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mission to teach me why you should care about human to. this is why you should care only. thanks for joining our team with me karen here's a quick recap of your headlines the croc's grow wider in egypt's troubled the election violence swells over a band of religious candidates with the ruling military seeming to be the only ones to benefit. nato fails to move forward on your own missile defense styled with russia and moscow says it reserves the right to strike back if the system breaches its security. police crackdown on an anti-war stare at a rally in barcelona as major european central bank heads meet there to discuss the state of spain's rapidly spiraling finances. and hillary clinton pitches for
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china's support on north korea and iran and the u.s. military's asia pacific build up and support for chinese dissidents leave beijing where aid. and as china's rampant economic growth and political influence continues we take a look at how big a challenge this is for the world. well . john i speak thank you very much for being with us today it's a pleasure sir thank you for having me to china has been a mystery for scholars throughout centuries why is it such a challenge for thinkers these days up till these days everything is revealed now
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it's now it's a good challenge they were still in charge and so i was still in charge of well. you know first thousands of years there was such an insulated isolated place that others didn't come in and it's only been relatively in recent years that a lot of people tried to i myself have been going there for forty four years since nine hundred sixty seven but that's new for westerners to spend so much time there were two did before but now they're all over the place although i think the west we reported is not very good about china but there are a lot of people there and my wife and i have been going there for the last ten years and but it's still kind of a mystery it's because of their language it's because it's a country now with no ideology and suddenly said there david history was their religion in china and i think that's true in a sense that that's the only thing that really holds everything together now and
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not the only thing but you know. they have that kind of reverence for their history which they know so well through through all of the dynasties and so on and which the west has a was a zero information about and that's why it's a big mystery you touched upon the ideology and the side of that china has no ideology but how good is it to be a country without an ideology when you're starting to be a superpower is it just enough to. certain send a message only about economic prosperity without any other ideology well there's some concern about that but china didn't have an ideology before communism really. they venerate confucius and but that's that's the only view of religion and it's kind of a code of living so there are people searching in different directions the united states for example doesn't have a ideology i mean really. you know there's the american dream and so on but you know the people have all kinds of ideologies all kinds of religious face and so and
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they're all over the place and i guess the only thing that reveals everyone together is. the idea that there's freedom in the united states and you can make yourself or you can and so forth and a little bit is involved now in china to was not a question everyone asks themselves is china socialism or is it economical is and you know they're not even talking in terms of ideology but in terms of regime it's not socialism but it's socialism and chinese characters now if you can figure out what that means that would be that would help a lot because no one knows what it means it's not a socialist country it's not a communist country but you know here we're sitting in russia i think about this at the end of the last century two great countries gave up communism russia and china and what's happened china is number number two in the world economically russians will stuck in the mud by day and energy too much energy in their economy and too
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too little energy in their people to be there they'd like way behind of these two countries to gave up congress and they're usually study i don't think it's been done but it's certainly an interesting question. how did china do it and and why isn't pressure couldn't do it why do russia's not done so to speak but we just brought up an interesting point us toward the bric countries can take. kept up with china's growth can that be a problem for countries that china is developing so rapidly let's put this in context china has gone from one hundred forty seventh in the world to number two in the economy the role in the last thirty three years but the u.s. economy is still four times bigger u.s. economy is way up here and there clustered together are china germany and japan way down here and in. only one fourth or one third the size of the u.s.
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so the u.s. only has to get a couple of percentage points or three percentage for that in china you can still call it hate or nine which are probably won't but four four four four to be a long time arithmetic way you can figure it out before china catches up if it ever does you know regardless all the credit with china does face some major problems like gender inequality income inequality corruption and by mental issues could that undermine the growth well you know all of these problems and these these are the problems of china are talked about and written about in newspapers and magazines and the speeches all over china all the time this is totally open china. that their biggest problem is the growing inequality the growing income gap between urban and rural. and the answer your question is no because it's so so openly talked about
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and we monitor it with our institute in change and we monitor all of the provinces in the newspapers and all the provinces the two biggest issues that are in the story of pages and the news pages are corruption and the environment and dealing dealing with both of those these are issues that are not hidden these are the most talked about facing china and the leadership the broad china this. or is there leadership that you have to imagine and can and can continue to deal with those problems and can. do a little better job as it goes along now let's talk and parallelism as china is slowing growing ties with weaker asia and african countries the kind of a chinese giving to africa and to some other countries differs greatly from what the west when the west was giving it was it was a government to government you know who knows what happened in the money the
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chinese make a deal they say here's the deal we will build you an airport we will be jewish sports stadiums and so forth and you agree to sell us or oil and energy we need at market price. and it's the africans many africans describe it as a win win. range meant versus what the west has been doing with their aid programs all these years so china is absolutely connected with africa as well as as well as asia because of how smart they've been in the arrangements they have to to create win win situations for those countries so its economy only and not their will to evolve into or encourage states to build an empire you know the china china it's never been an acquisition or country to begin with but they're making their
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arrangements and their deals not to acquire anyone or to build an empire but to it's mostly on an economic basis to to to assure themselves of the resources that they need for the rapid growth they are experiencing and they are in our view will continue to experience so here's what also many people think that with this economic and military across china is poised to become the center of the new small . world it's a. polar world and by the way there they have been building their military but it's still you know the u.s. has a military that's equal to all the other militaries of the world put together and i've heard of we've heard a lot of talk about multi i call their world but last century it was the soviet union and us this century to be very simple minded about it this century is the us and china that bipolar that world is going to be dominated by the bipolar
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connection of china and us and people will make countries will make decisions and calibrate their their actions against what they perceive will be the response of the u.s. and or china that there will be a bipolar world break placing they sold it you know to us but on a very different basis so not a war not a guess a cold war but sort of a cold war but with the soviet union on an ideological bent basis with china on economic what do you think china's strategy is in relations to russia and china as it were here's the i'll summarize the strategy russia is the biggest producer of oil in the world china is the biggest consumer consumer of energy in the world that dictates the strategy. very much for this interview thank you very much.
