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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2012 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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came back to to make arrests ideas marina organize across the latest. may day doesn't just mark the international workers day it now marks the resurgence of the occupy wall street movement thousands of activists flooded the streets of manhattan picking up where the grass roots coalition left off in the fall you saw demonstrations taking place throughout the entire city including bryant park union square and wall street repeating the message that they have been saying over and over again voicing their outrage against wealth inequality in the united states against paying for influence on us. an affordable higher education and health care in the us and the ongoing jobs crisis that ninety nine percent of americans are dealing with ninety nine picket lines were set up throughout manhattan to work out to visit were protesting outside of banks and the offices of
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u.s. corporations and multinational corporations once the sun went down the thousands gathered at veterans memorial plaza in lower manhattan literally occupying the property many were organizing and demonstrating with respect to their issues but once ten pm came the n.y.p.d. stormed through the plaza evacuating it to literally floor seeing the activists to leave arresting some pushing many others out onto the street once the group was out onto the street activists were all walking through lower manhattan and police officers were odd motorcycles and trying to keep the activists penned in on the sidewalk once an optimist stepped into the street they got arrested and there were instances where activists were taken into.
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with blood dripping from their face so there were incidents where it got bloody between police officers and the unarmed occupy activists but despite the violence that was seen in stern instances the group continued to chant their message walking through lower manhattan the exact location where this movement ignited in the fall of two thousand and eleven these activists back on the streets saying they will be holding washington accountable for all the the favoritism that is being seen to the one percent in the united states are now reporting their. in oakland a town to give new life to the occupy movement was met with tear gas and stun grenades demonstrators gathered at city hall to protest over social inequality
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a few hundred people refused to leave defying police orders threw bottles and other objects at officers police then went on the offensive to disperse crowds of demonstrators and made a number of arrests. violence has also marred may day marches in some cities in europe in germany a left wing protesters clashed with police in berlin and hamburg with injuries reported on both sides an estimated four hundred thousand walked across the country to demand a boost to eurozone economies instead of cuts. rallies also turned violent in italy as protesters clashed with police work to rain was the center of rioting the leaders of the country's three main unions denounced reforms carried out by technocrat prime minister mario monti. and in spain trade union activists marched against a record eurozone unemployment rate of twenty five percent with nearly half of young people out of work that's as a country suffers
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a double dip recession strategic planner and salyer believes the economic troubles in europe spell a larger political crisis. the problem with the euro zone idea and the european community it's a suburb in a democratic ideal whenever the european constitution has been up for a vote it's his last in every referendum popular referendum that's been out there and now you are having the problem of this economic crisis which is becoming worse and worse where you have is the european union and the european central bank demanding that the national governments cut spending and go into these austerity programs rather than devalue the euro and try to inflate their way out of this problem so it's basically helping the bondholders at the expense of the people now the people of course eventually if you keep on squeezing them an economic problem becomes a political problem and you start. seeing massive discontent which you're seeing in italy i think that you're going to start seeing more and more of it in france it seems to me that the establishment politicians of both the left in the right the
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sarkozy and hollande are not responding to the general popular discontent they seem to be responding to the quote unquote technocrats who insist on austerity and what we've seen in spain where we've seen in greece what we've seen in the u.k. austerity measures do not seem to be working to fix the economy. of this popular discontent and so i would expect to see more protests in italy during the coming weeks as spring becomes summer and not only in italy but in the rest of europe what you are going to live from moscow still a calm in the program skepticism in france over the choice on offer between the two candidates vying to be president in this sunday's election runoff with some voters feeling neither are likely to address the most pressing issues. and police officers in india resort to desperate and dangerous measures to escape poverty. bombs and gunfire have struck the afghan capital kabul shortly after
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a visit by barack obama the taliban claimed responsibility and said the attacks were in retaliation for the u.s. president's visit police say suicide bombers attacked a compound word foreign workers leave at least seven people have been killed and almost twenty injured the u.s. president's visit to kabul came one a year since the killing of osama bin laden by american special forces and in a speech airbase of bomb admitted washington is holding direct talks with the taliban and said mattie in the terrorist group are interested in peace obama and karzai also signed an agreement outlining ties in the decade after the planned u.s. troop pullout in twenty fourteen part is going to count as more. the fact that president obama traveled to afghanistan exactly year after bin laden's killing to signed the strategic pact with ghana's then is seen as an attempt to put the new years of a success story on the day long war in afghanistan but success in afghanistan is very arguable to say the least the afghans want american troops out we constantly
