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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 7:01am-7:31am EDT

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this is r.t. my name is kevin i know in our top story the worst violence egypt has seen in months is stoking political tensions in the country ahead of the presidential election there at least twenty people have been killed and over one hundred injured when unknown attackers targeted protesters earlier wednesday sparking further fierce clashes the demonstration is being held after the banning of islam is counted in from the election various political forces have brushed the blame the ruling military for the bloodshed party sarah firth looks into the chaos the religious tensions have created in post revolution in egypt. taking phone in middle eastern news across this is the leading comic actor. and his film the leader is just one of a number in which she still didn't learn this in imprisoned offending islam is a ruling that's in waging the public but this revolution said let's put things in
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force that was a got a letter saying her face of i got really mad about this right that the process wasn't enough that it wasn't and that this was the side of the race that it wasn't for the rest of the bunch a. very very well right there freedom of expression in the fact that such convictions accosting a cloud a very artistic plan said actions which the great and the good of the arab media industry a quick to condemn after being banned for years until the barrick hardline parties like the muslim brotherhood and the newly created select this new look i see have gained serious political clout having won the lion's share of seats in parliament and. has hope. to. produce what will that new egypt look like the greeks like oh no it means imposing much stricter. we have no problem with shallow
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sharia law is the. system so we have our culture out of this our culture content and out of atlanta and. society as we live in egypt so. i think the system and the laws have to come from this culture and this culture means islamic world. many of these pushing for implementing shari'a law in egypt at least publicly that it could still be a long way off but there are already sowing the changes taking place a lot of people who are currently governmental candidates for president are being very cautious about the statements that they make with the got the policy everyone is preaching moderate islamists but at same time there's an undercurrent like for instance we're going to change that you question curriculums likely we're not going to ban mic schools but we're going to preach religion better at schools may matter how subtle the differences may be at the very moment egypt's eric sheikh restraint
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in meeting its each other and the results of what happens right now could be felt for generations certain. kyra. still to come in the program with me kevin oh in the pain in spain protesters gather in faster loaders the european central bank which has been driving the deeply unpopular story to general cross the e.u. meets in the city got the latest on that story developing self and also we're reporting on how big the extraction of natural gas from shell rock caused outrage in britain now with fears about its destructive impact on the environment. this is psyche to greed the room. mate.
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civilization. but is there life outside civilization possible. join me on a journey to the heart of the problem to a place is hidden from the tourists you're going to meet some real credible insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. . you.
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my. world. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in beijing for wide ranging strategic talks with china a visit coming at an extremely delicate time in relations between the two countries but jim wants an apology from washington after accusing it of meddling in its internal affairs of the u.s.
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embassy harbored a chinese dissident activist china's also irritated over the vericut military buildup in the asia pacific region investment manager francis learn told us washington that the beijing is you think relatively. the u.s. strategy is really try to encircle china from order away from japan to the philippines where it now and now india so it's all three quarters away the u.s. is circling china and expression lead in is south china sea there you as much as have a military exercise somewhere for philippines and so that these two smaller countries can dare to challenge china so the u.s. strategy is stated they will give enough backing to d.c. neighboring countries to keep china occupied so a dead child there would not have the type to deal with other geopolitical things. common to fall for jordan a spread of celebes out in situ to china to study social economic development is
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that he says the world is yet to see a major standoff between washington and beijing is a quick taste of a longer interview we've got with him which you can see full in fact next hour. building the military but still you know the u.s. has a military that equal all the other militaries of the world put together and i've heard of we've heard a lot of talk about multi polar world but last century it was the soviet union in the u.s. this is to be very simple minded about it this is the u.s. and china that bipolar that world is going to be dominated by the bipolar connection of china and the u.s. and people will make countries will make decisions in calibrate their their actions against what they perceive will be the response of the u.s. and or china.
