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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the taliban killed seven in. a surprise visit commit americans in afghanistan for at least another ten years. during a protest against egypt's military rulers while neighboring israel put itself. on the defensive as on its northern and southern border. plus the e.u. reaches a for the red card as countries move to a boycott football. all of this over the handling it was jailed former prime minister. after
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a long weekend russian traders came back to the market selloff leading the odds to a plunge of one and more on this in twenty minutes. a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at the moscow. the taliban says it carried out a suicide car bombing that killed seven in the afghan capital president barack obama did wrap up a brief unannounced visit to the country he signed a deal with president karzai cementing america's commitment to supporting afghan forces even after the nato combat mission ends in two thousand and fourteen obama also stressed the importance of peace talks with the taliban even though the latest attack was in direct retaliation for his visit and packed with karzai. the u.s.
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lead a pledge to the war but it's going to reports america intends to stay for at least another decade. the fact that president obama traveled to afghanistan exactly year after bin laden's killing to sign the strategic pact with ghana's then is seen as an attempt to put the nears of a success story on the decade long war in afghanistan but success in afghanistan is very or you will to say the least the afghans want american troops out we constantly see people there expressing outrage over the killing of civilians over night raids and other actions by u.s. troops the american people want their troops out so both governments are anxious to tell their people that this is over but the reason that the leaders have signed in visions the u.s. staying in afghanistan through twenty twenty four at least not in those numbers of course and the agreement by the way does not address specific troop levels or the size or location of u.s. bases and this is something that many afghans are worried about and that is that the u.s. warrants a permanent basis in afghanistan so amid all these questions you have the
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anniversary of bin laden's death which is hailed as a great victory here's my report on how bin laden's killing could serve as a convenient cover for some dubious policies we have been able to decimate the ranks of al qaeda and a year ago. were able to finally bring osama bin ladin just. by now nobody doubts that bin laden's killing is going to be the highlight of obama's presidential campaign it's already featured in his ads. the harder. and the more on. the one. produced in my opinion the best. as hyped as bin laden's killing is some ask whether it's being used to mask the
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feeler of u.s. policies abroad during the last ten years the bin laden thing i think makes things easier it sells well but again i don't think you can put that good a face on ten years of combat in afghanistan and the afghan and the iraq invasion i think is to me question still yet to be asked about what the justification was no matter how much killing bin laden means you can't take away ten years of failure it was going into afghanistan and especially into iraq ok that created more enemies you know and the recruits for. you know you had this kind of salafist. you know then that then weakening them the pentagon's new strategy is to move away from ground wars bin laden's killing has become the face of the new war on terror obama style through targeted assassinations in different countries with the use of drones and special ops experts say that policy can also backfire the attacks end up killing many civilians and they steer and new wave of revenge extremism you know
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how many people are we going to have to kill before we can finally say ok that's it objective achieved war over we can call this thing off and i look at the israeli experience with targeted assassination and that suggests to me that when you engage in that kind of a policy really what you're going to do is end up having an endless list of targets . and i fear that's the past we have gone down bin laden's death was a success on the war on terror fight no doubt about that but there is an attempt to sell it as the success story of the whole war on terror and many fear that the largest killing could serve as a convenient cover for bad policies of the past as well as the future i'm going to check our reporting from washington. meantime india based political analyst or through i'm charlie or thinks that washington is simply repeating its notorious vietnam war errors which ultimately means the battle for afghanistan is already lost the taliban know very well they are playing the waiting game and i don't see
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them being defeated at all in fact rather for them victory lies in outlasting the united states because as long as there are christian military forces present these indigenous insurrection or nonresistance will keep going if you have several franchises in the branches of a car that is two quite potent i think it is totally misguided to believe that the organization has been and we need your door and i later and what we're going to see then is you know the united states will call you to be eventually because of the economic crisis at home they want to go to sustain these but theories of section within this to richmond that wants to believe that they can still achieve victory this is the mistake and we're undergoing johnson's time in the vietnam war and they repeated it all over again so it's a real tragedy because the facts on the ground is go away from the urban centers and the highways and it's all taliban learnt every patch of it and therefore what are we talking about in terms of victory is not control. now of course you can
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always get more online from our to utah to comment so we've lined up a host of news and analysis for you for example the morning of the surprised how. means even some of barack obama's top level secrets don't stay secret for long we explained why online. also at r.t. dot com the old job thanks to a new top and fashion magazine which focuses on the trademark muslim headscarves check out the latest trends at r.t. dot com. in cairo at least eleven people were killed up to one hundred injured when unknown gunmen attacked a protest against egypt's ruling military council the army has since been deployed to try and the violence growing tensions ahead of egypt's presidential election have led israel to strengthen its southern border as well as reinforcing the north juicer syria's turmoil from tel aviv artie's paula slater. well it certainly is