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see people there expressing outrage over the killing of civilians over night raids and other actions by u.s. troops the american people want their troops out so both governments are anxious to tell their people that this is over but the ones that the leaders have signed in visions the u.s. staying in afghanistan through twenty twenty four at least not in those numbers of course and the equipment by the way does not address specific troop levels or the size or location of u.s. bases and this is something that many afghans are worried about and that is that the u. was once a permanent basis in afghanistan so it made all these questions you have the anniversary of bin laden's death which is hailed as a great victory because my report on how bin laden's killing could serve as a convenient cover for some dubious policies we have been able to make the ranks of al qaeda in the. we were able to
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finally bring osama bin ladin just. by now nobody doubts that bin laden's killing is going to be the highlight of obama's presidential campaign it's already featured in his ads. the harder. than the more honorable. and the one that produced in my opinion the best from so. as hyped as bin laden's killing is some ask whether it's being used to mask that feeler of us policies abroad during the last ten years the bin laden thing i think makes things easier it sells well but again i don't think you can put that good a face on ten years of combat in afghanistan and the afghan and the iraq invasion i think is to me question still yet to be asked about what the justification was no matter how much killing bin laden means you can't take away ten years of failure it was going into afghanistan and especially into iraq ok that created more enemies
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you know and the recruits for. you know jadis this kind of salafist. you know than that then weakening them the pentagon's new strategy is to move away from ground wars bin laden's killing has become the face of the new war on terror obama style through targeted assassinations in different countries with the use of drones and special ops experts say that policy can also backfire the attacks end up killing many civilians and they steer a new wave of revenge extremism you know how many people are we going to have to kill before we can finally say ok that's it objective achieved war over we can call this thing off and i look at the israeli experience with targeted assassination and that suggests to me that when you engage in that kind of a policy really what you're going to do is end up having an endless list of targets . and i fear that's the past we have gone down bin laden's death was
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a success on the war on terror front no doubt about that but there is an attempt to sell it as the success story of the whole war on terror and many fear that the largest killing could serve as a convenient cover for bad policies of the past as well as the future i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. as leader maybe dad but he is still inspiring his followers as we report online. german codebreakers discover hundreds of internal documents on plan terror attacks disguised as porn files. no more trips to dutch coffee shops for visitors the netherlands rolls in a ban on tourists rolling out marianna but not for the locals. and the band has blown the lid on more secrets than anyone else has had to have with the president of tunisia who was swept to power on the wave of the arab spring watch
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the third episode of join us on this fiery interview show next hour here on r t. french presidential rivals nicolas sarkozy and francois hollande get their last chance to sway votes in the only t.v. debate before sunday's runoff and common president will have to throw everything into the duel with socialist challenger alond is currently leading the polls they're finding for the votes of rye when we're in mario pan who herself has refused to endorse sarkozy and suggested her supporters make their own choice and that won't be an easy one to star celia now reports. so it's down to two men
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socialist francois long and incumbent nicolas sarkozy the french say around one of the presidential race is about choosing the candidate you like the most around to is voting for the one you dislike the least unless of course you voted for one of them to begin with and this is where it gets tricky for some especially for those who question what kind of a choice they really power or if there really is one. yeah yeah yeah. maybe in jest but what's seen as a lack of a clear solution for france is economic woes have left citizens skeptical from the onset. of the french people. to come to the t.v. you will see. this from oprah to the next five years. i will see the wall in this. and i will i would like to see for all in this wall in this in this. especially when francis economic quagmire is
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already a tough one to muddle through unemployment is at a twelve year high of almost ten percent debt is during ninety percent of g.d.p. growth has all but ground to a halt in a series of measures are likely to continue to get both candidates are in favor of euro bonds more intervention from the european central bank and to varying degrees both have put on a confrontational tone towards brussels and germany but there's doubt that there will be much room for maneuver at all. whoever the elected president is sarkozy or he will subject himself very quickly and very visibly to the power of the european union it will always require more succor faces for workers for the obvious interests of the large banking globalists. then they work very small things that are there if you recall that ok we've got to give the vote for immigrants in local elections. you know what we're going to lead. and with sexual
