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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2012 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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workers of the world unite to labor day the turnout has been high. the. protests the presidential votes that's what we believe but. it's the six details coming up shortly. about the may day rallies turn violent in italy with police shooting out of protesters who are voicing their anger at the cops imposed upon elected leaders. and in america the corporate occupy movement may day to stage a big comeback and prove its staying power. i
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don't screen around the world this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day most streets are being brimming with people this may day with most celebrating and demonstrating trade unions marched under the labor day flag to demand better working conditions and even russia's ruling turned them to spearheading a crowd of their supporters in english. but the one hundred twenty thousand people out there that this is one of the main thoroughfares in russian town tell me they mean the. rather good. thing. this is
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a word they're calling for the retirement age to be raised and for better conditions for workers overall. workers labor unions and went on strike for the order to demand more and conditions from the united. states or mark the labor union strike for the last seventy or eighty years we all know the more serious political movements parties on the street. the students. the rest of the. citizen came from the united states by wall street also taking part in this they can sleep on a sort of. situation over the last six months of this time on this labor day there. is in iraq that there's. reason or more of
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a day to celebrate spraying and then to protest anything. members are also out to get their message across among them the country's second largest polity which still refuses to accept last year's parliamentary election results but is all happy about that to putin's return to the kremlin jacob griese reports from amid a sea of red flags. is run of the has held annually for the congress party all media carries certain amount of symbolism for them as they stand to represent workers in russia was a steep isn't history when it comes the days of the soviet union aspirates which are held then when you take a look at the crowd you really get a sense for that this down among some of the just fronts for the soviet union images of the controversial georgia standard for instance being held up time for their leader gennady zyuganov now he has proven quite crucial a very critical of president elect vladimir putin he was main opposition in the
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presidential elections they still refuse the results that's a claim to have occurred amazed allegations of electoral fraud they are the only ones standing out in force they have numbered in about over ten thousand people even though it's an aging support base think still drum up a lot of followers for this cause but also the third and fourth largest factions in the state duma respectively they've also be represented today that is a just russia party and liberal democrats now one notable absentee from proceedings in central moscow today has been the white ribbon movement those calling for free and fair elections it garnered a lot of media attention on the back of december's parliamentary elections initially called for a protest be held today but since counts of it instead they want to plug together pulls together for may this thing a day before president elects volunteer persons and nor gratian on may the seventh
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they wanted to make a stronger show of it then now as for those in attendance today fundamentally many of them coming from state duma parties or others also being represented such as nationalists choosing this day to march. well may the first as be marked with mass labor day marches worldwide in europe several large nationwide demos have taken place in italy rallies turn violent as riot police beat protesters demanding change from their leaders the city of turin saw the fiercest clashes in france where it's election week supporters of incumbent leader nicolas sarkozy and the country's far right settle to sleep at the streets of paris five days before the crucial presidential vote in spain where the euro crisis has seen the country plunge into a double dip recession people voice their anger at the ongoing stringent cuts and unemployment in greece crowds marched outside the parliament building in athens and through the city in. protest but that's going to more in-depth look at all this
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from david pustules he's from the belgian workers' party and he's also editor in chief of the solid newspaper well we've just been seeing here at r.t. the scenes in italy why do you think labor day descended into violence there. but i think that in italy as as where the violence come from. establishment with the politics of austerity when you have a cut in your wage. your wage when you cut social security when you of cut of. meant then you see that. the people are confronted with very violent process in their life the lose the. middle. i think we see that sort of reaction in the population
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and i think in the future the risk of other violence would come of course the first thing is that people and i think that we have to show that scene in many countries in europe in greece in italy in france in belgium in spain a lot of people are demonstrating nearly every day now in europe and they don't any don't see any change of the. you are there in the heart of it all in brussels the center decision making as we are discussing europeans have had their say today they've had it in the past as well are the m.e.p. and commissioners in brussels actually listening. no i don't think so they don't listen because they want. their working mostly for the bank we have seen in the financial crisis of two thousand and eight that they have said we are going to reform the system and four years later what we have seen is that the depths are
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growing for the people but that the bank and the speculators and the millionaires are going better and they're doing their job as usual you know you have to know that a recent report of. bank. said that zero point five per cent of the global population in the world all thirty eight point five percent of the global wealth that means that this average this amount of money was never saw. big for a little court of people i know what we see in europe with the european commission they protect that process they protect that system with a crisis and what we see what we see in europe is that so most of the people so you say are saying that this economic strategy is failing throughout europe you're from
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the marxist belgium's workers' party do you think those ideals are gaining momentum with with growing unemployment in disenchantment with the euro project do you see support no greater support for your movement. absolutely absolutely we see the more and more people we. are for another alternative they don't believe anymore in sort of reform and the problem is that of all we are going to go in the situation where the people are going to pay for the crisis and they pay a lot of other people i mean the rich people the speculators the bankers the millionaires are going to be so and we see that in our part in our country but also in all europe. the left the real left is growing ok i've seen it if you want to on the go it is just quickly explain what your position is evil sturdy measures are working what is the economic way forward what do you suggest should be the answer.