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mission free cretaceous free in-store chargers free. arrangement free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media project for free media zero down to r t dr tom. davis keep this inside t. to carry the room. then each. civilization notice their absence. but is there life outside civilization
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possible. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something else. to a substantial degree and one farm or another socialism has spread the shadow upcoming regimentation over most of the nations that they are. and the shadow is an approaching a little different. than the early twenty first century military bases a network of military bases all around the world forms leading empire that the united
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states is trying to build that's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around the world. we don't have fallen bases on america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases are fine are the noises our norms are those bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for these people. since the into world war two the spaces i've been. working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions you know thing else you get everything you need to join me on
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a journey to the heart of the family to a place is hidden from the terrorist you're going to meet some real crime insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. . look.
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the bronx grown wider in egypt troubled election violence walls over bend religious candidates with the ruling military seeming to be the only ones to benefit. ellery clinton pitches for china's support on north korea and iran but the u.s. military asia pacific buildup on support for chinese dissidents who leave beijing weary. police crackdown on and sarah to rally in barcelona as major european central bank heads meet there to discuss the state of spain's spiraling debts. and nato fails to move forward on your own missile defense dialogue with russia moscow says it reserves the right to strike back if the system breaches it
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security. there is a sport coming up next with paul stay here. thank you very much karen welcome to the world of sport here is what's coming up the race for europe says car moscow russia lokomotiv three male take ownership of the one remaining champions league qualifying spot in the russian army a way. staying put or having stateside russian media reports dungaree kirilenko is to join the newly released page of brooklyn nets and by compadre of william m. mikhail prokhorov. and the soaring high the only night in history to fly using a jet propelled wing takes to the skies are very high. the first football and moscow have moved second in the russian premier league following a three no win a locomotive save the home side themselves were still in the hunt for champions
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league football at the start of the game they were down to ten men early on which has defended manuel de cost us the red for a phylum side and don't be a rivalry and dusted himself down and converted the penalty himself to go number twenty eight of the season then in the second half is not on top of his knee put work on composed finish the visitors two goals to the good the serbian then sealed all three points ten minutes later with a soup line for a kick the three nil victory means the army minutes before we are going on in the race to qualify for europe from the competition it seems a. missed the chance to pull away from the rest of the chasing pack they drew one one a spot at moscow despite taking an early germany having to run in firing home after just two minutes spot how level early in the second period very resilient out in getting on the end of an emmanuel and the nikkei cross and proving that if you don't succeed and try try and try again one one the final score they're not my third on seventy points spot aka a point further back but without
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a win now in three. elsewhere champions in a healthy way to draw out ruben kazai unleashed on his abilities man and i want defeated in the league since september and jean moved up the faith after a two two draw a plan in the relegation group volga still under the threat of automatic relegation after a three one defeat at home to take the last of our points of pop the drop zone after a two two draw at already relegated now and it looks as if tom will be joining in being relegated they need to win tonight's game at karelia a trial one nil in the final few moments. let's see what all that has done to the top of the table champions is any running away with the title it's the race for second which is interesting of course a place in next season's champions league at stake car there right now with two games to go they have a two point lead from the number who have slipped to third spartak still have a chance of sneaking into second while angela destined for europa league spot. now
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with just over a month to go until euro two thousand and twelve you a full referees have gathered for a workshop on a training session in warsaw and among the issues discussed was the attempt to clamp down on players confronting much officials respect means also to respect the referees so players. in form of the will be informed that more being the player is not the louder and the referee knows that if they are surrounded by players some yellow cards one or more are to be expected by that referee. now barcelona may have relinquished their grip on the spanish title but they can take comfort from the fact that they are the highest paid team in professional sport the catalan side shelling out on average almost one hundred sixty four thousand u.s. dollars per week per player figure trumping second place real madrid by more than sixteen thousand the spanish rivals are followed closely by manchester city and chelsea european football then dominating the top spots with us forcing franchises