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couples adopt children those are important measures but they're not the biggest measure a tough choice to make for those who don't see want to begin with that is does or so you are to be parents. now is exactly thirty years since the engine time cruiser general belgrano was sunk and the first major british attack of the focus war three hundred and twenty three crew died in what was argentine a single heaviest loss of life in the conflict over the sovereignty of the islands author and historian hugh bitch now says britain hasn't learned the lessons from the war. it took everybody completely by surprise you know the political will certainly there were plenty of warnings that you know one of the things they say there was an intelligence failure no there was an invader a failure of the intellect but that's permanent in the british government it seems
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unable to process information and come up with sensible policies british very very very poor at learning the lessons of anything broadly speaking because they're going to face up to the truth about the mass murder disappearances corruption caution and the dirty war with our own prime minister calla in the foreign office came up to try and sell the idea of selling out the island those he said was handing over two thousand britons to a bunch of bleeping fascists. and that was the foreign office told but that didn't stop the city because the bureaucracy has its own way of doing things you know how trendy this country is and every charge is off in one direction at that time the big thing was oh well we must share our imperial past and then everyone is going to like us again. i can see the full interview with historian and author hugh because now and fifteen
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minutes here on our team. israel is taking new steps to show itself from its arab neighbors meaning further isolation having already walled off the palestinians of georgia state is now seeking to do the same with a lebanese artist falsely reports from israel. while the israeli army says it is building this seven need to hire a cement wall between israel and lebanon to prevent firing from lebanon into northern israel now over the past year and a half there have been and number of incidents just last week a man crossed over the border with his two children from lebanon but a much more deadly example was last year when a number of people were killed during commemorations when they came too close to the border from the nearby side until now there has been any make to fly a fence along the one kilometer israeli and on board it and this is monitored by unifil the united nations interim force in lebanon in fact is well and maybe while being take the key of war they always do meet under the auspices of uniform and
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this wall is being constructed in conjunction with unifil the israeli army as well as the lebanese army but in addition israel is also in the midst of building a wall along its southern border with egypt a war that it says it hopes to finish by the end of the year according to the israelis the one of the self is to stop militant activity there and also to prevent smuggling and then there is another wall the very controversial war that is one has built since two thousand and two in the palestinian waistband and it's controversial because very often it's built on private palestinian land and cuts through villages and it has caused outrage in the international community but the israel has cited security concerns as the reason for that particular barrier so certainly tensions in the region are increasing. your reporting there now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world five people have been killed by gunmen near the egyptian the fancy ministry building in cairo up to one hundred
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people were also injured in clashes in which rocks clubs fire bombs and shotguns were used protesters have been demonstrating for a fourth day against the barring of an islamic candidate from the presidential elections a total of ten hopefuls were banned from standing in the polls later. this month. chinese lawyer and activist chen guangcheng has left the u.s. embassy in beijing for medical treatment and to be reunited with his family according to state media and an american official his flat house arrest last weekend was under u.s. protection of which china is demanding an apology for the wharf leading channel is being punished for exposing alleged abuses in official chinese family planning policy such as forced abortions which the move comes as u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton visits china for high level strategic and economic talks. i am our opposition leader aung san suu kyi has been sworn in as a member of parliament that comes after a two decade struggle against military rule by nobel peace prize winner who was
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subject to house arrest and travel bans the army has formally transfer power to civilians but still has considerable influence in the country her party boycott of the general election in two thousand and ten saying the poll was rigged in favor of the military and toward the political process. and india some police are being accused of using corrupt means to earn a living a bounty for killing suspected terrorists is leading to allegations that some innocent people are dying at the hands of your officers are just british later investigates. schumi ma is a widow with six children desperately trying to make ends meet doing embroidery work for local shops her family has been at the center of the media storm after her daughter was shot and killed by police at the age of nineteen as an iraqi woman in my world fell apart and my house felt empty without her she was the only one bringing light into my life and she is the one who supported the whole family i
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totally depended on her just i want the economy to become me is sure it was part of a fake encounter where police kill usually an armed suspect and claim the killing was in self-defense she was accused of working with pakistani militants and planning to assassinate a key regional politician a later investigation concluded she was murdered by police hoping for financial gain for killing suspected terrorists is just story is unfortunately not uncommon here according to indian civil rights groups police say that they have been trained encouraged to carry them out for money it's a reality as it sheds light on india's lawless society where rampant corruption and bribery has led to a broken law enforcement and judicial system those who have served on the front line say it's a tough job with little pay police here have to cover three times as many people per officer compared to many parts of the world. this is.
