day to mark the labor unions fight over the last seventy or eighty years if we all the top awards various political movements and parties on the street name as well as well as the students now this day is so so be. the rest of the now to listen to sing came from the united states by wall street also taking part in this they can see how to sort of. the lead. situation over the last six months of this time on this labor day they're coming back to the largest banks in the united states build up the devastation in
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the philippines. lose their mistakes and it is europe which is going through the other difficult time financially and politically so we know there will be there was a sit in london a little. brown said those things to get more of a reason or more of a day to celebrate spraying it and then to protest anything. ridiculous because they're bringing us the mood from central moscow now the opposition forces are also out on the streets was a communist party being the loudest voice artist jacob riis was at the rally. was it is they. want to work is they for the communist party of may day being quite symbolic for them now what they're demanding as a very modern day aspects they are very very cool when it comes to opposition on the back of the parliamentary elections held in december these allegations of electoral fraud also during the presidential elections now their candidate their leader gennady zyuganov or he stood crucially as the main opposition against
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vladimir putin the president elect and he still refused the results of those presidential elections they want a rerun of the parliamentary elections be believed meant to be wrought with allegations of lect school fraud but the message is proving he hears day among those in attendance i still managing even though they have an aging support base to drum up support for this message they'll bring over an estimated ten thousand people in attendance we have the communist party we have united russia the main the ruling party in the state do and also the third and fourth largest factions in the state duma staging protests and demonstrations as well being a just russia party and the liberal democrats respectively but one noticeable absentee from today's proceedings in central moscow is that the white river and the protest movement for free and fair elections they've garnered much of the media
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attention on the back of december's parliamentary elections initially they had penciled in demonstrations take place today but they can stitch quite recently a state trying to pull together their forces for may the sixth that's a day before but a mere pushing president elect is the fishy inaugurated into office so they want to have all their support on display for that day. jacob reporting there from central moscow and as we heard earlier the occupy wall street movement is planning a general strike across the u.s. to protest against what it says is a corrupt global canonic system and corporate injustice organizers are billing the van as a spring comeback since the groups and campaigns in the u.s. and beyond words mantle by police last winter but activists in london say the movement is only gaining force. we have to do something about this unsustainable system and this is the movement for us to do that we are questioning what we see is a political system that seems to be working with profits before people it's
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intertwined with the corporations we also question the idea of regulated bodies being managed by the people that meant to be regulated eventually the rest of this world will realize that they've been groped and that they are being put into subjugation it's very clear from the movement from the beginning that the economic system is on its last legs and what's happening in europe what's happening in greece is it's just a symptom of this disease it's an economic war and that's what that is debt that really rang a bell with a lot of people i mean human beings be in a situation where they can benefit shoojit. from the suffering of the millions and millions in the world we should be embarrassed by being called that side of human rights and we should be embarrassed if we sit by and do nothing about. i can see the full interview with an actress from the london occupy movement in an hour here on r.t.