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a massive mobilization what we're hearing from the israeli army is that they've given the approval for the call up of twenty two reserve battalions many of these are soldiers who've already completed their annual reserve duty what commanders are saying is that these troops are needed to deal with security threats that are coming from israel's borders with egypt and syria and also because of the growing instability in those countries now we're hearing from sources today wednesday also that the situation in the sinai desert which of borders israel is becoming a manageable i mean one in a separate development in cairo several people have been killed and dozens have been injured as clashes turned violent in front of the country's defense ministry these clashes happening between armed police protesters demonstrating there and holding a sit in since friday there demonstrating against the disqualification of a candidate who is running in the country's presidential elections which are slated for the twenty third and twenty fourth of this month and these elections to be
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closely monitored by television which is fearing that the regime will now come to place in cairo will be one that will be a lot more hostile to the jewish state then that of course mubarak seeing is this week israel beginning to build a seven needs a high concrete wall along its border with lebanon and this according to israeli sources is to stop firing from lebanon into northern israel would be told that the war will take several weeks to finish until now there has been an electrified fence along the israeli lebanese border but it comes on the back of a nother security barrier wall that israel is building in the south of the country along its border with egypt's sinai now here to israeli sources are saying that this is to stop security alerts and also to prevent smuggling into israel so certainly we are seeing a lot of activity happening on the ground israel taking security threats very seriously and fearing that there will be more tax. but at the same time this is
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having the effect of isolating israel from its neighbors and from the international community. or his policy reporting there were still ahead for you this hour here on our may day which turned celebration to frustration. of workers rallies across europe see thousands vent their anger over suffering deeply unpopular cuts but it all boils over in some cities or we'll be reporting on that shortly. at a time past here in moscow and for days france chooses its next leader and the frontrunners will make their final big t.v. push to win voters in just a few hours nicolas sarkozy of france were all and trying to scoop up supporters of far right leader. he was refusing to endorse either of them but it is a choice for weary french voters with this reporter's artie's tester australia so it's down to two men socialist francois long and incumbent nicolas sarkozy the
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french say around one of the presidential race is about choosing the candidate you like the most round two is voting for the one you dislike the least unless of course you voted for one of them to begin with and this is where it gets tricky for some especially those who question one of them. or if there really is one. yeah yeah yeah. it's maybe in jest but what's seen as a lack of a clear solution for france is economic woes have left citizens skeptical from the onset. of the french people to see one of the two come to the t.v. will see him say. this is the most project the next five years. i will see the wall in this. and i will i would like to see for all those in this wall in this. especially when france's economic quagmire is already
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a tough one to muddle through unemployment is at a twelve year high of almost ten percent debt is dearie ninety percent of g.d.p. growth has all but ground to a halt and a series of measures are likely to continue the problem could both candidates are in favor of euro bonds more intervention from the european central bank and to varying degrees both have put on a confrontational tone towards brussels and germany but there's doubt that there will be much room for maneuver at all but. whoever the elected president is sarkozy or he will subject himself very quickly and very visibly to the power of the european union it will always require more sacrifices for workers for the obvious interests of the large banking global. then they work on very small things that are out there if you recall that ok we're going to vote for immigrants in local elections or you know what we're going to lead and what sexual
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couples adopt children those are important measures but they're not the biggest measure of a tough choice to make for those who don't see one to begin with. tess or sylvia r.t.u. paris. not far from the r.t. world but for now deepening european anger in ukraine can be coming at a worse time as the country prepares to host football's prestigious euro twenty twelve finals e.u. members lining up to possibly boycott the event all because of ukraine's treatment of us jailed former prime minister yulia timoshenko here's our eastern europe correspondent. scamp. it certainly is getting darker and darker for key of in relation to the euro twenty two well football championship which starts in less than forty days from now and now the dutch government is the latest of the european officials to express their wish to boy call it the tournament here in ukraine the list which already consists of the german and the czech republic presidents at the
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head of the euro commission and the german chancellor angela merkel who even said that the german national football side should boycott their participation in the upcoming summer storm here in ukraine and poland angle merkel says that unless tymoshenko is released she would not come to ukraine for the euro twenty two well football championship the dutch government and the czech presidents are a bit softer in their statement saying that they just want to see. in the treatment of political prisoners in ukraine but all in all definitely this creates a very great deal of pressure on key of last friday's terrorist attacks and you put it all skoal radio created serious concerns about the security during the summer storm in but now the euro twenty two off to become a victim of political pressure from the european union on ukraine the ukrainian leadership reacted to all these statements coming from the european union but saying that this kind of rhetoric puts the countries back in the cold war and in fact there may be right in some sense because the one of the villa vivid examples of a political boy called during