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moscow is warning it could make a preemptive strike against nato zante missile defense shield plan for europe if the u.s. persists in going ahead ignoring the criminal position russia's military chief city telling concerns about the planet an international conference here in moscow with representatives from over fifty nations attending of his admission no he joins us live with more on this meeting that was saying today hi there nice and i want kind of message is russia hoping to deliver at this international gathering that. the missile defense has been in a deadlock for some time now that's certainly no secret between the u.s. russia and nato and once again russian officials today reiterated the sentiment that that deadlock needs to end or else russia is going to take responsive action we heard the phrase preemptive strike this is pretty harsh rhetoric we're hearing from russia they're very serious about their their concerns their national security concerns being taken into consideration by nato and the u.s. we also heard from officials that if some kind of compromise isn't made that
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they're warning of in fact another arms race so very strong words coming from russia what they're hoping to come out of this two day summit is first of all to prove that these so-called rogue states like iran and south korea which the u.s. and nato say this missile defense system which is well underway in eastern europe in poland romania even as far as turkey that russia has research and is giving basically officials details on why they believe those two countries certainly don't have the missile capabilities to reach europe so a lot of questions surrounding the goals behind this defense system so close to russia's border and also showing a computer model of why exactly this missile system poses a threat to russia's national security in detail this is something moscow has been trying to convince the two of us through dialogue for years now washington continues to stress that the system is not. against russia like i said that it's
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against iran and north korea but russell just isn't convinced that this summit another attempt to try to sway washington to prove how important this is not russia to the end it's going to push forward and try to protect its national security with that said no major breakthroughs are expected at this two day summit it is an election year let's not forget that hot mike that we heard in south korea where obama told medvedev hang in there i'll be ready to compromise after the election of course but you know like here in a lot of countries to call should go in trying to child an official certainly understand also there was an invitation for nato secretary general rasmussen to attend the summit he did decline all those spokes person said that no way represents his position and openness and readiness for dialogue on the issue but the fact that he is not here is not the best sign in terms of nato russia relations ahead of a major summit coming out in chicago at the end of the month so what we're going to
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hear most likely as this two day summit wraps up is baby steps we're ready for dialogue but how far both sides are willing to compromise is still very unclear that's the big question here saying this is the story's been rumbling on for such a long time in the news again today with this meeting thanks for bringing us up to date the. central moscow now just let you know and take a look at our website will be in store for you there today our great place for all the latest stories comment analysis on top pictures of the day these stories got a lot of clicks right now one of them all moving in tons of dead brain from last year's tsunami in japan is set to reach the u.s. pacific coast by oh discover what is imposed on our online story it's made its way across the ocean to people not really thinking about where it went. from us also one of the most famous paintings in the world. a sold for a record hundred twenty million dollars in new york that makes it. the most
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expensive ever the public option if you didn't get a chance to bid you find a promise. to a substantial degree and one farm or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the shadow is an approaching a hole in the front. to leave early twenty first century military bases the network of military bases all around the forms the empire that the united states is trying to do it's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around the world. we don't have fallen bases in
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america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases are fine the noises on one or two doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for these people. since the end of world war two the spaces i've been . working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions the up ingles get everything you need thing. through.
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this is r.t. spanish protesters are gathering the city of barcelona where the european central bank is meeting and the event sparked unprecedented security measures in the country reflecting public anger over those savage government austerity cuts to try to deal with that huge budget deficit several border controls have been reimposed for the event with the authorities fearful of violence university of athens economics professor yanis varoufakis told us that people he thinks have every reason to be furious while they seem to be spent over the last few months one trillion euros financing bank of banks. think it could be
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a loan because three to five percent. it is excusing to come to this is of states like spain like portugal like ireland like greece and to come to their assistance the european union as a whole requires misanthropy conditions to be imposed upon the populations of those countries so you have to completely different attitudes by the market is not it's a new one is towards the bank a bank is where essential. for during this crisis and they are being treated with a glove. and then you have the way the states next plane are being treated europe does not have the need to do from should be there in order to avert the kind of gets kade of insolvencies of states that we have been experiencing over the last couple of years. more comment on this big story about fifty minutes to stacey herbert here to take a vote was very very thing for big on the global financial chaos. geitner you can't
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legislate away stupidity or risk taking greed it was just an accident i think that the global financial markets collapsed i don't see any crime here although he has selective amnesia and he's purposefully blind to the crime in front of him he can't hear anybody out there committing crime he can't see anybody even though it's presented the evidence every single day criminality no. ambiguity about it. because a report on this channel fracking the process of extracting natural gas from rocket land has been given the go ahead in the u.k. however the technique is causing short waves amongst residents new drilling sites
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who claim they have been informed of the potentially disastrous environmental impact or he's over bennett reports. it triggers earthquakes and could poison water supplies but fracking so just got the green light in the u.k. a government study says the controversial gas extraction technique fees despite causing two tremors in the popular coastal resort of blackpool last year environmentalist's fear a smokescreen hiding the far more dangerous side effect of large scale deadly pollution what it fails to address is the fact that earthquakes and seismicity you know those issues are actually a new very small fraction of the other associated problems with fracking so the report doesn't really do justice to any other aspect soltanieh says the department of energy climate change to regulating this hydraulic fracturing or fracking extracts methane gas from underground millions of gallons of water and chemicals including hydrochloric acid pumped into