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i mean i mean i think we have to change the motor of the economy and we have to go with an economy with the voice of the people first the people and not the profit and we have an economy with solidarity and corporation and not always fighting and conquer competition between countries and people and so on so we have to do to a renewed economy in total business that's one one thing but directly for the moment we have to take measures that the rich people are paying for the crisis with taxes against them and not against the common people just briefly david will the politicians though pay for this crisis you mentioned little earlier they're going to see even more social unrest sweeping throughout europe will we see political casualties governments forming and the shift in the political
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attitude what's briefly your feeling for the near future i think i think that we have seen that already that that people that government feels you know it seems the two thousand and eight about the health of. the european government after change but it's not a real change for the moment it's just. a change of of the establishment the left so called the so-called left government with the right and so on we've seen that and we're going to see that also in france but i think there will be time whether people are going to see these there are politicians did they change we change for right or left we are to other politician other people and i think that could be only we have a process of of measures major change with popular demonstrations and we have seen that in the world i think last spring and now we have.
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in europe in greece in spain also in canada they are a movement of revolt and i think they are growing in the common and learning is finally very short time briefly mention the arab spring you talk about revolutions then in europe just briefly. no i don't think we revere lucian of i.d.'s anyway and the revolution in the way that we don't need only small change i think we need global change ok david thank you very much your thoughts david post you're from the belgium workers' party joining us live in brussels good to hear thoughts thank you . in america occupy protesters are rebuilding in new york and other cities in a bid to surge back into the headlines reported her as across developments in the big apple. the new york city police department has stepped up its manpower as thousands of occupy activists are not by the streets of new york city picking up
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where they left off last fall many are converging here in fine art while hundreds of others are picketing outside of banks in the offices of national and multinational corporations out the occupied is calling on the ninety nine percent of the break from going to work making any purchases today they say only five with the boy the labor and the purchasing power will the one percent be able to understand that their well it depends on the ninety nine percent of americans many of whom are still struggling and suffering in the small u.s. force this day is being dubbed somewhat of an occupy two point zero a resurgent of this grassroots movement that began in new york city in the fall a protest against corporate greed corporate influence on you what's the politics wealth inequality there is outreach among many issues here in the u.s.
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which includes on affordable health care the student loan bubble and at the end of the day the fact that there's a huge divide between the rich and poor in the us the predator banks and the mortgage do not homes that are going down the working accumulation of wealth and the ownership of the means of production have been centered in a smaller and smaller group and now it's just one percent that essentially owns everything they own all the factories they own the road sales the resources they are the water they own everything and the rest of the ninety nine percent does all the work and has to pay for everything joining this movement a movement that has grown. in unprecedented ways throughout the world many more to life this movement when it first began saying that it's a bunch of us. unemployed people camping out in places but at the. head games momenta the oldest saw that there's
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a common frustration of bringing people to gather and now these people are that out in the streets as this is occupy wall street movement begins once again in full force reporting from new york for my artsy. it has already exposed some of the world's most shocking secrets and his search for the truth is not over yet the third edition of his series airs today here on r.t. he's already tackled the head of hezbollah and two opponents from very different political extremes of both shows got viewers and the media fired up and days program he meets the new president of tunisia human rights activist who was swept to power at the start of the arab spring wave of revolt know more about his challenges views and future objectives a little later this hour here on r.t. in the meantime here's what's ahead. i just spent spent four months in solitary confinement so but i did early which the prime minister in tunisia spent more than
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ten years in sort of confinement and i always admired him and it's i live in the how he could you know survive through this kind of experience but because after just four months i was just talking to myself you know i really crazy i want crazy because you know when you have just to talk to yourself to be. to be alone with yourself for all this time you it's a terrible experience this is why i think it's a kind of far. side psychological torture and so many people say look you have you have never been tortured in prison and i used to say no i was under torture but it was another kind of torture and probably one of the worst when you know this when you know that you are fighting for your human rights for good values then you can have enough resistance you know to tackle the situation.