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the border and some of the problems. are. what can go through the. new committees have been set up to monitor police complaints while an extra two hundred thousand officers will be hired in the next two years but for those like shamima who have to live every day without her beloved daughter the government's reforms are simply too little too late. i have totally lost my feet. we were just living our life quietly even though we did not have enough money we didn't do anything wrong so why did he kill my daughter it just makes me so angry. still trying to make sense of her family's tragedy preassure either our team mumbai india. or right let's now turn to the
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world of business and i'm worried i'm hearing that more and more foreign investors are interested and russia. marina in fact earlier in the week were saying that a large investor from the middle east has agreed to invest in the company and now we hear and that is the chinese and i'll tell you more about that later but first let's take a look at the international stock markets and start with europe last hour by the little prediction the footsie was flat last hour and i saw that it was probably going to gain more but i was wrong and slipped into negative territory as we can see there but the facts are still adding all the minimizing earlier gains and in general we have a drug makers and oil forums that are leading the gains there are moving on to russia the figures here are still impulses of territory but in general the country is still in celebration mode so investors are hesitant and before making any major moves because we have more public holidays coming up the following week now let's take a look at some individual share moves on the my sites we have ross in there which
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is gaining more this hour over a one percent what we know is that its shareholders may receive record high dividends this year mountain to over one billion dollars and if this happens it would be twenty five percent more than they got last year now financials are so doing quite well this ours provide adding also over one percent when it comes to paulina's gold it's to strengthen its gains and what we know is that the company is planning to sell about five percent of its shares to china investment corporation as well as a further two and a half percent of all since it's in the bank and the company will get a reported six hundred. million dollars for this deal now sustained with china as i said earlier investors from that country are planning to invest and to develop process far east siberia russian and chinese businessmen have signed airports plenty seven agreements and moscow amount since about fifteen billion dollars and what's more they sound an agreement to set up an investment fund which will be
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worth an additional four million dollars and this will be to secure further investments in the future but the pond will be launched in june and we will be making first investments in the next three months and that's very important because russia and china need a good platform for investment because many companies will benefit from trade them for business between russia and china they come in your view is asians to go to those are trying to get investments not very efficient so we created the platforms it's focused on investing in businesses that benefit from russia china trade we believe that we will focus on projects was good returns inside sectors as agriculture machine the really just takes lots of sectors and benefit from the growth of the countries. by the way when it comes to the investment fund i said four million but in fact it's four billion what talk a billion people all right let's move on the same with a look at the markets there they're about to close and as you can see it's all in all sorts of territory when it comes to hong kong investors are feeling more secure
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more confident and that's because official p.m.i. data showed an improvement in chinese manufacturing that we had on the downside ever warrant that show that china's four largest banks have so slowed down as such a sharp slowdown in credit growth but that of course as you can see didn't seem to have much of an impact on investors there well let's take a look at x x a huge rights there and let's see basically this hour it's been the same when it comes to the euro it's still flat one hour in the next hour it's losing against the dollar of but pretty much the same when it comes to the ruble this hour it's really a different situation when it comes against the dollar it's losing and when it comes to the euro it's gaining and this is a how business looks the souring now back to you exxon thanks very much marina for this object and plenty more to come as always here on our team and very shortly we'll be discussing the war between britain and argentina thirty years ago but
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before that i'll bring you the headlines stay with us. join me on a journey to the heart of the problem to a place is hidden from the tourists you're going to meet some real criminal insiders although they may not be the usual newsmakers you see on t.v. .
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ok back here with a reminder of the top stories the occupy protesters are back with a band but marches across the u.s. are marked with new police crackdowns and open tear gas and stun grenades report first calling for an end to corporate greed and big business and one thing politics . fresh violence hits in ghana stand shortly after barack obama visits kabul with a wave of gone and bomb attacks and which at least seven die is stripped mark the year since the killing of osama bin ladin while a deal was signed with afghan president karzai to cover in the decade after the plans of troop pullout in twenty fourteen. and frantic campaigning in france's presidential election was just days left for the two candidates to woo voters before a decisive round on sunday but the fight is getting tougher as right wing leader marine le pen refuses to enter.


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