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a sporting championship sporting event was in one thousand nine hundred eighty when sixty countries refused to come to moscow for the olympic games there and then the soviet union four years later replied by not sending fourteen countries fourteen republics of the soviet union to the olympic games in los angeles but you know the political boycotts during the sporting events happen even now days four years ago during the beijing olympics some countries also wanted to abstain from coming to china for the olympic games but then they managed to negotiate it somehow with the authorities in china but certainly the situation is very very tense for ukraine and for keven particular now. reporting there and our sports presenter kate partridge says that the football community wants to keep its eye on the ball and is reluctant to get involved in the row. i think here in the situation there is a divide between the political side and the football side the football side is very much to do with the seams taking part of c. coaches players and also the fans the other side of politics so this situation is
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the reason why it was to michigan care you have these teams coming in but in terms of the fans themselves there isn't really a great deal of reaction from the fans that there is there hasn't been any sort of blogging or responses on the political sense the fans are much more concerned with the logistics of getting a hotel getting flights getting tickets but sport in football in particular it's not it's not never been their place to be politically involved it's more a case of taking the game taking the game to the wider world to the wide to the fans to the wider global football community and by helping regeneration and by definition just by being there helping to highlight some of these issues. live from moscow this is r t still on the way for you in the program a family torn apart by indian police they think they're above the law but taking justice into their own hands a grieving mother tells r.t. how corrupt and murderous police killed her innocent daughter. made a marchers were out in force all across europe with thousands getting the chance to
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vent their anger at the austerity they're enduring but violence mar the demonstrations in certain cities for example to italy we go where riot police beat protesters with turin seeing the fierce fierce clashes italians are angry over the putative cuts being carried out of the country's three main unions denounced the reforms being pushed through by unelected technocrat prime minister mario monti also though in germany rallies turned violent as left wing demonstrators clashed with police in and hamburg injuries reported on both sides an estimated four hundred thousand walked across the country to demand a growth strategy rather than cuts and in spain right here in madrid which is battling a double dip recession the trade unionists are focused on the record eurozone unemployment rate of twenty five percent nearly half of all young people out of work though after a day of violence and mass demonstrations one message was clear the economy of the
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future needs centering around citizens and not around bailing out banks. in italy where the violence come from. establishment with the political. when you have a cut in your we each quarter you we when you cut social security when you have a cut of. mint when you see that. people are confronted with very violent process in. life lose their middle to survive and that's why i think we see that sort of reaction in the population we have to have an economy with the with the people first the people and not the profit and we have an economy with solidarity and corporation and not always fighting and
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competition between countries and people and so on so we have to renewed economy in total business that's one one thing but directly for the moment we are to take measures that the rich people are paying for the crisis with taxes against them and not against the common people are twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital america's chief diplomats on a charm offensive in china right now hillary clinton's high level talks come amid concerns in beijing over washington beefing up its military presence near chinese territory last sunday clinton promised military assistance to the philippines with which ranging has a territorial dispute the relations between china and the u.s. are also tainted by a diplomatic tussle over. the blind activist who's been under house arrest for four years foreign affairs analyst richard darrien says the two nations are too
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codependent to lock horns with each other. as far as the human rights issue is concerned i'm sure that the obama administration will try to be some sort of lip service be it because they will know that the republicans will harm or even buckle if bill bonde administration seems to be you know not pushing the democratic nation issue for us china is concerned but i do not see that america much of the leverage over china the fact that china and united states are very economically codependent but this dependence goes truly all for china is also dependent on america perfect on the g. import oil for or for its exports and for investment of course there are two dimensions to america's so-called people at the show the first they mention is the economic they mention but the second they mention of dispy votes which makes it more controversial as even increase in american military presence in the region in the philippines in single or and of course american troops in northern australia so this is the second dimension which is making the north american relations very
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tense and that's why i feel that hillary clinton is going to china right now to do some sort of damage control so i think this is one of the impetus for miller keep his visits be generate now. of course we always enjoy it when you get involved with us in our stories here at r.t. today we're asking you know where you think the u.s. and china relationship is heading what obstacles might be in the way here's how the vote and the numbers are stacking up for this hour of r.t. dot com so far almost half of you see a major proxy war ahead africa's natural resources less than a third thing nothing can get in the way because they need each other too much just out of sixteen percent this hour believing that america throwing up trade barriers will put a spanner in the works and just down to the bare minimum now the remaining few saying that unearthing a gross breach of human rights in china could be the death knell you can still make your voice heard on our worldwide poll of dot com. but before we get to