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hundreds of people have demonstrated in the southern afghan turn accusing nato troops of killing four children during a gunfight with insurgents is the latest episode in a major setback in the relations between the u.s. and afghanistan in the past months and it comes as president a bomber arrives on an unannounced trip to cement the country's future relations well for more on all of this now two political analyst. chandan he is in london well let's start with president obama's trip what does he need to do to restore what are clearly quite battered relations now between the nato forces and the afghan people president obama can do nothing to restore any form of positive
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relationships again between the nato forces and the afghan people particularly or even president karzai who only last year threatened to join the taliban i mean it's international workers they are no one suffers more than working people of the global south particularly the poor people of afghanistan who are suffering the fourth decade now of war that's a visiting their country tragically they've been victim to all kinds of atrocities by the nato occupation forces from the massacre just a month ago of seventeen villages supposedly by just one u.s. army personnel probably by by more with nato occupation forces posing with dead afghans etc these truly are the veritable wretched of the earth so is it time for those forces to withdraw before twenty fourteen or do they have a role up until then and indeed after that time. well you know they should have withdrawn a long time if afghanistan is to really begin the baby steps towards any type of nation building and stability internally and with its neighbors but frankly i think
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it's quite clear that there's going to be a civilian i definitely military presence of the twenty four team which would be much less than the occupation numbers that we're seeing now which is around eighty thousand but it's clear that nato want to use afghanistan like they've used libya as a launching pad for the regime change and you know the clinton and obama have already said that they're shifting focus to the war and containment against china in the pacific and afghanistan will be a fundamental part of the out of that war campaign that have been possible peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban do you think after the troops have left the taliban should take power is that the will of the afghan people and is that really a good thing for afghanistan. i think there's this several factors at play here now nato opened up our office for the taliban in doha and caught the which is basically a form of bribery a source of the taliban movement is split the taliban is not a monolithic organization with the central leadership taleban basic means any party or take forces in afghanistan that want to fight the occupation so really you know
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when they kill bin laden bin laden was removed for a very specific purpose because bin laden was just frankly too anti imperialist in the al qaeda which has alliances with mullah omar in afghanistan and have to remember the people of afghanistan like the people of south asia or in general don't like a lot of the arabs hold a lot of kind of illusions about what nato can achieve for example the taliban opposed the nato intervention in libya didn't announce gadhafi at all but to said it's another attack on a muslim country a muslim should be very wary of this so really again like i said nato want to push away the and team putin is kind of currents within the tunnel of within the afghan resistance and want to maintain and bold start a collaborationist regime post twenty fourteen for the other regime change operation against russia china and also india does explain what that regime would actually be made up or what do you mean by that. well there was a reason why they got rid of the p.d.p. a government back in the one nine hundred eighty s. the p.d.p. a government was was progressive. massive land reform education program
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a liberation of women so what they what they've instituted basically through through through war and intervention in afghanistan is a regime that is hostile to all its neighbors particularly. china and russia and also that's playing a dirty game in pakistan the west also very nervous about pakistan and also with the libya connection to gadhafi or support of pakistan's right to nuclear capability so really that the west want a regime in place in afghanistan that can continue this destabilizing and traumatic history that the afghan people have unfortunate tragically been seeing for the last several decades yet we are seeing russia cooperating with the nato campaign at the moment recently opening up more access into the country clearly russia very concerned about the instability there in afghanistan and is there to support what's happening at the moment absolutely and i think russia playing the correct game i mean i'm russia has a eurasian strategy to oppose the u.s.