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. well that ship gearing up for the presidential election in three weeks it's not just voters being rude but visitors as well the government insists a tourism industry vital for egypt's economy while bounce back as a political situation stabilizes but that could be just wishful thinking as artie's south for us now explains. egypt turns an industry with once riding high but recent political problem oil has hit the industry hard and in the new political landscape this talks of bringing in new roles and regulations relating to it and there are serious concerns that that could leave the industry with even less business. everyone in egypt is hoping that the economy will pick up pace and with tough economic growth so closely tied to tourism off the stop was to meet a woman he could give us a question calls into exactly what's happening to egypt's economy right now come two thousand and eleven but. theoretically we would have continued to grow
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along the same slow that's what should have happened and then the recession in most countries worldwide recession happens this is what happens you have a dip in g.d.p. and then it goes even faster than it was going to go before and so that having this ended up having something more along the lines of that. with or maybe grow about maybe grow that sets of you decide whether we manage this versus that and where does it need to be ideally we need to stabilize and stabilize fast and at least recover the seven percent growth we had originally with the aim of reaching that ten percent growth within the medium term which is three to five years. and how big a factor is tourism in. tourism of the instrument so you have to keep the proceeds and you have to change your approach to it i mean you need to have been very traditional so that we were approached tourism but enticed think back to be
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impacted by a growing islamic influence in the political sphere the tourism industry are very concerned with the go to bonds to alcohol with the courts bans of public beaches this kind of thing proved to be another risk to potential investors to find out how real or risk these concerns are we met the speaker of the party is considered a more fundamentalist islamic group and since a revolution has gained the second most seats in parliament it's going to. in any way we have. a big difference between. public and private sphere you braved i can't begin to come to. you. what you drink and why you do exist i can't but it's not the private sphere that tourists or investors are concerned with and when it comes to the public life the line is a little different but. this is right for people who saw culture here
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and the people has to culture religion aside every beaching the tourism sector isn't going to be easy they're the after the revolution there was this hype about you know revolution tourism you know come to tunisia and come to egypt and you know it was very obvious that that wasn't going to be a very sustainable model at all and it turned out to be true and now what we need to do is work on. just like what we were doing previously we need to work on maintaining our monuments and restoring our monuments and we need to work on making people feel safe in the future tourism industry remains extremely clear success is seriously going to depend on whoever comes into government next but that in itself of course is a. dreamy on fats and still fat like the turn isn't in the sea the entire country right now is in a state of flux and there was quite sure what's going to happen next. while staying in that region in syria more violence continues to further rock the
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country shaky cease fire despite the presence of u.n. troops monitors on monday a series of blasts rocked the city killing at least nine people and wounding almost one hundred the u.n. warns the ongoing attacks threaten the peace plan it helped broker the syrian government blames terrorists for the violence claiming rebels have recently stepped up their fans just days ago lebanon intercepted a large shipment of smuggled weapons intended for fighters opposed to the ousted regime based political analyst come on watch and he says foreign interference is destabilizing the entire region. the smuggling of weapons from the day one and it's all we know that's how these been funded by by syrian live ensued uribe and we know the money is coming from saudi arabia and from qatar and from other and they're coming through lebanon one of the. through lebanon this is this one ship. actually but there are a lot of weapon that have been used to smuggle into syria and that tell you the
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real story when the foreign minister was judea rabia say we have to arm the opposition that he's saying let's keep killing continue and terrorism taking place hold on syria even though america and the western eyes the western world know that there is a lot of terrorism taking a place in syria al qaeda been moved into syria from out of country funded by some government in the countries this is going to be devastating not only for syria this is going to bring a regional war that nobody won now or in the future. now political wrangling any of grain puts the euro two thousand and twelve football championship on the line some. leaders call to boycott the event because of the criminal case against ukraine's former prime minister a report from here is just to have also. these people haven't got
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a clue what it's like to be an ordinary person. look you know after the interest of a million is a multi million is. the british public feel increasingly detached from politics because they feel their representatives are not representing down. he's already revealed some of the world's deepest secrets and he's ready to share even more episode three of julian assange to show premieres later today on r.t. well his previous interviews with i have has two opponents on the extremes of middle east politics have caused a real media buzz this time he's talking with the new president of tunisia and doctor and human rights advocate who came to power in the arab spring so what challenges does he face what are his views on human rights in tunisia watch the program at eleven thirty g.m.t. but here's a little taster. i just spent four months sort of confinement so but i did.
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spend more than ten years in sort of confinement and i always admired him and it's kind of been the how he could you know survive through this kind of experience but because of the just four months i was just talking to myself you know i really crazy i want crazy because you know when you have just to talk to yourself to be. to be alone with yourself for all this time you it's terrible experience this is why i think it's. the side. porch for. so many people say look you have never been tortured in prison no i was under torture. but it was another kind of torture and probably one of the worst i think that more than thirty thousand people have been tortured into news you know and was good for them you know they're always angry at them for this. people. all the torture and then go back to whole play with their children and listen to music you
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know have a normal life and then i wonder i never understood how. how can i you know. except to do things like this and be sure that you are. that you are still a human being so. how how can you survive through this kind of experience i think when you know this when you know that you are fighting for your human rights for good values then you can have enough resistance you have to talk to the situation.