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making their first appearance in fifth sunday's lakers basketball players the richest they're paying out approximately one hundred eighteen thousand dollars while baseball side the new york yankees six in the report carried out by industry analysts sporting intelligence. now russia's biggest basketball star could be making a move back to the n.b.a. to join up with the league's only russian i know according to the country sports media andre kirilenko has a verbal agreement with mikhail prokhorov as brooklyn nets this car must go forward he is currently preparing for the euro league final for has a long standing relationship with the net and is said to be signing on with a relocated club at the end of the european season if we need to sign a three year deal to olenka return to the army man as a free agent during the n.b.a. lockout deciding to play out the season in russia it's quite lucrative offers from the u.s. to baseball and things are looking up for los angeles dodgers fans after
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a new consortium including local basketball legend magic johnson officially took control of the team the move and era after bankruptcy last june and johnson has big plans and what we want to do is bring their pride back to this city this organization we want to win. on the field we want to have the best fan experience they've ever had. we want to make sure it's only as well as the bears of the same. now the n.f.l. has been rocked by the news that one of the best players from the ninety's has passed away former chargers dolphins and patriots linebacker junior stay out during his california home age forty three from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest so they are started his career in one nine hundred ninety five for san diego until two thousand and two he led the chargers to the team's only super bowl appearance in one thousand nine hundred four a loss to the san francisco forty nine is sailed tragically becoming the eighth member of that year's squad to die prematurely he had made the n.i. n.f.l.
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the all decade team of the ninety's before retiring for good in two thousand and nine. this is his home this is worse routes or. any couldn't do enough off the field for the youth than anybody could help he helped and i think people remember him for that and they should. have to go where former world number one tiger woods is preparing to make his first start since his worst masters ever the wells fargo championship gets underway on thursday this is what's first event after his disappointing performance at the masters last month way finished fifteen shots behind one of bubba watson and tied in forty eight place a surprising result considering he was victorious in the build up for gusta but in a play held by five shots the fourteen time major champion this week looking to reclaim the title he won in two thousand and seven. ice hockey now a russia finalizing their preparations out of the world championship which starts
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on friday the record shane boosted with a strong reinforcement from the n.h.l. including have gagne malkin and pavel datsyuk meaning russia i reigning for gold. is in utah i believe deal of has now been in church of the russian mission or as hockey team for almost a year and the world championship will be the biggest test for the coach so for despite the fact that russia's main aim is building a team for their home olympics in twenty fourteen winning the world title would act as a huge confidence boost ahead of those searching games if the team plays like i want them to play hell be satisfied which should see the tech six we're supposed to be applying however the result is very important as well and if we have a soul a team ready to battle we will achieve a good result the red machine has already received reinforcements from the n.h.l. the color of the avalanche seem on the rule of seems to be the first choice between the pipes while the n.h.l. is best forward you game that is worth being wins will surely add more goals to the
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team staley and the detroit red wings center bottled up soup will join the side in sweden but night. that soup has yet to leave to the world championship trophy. we're good friends with it's good that detroit were knocked out of the stanley cup and you can join the team he's one of the best players in the world it's a pleasure to play alongside him and hopefully we'll get a positive result this time milligan of still hasn't named his final roster and has a reserve of three places four players from north america whose teams will be eliminated in the second round of the playoffs however nothing can stop russia's youngest forward even gave up from going to his first ever world championship. in one thousand year old is often compared with mark him and the pair were playing in the same line at the training camp. but malkin is a great player and of course i'd love to play with him and that would be an honor for me to be in the same line as him but it's up to the coaches to decide the red
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machine faces who are to be in their opening day two of the world championships and as usual russia are among the favorites with a new behind the bench and a solid rooster on the ice can tell you about out of archie. now good luck to russia finally to a flight with a difference and this helicopter is jet man eaves rossi the fifty two year old former fighter pilot is the only not in the story to fly with a jet propelled wing tip to the skies of rare strapped to the rigid wing which was a quick twenty four jet engines the flight lost in eleven minutes in total the jets were controlled by a simple throttle in his hand steering pitching and descending were controlled by movements of the shoulders body and legs. very very bright man that's all the sport for now but there's plenty more like the hair we're not saying whether it's next.
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well for the future of science technology innovation and all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered wealthy british style . that's not on. the. markets why not can they. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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