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let's not forget that we had in a parked car the regime broke down the road. i think the rock the bombings readable and on the well. we never got the live shows they're going to keep you safe get ready because you know mr freedom. to let me repeat what i said earlier it is a little luck and they alone a fellow will get the real headlines with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anyone if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. .
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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hard time for you said it i read it right take time to respond my brilliance my engaging you are a comment from facebook twitter and you do because you have so many say and listen now first i want to respond to a viewer that watched our panel earlier this week on the one year anniversary of the death of bin laden amongst other things jeff baldwin said on face book the sad part of it all is that he got what he wanted which was his trump to disrupt the lives of the american people as much as possible and you know what i have to agree here bin ladin is dead but america has changed forever two wars one more the decade long three to four shadow wars the t.s.a. the d.h. as wiretapping the blanket term of national security that is now slide to everything america is a changed country been a lot of might be dead but the post nine eleven america unfortunately looks like it's here to stay and now i have a little conspiracy to clear up the earlier in the week and mention that i didn't fact obviously read our facebook page and the jenny churchill read it too then
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later in the show by coincidence jenny's mike died during happy hour so you can imagine what happened next thomas harmon tweeted that us at jenny churchill at the low to show was miffed at suggesting that you were in charge of her at the page then your might cut out on happy hour suspicious l.o.l. ernest welker said on facebook oh my god only a technical problem can silence jenny by the way this is the first time i've ever heard a republican a rational republican strategist where'd you find that guy oh yeah canada of all places now first of all i very much appreciate jenny's jennie's talkativeness on happy hour after all who wants a shy happy our partner kind of defeats the purpose and i did not shut off her mike the control room did not just get it it was actually a technical error we promise now i'm going to take a moment here to answer a few of our viewer questions from this week to barbara three g r s's on you tube alona are you invited to the white house. respond at dinner i think you should have
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gotten an invitation seeing that you're right there in d.c. so no i was not invited to the white house correspondents' dinner even though i am right here in d.c. and so no i did not hobnob with celebrities and policy makers that my weekend with the regular folks just like you and a viewer who's you tube dave is very hard to pronounce asked us hey producers of the show could you make a thirty minute version of the happy hour theme for me to download an exercise to an m p three form personally i think it's kind of an awesome idea not sure how motivating happy hour is going to be while you work out but we are checking out that big three possibility now as for the thirty minutes not really sure that i can promise that either but make sure you stay tuned for tonight and will have a longer happy hour than usual that's it my ranting this week but i'll be back with more as usual next week. well this week the obama campaign rolled out their slogan for the two thousand and twelve election check out. this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. at winning the world. the
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world. got to say i'm a little bit underwhelmed there's a rich tradition in this country of tatty campaign slogans from calvin coolidge's nine hundred twenty four slogan keep cool with coolidge to ross perot's one thousand nine hundred two phrase ross for boss but it looks like the obama campaign are just trying to play it safe just one word boring one very boring word now we wondered how the selection process happened to pick this one a very boring word and we theirs and they kind of must've gone down like this. hi guys thank you so much for coming in participating in our focus group to figure
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out the obama campaign's new slogan for two thousand and twelve campaign now you're just going to hold up the paddle the black side means that it's a good slogan and the white side means that it's a bad slogan should it be the other way. no no it should all right now the first full day we're going to look at is born to lead. ok mr white supremacy what is your issue with this one going to lead i don't i think the whole birth certificate being people are going to. say let's try the next one which is working thinking ever. ok what what's wrong with this one i mean don't you think that kind of like ominous like or. four or four.