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a three kilometer deep well that high pressure when the rock cracks gas escapes but so too can deadly toxins and radiation previously locked in the ground this site just sixty kilometers south of london is one of many the government intends to drill and the people who live here have had no say permission is already been given for fracking to start and that's the hole that will be pumped with water at one thousand meters it's not shallower than most other fracking sites which means the risks of tremors a much higher but so too the chances of toxic chemicals seeping into the water supply and that's the worry for residents who live nearby the fact that fracking could take place four miles from my home makes me feel very angry very disillusioned very disappointed in our legislators things absolutely exasperated that they can even countenance sanctioning because it is an eco sidle technology it's short term and short sighted halfway between the capital and the coast bulk
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i'm surrounded by a network of reservoirs that provide water to much of england's densely populated south. beast the fear is the toxic cocktail left by fracking will pollute supplies only a quarter of the carcinogenic chemicals pumped in actually come out again fracking has already begun in america these online videos show what happens if the well casing splits taps flaming after gas leaked into the water system but britain insists it's a cleaner alternative to cold local campaign is far from convinced we really need to be looking at you know we're going to move away from fossil fuels and what's happening at the moment is that the government is diverting its attention and its resources towards. energy such as nuclear fracking don't increase resilience and don't move as a way to reduce clo it impact fracking is banned in france and bold garia because of public outrage but in the current corners of england's countryside people's
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fears are no match for the energy giants either bennett artsy sussex let me bring you up to date some other world news headlines now in brief it's believed four people died and hundreds more have been arrested after syrian security forces and students reported to be attacks. rather have reported to have attacked protesters in anti-government rally that's the latest news line there and verified video saying here shows troops raiding the university of aleppo campus and firing at crowds demonstrating against president bashar al assad reports say the security forces action followed an attack by pro-government students on the protests there these are latest pictures or say the campus has been the site of almost daily rallies against the regime for several months. in libya laws prohibiting public praise of the late leader moammar gadhafi of being brought in by the ruling national transitional council punishment could be as much as a life in prison for offenses deemed to be quote damaging to the state the
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censorship also prohibits indorsing the former leader's ideas in a series of new laws. introduced by the revolutionary government ahead of elections . on a lighter note taking the skies now look at this gravity defying dive from this gentleman the swiss known simply as jet you can see why it's flown over rio de janiero in a jet. drop of a helicopter. the christ the redeemer statue to the notable. before touching down on copacabana beach. one claims he can reach speeds of close to three hundred kilometers an hour let's watch a bit more of the parachute out coming into this he make it in one piece well i can tell you he does it's quite spectacular almost. no good. well that's the way to travel is no let's check into the business culture of the arena where we go first only positive news for europe hi well actually i do it
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doesn't happen very often but when it does we're quite excited over here and i know you mentioned earlier about of course people being frustrated with the economy in spain where actually have some positive news coming out from there and that's what the government has managed to successfully sell bonds worth two and a half billion euros and as we can see the markets are doing quite well but the footsie and the giants are positive territory with the dax in fact adding over one percent banks and drug makers are leading the gains over there and also investors are waiting to hear about an interest rate decision that will be made by the european central bank later today are moving on to exchange rates the euro is still losing against the dollar and as many due to the p.m.i. data that will read it was released for april which was below expectations when it comes to the ruble it's still losing the gansa both major currencies and i mention the ruble as take a look at how the russian markets are doing in fact this hour that matters to
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return in suppost of territory as you can see there with my stocks over a half a percent there and it's funny pretty. much of volatile session from the beginning of the trading session let's take a look at some individuals have lives on the. pretty much it's still mostly a sea of red when it comes to power generating. over one and a half percent and with all that its first quarter net profit loss almost forty percent was the crease and when it comes to black area arafat has made a comeback this hour it's adding just an awesome as despite the fact that its net profit for the force order almost compared to last year at the same period and finally we have russia as the largest oil maker sort of looking after gas it's still losing point seven percent and in fact the reported and net loss in the forest quarter of a staggering one hundred sixty million dollars now in other news the run on the car alliance is getting closer to gaining control of russia's off the vase in fact it's
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setting up a joint venture with a stake corporation russian psychologies through which it will increase its stake and. burn on the sun will invest seven hundred fifty million dollars and especially double its share in the company to just over fifty percent and the head off of us says it's partnership with international majors who also help the company to diversify its production line. here use the year off. launching new cars and modernization of the was we launched a new line. here the reason. for six months is we want you cause by the end of the year we're going to produce. in the first year and in one year we're going to launch. as well in the same digital way. from the cars to fuel prices u.s. energy giants are now putting gas production due to low points as the wall street
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journal says exxon mobil's output declined around two percent in the first quarter when it comes in qana is that the climb by five percent the u.s. has seen gas prices drop to the lowest level in ten years and that's due to whether and gas production. and that's what i have for you at this hour my colleague mr medvedev will be taking over next hour acting calving or a thanks for that and then a few minutes we've got more insight in the world of big money to the kaiser report on air availing all the dirty tricks the financial giants latest report from them after i brought you up to date with our headlines in a couple of minutes time just over three minutes in fact here on our team from moscow.
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wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r g.
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good news sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build the roads most
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sophisticated rowboat which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn amount anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care only on the r g dot com. it's. just.
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this is our top stories egypt's worst clashes in months leave at least twenty dead and over a hundred protesters injured accusations that the military rulers are complicit in the violence are adding to the deepening concerns about the country's stability ahead of presidential elections. russia's warning it could make a preemptive strike against nato as planned missile defense shield for europe if the system is deployed and significant tension existed between both sides moscow's detailing its opposition to the project at a major conference in the city as the u.s. refuses to curb despite russian objection. and american chinese relations are tested as hillary clinton's high stakes visit to beijing is overshadowed by controversy over a local dissident who was given refuge in the u.s. embassy this latest dispute comes while tensions continue to rise.


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