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that you are twenty five football championships in ukraine are under a shadow before a ball is even then kicked over the case of the country's jailed ex prime minister yulia timoshenko some leaders are already calling for a boycott saying her seven year prison term for abuse of power is politically motivated i say or she asking has the latest. what seems to be a purely domestic case has received very serious international reactions with presidents of germany the czech republic the head of the euro commission as well as german chancellor angela merkel all saying they will boy called their planned trips to ukraine in particular for the euro twenty twelve football period as if to protest against the treatment. of prime minister now even called on the german national football team to boy call it their participation in this tournament the idea which was even supported by the president of the champions league final this club bar in munich now also reactions came from moscow with president medvedev raising his eyebrows over the treatment of saying that this these actions throw
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serious shade on ukraine's reputation and are unacceptable for a democratic country now all these reactions come after you get emotional reported to have been abused by prison guards and full of photos of her bruises were made public on the internet as well as when to stand that team of medical experts was dispatched by ukraine's own woman to the prison and they confirmed the fact of the physical attack from the prison guards on. this raise the tension dramatically and key of also already reacted with indignation to all the statements coming from europe saying that such rhetoric puts the countries back into the times of the cold war while the war of words continue certainly but everyone all experts now understand that keith is under severe pressure especially with less than forty days before the start of the you were twenty twelve football championship last friday's terrorist attacks individuals with serious concerns about the security during the tournament now definitely the developments in the duma shango situation creating
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serious political implications. ask your reporting there now if you've got more stories and analysis from our to our website and here's a quick look at what's on the line for you the moment missiles next door of the rooftops of london homes could soon play host to a deadly deterrent as the city prepares for the olympic games people are on these drastic measures that are to dot com. also online this is idea were robots co-existed long said people may not be just a science fiction fantasy as russian researcher seek to break machines with a conscience down lots more power to dot com. well china has called on the u.s. and russia to make further address to cuts in the or nuclear arsenals beijing also says washington shouldn't disrupt the global strategic balance by developing missile defense systems we now discuss this western faster until the chiang from hong kong city university mr tang thanks very much indeed for being with us here
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and the program first off why is china concerned about america's russia's nuclear arsenals. well china is probably the fist and third in terms of nuclear us to know when in comparison to that of the united states and russia. these you did united states and russia continue to develop their nuclear arsenals china will be under pressure to follow suit first by the vulcan more resources to build is. that is is multiple warheads intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as to gradually develop a kind of anti misato. defense system these will be costly china is aware of the lessons of the soviet union in delayed. internet in the nine hundred eighty s.
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when it was forced to compete with the united states in terms of military development time there certainly would like to devote more resources to economic development so as to be able to catch up with the united states in the community term future but what's interesting in this context is that beijing says that other nuclear states should consider disarmament but china at the same time itself has nearly two hundred nuclear capable ballistic missiles according to some estimates so in your opinion we'll be prepared to disarm as well. yes i think china is well at least at the moment china's formal position as that you feel and when the united states and russia to trust deals to nuclear arsenals to do a level of china u.k. and france and so on the end of time it will be quite happy to join to and to be
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involved in the general nuclear arms control and disarmament process eventually to what i view that the ideal scenario of complete nuclear disarmament. but certainly disses a rather distant scenario and china is enjoying his position on moral high ground at peace and estate. well beijing's comments about america's missile defense and moscow's concerns that such a system in europe would threaten its security so in your opinion what are the grounds for these concerns if there are any. well. timed if you want on one hand you certainly would like to see more restraint on the united states to spread is. antiballistic missile systems while
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the the east would be expensive need told the deployment of the system even eastern europe are of concern to russia china is much more concerned with similar deployment in japan and units so korea and possibly in taiwan if such deployment come first taiwan this won't and certainly you will be a very very serious issue you can sign to american relations given the escalation of tension in the asia pacific area china certainly is concerned with the spread and to strengthening of such systems. concerning stationing in japan and in so korea and in the east china sea area in general all right professor joseph chang from hong kong sitting in every city thanks very much indeed for sharing your interview with us here in the program. and