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dmitri with the business or let's have syria start off the r.t. world update now a rebel ambush in syria's aleppo province has apparently killed fifteen government soldiers on tuesday u.n. observers reported multiple ceasefire violations from both sides during a gun battle near the turkish border the u.n. warns the attacks threaten the peace plan it helped to broker and wants to significantly increase the number of monitors in the country by the end of may serious conflict has taken thousands of lives since it began over a year ago. it's heralding over a new era for me and with opposition leader aung sun suu cheve making it into parliament after twenty five years the nobel peace prize winner was sworn in along with other opposition m.p.'s marking and historic chapter in the country's slow moves towards democracy the party still has too few seats to challenge the military dominated parliament but the reforms have seen other countries soften their
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attitude towards me and. and a rare ratings chink of light for greece standard and poor's has elevated the country's status as default it's on the back of the. the biggest ever debt restructuring which let greece stop cash from hemorrhaging but it does mean that investors have lost billions greece is now rated triple c. means it's vulnerable and dependent following two bell outs from the e.u. and the i.m.f. totaling two hundred and forty billion euros. well a corrupt police in india bypassing the courts alluring criminal suspects to their deaths but claiming the murders are in self defense what's worse is that innocent civilians are being subjected to the extra judicial killings prius radio reports from mumbai. sure mima is a widow with six children desperately trying to make ends meet doing embroideries work for local shops her family has been at the center of the media storm after her
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daughter ish roth was shot and killed by police at the age of nineteen as an argument my world fell apart and my house felt empty without her she was the only one bringing light into my life and she is the one who supported the whole family i totally depended on her there was no economy to gun me is sure it was part of a fake encounter where police kill usually on armed suspects and claimed the killing was in self-defense she was accused of working with pakistani militants and planning to assassinate a key regional politician a later investigation concluded she was murdered by police hoping for financial gain for killing suspected terrorists is just story is unfortunately not uncommon here according to indian civil rights groups police everyman and it is that they have been trained encouraged to carry them out for money it's a reality that sheds light on india's lawless society where rampant corruption and
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bribery has led to a broken law enforcement and judicial system those who have served on the front line say it's a tough job with little pay police here have to cover three times as many people per officer compared to many parts of the world but who supports the burden of those who think this is. the border and some of the problems. i think of the. living god determines what can go to the need to see change. new committees have been set up to monitor police complaints while an extra two hundred thousand officers will be hired in the next two years but for those like shamima who have to live every day without her beloved daughter the government's reforms are simply too little too late. i have totally lost my faith in the police we were just living our life quietly even though we did not have enough
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money we didn't do anything wrong so why did they kill my daughter it just makes me so angry. still trying to make sense of her family's tragedy preassure either r.t. mumbai india. however let's get over to the anti business test now in the tree standing by with this hour's update out good to see you again investors are not in the selling mood because i do understand that jobs data from the u.s. some exactly on a high note who say well yes they are they are selling right now not so much as we've seen it last hour really but russian markets closed down one half percent the u.s. markets are now showing around half a percent drop both for the dow jones and for the mass that that's after indeed a.d.p. reported one hundred nineteen thousand new jobs added to the private sector this is of course preliminary data head of a labor department report coming out on friday. over in europe the unemployment situation is also creating a lot of concern that twelve year high has been reached in march for unemployment
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in italy in germany the jobless rate rose zero point one percent for the same period which was also slightly higher than expected and of course spain has the highest level of unemployment twenty four point four percent with five point six million people looking for a job. and the european markets are therefore reacting also negatively to those dates are we seeing the footsie and the dax declining within one percent over in moscow the markets indeed closed on the wednesday traders coming back after a long holidays with a big drop of one half percent although half of the day we did see positive movement and see. traders were pretty relaxed among the interesting stocks at the close the ross near as its shareholders are anticipating a very nice dividend payment of around one billion dollars which is twenty five percent more than last year we're seeing a bit better than the market down point six percent it was up for the whole session
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know what is down almost ten percent of the close this is as the government has approved new rate hikes for natural resources extraction and. it is down to one percent the most liquid stock on the market and then currencies we are seeing a very flat situation it comes to the euro dollar payout but the ruble ended up gaining as both currencies around one percent most of the year and just the not sure for us is the. part that's all out for you this i'll be back of course with more in fifty five going to. see you then. but i still to come here and i'll see it is wednesday evening here in the russian capital i will receive a recap of the top stories so that'll be topped off though with the fired up edition of course talk.
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culture is that so much in a moment x. mares and i mean to say she gave me a lot of people and areas the time finally come when we should value qualitative measurements of well be over industries such as g.d.p. and other governments the. wealthy british science it's a time to time.


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