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or germany and they have to get their hands dirty to some extent in afghanistan it's going to play a role the same with china same with asian republics but one thing remains clear the quote the predator the sequel the predator and also the rapper ice cube the same thing there's no stopping what can't be stopped and there's no killing what can't be killed and what can't be stopped and what can't be killed is the never topple historical progress or removing us or germany from the world scene and the faith of our peoples and our lot is through our ancestors to find liberation and independence in afghanistan let's just talk about the sentiment among seeing can people at the moment back to those demonstrations today do you think there's any way that it relations could improve at all between the occupying forces or do you think in this time scale up until twenty fourteen when the combat troops leave things could get even worse we'll see even more problems in tensions between both parties. absolute bill i'm not saying that you're saying this but it would be an absolute insult to expect the afghan people to have any anything but hostility and
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resistance to nato seeing the way these people afghan people are treated by nato i mean the afghan afghanistan from the poorest countries in the world and such is the absolute kind of. disgusting way in which the afghan people are treated that that the dead afghan people as a result of the new thought the patients aren't even counted these people are don't even count as human beings these these in the eyes of nato are children and people of a lesser god the afghan people and peace loving people on the one except that thank you very much indeed to country and and political analysts and journalists live in london thanks your thoughts thanks. no to israel which is taking new steps to shield itself from its arab neighbors having already walled off the palestinians television else seeking to do the same with the lebanese artie's paulus live has the latest for us now from israel. well the israeli army says it is building this seven metre high cement wall between israel and lebanon to prevent firing from lebanon into northern israel now over the past
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year and a half there have been and number of incidents just last week a man crossed over the border with his two children from lebanon but a much more deadly example was last year when a number of people were killed during commemorations when they came too close to the border from the lebanese side and to now there has been an electrified fence along the one kilometer israeli lebanon border and this is monitored by unifil the united nations interim force in lebanon and in fact israel and lebanon while being to take the war they always do meet under the auspices of uniform and this wall is being constructed in conjunction with the uniform of the israeli army as well as the lebanese army but in addition israel is also in the midst of building a wall along its southern border with egypt a war that it says it hopes to finish by the end of the year according to the israelis the one of the self is to stop militant activity there and also to prevent smuggling and then there's another war very very controversial war that israel has
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built since two thousand and two in the palestinian west bank and it's controversial because very often it's built on private palestinian land and cuts through villages and it has caused outrage in the international community but the israel has cited security concerns as the reason for that particular barrier is what is becoming more isolated as tensions increase in the region and here we only need to look at recent developments between cairo and television. is the egyptian presidential front runner said recently that the camp david accords which was signed between israel and egypt back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight i did and buried and in addition to that just a few days ago stopped it's a longstanding agreement to supply gas to israel in addition to that we have the situation with iran and here. we are now seeing cracks between the israeli political and military leadership over whether or not to go ahead with preparation for war whether or not they said continue talking about a war when there's
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a lot of confusion around there too so certainly tensions in the region are increasing. turner for some more of the world's news for you this hour on our world update gunfire series of explosions rocked nigeria's main northern city of cardo at least one person was killed as government forces raided a suspected hideout for the militant boko haram group the violence comes just days after government attacked christian worshipers at a university campus and church leaving twenty one dead. there are reports of gunfire mali's capital after a second day of clashes between the ruling military and soldiers loyal to the former government agenda says it's still in control of the capital despite soldiers taking over the state broadcaster and attacking the airport locals were forced to flee the chaos and electricity to some neighborhoods was cut off it seized power in march in anger at the government's handling of a rebellion in the north. twenty seven sudanese soldiers have been killed by ourselves today rami during a clash along the contested border between the two countries is the latest in
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a stream of confrontations between both sides after saddam's forces invaded the disputed town of heglig ten days ago split from the north in july last year for twenty two year wharton thousands of people remain displaced from the conflict but i'm just a few minutes as promised in the surgeon is third hard hitting interview that's after a recap of our headlines that's with me live here on r.t. in moscow stay with us for that.
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to a substantial degree and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of europe. and the shadow is approaching upon our own liberty. to leave early twenty first century military bases a network of military bases all around the former stimulus empire that the united states is trying to build that's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around the world. we don't have power bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean bases we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases offline there
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are the noises our noise it doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for these people. since the end of world war two the spaces i've been . working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions they have thing else you get everything you needed. if. the. mission free accreditation free transport charges free. range month free risk free.


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