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now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world mali is rolling john claimed control of the capital after clashes with troops loyal to the president who was ousted him aren't the military set of state t.v. it had held broadcasting building an airport would have come under attack army base the army has says it's willing to hand back power to civilian rule but still has considerable influence the march military coup brought tales to mali and has allowed separatists and the north to split the country into. bomb blasts have struck nigeria's northern city of kabul following clashes between the army and militants government forces battled islamist insurgents there. raids on a hideout there were no immediate reports of casualties figures the violence comes just two days after a minute tap christian worship services at a university campus and a church killing twenty one people. now a crowded river a ferry has capsized in northeastern india leaving at least one hundred three
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killed and almost as many missing the vessel broke into two during a storm very accidents are common in the country due to poor safety standards but this is one of the worst in years. u.k. prime minister david cameron has been accused of favoring the rich and forgetting about the poor of the wealthy backgrounds of more and more british m.p.'s are also being blamed for their detachment from ordinary voters and their problems or smith reports on the trans turning british politics into an elite club with an exclusive membership. prime minister david cameron eton and oxford. chancellor george osborne exclusive london schools then oxford. deputy prime minister nick clegg westminster school and cambridge none of these men come from ordinary backgrounds there's a lot of people that are being political advisors of one kind or another.
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and that's growing is each parliament goes by. you've got a lot more years we've got the biggest knob of all time now in cameron running the rules the snobs are there to be seen on the tory benches in particular i call it millionaire's row denis skinners an m.p. who would once have been seen as pure traditional british labor party stock the son of a miner and an ex miner himself he came up through the ranks became a trade union leader a counsellor and then a labor party m.p. in one thousand nine hundred seventy it's a route into politics that's become almost obsolete replaced by a career path through top universities into special advisor posts and from there into ministerial jobs that's how ed miliband the leader of the party in which that core support base was once the working classes got his job you have the labor party
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quite detached at times from ordinary working class voters and the impact of both political parties. being slightly out of touch with ordinary working class voters is that a lot of working class people have decided not even the vote in the elections it's easy to see why sixty percent of today's cabinet went to feed paying schools compared with just seven percent of the total population thirty years ago forty percent of labor m.p.'s came for a manual or clerical jobs compared with just nine percent today there's been. a real reduction in the number of m.p.'s who have first hand experience of the trials and tribulations of working class families the legitimacy of it depends on it being representative and acting on the concerns of most in society so the worry is the less that people feel that being representatives. of politics and the more
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disaffected feel from politicians that could mean greater numbers turning to disruptive ways of making their voices heard through demonstrations and even. under the current government the u.k. has seen a surge in strikes and protests some ending in serious trouble on the streets after demonstrations by people who don't feel their representatives presenting them these people have. these people know nothing about what a married person in this country. speak first. in this together is the rallying cry if the current government in these times of
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financial austerity they're coming from a leadership of the privileged and independent wealthy it rings especially hollow for many as the belt tightens so you two biases the anger and alienation of those who feel they have no voice in the corridors of power lower smith. honest humanise ways tapes and was a show with our special report and that's after a recap our top stories here on our.
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this is to green room. civilization notice their absence. but their lies are known science losing possible.
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welcome back you're watching out to live from moscow here's a look at the top stories have a laugh there right at almost every political groping in between a march in russia this may day but the country's fair election will measure spiting style and i can tell that we can't. wear the chipset to. both for its new leader of the country's vile tourism industry is hoping democratic rule will help the bounce back however there are concerns that islam is growing power will stifle it further as fundamentalists want to ban alcohol and beach tourism. and the world's top whistleblower julian assange reveals more secrets in another blockbuster interview this time he poses tough questions to the new president of tunisia who was swept to power by popular uprising watch it later today on our t.v. .


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