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i mean i don't know it's just they're like look at like a dictator or something like you know very evil empire very i don't think you guys get this whole acronyms thing you had winning the future and then there was the wiki leaks task force this b t. ok we have another possible slogan this one is swagger. menace that's hurt us reminds me of like. swag in like you know getting free stuff when it just runs of celebrity. you know like not working for what you need to get i mean do you really ok and then our last one which is everyone loves multiple o's are you sure like. orgasm multiple
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orgasms is a that's a campaign everyone loves lots and lots of orgasms can you guys excuse you for a second yeah this is not going. no no i don't think it has anything to do with my handwriting thank you i mean i can forward you the results i'm just telling you it's not pretty now i said i can forward you the results oh. hold on guys what do you think about the slogan forward. yeah i think we have a winner. so it was about right but if the obama campaign was trying to play it safe let's say failed miserably i guess they were so caught up in looking forward that they forgot to look back to the past uses of the slogan because the right wing media very quickly and get only pointed out the forward was a popular name for a communist socialist publications in europe with different publications in different countries popping up during the one nine hundred twentieth centuries oh
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not to mention it was also marching song for the hitler youth so looks like maybe they weren't so far off with the whole white supremacist in the focus group you know in all honesty i think the full outrage on the right that says that this proves obama is a commie this is ridiculous but come on guys forward seriously if anything kind of sounds like you copied and this n.b.c. remember they have a whole campaign called lean forward personally think of the obama campaign could've done better than that. i thank you. for trying. the x twenty six taser gun it's marketed by taser international to police forces as a safer non-lethal alternative to guns for police officers when they're encountering someone who is a physical threat rather than cops worrying about harm from physically tackling somebody or facing the permanent effects of their handgun law enforcement has come to rely on this as their go to weapon if you will and when i say rely i mean it in
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fact tasers are being used by more than sixty thousand law enforcement agencies in one hundred seven countries including here in the u.s. and even though police are relying on them more and more there's been a growing number of incidents over the past decade where they've been used in questionable situations and have had lethal results and we told you about the case of jesse kersey the seventeen year old mentally handicapped boy who was riding a bike in dayton ohio when he was stopped by an officer when the officer was thrown off by percy's speech impediment the boy became confused and started to walk away from the officer towards his mother's house just before he walked inside he was taped in the back yes a mentally handicapped boy was tase for walking away from police officer let's move on to the story of everett howard the recent high school graduate was taking part in a jump start program before beginning college classes at the university of cincinnati where he was tasered by campus police now police claim that they were responding to an assault call when they encountered howard and wallace fists were drawn he didn't
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have any weapons on the police taser howard he wanted a cardiac arrest and died a short while later now these are just a few examples of these kinds of tragic incidents but as these stories continue to come out and tasers continue to be used people are taking notice groups like amnesty international have argued that tasers need more regulations the police don't understand or take into consideration the potentially lethal reaction when they're used in the field now some tasers use compressed nitrogen to fire their darts not gun powder so there's no legal requirement to test to regulate the cop's trusty weapon but taser international stands by the fact that their tool saves lives. and it kills in fact taser international posted in a report on their web site the quote there is no reliable published data that proves tasers negatively affect the heart well a new study written by dr douglas science and published by the american heart association magazine circulation came to quite a different conclusion. that it happens is absolutely unequivocal taser on
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questionably can produce sudden cardiac arrest and death. doctors findings are pretty conclusive but they were quickly shot down by taser international a spokesman for the company says it is life to serve as a witness for plaintiffs who sued the company in the past and its conclusion should be taken with a grain of salt however other cardiologists seem to think the opposite and very much respect doctors like. he would be somebody that everybody would know it's a name that would be recognized by all cardiologist. in fact his findings have been echoed by other doctors who say if the conversation about tasers needs to be focused on whether the risk is low enough to warrant regularly use regular use by police now we wait to see how law enforcement actually treats these findings dr zipes does say that cops should be properly trained and even carry a defender later on them at all times you think police officer should have to figure later in the trunk using tasers i do i do actually. and though i have to use
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. now just to give you an idea of how frequently police rely on their tasers listen to these numbers in two thousand and ten chicago's independent police review off already issued a report that law enforcement use tasers on nearly seven hundred offenders over the course of just one year and to see international released findings show that five hundred people have died from tasers since two thousand and one with oklahoma city leading the nation in the most taser related deaths which currently sits at seven so yes in theory there are conflicting reports those coming from taser international claim that there is no link between tasers and debt yet several reports including this latest study published by the american heart association say that there is a conclusive link between tasers and death so it's going to encourage police departments to reconsider their use in the field will have to keep raising awareness around the issue and wait and see. now although it's time for our last
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break of the evening we come back find out which executive agency websites told that award for promoting one of president bush's worst programs and i'm going to have a dose of happy hour for your town hall kevin alas i'm going to be on the show with our very own jenny churchill. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you. see some other part of it and realize everything. you don't. welcome is a big. blow
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to the capital account because i'm laura mr. mayor good. luck in the alona so we'll get the real headlines with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . r t is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like al-jazeera .
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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. our guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and this evening the honor goes to the obama administration's department of health and human services for reviving a relic of the bush administration abstinence only sex education programs now let's start out and i taking a little trip down memory lane when then senator obama professed to hate the bush administration's promotion of abstinence only sex ed programs in schools and response to a two thousand seven questionnaire from r.h. reality check which is an online sexual reproductive health magazine obama's
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presidential campaign staff said the following he said senator obama believes that we should not continue to fund abstinence only programs over the last decade the federal government spent one point five billion dollars in taxpayer dollars on abstinence only programs that have not been successful well abstinence is one approach to reducing unintended pregnancies and as t.d.'s obama believes that we should also support comprehensive an age appropriate sex education and then a repeat of that message on the campaign trail take a look at this clip from a speech in pennsylvania from march of two thousand and eight when it comes pacifically day should be the most important prevention is education which should think canada. which should include an abstinence only education is should include abstinence education. and teaching the children teaching children you know that sex is not something casual but it should ensure include. it should also include other. information about contraception. notice
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how he stopped himself from accidentally almost praising abstinence only education well after he took office president obama kept to his word actually canceled funding for abstinence only sex ed programs in early two thousand and nine rational americans thought that the nightmare was behind them at least on a federal level you know the crazy state legislation is popping up out there but last month the center for disease control announced that teen pregnancy was at record lows thanks to the use of contraception and pregnancy prevention messages we talked we spoke about it here on the show and the numbers told us a few other things turns out the teen pregnancy rates were the highest in states that still practice abstinence only education and yes unfortunately some states still do but at least the nightmare is past us on a federal level right well just like final destination movies this trainwreck just won't go away yesterday sexual health advocates posting on our age reality check pointed out the department hallway of health and human services has quietly
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included an abstinence only based sex ed program among its evidence based programs for pregnancy prevention and the program which is based in south carolina has called heritage keepers abstinence education and the law described it as fear based and homophobic a congressional report into the program concluded that it had little or no impact on sexual abstinence or activity yet has decided to promote it anyway causing the obama administration to flip flop on a campaign promise and go it just kept on the american people and the best part is that they did it as quietly as possible no announcement just a little mention on the web site but the real reason that has says age as wins tonight isn't for the broken promise per se although that would be enough it's sort of promoting a fundamentalist religious program as being evidence based and they're going to promote abstinence only sex education which reports concluded of having no impact as being evidence based then why stop there. why not just promote educational
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programs that teach children that gay marriage causes earthquakes or one of the teach kids that porn addiction is caused the financial collapse while we're at it the federal government should maybe promote a baggage that instructs teachers to tell people that abortion caused nine eleven while it's true abstinence is a sure way to prevent pregnancy as d.d.'s all that not informing hormonal teenagers about safe sex is just beyond negligent kids are going to have sex so let's teach them how to do it safely once again kids are going to have sex facts of life period end of story just because conservatives want to live in a dream world pretending that doesn't happen doesn't mean that their notion should be held up at a federal level as legitimate public education policy it's embarrassing and the h.h.s. is here to promote research backed public policy not cave to religious fundamentalists so for not quassia a program that makes the dark ages seem like the enlightenment hit as winston ice evidence based tool time award.
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time for happy hour and joining me this evening alone to show producer jenny churchill and kevin glass managing editor at townhall hey guys. there was quite a resignation from the romney campaign this week this is his foreign policy spokesman richard grenell resigned on tuesday afternoon and here's how explaining why. it's higher had just been announced but mitt romney's openly gay and now former foreign policy spokesperson richard grenell has stepped down following criticism over his sexuality and appointment within the campaign. i think he looks good by now we're going to have to just kidding i live but yes he was an openly gay aide and there was such so much hoopla out there that he actually had to resign
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over it which i just i think people are jumping to conclusions on this grinnell was appointed and he came under fire from yes the social conservative right but also from leftist groups like think progress attacked him because he'd been somewhat less than cautious with his words on twitter in addressing certain female members of the media so it was kind of a no win situation after he got a point you know and we don't know why he stepped down we know the i mean campaigning against him to stay he says that they begged him to stay he himself said that he stepped down in large part because of the backlash by conservatives. who did he said that he stepped down because he was receiving a lot of producers will ality and about homosexuality and then you say that i can tell you what he said he said i've decided to resign. from the romney campaign while i welcome the challenge to confront president obama's foreign policy failures and weak leadership on the world stage my ability to speak clearly and forcefully on the issues has been greatly diminished by the hyper partisan discussion of
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personal issues that sometimes comes from a presidential campaign exactly he came under fire for completely scrubbing a lot of his online profile because he had like i said but then in time to have to do if you want to work in politics these days though right is you have to actually go probably clean up some of the stuff that's learned there yes i did that and i think people are going to attack. it on multiple levels i think that it's the conservatives went after him for being gay i think it's sad that people on the left went after him for being a normal person who makes normal comments i mean seen all of his tweets obviously but i mean none of. i'm really struck me as completely out there i think that sometimes when people speak as normal human beings they're then ridiculed and it's not good enough so then we end up with everyone in government being a weird psycho that doesn't actually say anything as to why i think the way in theory right maybe we will get more of this to this story here but if that is the case you know it's just it's unfortunate it's not like there is a lesion ration and i agree with you and i swear i'm going to run
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a campaign if you are who are they going to be more scared of think progress or conservative. religious i think we've got them both coming out where you. are let's take a look about this horrible horrible story that happened to this youssif and diego student take a look. good by having his horrifying ordeal inside a five by ten holding cell similar to this one meant drinking his own urine both returned. as n.b.c. seven first reported chong was detained at the d.a.'s office on saturday april twenty first following a drug raid at a university studio apartment. so he was actually in this cell for five days with no food no water handcuffed and had to drink his own. really and because it was a sweep he was at a for twenty party partying like normal college kids do and they just decided to sweep everyone up idea has apologized by the way they really are. saying
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it seems a pretty egregious violation of his rights i mean your administration has recently been pushing this line that they've ended the drug war and you can see it in the obama administration's do you say they're far from doing anything of the sort you know parents if you go to for twenty party you're alone thank you agents and seems to just have to have the benefit of the doubt on on matters like this when it goes up the ladder to the d.a. so it's really unfortunate the obama administration is trying to claim that they're making progress on you know repealing some of the most egregious drug laws but they really have. no idea i think this is really sad especially since recently it was found out that drinking your own urine is not actually sanitary unlike what we've been led to i think we've all kind of. i mean i mean roe yeah but apparently it's also you really need to tell you that it's probably not good for you to actually drink your own urine it's clearly only an extreme situation if you're trying to
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survive anyway. let's move on to stephen king who had quite some words in terms of for the people that don't want to be taxed more he said it's not fair to ask the middle class this is a column that the daily beast it's not fair to ask a middle class to assume a disproportionate amount of the tax burden not fair it's effing american is what it is i don't want you to apologize for being rich i want you to acknowledge that in america we should all have to pay our fair share and then next line i've known rich people and why not since i'm one of them the majority would rather doubt their genitals with lighter fluid and strike a match and dance around singing disco inferno than pay one more cent in taxes to uncle sugar. he's angry using like i don't know what stephen king's
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qualifications on tax policy analysis or he doesn't seem to want to and you know here he was his own town in all see this is analysis on american life and who better to talk about the nightmare that has become american life than the author of carrie and the shining and the stand and lemurs other products but i mean if he is one of those rich people why can't he comment on the other rich people that don't that's what you can certainly comment but you know he can also pay an extra cent in taxes if you if you showed so chose to mow his whole point was that people tell him to pay more you know cut a check or shut up and he's saying no you know what you might want me to shut up but i'm not going to shut up this is how i feel and i'm going to talk about it i mean he doesn't have to shut up but you can also cut a check if you want to of course you can cut a check but it's the whole point is that it's both to be a fair system right where everybody participate fairly and not just get to slide by other people out of the goodwill they're going to really go to driving what barriers and i got to get out of the race because we're going to be over time
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thanks for joining me tonight that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning it makes me come back tomorrow security privacy researchers chris agoing is going to be on and coming up next. culture is that so much in a moment taxpayers' money mandating ization even a lot of people here is the time finally comes when we should value public aid of measurements of well be over industries such as g.d.p. and other governments to.
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the fire. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. the mission of free cretaceous free in-store charge is free from arrangement free. three stooges free.


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